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2011 디렉토리 투자가이드
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2011 디렉토리 투자가이드


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2011 디렉토리 투자가이드

2011 디렉토리 투자가이드

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  • 1. EUCCK Membership Directory 2011INVESTMENT GUIDE Central Government 040 Local Government 106 Free Economic Zone (FEZ) 198
  • 3. Growth was adopted along with the Five-Year Plan for Green Growth. The National Strategy and Presidential Committee on the Five-Year Plan are mid- to long-term (2009~2050) national agendas which are to be implemented through the collaborative efforts between various governmental organizations, Green Growth industries and civil society. The National Strategy is divided into ten specific policy directions: Green Korea (1) effective mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions; (2) reduction of the use of fossil fuels and the enhancement of energy independence; (3) strengthening the capacity to adapt to climate change; (4) development of green technologies; (5) the “greening” of existing industries and promotion of green industries; (6) advancement of industrial structure; Introduction (7) engineering a structural basis for the green economy; At the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Korea on August 15, 2008, President (8) greening the land, water and building the green transportation infrastructure; Lee Myung-bak proclaimed “Low Carbon, Green Growth” as Korea’s new national vision. This (9) bringing green revolution into our daily lives; and vision aims to shift the current development paradigm of quantity-oriented, fossil-fuel dependent (10) becoming a role-model for the international community as a green growth leader. growth to quality-oriented growth with more emphasis on the use of new and renewable energy 041 resources. Using less energy and ensuring environmental sustainability, “Low Carbon, Green In order to put into action the agendas set out in the National Strategy in a more systemic and PRESIDENTIAL COMMITTEE ON GREEN GROWTH Growth” aims to simultaneously pursue three objectives by creating a synergistic relationship consistent manner, the Korean government revived the practice of the five-year plans, which had between economic growth and environmental protection: (1) to promote eco-friendly new growth been very effective during the early development era of the Korean economy. The first Five-Year engines for the national economy, (2) to enhance the quality of life for the members of the society, Plan for Green Growth, covering 2009 through 2013, is a manifest of the political commitments as and (3) to contribute to the international efforts to fight climate change. well as a blueprint for government actions, containing specific budget earmarks and detailed tasks assigned to line ministries and local governing entities. Under the plan, the government will spendINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 In order to facilitate the realization of the new vision, the Presidential Commission on Green Growth about 2 per cent of the annual GDP on green growth programs and projects that comprise the was established in February 2009. The Framework Law on Green Growth was enforced on April construction of various green infrastructures as well as spending plans for research and 14, 2010. The legislation provides the legal and institutional basis for aligning all national and local development of green technologies. The investments on the infrastructure will be initially much rules and regulations under the overarching vision of green growth. bigger than on R&D due to the ‘New Deal’ element, designed to counter the current economic downturn. However, as the economy To implement the national vision of green growth more effectively, the National Strategy for Green recovers, the R&D portion will be increased.
  • 4. Presidential Committee on Green Growth Imperatives for a National Strategy To provide a stronger momentum, a presidential CLIMATE CHANGE committee was established on 16 February 2009. Natural disasters, destruction of ecosystems, environmental degradation and pollution pose major threats to The Committee is co-chaired by the Prime Minister humanity. Even with the government’s strong commitment, the fight against climate change still remains a and an eminent scholar, Dr. Soogil Young formidable challenge. In 2007, Korea’s CO2 emissions from fuel combustion reached 489Mt(1.7% of the representing the private sector, and consists of 50 world°Øs total) which is the 9th highest level in the world. To tackle these environmental challenges while members including relevant government ministers simultaneously continuing economic growth, Korea is willing to make changes and transform the nation’s and representatives from private stakeholders. economic and industrial structure in accordance with the low carbon green growth paradigm. The Committee is supported by a secretariat of 60 staff comprised of seconded officials from over 14 government agencies and public/private institutions. The Committee has the mandate to discuss all subjects relevant to pursuing green growth as well as coordinating government works ENERGY CRISIS AND DEPLETION OF NATUAL RESOURCES on this area. If demands for conventional energy sources continue to rise, another global energy crisis may soon be triggered. To curtail the reliance on fossil fuels, Korea will make efforts to acquire new sources of energy, As of December 2010, the Committee has met ten times and meetings were attended by the improve energy efficiency and promote the adoption of an energy-saving lifestyle by its citizens. Korea will 043 President. Important agenda Items were discussed and adopted including the ‘National Strategy strive to curb the use of fossil fuels by making massive investments in the new and renewable energy sector. PRESIDENTIAL COMMITTEE ON GREEN GROWTH By doing so, it will seek to circumvent the fluctuations in the global oil market. for Green Growth,’ and the ‘national midterm greenhouse gas reduction target’. National Strategy for Green Growth SHIFT TO A NEW PARADIGM “Green Growth” will be the centerpiece of Korea’s vision for the next 60 years and will lead to newINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 The National Strategy for Green Growth, with a mid- to long-term (2009~2050) perspective, opportunities for economic growth. As demands for energy-efficient products, eco-friendly businesses and encompasses policy guidelines as well as specific action plans for various entities. It is an green markets increase in the coming years, a “Green Conversion” will be completed to enable Korea to integrated grand plan which was carved out through a collaborative process involving numerous achieve both economic growth and environmental protection. governmental organizations, industry, the academia and civil society. The motivation behind developing the National Strategy for Green Growth has been the necessity of building a comprehensive long-term master plan to address the myriad of challenges exacerbated by both Ten Policy Directions to achieve Three Objectives climate change and resource depletion. The National Strategy for Green Growth envisages three main objectives which are expected to be fulfilled in the process of taking actions in accordance with ten policy directions. The three objectives and ten policy directions are based on the consensus among the civil society, businesses, academia and government. The first objective is to effectively deal with climate change and attain energy independence. Moving beyond fossil fuels will help Korea to achieve energy independence and effectively mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. This objective calls for actions such as setting mid- to long-term mitigation goals, increasing the use of new and renewable energy sources, as well as efficient management of demand for energy. Measures will be taken to strengthen the nation’s adaptation capacities to counter the adverse impacts of climate change. These include improving the climate monitoring and forecasting abilities and securing a stable supply of water resources, among others. The second objective is to create new engines of growth on multiple fronts. This includes the development of green technology, greening of industries, transition to a more advanced industrial structure, and laying the groundwork for a green economy. Emphasis will be placed on increasing strategic investments in the R&D of the green sector, development of green small and medium enterprises, cutting-edge convergence industry and high value-added service industry, the creation of a national carbon emissions trading market, laying the structure for green finance, and tax incentives for eco-friendly activities. The third objective is to raise the overall quality of life for the people and to enhance the contributions to the international community through strong advocacy for green growth. Efforts will be directed toward greening the land and water and building a green transportation infrastructure. As a result, green vehicles will be more widely utilized and bicycles will become the main means of city transportation. Campaigns will be conducted
