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Cast Effect

  1. 1. 1" CastEffectCutting Edge Corporate Training (Profile 2012)
  2. 2. CONTENTPartners""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""4" References"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""16" Cast"Effect" Global"companies" Advanced"Solu6ons" Israeli"Companies" Griffiths"School"of"Management" Case"studies" "Phoenix"Insurance"Company" "Comverse"CastEffect"Method""""""""""""""""8" Team""""" " " " " """29" The"Approach" The"Solu6ons" How"does"it"work?" Contact"for"EU"market"""""""""33" 2"
  3. 3. OverviewIn the 21st century of globalization where all things seem to beinterconnected and interdependent, partnerships are the key tosuccessful business venturesIn servicing the Romanian and European training market, three agileplayers have agreed to put their efforts together in order to succeed inthis journey and deliver high innovative and high quality services forcompanies staff 3""
  4. 4. PARTNERS 4"
  5. 5. CastEffect!  CastEffect is a leading training company based in Israel!  It specializes in CastEffect Training by Film Making, which is a unique and original content activity that has a goal to integrate business organizations value using film-making tools The company is specialized in conducting innovative training workshops Leadership – Sales – Customer Service including live instructor-led online and onsite training!  Over the last 8 years CastEffect has delivered substantial results for small, medium and large organizations within the private and public sector" 5"
  6. 6. Griffiths School of Management (Emanuel University of Oradea)!  Emanuel University was founded in 1990, one year after the fall of Communism in Romania!  The Faculty s vision is to teach business and management skills underpinned by a strong foundation of Christian faith, and its aim is to develop a culture of excellence with integrity in the Romanian market place!  The business school within Emanuel University was named the Griffiths School of Management in honor of a man who helped to spearhead the launching of the school, Lord Griffiths of Fforestfach, and it received the full government accreditation 6"
  7. 7. Advanced Solutions!  Advanced Solutions is a limited liability company that operates in the field of management consulting, in the present Romanian business climate!  The company has an experience of 8 years in delivering customized services to its clients; the company was established by a senior consultant with large experience in the American business environment in areas such as business development and trainings, and by a specialist in the field of marketing research and marketing plans!  In time, due to the crescent need for specialty services on Romanian economic market, the company enlarged its staff and it now collaborates with various business professionals and trainers all over the world 7"
  9. 9. CastEffect MethodThe"method"is"based"on"solving"corporate"issues,"teaching"new"skills"and" increasing"ownership"and"reten6on"of"the"learned"principles" 9"
  10. 10. CastEffect ApproachCastEffect utilizes proven methodologies that effectively lead processes ofincreasing motivation and engagement of employees to meet changing andmeasurable business goalsWe improve employee performance and on-the–job skills by implementing creativeand innovative techniques to increase ownership and retention of principles learnedOur unique proprietary training approach is research-based, process-driven andresults-oriented. We work closely with each client within the parameters of their ownbusiness environment"" 10"
  11. 11. CastEffect ApproachWithin each project we produce customized training toolkit for the customers further internal training and mentoring. Our projects are measurable both from ROI (Return on Investment) aspect and ROV (Return on Value) aspect. " " " 11"
  12. 12. CastEffect SolutionsLeadership DevelopmentTeam DevelopmentChange ProcessesRole DevelopmentConflict Resolution and PreventionSkills coaching" 12"
  13. 13. How does it work?1.  You select the issue to be solved in the workshop2.  We design a custom workshop around the issue or the challenge youve identified3.  Your employees, working together, write a screenplay which identifies the issue and the challenge and come up with a solution4.  We film the screenplay, starring your employees – which increases their ownership and retention of the material5.  After the post production work – youll have a professional custom training video and training kit – use it to reinforce skills or train new employees 13"
  14. 14. Deliverables 28 days from order to product!!  All you need is 1 day of your managers time for training session!  It will provide a professional custom training video and training kit!  Use it to reinforce skills or train new employees." 14"
  15. 15. Effect on ROIRecent research discovered a significant improvement in knowledge retention rate when using emotional involvement and creative training dissemination. 15"
  16. 16. REFERENCES 16"
  17. 17. CastEffect Customers Global CompaniesComverse, Inc. (NASDAQ: CMVT) is the world s leadingprovider of software and systems enabling value-addedservices for voice, messaging, mobile Internet and mobileadvertisingDSP Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: DSPG) is a leading globalprovider of wireless chipset solutions for convergedcommunications at home 17"
  18. 18. CastEffect Customers Israeli CompaniesBank Ha poalim is Israel s leading financial group and largest bankPhoenix Insurance Company Ltd. - one of Israels leading Insurance companiesEL AL Airlines is the national Israel Airlines and a prestigious international carrierThe Isracard Group is a leader in the credit card market in IsraelOno Academic College is Israels fastest growing college, with Israels largest LawSchool and second largest Business School" 18"
  19. 19. CastEffect Case Studies - #1 Phoenix Insurance Company, Ltd.Business / Training goal Achieve total alignment around the internal SLA (service level agreement), prioritize quality of service issue in order to launch a long term work plan and coach managers to adopt mentoring skills and receive feedback from their employees.The Training Process 350 managers and employees took active part in this project. The project included management training sessions, storyboard meetings with the employees, production of 11 customer service short films and corporate image graphic materials. The process and its products were presented in a special SLA launch conference. 19"
