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Future tenses
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  • 2.  BE GOINGTO + INFINITIVE Form: + I am going to play / He is going to play/They are going to play - I am not going to play / He is not going to play/They are not going to play ? Am I going to play? / Is he going to play? / Are they going to play? Yes, I am No, he isn’t Use: Future plans. e. g. I’m going to travel to Paris next year Predictions when there is evidence. e.g. Look! It’s very cloudy! It’s going to rain
  • 3.  PRESENT CONTINUOUS Form: + I am playing football / He is playing football /They are playing fooball - I am not playing football / He is not playing football / They are not playing football ? Am I playing football? / Is he playing football? / Are they playing football? Yes, I am No, I he isn’t Use: Arrangements. e.g. I’m seeing The hobbit next Friday, I bought the tickets this morning
  • 4.  WILL+ INFINITIVE Form: + I will play - I will not/won’t play ? Will you play? Yes, I will No, I won’t Use: - Future predictions when there isn’t evidence (it’s just an opinion). e.g. I think it will not rain on your wedding day, it would be very bad luck. - Promises, offers and decisions. e.g.: I’ll always love you /Those bags are very heavy, I’ll help you. / I’ll have a tea.
  • 5. 1.Watch out!This car ________________ (explode) any minute. is going to explode 2. Can you remind me of my visit to the dentist tomorrow? I _________________ (I, forget, certainly)will certainly forget 3.The bus is late. I have a feeling it _____________ (not arrive) before 5 o'clock. won't arrive Complete the sentences with the right form of “going to”, “will” or “the present continuous”:
  • 6. 4. Look at the engine!We _____________________ (never repair) it on time! are never going to repair 5. Let's stop by the supermarket. Coke ________ (be) cheaper. will be 6. Jane knows maths well. She ____________ (help) you. will help 7. _________________ (open) the window? It’s really hot. Shall I open 8. My cousin __________________ (arrive) at 5.30.is arriving