  • 5. to promote public awareness and acceptance of green lifestyles. Furthermore, Korea will strive towards <Fiscal Expenditure on Green Growth for 2009-2013> (trillion KRW, %) building its national image as a role-model for green growth by redoubling its efforts for mitigating climate change and assisting developing countries to effectively deal with the adverse impacts of climate change. Key Category Total1) ’09 ’10~’11 ’12~’13 Rate of Increase Total 107.4 17.5 48.3 41.6 10.2 Mitigation of climate Creating new engines Improvement in quality Mitigation of climate change & energy independence 56.9 8.6 29.2 19.2 14.0 change & energy for economic growth of life and enhanced Creating new engines for economic growth 28.6 4.8 10.7 13.1 9.4 independence international standing Improvement in quality of life and enhanced international 27.9 5.2 10.5 12.2 3.6 standing 1) The total amount eliminated overlaps among allocations to projects under the 10 policy directions. 1. Effective mitigation of 4. Development of green 8. Greening the land, water and greenhouse gas emissions technologies building the green transportation infrastructure 2. Reduction of the use of fossil 5. The “greening” of existing 9. Bringing green revolution Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) fuels and the enhancement industries and promotion of into our daily lives 045 of energy independence green industries Founded in June 2010, the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) is a globally represented, non-profit institute dedicated to the promotion of PRESIDENTIAL COMMITTEE ON GREEN GROWTH 3. Strengthening the capacity 6. Advancement of industrial 10. Becoming a role-model for economic growth and development while reducing carbon emissions, to adapt to climate change structure the international community increasing sustainability, and strengthening climate resilience (i.e. green as a green growth leader growth). GGGI is founded on the belief that economic growth and 7. Engineering a structural environmental sustainability are not merely compatible objectives, but basis for the green economy are mutually necessary for the future of humankind.INVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 GGGI currently supports several projects in partner countries through program development, implementation, capacity building, best practice sharing, and the provision of grants to local institutions. Through its work, GGGI seeks to position the green growth model as one which is both practical and effective in the pursuit of economic growth and sustainable development. Green Growth Investment Plans GGGI is headquartered in Seoul, Republic of Korea. The envisaged fiscal spending as contained in the Five-Year Plan for Green Growth is 107 trillion KRW (86 billion USD) for 2009-2013. Under the plan, three objectives and ten policy directions will be implemented in an efficient and Vision & Mission predictable manner. The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) was founded on the belief that economic growth and environmental sustainability are not merely compatible objectives, but are mutually necessary for - The fiscal budget will be mainly spent on R&D in green the future of humankind. technology, such as solar energy and fuel cells, restoration of the four major rivers and green It is dedicated to supporting the creation and diffusion of a new model of economic growth, known transportation. As the economy recovers, the weight as “green growth”, that integrates objectives for poverty reduction, opportunity creation, and social given to R&D will become more significant. development, with objectives for environmental sustainability and climate and energy security. - Fiscal realities will be appropriately reflected as well as the GGGI supports emerging and developing nations in their efforts to create and implement national mid-term plan covering 2009 through 2013. Budget and local strategies and policies for pursuing green growth. In so doing, GGGI seeks to contribute priority will be appropriately rearranged so that the budget to increasing the effectiveness and impact of national and local action on green growth, promoting for important programs can be speedily implemented. best practice, building capacity, and encouraging international cooperation. Through its work, GGGI will help advance both the theory and practice of green growth. - Roughly 2% of the nation’s annual GDP is allocated to green investment which is twice the amount As a politically neutral source of independent expertise, GGGI will provide a comprehensive set of recommended by the Green Economy Initiative capabilities, skills and services aimed at answering key questions related to green growth planning, advocated by the UNEP (1% of GDP). and play a critical role in the post-Copenhagen landscape.
  • 6. Vision of Saemangeum Executive Office of Saemangeum Development Planing The City of Neo Civitas, Saemangeum(Ariul) “Creating Tomorrow” The Saemangeum Project is a government-run project with the goal of The Most Attractive Economic Hub in Northeast Asia constructing a global premium city of green growth and a clean environment. The construction of the world’s longest sea dike (33km), which connects Gunsan GLOBAL GREEN WATER HUMAN CULTURE Attractive Living Low-Carbon, Vibrant, Attractive Human-Oriented, Neo Culture Embracing and Buan, is to create 283km2 of reclaimed land and a lake with a surface area of Environment for Green Growth Waterfront City with Multifunctional, Mixed Korean Traditions and Foreign Residents Development Excellent Amenities Use Development Global Cultures 118km2 . This project will transform Saemangeum into the economic hub of Northeast Asia serving not just industrial but also tourism and residential purpose. Land Use Plan 047 Lot configuration PRIME MINISTER’S OFFICE(EXECUTIVE OFFICE OF SAEMANGEUM DEVELOPMENT PLANING) Gunjang National Land of opportunities is being created in Industrial Complex Industrial Zone Saemangeum, Korea Mangyeonggang(river)INVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 Yellow Sea Scientific research Zone Scientific research Zone Ecological Agricultural Zone Behind urban city environmental Zone Seohaean New & Renewable energy Zone Expressway Gogunsan Agricultural city Seo Gimjae IC Archipelago Agricultural Zone Agricultural city Dongjingang(river) Agricultural Zone Ariul(Multifunctional city) Buan IC Area for each site and period of development Total(283km2) Phase 1(Until 2020) Phase 2(After 2021) Division Area(km2) Ratio(%) Area(km2) Ratio(%) Area(km2) Ratio(%) Ariul(Multifunctional city) 67.3 23.8 40.4 14.3 26.9 9.5 Agricultural Zone 85.7 30.3 85.7 30.3 - - Scientific research Zone 23 8.1 - - 23 8.1 New & Renewable energy Zone 20.3 7.2 8.8 3.1 11.5 4.1 Saemangeum, at the Center of Pan-Yellow Sea Region Ecological environmental Zone 42.4 15.0 42.4 15.0 - - - Saemangeum is close to a fast growing market, China. - The North East Asia is a huge, attractive market with a population of 1.5billion. Urban site(Agricultural, behind urban city) 14.6 5.2 4.6 1.6 10 3.5 - Beijing can be reached in one hour, and Tokyo in 1.5 hours. Industrial Zone 18.7 6.6 18.7 6.6 - - - 51 cities with population of over 1million are reachable within 3.5 hours. Inner dyke 11 3.9 11 3.9 - -
  • 7. Land development plan Ariul(Multifunctional city) ∙Area ∙67.3km2 ∙Development period ∙Phase 1(-2020): 40.4km2(60%) ∙Phase 2(2021-): 26.9km2(40%) ∙Managing agency ∙Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Knowledge and Economy, Saemangeum Gunsan FEZ authority ∙Business opportunities ∙Manufacturing sector- Green car, food- processing, high-tech machinery, renewable energy generation ∙Business sector- multinational corporate headquarters/branch office, business park 049 ∙Financial sector- financial institutions PRIME MINISTER’S OFFICE(EXECUTIVE OFFICE OF SAEMANGEUM DEVELOPMENT PLANING) ∙Research facilities- universities, research centers ∙Logistics - storage, warehouse at the new port ∙Service sector- convention center, shopping mall, hotels, restaurants, Ecological environment Zone education, medical facilities ∙Tourism, leisure ∙Area ∙42.4km2 ∙Development period ∙-2030INVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 ∙Managing agency ∙Ministry of Environment New & Renewable Energy Zone ∙Land Use ∙Northern part - wildlife habitats and eco park, stopover for migratory birds. ∙Area ∙20.3km2 ∙Southern part - Water quality control ∙Development period ∙Phase 1(- 2020): 8.8km2 facilities, research center, landscaping ∙Phase 2(2021- ): 11.5km2 and forests ∙Managing agency ∙Ministry of Knowledge and Economy, Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Scientific research Zone ∙Land Use ∙Renewable energy R&D facilities, bio- crop production facilities ∙Area ∙23km2 ∙Development period ∙2021- ∙Managing agency ∙Ministry of Education, Science and Industrial Zone Technology ∙Land Use ∙World class research facilities, ∙Area ∙18.7km2 universities for basic and applied ∙Development period ∙-2020 research, corporate research centers ∙Managing agency ∙Saemangeum Gunsan FEZ authority ∙Major industry ∙Automobiles, car parts, machinery, shipbuilding equipment, renewable energy, new material, convergence technology, radiation fusion technology, Agricultural Zone biotechnology, food processing industry ∙Area ∙85.7km2 ∙Development period ∙-2020 ∙Managing agency ∙Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries ∙Land Use ∙High tech agriculture complex Export- oriented agriculture industry sustainable agriculture and eco-tourism.
