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Getting unstuck (2)
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Getting unstuck (2)


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Strategies for getting your job search unstuck

Strategies for getting your job search unstuck

Published in: Career
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  • 1. GETTING UNSTUCK In Your Job Search ProcessLinda (Lin) Phillips, MS, NCC, NCCC, MCC Career and Life Transition Counseling
  • 2. A Problem Well Defined…• Identify all possible problems preventing you from getting the job• Choose the biggest problem• Restate the problem as a question. E.g. How can I ….• Brainstorm possible solutions
  • 3. Five Common Problems• Lost• Stuck in Traffic• Dead End• Overwhelmed• Mechanical Problems
  • 4. Build Your Road Map• Have a clear destination – Know what you want • What job or role? • In what industry? • What size company? • What geographic location?• Write your elevator statement
  • 5. Build Your Road Map…continued• Identify and list all qualifying employers – Currently open positions – And beyond. Ideas might come from: • Networking • Yellow Pages • Chamber of Commerce • Industry directories • Internet search • Job postings • DM Business Record “Book of Lists”
  • 6. Stand Out from the Others• Build Relationships – Get involved: • Professional Associations (Encyclopedia of Associations) • Breakfast Club • Chamber of Commerce • Service Organizations • Fraternities / Sororities • Networking events • Religious Organization
  • 7. Stand Out from the Others…continued• Build Relationships – Make contact with: • Alumni Association / College Placement Office • Recruiters • Former employers • Friends / relatives / former co-workers
  • 8. Stand Out from the Others…continued• Create Outstanding Documents – Design your letterhead…and use it – Use key words of the industry / employer in cover letter and resume – Match the order your qualifications to the job ad – Use a QR code to route the reader to your web-site – Print and use personal business cards – Create a business-style e-mail address – Design and use a portfolio
  • 9. Stand Out from the Others…continued• Follow Up with the employer. . . – 1 week after sending resume – On the date the position is closed – On decision dates – Once a month• Send a Thank You letter following each contact
  • 10. Stand Out from the Others…continued• Innovate – Prove you fit the employer’s culture (match messages) – Incorporate a QR code on your resume / business card – Meet face-to-face – Offer to help first and get hired later – Give three solutions to a problem the company faces – Provide a work sample
  • 11. Create an Alternate Route• Gain new skills• Keep up with current trends• Change Industries• Expand geographic locations• Add second choice career• Work a temporary assignment• Be a Consultant
  • 12. Create an Alternate Route…continued• Accept contract work• Become an entrepreneur• Volunteer …• Step back one level• Look at lateral position• Take an internship• Seek professional help
  • 13. Get It Together• Get Focused: – Look Inward • Values • Themes • Abilities – Look Backward • Accomplishments • Results • Past Dreams • Repair bridges that need to be mended
  • 14. Get It Together…continued• Get focused (continued) – Look Forward • Ideal • Self-employed vs. work for another – Look upward • What is my greater purpose • What is my calling
  • 15. Get It Together…continued• Get Organized – Set weekly / daily goals – Schedule goal related activities each day – Keep track. Hint: Use JibberJobber or, on-line organizational tools – Establish an in-home work space• Reward Yourself when you have met your goals
  • 16. Use Preventive Maintenance• Take a break• Do something for JOY• Eat right• Get regular exercise, build endorphins• Wake and sleep on same schedule• Avoid isolation
  • 17. Preventive Maintenance…continued• Give purpose to your life• Volunteer…• It’s OK to grieve …privately• Get professional help – Career Counselor or Career coach • – Mental Health professional
  • 18. Contact InformationLinda (Lin) Phillips, MS, NCC, NCCC, MCCCareer and Life Transition Counseling 200 Army Post Road, Suite 3 Des Moines, Iowa 50315 515-285-1240