  20. 20. CastEffect Case Studies - #1 Phoenix Insurance Company, Ltd. The work technique was based on film simulations of daily situations, comprehensive practice with metaphors and content from films, practice of creative thinking tools, research and information gathering, teamwork withinbrainstorming session, improvising, narrating, casting, discussions and voting. 20"
  21. 21. CastEffect Case Studies - #1 Phoenix Insurance Company, Ltd.The results!  Successful service values assimilation - align entire workforce around the new service code!  Significant increase of engagement of employees and managers in service improvement process!  Increasing employees motivation around clear and focused targets!  Strengthening internal teamwork!  Strengthening communication between managers and employees!  Service training videos made with the employees 21"
  22. 22. CastEffect Case Studies - #2 Comverse, Inc.Business / Training goal Training of sales skills for the entire division workforce customized to the immediate business goal of bringing new customersThe Training Process 60 managers and employees took active part in a day full of engaging and emotional group experiences. They have dynamically practiced various sales skills as presentation, dealing with objections, providing value, consultation, negotiation, closure and upsell. 22"
  23. 23. CastEffect Case Studies - #2 Comverse, Inc. Work technique was based on practice with film metaphors and simulations of daily situations, practice of creative thinking tools, teamwork within brainstorming session, improvising, narrating, casting, directing and photographing. 23"
  24. 24. CastEffect Case Studies - #2 Comverse, Inc.The$results"!  Providing excellent sales skills training and implementation!  Increasing employees motivation and engagement around clear and focused targets!  Strengthening internal teamwork!  Improvement of the relationship between managers and employees!  Sales training videos made with the employees 24"
  25. 25. Related latest research examples (1)Although a variety of approaches to creativity training have beendeveloped over the years, two of the most prominent approachesare creative idea production training and creative imagery training(Scott, Leritz, and Mumford 2004b). Dr."Michael"MumfordAlthough these two forms vary in terms of objectives andapproach, both make use of different types of visualization, andboth have been shown to be effective in enhancing creativity(Scott, Leritz, and Mumford 2004b). 25"
  26. 26. Related latest research examples (1)In 2004, Corporate Leadership Council conducted a globalresearch based on information gathered from 50,000 employees.One of the major findings was: Employees emotional involvement was 4 timeshigher than rational involvement – more than 43% of employee commitment tothe organization and approximately 56% of performance improvement.Emotional involvement was described as pride, enjoyment, inspiration and personalmeaning. Rational involvement was described as professional development andfinancial rewarding."" 26"
  27. 27. Related latest research examples (2)Creative idea production training emphasizes the use of ideageneration and elaboration in response to concrete and realisticproblems and situations. This approach encourages the personto visualize how someone might experience a problem andnew ways in which it can be solved (Finke 1997). Prof."Roger"FinkeA goal of creative idea production training is to leverage and enhance the mind scapacity for mental image manipulation (Newell and Simon 1972). 27"
  28. 28. Related latest research examples (2)Experiential learning techniques have been associated withimprovement in longitudinal retention rates. The increase inretention is attributed to the stronger socialization thatresults due to this pedagogy. (Prussia, G. E., & Weis, W. L. Greg"Prussia,"PhD2004: Experiential learning effects on retention: Resultsfrom a required MBA course. Journal of College StudentRetention, 5, 397-407.) William"L."Weis," PhD" 28"
  29. 29. TEAM 29"
  30. 30. CastEffect Leading Team $$Co,CEO$Yulia$Reinshmidt,$Content$&$Produc:on$Manager" Lecturer, consultant, facilitator, learning innovator and implementator, producer, creative and content developer, film maker and screenwriter. Specializes in inter organizational training content. Developer of CastEffect Film Making method. Cooperates successfully with leading global training companies and organizational consultants and film industry professionals.Yulia deals with various training issues: leadership development, management skills, customer serviceskills, sales skills, complex sales skills (B2B), corporate communication, managerial communication,diversity in the workplace , recruitment and onboarding processes and more.Yulia has a M.A from Tel Aviv University and screenwriter diploma from Tel Aviv Open University.She serves as Co-CEO and responsible for production and content at CastEffect.Also serves as Israel HR Community LinkedIn group manager, a leading HR virtual community. 30"
  31. 31. CastEffect Leading TeamCo,CEO$Erez$Reinshmidt,$Crea:ve$&$Technology$Manager"" $A technological entrepreneur and innovator, an expert in training and e-learning project development, computer games, Web 2.0, multimedia and Internet. He specializes in content design for advertisement and sales promotion utilizing new media including interactive games development. Erez is an electronics engineer from Tel Aviv University and MBA in marketing from Bar Ilan University. He has a diploma of computer games design and development from Beit Berl academy."Past experience includes project management for more than 10 years for leading global companies. Served as an R&Dmanager for (currently an eBay company), the leading shopping comparison web site in the world. Alsomanaged projects for Comverse working with Vodafone and cooperates with Buongiorno Vitaminic. Worked with Cisco andNortel.Erez has issued two patents in the interactive content area, and a communication protocol for the Internet.Currently Erez serves as a marketing and Web 2.0 consultant for various companies in the field of mobile games,simulators and 3d personalization engines. He serves as Co-CEO and responsible for creative and technology inCastEffect.$ 31"
  32. 32. CastEffect Expert Team" Animators$ And$ Video$ Video$ Art$$ Flash$ Photographers Editors Directors developersGraphic$and$ Props$$ Trainers$ Produc:on" Web$ Ar:sts and$ crew Designers$ Coaches Music$$Informa:on$ Database$ Producers Sound$$ Security$ experts$ Editors Expert Usability$ expert$ AAer$ Game$$Programmers system$ Effects$ Designers $persons experts 32"
  33. 33. Contact Details for European Market Ionut Breb Consultant, Advanced Solutions, Ltd.Email: ionut.breb@solutiiavansate.roPhone: +40-740876192 33"