  • 8. Business environment Executive Office of Saemangeum Development Planning Strong government support based on special act - The central government of Korea undertakes the Saemangeum project as a core Head’s Message national agenda providing full support. After 19 years of efforts, Saemangeum reached a historical turning point in April - Special Act on Promotion of the Saemangeum Project ensures institutional support of 2010 with the completion of 33.9km long sea dike construction. The master plan tax incentive, financial subsidies, and regulatory exemption for businesses. for comprehensive development will be announced at the end of this coming February. It will further explain the Saemangeum Project’s goal to transform the vast land of 401km2 into a global premium city dedicated to green growth and Vastness of the land sustainable development in the fields of economy, industry, and tourism. - The state-owned land is as large as 2/3 the size of Seoul - Saemangeum offers a long-term lease program(max. 100years) and land sales at an Located at the heart of a huge global market with 1.5 billion consumers, Saemangeum holds ideal affordable price geographical conditions for a global business environment and will turn itself into the economic hub of Northeast Asia by working with renowned companies that are highly competitive on the global stage. Relevant government ministries and local governments, as well as the Executive Office of Saemangeum Excellent transport infrastructure Development Planning, are committed to providing full support to create the City of Neo Civitas. - The road network will connect the area to expressways and high-speed railroads. 051 - The existing airport and a new port will offer you easy access to Saemangeum We have reclaimed the sea, built up hope, and finally changed the map of South Korea. Now I hope all of you PRIME MINISTER’S OFFICE(EXECUTIVE OFFICE OF SAEMANGEUM DEVELOPMENT PLANING) will join us in filling up Saemangeum with prosperity and creativity. Let’s create a whole new future. Yellow Sea Economic Bloc Prime Minister’s Office, Head of Executive Office of Saemangeum Development Planning - Proximity to China provides you easy access to the emerging market of China. - Located at the center of North East Asia, Saemangeum serves as a strategic base for Lee Byoung-GookINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 the market with population of 1.5billion. Organization Tourism resources and leisure development The Executive Office of Saemangeum Development Planning is organized for promotion and efficient - The natural resources such as Gogunsan Archipelago and Byeonsan Peninsula National management of the Saemangeum Project under the direct control of the Prime Minister’s Office. Park are famous tourist attractions. - Tourism and leisure industry will thrive with a land mark, marina, mega resorts, golf Duties : Integration and coordination of Saemangeum project-related policies course, art centers and other amenities. - Matters regarding the administrative affairs and support for Saemangeum Development Committee - Matters regarding a master plan on land development (including general execution plan) - Matters regarding adjustment of a master plan by land use Industrial hub in North East Asia - Matters regarding enactment and amendment of Saemangeum-related rules - The existing industrial complex in Gunsan will offer Saemangeum synergy effects for - Matters regarding establishment of water-quality improvement plans for Saemangeum industries such as machines, automobiles, shipbuilding, renewable energy and bio - Matters regarding integrated management of disaster, water quality and water quantity - Matters regarding support, advertisement and international cooperation to attract investments in Saemangeum cluster. - Requirements from related organizations, etc. - World class research institutes and facilities will be established to foster an attractive R&D environment. Organization Prime Minister’s Office Executive Office of Development Planning Incentive schemes 82-2-735-1255 The Korean government established the Special Act on Promotion of Saemangeum Project in 2008 to systematically support investors and businesses. Policy Planning Bureau Development Policy Bureau 82-2-735-1257 82-2-735-1258 Tax incentives and financial subsidies for businesses - Tax exemption programs will facilitate investment and business operation in Saemangeum. Policy Coordination Environmental policy Project Management Development Culture and Public Investment Division Division Division Planning Division Relabions Division Promotion Division - Subsidies for employment and training can be best utilized by businesses. 82-2-3210-2867 82-2-3210-2897 82-2-3210-2891 82-2-3210-2784 82-2-3210-2657 82-2-3210-2660 Facilities and services for residents Address : 5F Central Government Complex Extension Bldg.,Sejongno, jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea(110-787) - Special Housing service for foreigners and interpretation & translation service will be provided. Fax : 82-2-3210-2685 E-mail : - International schools and medical institutions will make for convenient living conditions. Homepage :
  • 9. MKE Ministry of Knowledge Economy Core responsibilities Redefining Korea Now that we are at the threshold of a new global economic system-which, it is widely agreed, is based on the concept of a “knowledge economy”-Korea is working to transform itself into a global in a changing global environment economic superpower. MKE for the 21st century MKE is leading the way in three key policy areas-trade, energy and industry. Building upon Korea’s traditional strengths, which lie in core industries such as shipbuilding, MKE is also taking steps to equip the nation with cutting-edge R&D, advanced IT, and value-added goods and services. We are making bold strides in our efforts to nurture future growth engines, secure a sustainable supply of energy, improve living standards, develop breakthrough technologies and ideas, and build The Ministry of Knowledge Economy is the result of a transformation of the Korean economy that constructive partnerships. Every one of these measures underscores Korea’s potential as a major 053 took place over 60 years. MKE’s earliest precursor was the Ministry of Trade and Industry, player in the new global economic environment. MINISTRY OF KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY established in 1948; others included the Ministry of Energy and Resources; the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy; and the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy. Strategic industrial policies In 2008, acting upon his election mandate to invigorate the Korean economy, President Lee Myung-bak launched the Ministry of Knowledge Economy. This Ministry encompasses functions Throughout its history, Korea hasINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 that were previously the responsibility of the former Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy found its economic strength in a solid and diverse industrial base. As and the Ministry of Information and Communication, as well as some that were under the the nation aspires to make a further jurisdiction of the Ministry of Finance and Economy and the Ministry of Science and Technology. leap, MKE is paving the way for a promising future where knowledge is the primary engine of the Korean economy, driving productivity and growth. To make this vision a reality, MKE is pursuing a wide range of strategies with a particular focus on these five objectives: building a favorable investment environment; promoting the growth of local economies; establishing an innovative R&D system; upgrading core industries; and supporting small and midsize enterprises. After conducting a thorough analysis of Korea’s strengths, the Korean government has selected 17 new growth engines that we intend to actively foster and promote. These 17 industries fall into three broad categories: green technology, high-tech convergence and high value-added service. MKE is taking the lead role in promoting 10 of these promising business areas: renewable energy, low-carbon energy, a green transportation system, LEDs, broadcast and communications media, intelligent robots, information technology, biopharmaceuticals and medical devices, nano- convergence, and cultural content and software.
