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Weather vocabulary

  1. 1. Weather VocabularyWord Meaning Example SentencePart of speechairconditioner/airconditioning an appliance that cools down the air in The airconditioner keepsnoun a home or building the office nice and comfortable even when its very hot outside.avalanche a dangerous slide of snow down a The skiers were warnednoun mountain about a possible avalanche.below freezing temperature less than 0 degrees Its supposed to go belowpreposition/adjective Celsius/(32F) freezing before the weekend.blizzard a storm with lots of snow and wind The airplane couldnt take-offnoun because of the blizzard.boiling hot common expression for describing a It was boiling hot, so we alladjective + noun very hot day jumped into the lake.breeze light wind Dont bother with a hat.noun There is always a breeze near the ocean.Celsius measurement of temperature (0 In the summer, the averagenoun degrees is freezing/100 is boiling) temperature here is 20 degrees Celsius.chilly cold Its a bit chilly today, so Iadjective think you should wear a coat.clear when the sky is blue because no clouds On a clear night you can seeadjective are blocking the sun a lot of water in the sky that appears as a white It may look cloudy in thenoun/adjective or grey mass morning, but the sun always comes out by afternoon.cold spell a period of colder than average Theyre calling for a coldadjective + noun weather spell, so we put off our camping temperature in between warm and cold The days were boiling hot,adjective but the nights were cool and comfortable for sleeping.degrees measurement for temperature I dont feel the heat until itsnoun about forty degrees Celsius outside.drizzling raining slightly I think Ill take the dog for acontinuous verb walk. Its only drizzling now.drought a long period with no rainfall Forest fires are a seriousnoun danger during a drought.Fahrenheit measurement of temperature (32 It was 100 degreesnoun degrees is freezing/212 is boiling) Fahrenheit when we got to San Francisco.flood overflow of rain water The flood was so bad, ournoun basement was full of water.flurries very light snowfall There are a few flurries butnoun the snow isnt sticking to the
  2. 2. roads.fog/foggy thick water vapor that blocks ones We couldnt see the bridgenoun/adjective vision because there was too much fog.forecast the expected weather for the future According to the 5 daynoun/verb forecast, its going to rain on our wedding day.freezing cold common expression used to describe a It was a freezing cold dayadjective + noun very cold day for the Santa Claus parade.frost ice crystals on a frozen surface Some flowers are so strongnoun they can withstand frost.frostbite a skin condition caused by over I lost my hat while I wasnoun exposure to the cold (typically reddish skiing, and I ended up with skin with white spots) frostbite on my ears.hail small pieces of ice that fall during a There was so much hail thatnoun storm some of the trailer homes were destroyed.heat stroke a flu-like condition one can acquire Bring lots of water and wearnoun after spending too long in the sun a hat to avoid heat stroke in this weather.heat-wave extremely hot weather that is much During the heat-wave wenoun higher than average--usually lasts a cooled our beds down with short time ice packs.humid/humidity moisture in the air It feels a lot hotter than itadjective/noun actually is because of the humidity.hurricane a tropical storm with very strong wind Half of the buildings on thenoun and rain island were flattened by the hurricane.icy slippery because of ice The roads are icy so pleaseadjective avoid driving down any hills.lightning electric flash caused by two clouds The outdoor pool alwaysnoun hitting closes when the lifeguards suspect lightning.mild temperature that is warmer than Its quite mild out so I didntadjective average(in a cold season) bother with a hat or mittens.meteorologist a person who studies weather patterns The meteorologist predictednoun that the cold spell would be over by now.minus/negative indicates that a temperature is below It was minus twenty degreesadjective zero at the top of the skil hill.overcast no sun is visible The sky is overcast thisadjective morning, but the sun is supposed to come out by late afternoon.partly cloudy term often used in a weather forecast Tomorrows forecast isadverb + adjective to indicate that the skies are sunny and partly cloudy with clear cloudy at the same time skies by nightfall.precipitation rain or snow that falls on an area There is very littlenoun precipitation in the desert.puddle collection of rain water Children love to splash innoun puddles when they are wearing rubber boots.
  3. 3. rain/raining/rainy water that falls to earth My hair is all wet and messynoun/continuous verb/adjective from the rain.raindrop a single measurement of rain I love catching raindrops onnoun my tongue.rainbow a band of colours found in the sky According to legend you cannoun after a rainfall find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.raining cats and dogs raining heavily They cancelled the footballidiom game because it was raining cats and dogs.scorching/a scorcher extremely hot temperature/a very hot It was a scorcher, so theadjective/noun day whole family slept in the cool basement.season time of year characterized by certain My favorite season is Fall,noun weather because I love to watch the Winter,Spring,Summer,Fall (or leaves changing colours. Autumn)shower quick/light rainstorm Theyve been calling fornoun showers all week, but so far its been dry.sleet(similar to hail) rain that freezes as it falls All-weather-tires are best ifnoun you have to drive in sleet.slush/slushy snow on the ground that has been The snow turned to slush asnoun/adjective rained on soon as it started to rain.smog heavy,dark cloud cover caused by You really notice the smognoun pollution downtown in this type of humidity.snow/snowy/snowing frozen water that warms slightly as it It is already snowing up innoun/adjective/ continuous verb falls to earth the mountains, so the ski season should be great this year.snowstorm large amounts of wind and snow All of the schools werenoun closed because of the snowstorm.sun/sunshine/sunny the gassy star that warms the earth We hope to have sunshinenoun/noun/adjective on the day of the beach picnic.sunburn painful red/pink skin caused by being The bald man got a sunburnnoun in the sun too long on his head.sunglasses/shades dark eyewear that protects you from I forgot my shades and I wasnoun the sun driving right into the sun.suntan/tanned brown/golden skin caused by long I got a suntan on the cruise,noun(also verb)/adjective(also periods of sun exposure but it has already fadedverb) away.sunscreen/suntan lotion cream that protects your skin from sun Dont forget to reapply yournoun damage sunscreen when you get out of the lake.temperature how warm or cold the air is Can you check thenoun temperature before we get dressed for our walk?thermometer instrument for measuring the When I checked thenoun temperature of the air temperature this morning, the thermometer said it was already thirty degrees
  4. 4. Celsius. thunder/thunderstorm the crashing of clouds (often followed Lets close all of the noun by a strike of lightning and heavy rain) windows. It looks like a thunderstorm is coming. tornado/cyclone violently spinning windstorm The tornado picked up noun everything in its path, including animals and cars. umbrella held over ones head and body for rain I always keep an umbrella in noun protection my car in case of rain. UV (ultra violet) rays the damaging rays from the sun Ultra violet rays can cause noun skin cancer if you dont wear sunscreen. wind/windy blowing air outside Its too windy to play golf noun/adjective today. wind chill factor when the wind makes the air feel Its minus two, but with the noun colder than the actual temperature wind chill factor its minus fifteen.