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Co nivelintermedio 2013 (1)

  1. 1. CONSEJERÍA DE EDUCACIÓN Escuela Oficial de Idiomas Accitania DICIEMBRE 2013 NIVEL INTERMEDIO Nombre y Apellidos: …...……………………….……………………………………………….. COMPRENSIÓN ORAL Número de audiciones: 2 INSTRUCCIONES: Por favor, lea estas instrucciones detenidamente antes de empezar a hacer el examen: 1. Lea cada tarea atentamente para saber qué se pide y cómo contestar. 2. Señale claramente sus respuestas. No se admitirán respuestas ambiguas, ni doble respuesta. 3. Utilice sólo tinta negra o azul. Las respuestas escritas a lápiz no se calificarán. 4. Deberá cuidar la presentación: evitar tachones, letra ilegible, etc. Audición 1 Audición 2 /5 /5 Total Apto /No Apto /10 1. You are going to hear a report on the subject of eating. Are the following statements True or False? 0 is the example. EATING HABITS 0. The speaker feels anxious about what she has been eating. T (Example) 1. The speaker feels that in the future she could have a fatal disease. 2. One night she dreamt of her own death. 3. She looked for potatoes the size of an egg. 4. She only found French apples in the shop. 5. Because of her new diet, the speaker’s life will be more unsatisfactory.
  2. 2. CONSEJERÍA DE EDUCACIÓN Escuela Oficial de Idiomas Accitania 2. Listen to these letters from a tourist to New Zealand, Adam, and choose the best answer (a or b) for questions 1-10. Letter 1 1. a) The customs officer washed Adam’s boots at the airport. b) Adam washed his own boots at the airport. 2. a) The boots needed to be cleaned to protect agriculture. b) Adam wanted his boots to be cleaned so that customs didn’t stop him. Letter 2 3. a) Adam couldn’t believe how cheap things were in New Zealand. b) Adam couldn’t believe how many sheeps there were in New Zealand. 4. a) Adam took a helicopter up to the top of the Fox’s Glacier. b) Adam misses London nightlife. Letter 3 5. a) Adam has already done water rafting and paragliding. b) Adam has been getting up late because the nightlife is so good in Queenstown. 6. a) Adam has done a bungee jump. b) Adam is going to do a bungee jump. Letter 4 7. a) Adam has entered a competition. b) Adam is whale watching in Kaikoura. 8. a) Adam went swimming with the dolphins. b) Adam wanted to go swimming with the dolphins but they couldn’t find any. Letter 5 9. a) Adam has got sunburnt in Rotorua. b) Adam thinks Rotorua smells bad. 10. a) The smell in Rotoruais from the sulphur in the mud. b) The smell in Rotoruais from rotten eggs.
  3. 3. CONSEJERÍA DE EDUCACIÓN Escuela Oficial de Idiomas Accitania Audición 1 EATING HABITS 1. TRUE 2. TRUE 3.TRUE 4.TRUE 5.FALSE Audición 2 5 points (0.5 each question) (Timesaver.Intermediate listening.Scholastic. File 17) 1.a, 2. a, 3. b, 4. a, 5. a, 6. b, 7. b, 8. a, 9. b, 10. a.