  • 10. New Growth Engines in 3 Sectors MKE’s organizational structure ※ For a complete list of new growth engines, scroll over the following sectors. MKE is composed of five offices, 16 bureaus and 68 divisions under one Minister and two Vice ※ MKE initiatives are highlighted in green. Ministers. We also have more than a dozen affiliated organizations - Korea Post, the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards, the Korea Trade Commission and the Office of Free Economic Zones, just to name a few. New Growth Engines Organizational Chart Green Technology High-Tech Convergence Value-Added Service Minister Spokesperson New growth engines New growth engines New growth engines Public Relations Division / Media Relations Division - Renewable energy - Broadcast and - Healthcare Director General for Audit & Inspection Audit Inspection Division technologies communications media - Green financing - Water treatment technologies - Intelligent robots - Cultural content and software Vice Minister for Industry and Technology Vice Minister for Trade and Energy 055 - Low-carbon energy - Biopharmaceuticals and - Education General Service & Personnel Division technologies medical devices MINISTRY OF KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY - MICE and tourism-related Office of International Trade & Investment - Green transportation systems - Information technology industries Office of Planning & Coordination ∙Director General for Trade Trade Policy Division / Trade Promotion Division / Export & Import - IT convergence citywide - Food Industry ∙Director General for Policy Coordination Planning & Budget Division / Public Management Division / Division / Export Control Policy Team - LEDs - Nano-convergence Regulatory Reform & Legal Affairs Division / Information ∙Director General for Trade & Industrial Cooperation Management Division / Evaluation & Customer Relations Division Trade Cooperation Division / Europe & Americas Division / Asia &INVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 ∙Director General for Emergency Planning Oceania Division / China & Russia Division Contingency Planning Division ∙Director General for Cross-Border Investment Foreign Investment Policy Division / Foreign Investment Promotion Office of Industrial Economic Policy Stimulating international trade and investment ∙Director General for Industry & Knowledge Economy Division / Overseas Investment Division / Inter-Korean Economic Cooperation Division Industrial Economic Policy Division / Service Industries Division / SME As an advocate of freer and more active trade, MKE places Advocacy Division / Industry & Environment Coordination Division / Office of Energy & Resources special emphasis on three areas: First, we seek to maximize Distribution & Logistics Division / Better Business Climate Division ∙Director General for Energy Policy Korea’s great potential with a solid, broad trading platform. Energy & Resources Policy Division / Climate Change Policy Division / ∙Director General for Technology Policy Second, we are intensifying ties with major trading partners and New & Renewable Energy Division / Energy Technology Division Industrial Technology Policy Division / Industrial Technology welcoming new partnerships. Last, we strive for a business- Development Division / Technology Market Division / Technology ∙Director General for Energy Industries friendly environment so as to become a more attractive Diffusion & International Cooperation Division / Technology Petroleum Division / Gas Division / Electric Power Division / Energy destination for investors. Infrastructure Division Safety Division ∙Director General for Regional Economic Development Policy ∙Director General for Energy Resources Development & Regional Economic Policy Division / Regional Industry Promotion Nuclear Power Division / Industrial Complex Division / Regional Investment Resources Development Policy Division / Oil & Gas Development More sustainable and greener energy policies Promotion Division / Corporate Relocation Division Division / Mineral Resources Division / Nuclear Power Industry Division / Nuclear Power Plant Cooperation Division Energy initiatives are also at the heart of MKE’s responsibilities. Office of Industries In line with global trends, MKE is committed to promoting the ∙Director General for Emerging Industries ∙Energy Efficiency Bureau Growth Engine Policy Division / Biotech & Nanotech Division / Energy Efficiency Policy Division / Energy Efficiency Management wiser use of energy and is actively engaging in energy Software Policy Division / Software Promotion Division / Design & Division / Energy Cooperation Division cooperation projects and efforts to expand the use of cleaner Brand Division / Robot Division energy technologies. In addition, we are drafting ∙Director General for Electronics & IT Industries environmentally friendly economic policies that will usher in a Electronics & IT Policy Division / Information & Electronics Industries low-carbon society. Division / Semiconductor Display & Electric Industries Division / Information & Telecommunication Division / IT Innovation Division At the same time, MKE is working to ensure a stable energy ∙Director General for Manufacturing Industries supply to meet the nation’s growing demand. To this end, we Components & Materials Division / Machinery, Aerospace & Defense are pursuing a long-term strategy emphasizing overseas energy Industries Division / Metals & Chemicals Division / Textile, Apparel & development projects. Consumer Goods Division / Automobile & Shipbuilding Division
  • 11. Foreign direct investment and MKE Incentives for foreign companies investing in Korea Foreign direct investment (FDI) is crucial to the Korean economy. As of 2008, it accounted for 13% FDI incentives exist to alleviate the burden of establishing new business operations and to thank of sales revenue and 6% of employment in the manufacturing sector. However, Korea still needs to foreign investors for all they contribute to the Korean economy. The government currently offers tax attract more FDI as it represented only 13.3% of the nation’s GDP in 2009, a figure far below the relief to foreign companies with the potential to contribute significantly to the Korean economy. We global average of 30.7%. In light of these circumstances, the Korean government is eager to also provide affordable land and assist with related administrative procedures. Foreign-invested improve its business environment through deregulation and we are strongly promoting FDI. MKE is companies also benefit from cash grants and other financial support. at the forefront of these efforts. FDI policy - Tax relief Certain foreign-invested companies are eligible for tax relief on Since the onset of the financial crisis in 1997, the Korean government has been active in its efforts corporate, income, local and dividend income taxes for five to to attract foreign direct investment to Korea; passage of the Foreign Investment Promotion Act in seven years. These include companies operating in the area of 1998 greatly facilitated these efforts. The Act opened up 99.8% of Korea’s industries to foreign industry support services, or in certain high-tech business areas investment and provided significant protection for investors’ interests. Under the Act, foreign specified by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance. Companies investors also receive incentives including tax breaks, cash grants and affordable land. involved in manufacturing, logistics, R&D, leisure or hospitality 057 To make Korea a more business-friendly country, the government has established a are also eligible if they are based in Korea’s Foreign Investment MINISTRY OF KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY comprehensive action plan to improve the foreign investment environment; the plan is subject to Zones or its Free Economic Zones. Customs fees may be reduced review every three years. MKE is taking the lead in implementing it in cooperation with 11 other or waived for capital goods, as long as the import declaration is ministries and eight government agencies. completed within three years of the date the investment report is filed. Under the action plan for the years from 2008 to 2010, Korea has made numerous achievements.INVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 Corporate taxes were reduced; a new system has been introduced to better protect intellectual - Cash grants property rights; administrative procedures have been streamlined, making it easier to establish an industrial complex; the maximum amount of foreign capital that can be lent or borrowed without The purpose of Korea’s cash grant program is to attract FDI in business areas with exceptional potential to the need to report the transaction has been increased; and international financial reporting benefit the national economy. The amount of each cash grant is determined through negotiations between the standards have been adopted. At the same time, the living environment for foreign businesspeople investor and the government. has improved dramatically-there are more educational and healthcare facilities equipped to meet To be eligible for a cash grant, a foreign investor must own at least 30% of the equity in an industry support service or high-tech business, or in a greenfield investment project in parts and materials manufacturing. their needs, a more convenient processing system at customs for foreign businesspeople living in R&D laboratories and construction/expansion projects with significant job creation potential are also eligible. or visiting Korea, a new English radio station, and more traffic signs in English. FDI to establish a regional headquarters of a multinational corporation or a business pertaining to a regionally strategic industry with the potential to make a significant contribution to the local economy may also confer eligibility. The Foreign Investment Committee will deliberate such cases individually. - Affordable land and facilities The Korean government makes industrial sites within specially designated zones available to all foreign- invested firms that meet certain requirements. Land within four categories of zones is provided either free of charge or at low cost: Stand-Alone-Type Foreign Investment Zones, Complex-Type Foreign Investment Zones, Free Trade Zones and Free Economic Zones. For occupants of these zones, there are not only benefits in terms of location costs but also many other beneficial factors. Tax and customs tariff reductions, as well as other forms of financial support, may apply if certain conditions are met. - Financial support Financial support is provided to help with hiring, staff education and training, and projects to build infrastructure within a Foreign Investment Zone or to enhance the living environment within it. Aid under this program is currently extended to companies in which the foreign equity stake is at least 30% or in which a foreign company or individual investor is the largest shareholder.
