Expressions for debate


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Expressions for debate

  1. 1. Expressions for debateIntroducing a pointIt seems quite clear/obvious that…I’m sure/ convinced/certain thatThe main/ first/ basic most important / problem/point/idea is/ seems to beTwo arguments support my position/claimConcludingFinally In other wordsBriefly, allow me to recap What is the result of all this?Throughout this discussion, what I’ve What does all this mean?demonstrated is that Ultimately, then, To sum upAs a final word It would appear, thenLet me leave you with final thought At the end of the day, What this question boilsWhy not conclude with the following note down to is…It all boils down toTo review,To reiterateImportance markersClearly SpecificallyI ought to stress that InterestinglyIt has to be underlined/understood that More to the pointThe core of the argument Take the case ofSignificantly The primary concern isStalling (for time)Well, as a matter of fact I mean to say thatActually Frankly speakingHow shall I put it/ phrase this Quite frankly/honestlyLet me phrase/formulate/express it this way To be (perfectly) honestGiving an opinion, stating preferencesI think… I’d like to…In my opinion… I’d rather…
  2. 2. I’d prefer… I’m pretty sure that…The way I see it… It is fairly certain that…As far as I’m concerned… I’m convinced that…If it were up to me… I honestly feel that, I strongly believe that…I suppose… I feel strongly that,I suspect that…Expressing similarityLike … ComparativelyAs well as … In a similar way,Both … and … LikewiseJust as … We can also consider the followingIn the same way, … Along the same linesSimilarly, … Of equal concern isClosely related to…is By the same tokenExpressing contrastWhile … On the other hand, ……whereas … On the contraryAgreeingI entirely agree with his views on … I completely agree with thatI am in complete agreement with … I couldn’t agree moreI would (strongly) endorse his opinion on … That’s probably trueMy findings support those of … I think there’s some truth in thatI would agree with him in principle, but … I totally approve of the idea ofBy and large, I accept what he says, but … Nothing could be more trueThat’s absolutely rightDisagreeingI don’t think that… But what about …Don’t you think it would be better … I’m afraid I don’t agree…I don’t agree, Frankly, I doubt if…I’d prefer… The truth of the matter is…Shouldn’t we consider… The problem with your point of view is that…
  3. 3. The fact of the matter is… It is questionable whetherI completely disagree with him on this point It remains to be seen whetherI am in total disagreement with … I have my doubts about, It is debatable(Regretfully), I am unable to accept his I can’t share your point of you on this, I entirelyconclusion that … reject all you say about thisLet’s face it I cannot go along with what you sayGiving an exampleFor example Let me give an example, Take the case ofFor instanceGiving an expert opinionAccording to…To quote…Giving reasons and offering explanationsTo start with Considering…The reason why… Allowing for the fact that…That’s why… When you consider that…For this reason … When all is said and done, If one weighs the pros and cons,That’s the reason why… In actual fact,Many people think… The truth is thatPresenting something which is common senseEveryone knows The facts speak for themselves:If…then Few will dispute the claim thatIt’s common knowledge that It is undoubtedly/undeniably true thatIt is obvious (to anyone) that There is no denying that….It is well known that/ it is a well-known fact thatSteering the debateI wish to focus on We wish to examine in more detailI would like to turn our attention to… I think we’re getting sidetrackedLet’s turn our attention to Can we get back to the question of…?It is necessary to consider Can we look more closely at…?We should take into account the following This brings us with the question of whetherpoints
  4. 4. Rephrasing and summarizingLet me put it in another way Let me summarize our positionWhat I mean by that is … All in all, all things considered, briefly, by and large, in any case, in any event, in brief, on theLet me be clarify this whole, in short, in summary, in the finalSo if I understand you correctly, you are saying analysis, in the long run, on balance,that… To sum up, to summarize, finallyMaking generalizations (verbs)Tend (not) to …, have a tendency to …, be On the face of it,inclined toSeem to …, appear to …, It appears / seems to /thatIt would seem / appear to / that …(Adverbs of frequency)Usually, normally, generally Sometimes, occasionally, at times, now and againRegularly, often, frequently Rarely, seldom, hardly ever(Modifying adverbs)Mainly, primarily, principally, chiefly, above all, overallIn general, on the whole, as a rule, largelyFor the most part, mostlyEspecially, particularly, notably, clearly, obviously, evidently, distinctly, plainly, noticeably, significantly,relatively, comparativelySomewhat, rather, fairly, quite, slightlyStartingTo start with, First/firstly, In the first place, Let us begin withConcedingAlthough (+ proposition), Despite/ in spite of (+ nom),It is certainly true that, but I wonder whetherUndoubtedly, but It may be asserted, however, thatThe other side of the coin is, however is thatThe two points of view, while distinct, are not mutually exclusive.It cannot be denied that …but it remains to be seen whether