Advanced B2B Landing Pages


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A compelling visual walk through of B2B landing pages, presented by ion interactive's President, Scott Brinker at SES NY in March 2009.

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Advanced B2B Landing Pages

  1. 1. Advanced B2B March 25, 2009 Scott Brinker President & CTO ion interactive, inc. Twitter: @chiefmartec
  2. 2. Segmentation Matters All clicks are not created equal.
  3. 3. 4 Reasons Why Segmentation Matters in B2B Marketing 1. Complex offerings, many value propositions. 2. Multiple people involved in the sales process. 3. Long sales cycles with multiple stages. 4. Wide disparity between best and worst customers.
  4. 4. Segmentation granularity as strategy mass audience # of people per segment strategic segmentation segments of one # of segments
  5. 5. Where can segmentation happen? self-selected, incentivized Landing Keywords & not self-selected, Page Ad not incentivized Behavioral Creatives Choices self-selected, not incentivized Forms on Site-Wide IP Address the Landing Behavioral Profiling Page or the Analysis (e.g., Geo) Site
  6. 6. The Long Tail Rule: If a prospect asks for something in particular give it to them.
  7. 7. “data recovery”
  8. 8. “backup window”
  9. 9. “business continuity”
  10. 10. “data storage SOX compliance”
  11. 11. “data retention”
  12. 12. “snap server NAS”
  13. 13. “data storage”
  14. 14. When segmenting by keywords, you don’t need a landing page. You need MANY landing pages.
  15. 15. 4X Adweek, January 2008
  16. 16. But what if you can’t determine someone’s segment from their keyword?
  17. 17. segment
  18. 18. segment simple
  19. 19. 40% lift
  20. 20. Landing pages can have more than one page.
  21. 21. But will they click?
  22. 22. 65.4% segmentation rate 16.2% conversion rate
  23. 23. Which ads attract which segments? (hypothetical: not actual data)
  24. 24. Which segments convert best? Conversion Segment Rate SMB 14.7% Enterprise 23.5% (hypothetical: not actual data)
  25. 25. How many pages can a landing page have?
  26. 26. 16.1% conversion rate
  27. 27. 19.6% conversion rate
  28. 28. The Tao 1. All clicks are not created equal. 2. The road from click to conversion must be of paved with continuity. Post-Click 3. Landing pages are both part of your ads and part of your site. Marketing 4. Landing pages can have more than one page. 5. Experimentation is the pathway to discovery. 6. Landing page creative is limited only by your imagination. 7. Testing without a strategy is like fishing without water. 8. There are a thousand ways to segment your audience. 9. Incentivized self-identification reveals true segmentation. 10. Landing page management is greater than any single landing page.
  29. 29. Thank You Interested in more advanced landing page strategies? BOOK Honest Seduction: Using Post-Click Marketing to Turn Landing Pages into Game Changers Available on BLOG