  • 12. Free Economic Zones Korea at a glance Sources: Bank of Korea, Korean Statistical Information Service As of 2010, Korea has six Free Economic Zones; the plan is to develop them into the major business centers within the Northeast Asian region. The Free Economic Zones provide optimal Country profile (2009) conditions for business and attractive incentives. They are home to state-of-the-art airports, ports and office buildings; as well as world-class schools, hospitals and tourism facilities. ∙Official name Republic of Korea Under the auspices of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, the Free Economic Zone Authorities ∙Capital Seoul operate as decision-making bodies in accordance with the Special Act on Designation and ∙Area About 100,000 square kilometers Management of Free Economic Zones. They set policies for the FEZs; designate, cancel ∙Population About 48 million designations, and plan the development of new FEZs; and provide administrative services in the ∙Official language Korean FEZs. ∙Illiteracy Nonexistent among people between the ages of 20 and 40 ∙Religion Buddhism 24%, Protestant 23%, Catholic 8%, Other 0.8%, None 44.2% Considering its efforts and the dynamism of the Northeast Asian market, Korea expects to see a significant increase in inbound FDI in the coming years. (Korea National Statistical Office, 2005) ∙Climate Continental with four seasons 059 ∙Time 9 hours + GMT MINISTRY OF KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY ∙Political system Democratic republic, presidential system ∙Economy 13th-largest economy (based on GDP, 2009), OECD member ∙Currency South Korean won (KRW, �) ∙Competitive industries IT, electronics, semiconductors, automobiles, shipbuilding, steel,INVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 petrochemicals Key economic indicators 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 ∙National GDP (US$ billion) 845 951 1,049 931 833 - ∙Real GDP growth (%) 4.0 5.2 5.1 2.2 0.2 6.1 ∙GNI per capita (US$) 17,531 19,722 21,695 19,231 17,175 - ∙Exports (US$ billion) 284 325 371 422 364 466 ∙Imports (US$ billion) 261 309 357 435 323 425 ∙Current account (US$ billion) 18.6 14.1 21.8 3.2 33.0 28.2 ∙Unemployment rate (%) 3.7 3.5 3.2 3.2 3.6 3.7 ∙CPI inflation (%) 2.8 2.2 2.5 4.7 2.8 2.9 ∙Three-year treasury bond yield (%) 4.3 4.8 5.2 5.3 4.0 3.7 ∙Foreign exchange reserves (US$ billion) 210 239 262 201 270 287 ∙Exchange rates - won/US$ 1,024 956 929 1,103 1,276 1,156 - won/100 yen 931 821 790 1,077 1,363 1,320 - won/euro 1,274 1,199 1,273 1,607 1,774 1,532
  • 13. MEST Ministry of Education, Science and Technology ASEM-DUO The fields of education, science and technology are the key to the future of our nation. ASEM-DUO Fellowship Program Not only that, the success of our future generation hinges upon these three critical fields. In recognition of this, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) will do its best to ensure that all of our children are not left behind and have an opportunity to nurture their dream and hope through education, science and technology. Furthermore, we plan to establish the efficient education and research systems to cultivate the outstanding talents of Korea as the prominent scientists and engineers recognized by the world. The 061 policy support will also be expanded to encourage many talented people to seek the career paths ASEM-DUO related to science and technology as well as to enable scientists and engineers to demonstrate their capacity with pride. In the coming years, MEST will concentrate more on ensuring that the existing policies take firm root rather than developing new policies. To attain this goal, we will communicate more with those whoINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 are working in the education, science and technology sectors with an open-minded attitude. In the same context, we hope that this website will serve as a channel of communication with each and every one of the Korean public so we can hear their voices on education, science and technology. Vision Build a first class advanced country Revive the education and build a leading country in science and technology A fellowship program to support exchanges between Asia and Europe The ASEM-DUO aims at contributing to better enhance reciprocal academic exchanges between Double the satisfaction of education, Develop science technology, reduce the cost of private sducation make work positions the students and the teachers of the European Union and Asian ASEM member countries. It is Build self-regulated, diversified education system Build self-regulated, deversified education system dedicated not only to increase the number of people-to-people exchanges between the two - Reinforce local self-sducation - Increase national investment in research and development regions but also to encourage the development of bilateral exchange programs: through creating - Diversify high school300 project - propel united growing projects new programs or inducing people’s active engagement to exchange programs which have already - College entrance 3-step self-regulation Unification - Distribute civil-leading strategic R&D funds of education, science and been established but in dormancy. The fellowship was first launched in 2001, and renewed in every Reconsider the satisfaction of school education technology Reconsider the satisfaction of school education 5 years. Currently, it was agreed to continue the fellowship up to 2015. - Complete the public English education - Reinforce the abilities of college and research institutes - Make an infrastructure that can improve teachers’ abilities -Promote basic foundation research - Build advanced curriculum and textbooks - Train and invite world-renowned scientists - Make happy schools Individual programs by contributing members Expand education welfare Expand education welfare The ASEM-DUO Fellowship Program is basically an umbrella program, and detailed terms and - Basic learning shortage zero plan Combine - Inspire scientists and technologists - Formulate custom-made national scholarship human - Improve research fund distribution system conditions are determined by individual programs. At present, there are five such individual resources - Activate all-nation lifelong education - Create international science and Technology business belt programs, and they are respectively called DUO-Korea, DUO-Singapore, DUO-Sweden and DUO- Thailand, and DUO-Belgium (Flemish) reflecting the contributing member countries. All these individual programs are governed by a set of Core Principles and the rest of the specific details of Fortify the united capabilities of Ministry of Education, Science and Technology the programs are to be prescribed by the contributing members.
