GDG-CJ; Andorid and Arduino: Amarino
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GDG-CJ; Andorid and Arduino: Amarino






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GDG-CJ; Andorid and Arduino: Amarino GDG-CJ; Andorid and Arduino: Amarino Presentation Transcript

  • Controlling the real world from Android Alexandru IOVANOVICI 19-01-2013 Beta is provided by
  • Quick outline What is Arduino ? What is Amarino ? How to talk to an Arduino device from Android ? A few words about Google IOIO; Demo moment …with Beta by Robofun Q&A
  • Where not otherwise stated all the images and diagrams are taken from Bonifaz Kaufmanns thesis on Amarino View slide
  • What is Arduino ? View slide
  • A few projects with... Arduino
  • Arduino +s Multiplatfrom IDE; Quite cheap; Simple UI on the IDE; easy to learn … but can be integrated also in VS or Eclipse for a “real” IDE; USB programming interface … real COM is dead; board layout, bootloader and IDE are Open Source; Large and active community; Started as educational project → easy to learn for the novices;
  • What is Amarino ?
  • Platform considerations for Amarino
  • Design decisions of Amarino Amarino shall be able to run as a background task → unobtrusive Interfaces for third-party applications shall be provided → extensible Comprehensive monitoring shall be available → transparent Parallel communication to multiple devices shall be possible → powerful Bluetooth related code shall be decoupled → portable
  • Architecture of Amarino
  • How it looks like ?
  • Amarino – Event Manager
  • Amarino – Event Bundle via plugins
  • Ambient Light Demo App.
  • CallMyShirt Demo App.
  • Workout Demo App.
  • Amarino – API1 private static final String DEVICE_ADDRESS = "00:06:66:03:73:7B";23 @Override4 protected void onStart() {5 super.onStart();67 Amarino.connect(this, DEVICE_ADDRESS);8 }910 @Override11 protected void onStop() {12 super.onStop();14 // if you connect in onStart() you must not forget to disconnect inonStop()15 Amarino.disconnect(this, DEVICE_ADDRESS);16 }1 final char flag = a;2 final String message = "Amarino rocks!";34 Amarino.sendDataToArduino(this, DEVICE_ADDRESS, flag, message);
  • Amarino – Documentation Online tutorials Code Examples Javadoc Source Code Discussion forum
  •  Android 1.5 and later;  USB host and Bluetooth;  Java API – no embedded;  No HW||SW mods on Android;  Open Accesory (>=2.3.4)→ Accesory Developement Kit (ADK)  48 I/O pins, 9PWM, 3 TWI,© 5V@1.5A power supply;  Open Source … everything
  • Demo moment