  • 14. A fellowship program to support exchanges between Asia and Europe Achievement Core Principles, which govern all individual fellowship programs, consist of three principles. They Over the past ten years, there have been the exchanges of some 2,000 students and professors are as follows: between Asia and Europe under the ASEM-DUO, and its popularity is growing and competition rate is high (the average 4:1). The supported exchanges seem to have been firmly established, 1. PAIRS: ONE FROM ASIA, ONE FROM EUROPE since more than 90% of exchange programs remained even after the financial support of the Only pairs of students or teachers from the two educational institutions, one in Asia and the other in ASEM-DUO was terminated. Europe, are to be supported. Institutions and students (or teachers) should be paired: a student from a different institution in a member is not allowed. Both members of a pair are supported Comparison of Individual DUO programs together. 2. STANDARDIZED DURATION OF SUPPORT KOREA SWEDEN SINGAPORE THAILAND Financial support is given in terms of semesters, not in terms of months or years; for students, one Starting year 2001 2010 2002 2006 unit comprises of four months; for teachers, one unit is one month. From the Expert Meeting held in November 2003, the definition was altered to a semester of 4 months to 6 months. IPO for Education Related Division MEST, Korea and Training, MFA, Singapore OHEC, Thailand 063 3. STANDARDIZED AMOUNT OF SUPPORT Sweden ASEM-DUO Each pair of students will receive 2,000 euros per month during the exchange; for teachers, it is 6,000 euros per month. The division of fellowship amount among the members in a pair is to be Time of calling May April January November determined by individual contributing members. Selection July July May August Professor Beneficiary Under/Grad Under/Grad Under/Grad Under/GradINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 Selection Selection Selection Selection Universities Committee Committee Committee Committee Duration 1 semester 1 semester 1 semester 1 semester 4,800 for Asian 3,200 for Swedish 1,200 for Thai 800 Amount (Euro) 4,000 Each (In case of Japan 4,000 Each for European and Singapore (per month) 4,000 Each) Pairing Pair-based Pair-based Pair-based Pair-based Science Comment Technology Hospitality | Contact Information | |Overall information and DUO-Korea |DUO-Singapore �E-mail: �website: �website: |DUO-Thailand |DUO-Sweden �website: �website:
  • 15. NRF National Research Main Activities The NRF is not only responsible for the overall planning of research in all areas of academic Foundation of Korea discipline but is also discovering new academic areas through the integration of different academic fields, and promoting a wide range of research in such diverse as law and future society. - Supporting academic and R&D activities Introduction - Fostering and utilizing researchers from academia and R&D fields As Korea’s major funding agency for basic and fundamental research, the NRF is creating new - Promoting international cooperation for academic and R&D activities knowledge paradigms through the convergence of all areas of academic disciplines with unceasing - Facilitating the analysis of useful resources for research funding as well as development of policies passionate efforts and a creative outlook. The NRF was founded on June 26, 2009 through a - Assisting in managing research performed by academic and R&D organizations merger of the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation (KOSEF), the Korea Research - Promoting cooperative exchange between domestic and overseas institutes and organizations in Foundation (KRF), and the Korea Foundation for International Cooperation of Science and the fields of academia and R&D Technology (KICOS). The aim of the NRF is to optimize and advance the national basic research funding system that encompasses all academic research fields. MainProgrammes 065 Vision - Basic Research : The NRF lays the groundwork for advancement in science and technology NATIONAL RESEARCH FOUNDATION OF KOREA The NRF is working to elevate Korea to be a superpower of knowledge and brainpower by and the development of highly advanced technology. promoting development focused on research through close cooperation with world-class research - Fundamental Technology : The NRF is securing new growth engines and improving the funding agencies. We are also making efforts to become a global leader among research funding quality of life by developing fundamental technology in biology, nano-science, energy, agencies aiming to rank in the top seven knowledge powers by thinking outside the box. environment and other promising fields.INVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 - Nuclear Energy and Safety : The NRF contributes to the development of core technology for 2010 Budget : USD 2.6Bil. several reasons: to provide safe nuclear energy; to develop safe nuclear technology for the � safety of the public; and to develop new applied nuclear technology utilizing radiology to 7% � � Basic Research, 763 mil. (29%) � Fundamental Technology, contribute to the improvement of the public’s welfare. � 2% � 29% 6% � Enhancement of Academic 185 mil. (7%) Research Capacity, 177 mil. (7%) � Big Science, 173 mil. (7%) - Big Sciences : The NRF is working to improve the quality of life and providing a blueprint for a � 3% � � Research Promotion and � Nuclear Energy, 173 mil. (7%) better world by securing highly-profitable technology and conducting research in the big 7% � � 33% Infrastructure, 155 mil. (6%) � Human Resources Development, � International Cooperation in Science and Technology, 89 mil. (3%) sciences including space development, nuclear fusion and climate change prevention. 7% 7% � 876 mil. (33%) � Others, 46 mil. (2%) - University Education Capacity and Enhancement : To enable talented individuals to spread their wings, the NRF supports young researchers, encourages specialization of local Organizational Structure universities, and cultivates highly competent scientists for the 21st Century. - Academic Research Capacity Enhancement : From the humanities to medical science, the President NRF Board NRF provides a range of research funding plans designed to foster brains for new knowledge, Inspector General and build creative and productive research environments. Center Strategic Planning - Infrastructure and Human Resources in Science and Technology : The NRF is securing expert International Advisory and Public Relations researchers through innovative S&T support and establishing research clusters around the Committee nation with extensive support for academia-industry-research areas to help Korea to open up a new borazon of balanced research in science and technology. Director General - Science and Technology Promotion Funds : This program has been carrying out various projects to improve national competitiveness, establish national innovation systems, promote science and technology, and raise public awareness of the importance of science. Directorate for Directorate for Directorate for Basic Research Directorate for National Science Directorate for Strategic Directorate for - International Cooperation in Science and Technology : The NRF pursues partnership with in Science and Humanities and and Engineering Research Resources Internationl Engineering Social Sciences Programs Promotion Management Affairs major countries around the world and develops future-oriented science and technology through global cooperative networks. For the future of Korea’s science and technology, the • NRF has a total workforce of 485 as of July 2010 NRF is attempting to become a world S&T hub. - 23 program managers from universities & research institute - 289 permanent employees - 173 contract employees
  • 16. MLTM Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs The Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs, Korea, promises to administrate our territory area if it is inside an industrial complex. Large-scale theme parks, resorts, and shopping centers creatively and flexibly based on new paradigms and strategies so that more spaces are available such as department stores can be built as longs as they observe the cap on water pollution load for needs. even inside areas that had development restrictions for environmental preservation. Moreover, congestion charges will be exempt on buildings for financial service purposes within a financial We will put all of our passion to undertake given missions from the high class nation such as district and R&D facilities within an industrial complex. As a result, business will be able to reduce maintaining sustainable green territory with good balance and strong competitiveness, sufficient their initial investment. spaces with elegance and culture for people’s lives, achievement of expected housing welfare, development of worldwide logistics network for land and marine, providence of fast and EASED BUSINESS REGULATION ON FREE ECONOMIC ZONES (FEZs) convenient transportation service, and accomplish of competitive and advanced construction Industrial complexes can be built within FEZs inside Incheon and Pyongtaek from 2009 since the business. We as the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs shall be the Ministry loved by regulation on constructing industrial complexes in the capital area is abolished. 067 the nation due we satisfy citizen’s happiness and hopes. MINISTRY OF LAND, TRANSPORT AND MARITIME AFFAIRS ADDITIONAL REMOVAL OF RESTRICTED DEVELOPMENT ZONES About 3,980 km2 around large cities including Seoul and Busan had been designated as MLTM’s Main Policies Restricted Development Zones (RDZs). Construction and other development activities are banned in RDZs to prevent reckless urban sprawl. Although the designation has benefits, it also hinders STREAMLINED PROCEDURE OF INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX DEVELOPMENT the growth of cities due to lack of usable land.INVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 Business investment can be made promptly as necessary thanks to the simplified procedure Therefore, the government has set up the Plan to Realign and Manage RDZs to lift controls on required in the development of an industrial complex. The process will now only take less than six around 188 km2 in September 2008. The land will be utilized mainly as industrial and residential months compared to almost three years in the past. Moreover, local governments can now complexes. designate all scales of industrial complexes with autonomy. Approval by the Minister of Land, Transport, and Maritime Affairs was mandatory for a large-scale local industrial complex in the past. EXPANDED PROVISION OF DEVELOPMENT SITES The insufficiency of land available for development has been a problem for years. So, we amended CREATION OF INDUSTRIAL COMPLEXES FOR LONG-TERM LEASE the once-uniform regulations on protecting farmlands, forest lands, and military facilities to make We are planning to expand industrial sites available for long-term lease at an affordable rate to them more reasonable. The designation of Agriculture Promotion Areas with relatively low promote investment from small- and medium- sized enterprises. 33 million m2 of these sites will be agricultural production has also been lifted. Reserve forest lands with less value have become provided between 2008 to 2017. Currently, the lease costs around three percent of the annual semi-reserve forest lands. Moreover, we lifted or eased regulations on protecting military facilities cost used in building the complex and the lease contract can be made up to 50 years. Businesses as long as it does not interrupt military operations. can now focus on productive activities free from worrying about securing land since they can stably use the site at a competitive price during the contract. SIMPLIFIED PROCEDURES OF URBAN DEVELOPMENT They can now flexibly and swiftly respond to demands for development in their respective cities. In DEREGULATION IN THE METROPOLITAN AREA addition, this will shorten the time required to make changes in urban development plans by more Construction or expansion of a factory is now possible in any size or industry even in the capital than a year, giving a boost to businesses’ development projects.
  • 17. THERE ARE FIVE KEY OBJECTIVES TO THE PROJECT THE FOUR MAJOR RIVERS 1. To secure abundant water resources RESTORATION PROJECT against potential water scarcity; 2. To implement a comprehensive flood control system; RIVERS FOR GREEN GROWTH 3. To improve water quality and restore The goals of the Four Major Rivers Restoration Project of South Korea are to restore the Han, the ecosystems that rely on and feed Nakdong, Geum and Yeongsan Rivers and to provide water security, flood control and ecosystem Han River: A River for Recreational Activities vitality. The project will also prevent natural disasters such as floods and droughts, protect the the river system; environment and promote historical and cultural tourism. The project will result in the creation of many new jobs, furthering economic growth that also broadens the horizon of Korea’s green 4. To create multi-use open spaces for growth initiative. people living in the many communities 069 along the major rivers and tributaries THE FOUR MAJOR RIVERS RESTORATION PROJECT The Four Major Rivers Restoration Project of of the project; and Korea is a comprehensive, pan- governmental project, representing the 5. To create conditions for further planning commitment of several Korean revitalization of these river systems governmental ministries to work together to Nakdong River: A Clean River restore the Han, Nakdong, Geum and under regional authorities.INVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 Yeongsan Rivers. Once completed, the project will provide water security, flood The Four Major Rivers Restoration Project will renew and revitalize 929 km of Koreas entire control and ecosystem vitality to national river system. Subsequent projects administered at the regional level will restore more than communities along these rivers as well as to 10,000 km of local streams and 39 riparian wetlands. their 14 tributaries. The project will be completed in three phases. The first phase, which the government considers to be central to its objectives, is the restoration of the four major rivers. The second phase, crucial to establishing a secure, healthy river system, will restore the 14 tributaries that flow into the four rivers. Phase three of the project will revitalize the many small, local streams that serve as the sources of Koreas larger river system. OFFICE OF NATIONAL RIVER RESTORATION MINISTRY OF LAND, TRANSPORT AND HARITIME AFFAIRS 88, Gwanmun-Ro, Gwacheon-Si, Gyeonggi-Do, KOREA 427-712 Tel: +82. 2. 2110. 8945 Fax: +82. 2. 504. 1325 E-mail: www. Geum River: A River for Cultural Activities Yeongsan River: A Vibrant Haven for Wildlife and Tourists
  • 18. SECURING LIFE AND PROMOTING PUBLIC WELFARE RESTORING THE RIVER ECOSYSTEM The Four Major Rivers Restoration Project will address water-related problems such as recurring By 2012, through the expansion of sewage treatment facilities and the creation of new green-algae floods and droughts caused by climate change and improve the overall health of the nation’s river reduction facilities, mainstream water quality will improve to Level Two with a Biochemical Oxygen environment. Demand (BOD) of less than 3ppm. The ministry is also working to rehabilitate the riparian ecosystem by restoring the natural ecology of the region’s rivers, creating and restoring wetlands and relocating agricultural production. SECURING WATER RESOURCES : Securing 1.3 billion m3 of water will strengthen Koreas capacity to respond to future water shortages and drought caused by climate change. MANAGEMENT OF 34 HIGHLY POLLUTED BASINS The 34 basins are located in areas where Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Total Phosphorus (TP), and water pollution levels have been increasing for the last decade. The 34 basins will be Securing abundant water (800 divided into three hierarchies: top, medium and low priority. million m3) through the dredging of riverbeds and installation of An investment plan to increase environmental facilities for the 34 basins will be in place by 2012. 071 weirs (16 sites) THE FOUR MAJOR RIVERS RESTORATION PROJECT Expansion of water supply HIGHER DISCHARGE STANDARDS FOR ENVIRONMENTAL FACILITIES capacity through the installation of small dams (250 million m3) Currently classified into 3 middle zones according to level of water pollution and potable water, the standards for discharge will be revised for greater precision by 2012. Elevation of existing agriculturalINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 reservoir banks (96 sites, 250 The River Environmental Standard for COD and TP was established in 2009, and a policy for total million m3) amount of water pollution will be introduced by 2011. EXPANDING AND UPGRADING ENVIRONMENTAL FACILITIES IN THE 34 BASINS Waste-water treatment will increase 91% by 2012, by expanding the capacity of 750 sewage PREVENTING FLOOD DISASTERS : treatment facilities. A total of 9,830km in sewer overflows will be improved in the 34 basins. Flood disasters, that exceed the historical cycle of traditional 200-year periodic floods, are occurring 46 Industrial waste water treatment facilities will be launched at industrial and agricultural more frequently in Korea due to climate change. Preemptive measures, including the control of 200- complexes by 2012, and 104 chemical treatment systems will be constructed at existing and year periodic flooding, are being implemented as part of the project. The Korean government is newly launched facilities. creating floodplains that will contain water up to the levels of the 200-year periodic floods. The Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs has begun dredging sediment, strengthening old Restoration of riparian ecology and the development of a waterfront ecological diverse green belt: levees, and building small dams, thereby securing 920 million m3 in flood control capacity. Relocation of agricultural lands and the removal of vinyl farm structures in river basins will prevent the influx of insecticides and fertilizers into the rivers. Restoration of stream riparian ecology and the ecology of 39 wetland sites will enrich the overall quality and diversity of regional ecosystems. Damyang flood control and retention system Riverbank covered by Turf Reinforcement Mats, Geum River Riverbank covered by native grasses and willow trees, Geum River
  • 19. CREATING WATERSIDE CULTURE DRIVING LOCAL GROWTH Neglected lands along the rivers will be turned into a beautiful, revitalized waterfronts that provide The Four Major Rivers Restoration Project will synthesize ecological character and quality, culture, increased access to the water and that enable people to engage in a diversity of cultural and tourism, and history to promote a locally based economy focusing on the enriched riparian recreational activities that enhance their daily lives. character of the region. The project will also serve as a stepping stone to activate Korea’s green growth economy. ESTABLISHING NEW PUBLIC SPACES FOR RECREATION ON WATERFRONTS RESTORATION OF TRIBUTARIES A national network of bicycle paths totaling 1,728km will connect major national highways and local highways, encouraging low-carbon, green transportation. Restoration of tributaries will be comprehensive, taking into account such factors as irrigation, water control, environment, culture, and tourism. Convenience facilities such as camping sites and rest areas will be constructed, along with spaces for leisure activities, including walking lanes, in-line skating tracks, and water-sport facilities. Flood control capacities will be reinforced on local streams in major urban areas to levels equivalent with the national rivers, typically with 200-year periodic floodplains. IMPROVING RIVER ACCESSIBILITY 073 RESTORING THE CULTURE OF THE FOUR RIVERS THE FOUR MAJOR RIVERS RESTORATION PROJECT Construction of roads will be avoided along riverbanks that pass through urban areas. Pedestrian and bicycle paths will connect public waterfronts to nearby urban areas. The expansion of public Riverside tourism will be promoted through connecting tourist routes, networking accommodation transportation will reduce the use of private vehicles. facilities, and encouraging commemorative local festivals that bring together local communities and international tourists in celebrating Korea’s rich historical culture. URBAN REVITALIZATION ALONG WATERFRONTSINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 Cultural connections between the rivers and the local communities will be strengthened by tourism Waterfronts will be transformed into mixed-use zoned residential and commercial areas. that contributes to local cultural values, traditions and events. Waterfronts will function not only as places for recreation and leisure, but also as sites for locally DEVELOPMENT OF RESERVOIR WATERFRONTS based development partnerships between the private and public sector. Rhombic dams at the upper valley portions of reservoirs will offer spaces for parks and the DIVERSIFYING AND PRESERVING WATERFRONT CHARACTER recreational use of forests. Riverbanks will be diverse in design and function to ensure the reliability of irrigation and water Reservoir shorelines will offer space for control systems and to carefully consider existing land use. recreational and educational experiences such as horseback riding classes, fishing The natural environment, such as forests and grasslands, must be preserved near rivers. Scenic tours, leisure and entertainment facilities, lookouts, exercise areas and rest areas will be constructed to contain human activity while and locally-owned restaurants. Canoeing in the Geum River A field of reeds in the Geum River encouraging interaction with nature. PROMOTING GREEN-GROWTH INDUSTRIES THROUGH THE FOUR RIVERS CREATING ATTRACTIVE WATERFRONT SPACE Cutting-edge technology Hampyeong Waterfront Wetland Park in the Yeongsan River Building architecture and urban such as clean IT (Information skylines will emphasize visual Technology) censors and openness and ensure the gradual underwater robots with solar transition of city form and and micro-hydro power topography to the river’s edge. plants will assist in managing river environments and Specific design themes that are intervening in disasters. based on local specifications will take into consideration existing A Four Rivers Digital Tourism site conditions, including natural System will be developed. Seungchon weir in the Yeongsan River scenery, history and culture.
  • 20. Ministry of 2020 National Employment Strategy On October 12, 2010, the Ministry of Employment and Labor (MOEL) announced the 2020 Employment and Labor National Employment Strategy (NES) which consists of the following four major strategies. Specifically, the NES aims to achieve employment rate of 70% (or the average figure in advanced countries) by year 2020 through a positive loop between growth and employment. A Message from the Minister [Working age(15~64)] [Women(aged 15~64)] [Youth*(aged 15~9)] [Elderly(aged 55~64)] 63.0% 70.0% 45.0% 64.0% Europe and Korea are getting closer. Commercial 62.0% trades, investments and people-to-people exchanges 42.0% 64.0% have been growing steadily. 54.0% 62.9% 52.2% 40.5% 60.4% With the Korea-EU FTA taking effect in this coming July, the two regions will be further integrated in the realm of economy, spurring new investments and freer flow of 2009 2012 2020 2009 2012 2020 2009 2012 2020 2009 2012 2020 goods, services and people. Some credit, in my 075 <NES’s Target Employment Rate by Group> personal view, should be given to continued efforts to MINISTRY OF EMPLOYMENT AND LABOR make Korea a truly advanced country for the progress. Yet, more efforts across the board are needed to take Strategy 1. Employment-oriented economic and industrial policies full advantage of this priceless chance and bring about (Growth to Employment) mutual prosperity to Europe and Korea. There shall be The government will weigh on impacts on no exception in these noble endeavors on the part of employment when establishing policy goals andINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 the governments, enterprises, workers, and civil making policy assessments. societies. And the Ministry of Employment and Labor of For example, heads of local governments will be more encouraged to announce their job-creation Korea is determined to be at the forefront to take the target and the follow-up policy measures to their lead without any reservation. constituencies. Enterprises, making substantial In July 2010, The Ministry of Labor was renamed the Ministry of Employment and Labor, which contributions to job creation, shall be duly demonstrates our firm commitment to create more jobs. In addition, ‘job creation’ was officially put rewarded and recognized. The governments at the heart of all national agenda with subsequent policies such as ‘The 2020 National budget allocation shall be based on employment Employment Strategy’ and the first-round ‘My Work Project for the Youth’ in place. Going forward, impact assessments of each concerned policy. <Best Job-Creation Awards to Top 100 Enterprises> all-out efforts will be made to create sustainable decent jobs. In 2011, as a pathway to build a ‘fair and inclusive society through work,’ the Ministry will create enabling environments that assist more Strategy 2. Fair and dynamic workplace (Employment to Welfare) people to land on jobs. Regulations shall be overhauled to foster diverse forms of employment and to build safer and more comfortable workplace. In the meantime, vocational training will better Efforts such as fact-finding surveys and guidelines publication will be carried out to establish fairer mirror the actual needs of the industry with a view to minimizing any mismatch between skills and labor market practices concerning the subcontracted workers. Policies for flexible working hours shall be established including supports to part-time jobs. tasks at work. Employment regulations will be overhauled as well. Examples include adjusting the scope of Industrial relations in Korea have been substantially stabilized. For instance, the nation’s total lost industries allowed for workforce-supply from temporary help agencies. work days from labor disputes stayed below the OECD average for the first time in 2010 after years of continued decline. In the meantime, two major policies concerning trade unions were Strategy 3. Support for the vulnerable and skills development introduced in 2010: the Paid Time-Off System and the permission of multiple unions in a single (Employment to Growth) workplace. The Ministry will take all necessary measures for soft-landing of theses policies, as an advanced and mature relation between labor and management is integral to job creation and The Ministry will expand customized policy measures for the vulnerable group including women and employment security. the elderly with a view to enhancing their employability as well as encouraging capacity-building. I sincerely hope that Europe and Korea make reliable partners for each other in the years to come. The Korean government, labor, and management will join our hands to make Korea an attractive Strategy 4. Work-conducive social safety net (Welfare to destination as a market, a production base, a R&D center, and a communication hub to our Employment & Growth) prospective partners. The Ministry will reform the Basic Livelihood Support Program in such a way that those entitled to the Program’s benefits can stand on their own feet by providing them with matching employment support The Minister of Employment and Labor services. BAHK, Jaewan
  • 21. My Work Project for Youth Win-Win Cooperation Between Labor and Management On October 14, 2010, the Ministry announced the first-round My Work Project for Youth,’ of Industrial relation in Korea thus far has been which the essence is to create more than 70,000 jobs for youth in the next 2 years. The Project associated with negative images such as militant includes plans to expand basic public services and the subsequent job creation for the youth in the labor unions with unsettled labor disputes for a relevant private sector. Also the Project primarily aims at smooth transition from school to work. prolonged period. In this regard, the Ministry encourages mutually- benefitting labor management relations to take firm root in the market while carrying out institutional Task 1. Creating 70,000 new jobs for youth by 2012, with public reform such as amending the Trade Union and sector taking the lead <Best Practice of Advanced Industrial Relations> Labor Relations Adjustment Act(TULRAA). More youth will be hired in public institutions and state-run organizations that have high potential Consistent policy measures will ensure harmonious labor- management relations under the Korean of creating added-value such as pioneering new law and regulations. In principal, autonomous industrial relations are respected and welcomed. market and new technology in energy and resource development among others. About 4,000 young social entrepreneurs will be Yet, unfair labor practices shall be clearly defined and duly punished under the law. Meantime, 077 fostered. Meantime, the Ministry will support indirect supports will be expanded such as Workplace Innovation Program and Best Model MINISTRY OF EMPLOYMENT AND LABOR creative attempts of the youth with new subsidies Awards for companies with advanced labor and management relations. for start-ups. In fact, indices of industrial relations such as the number of labor disputes, number of joint The scope of youth internship program shall be statements by labor and management, and lost work days point to improving industrial relations for expanded from SMEs to include mid-size three consecutive years. enterprises. Also, internship programs forINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 starting a new business or creating a new occupation will raise their quota. And ultimately, <Street Performance by Social Enterprises > the Ministry plans to make more than 37,000 youth interns to engage in regular employment relations by 2012. Task 2. Supporting youth employment in the private sector The Ministry will support constructive partnerships between large companies and SMEs so that they can jointly find and foster <Industrial Relations Trends> young talents through such events as Joint Job Fairs. In 2010, although major amendments were made to the TULRAA including the Paid Time-Off “Youth Employment Promotion Committee” invites both the private and public sector to System, the lost work days per 1,000 employees in Korea stayed below the OECD average in identify and recognize best practices; to assess 2010, which represents more advanced industrial relations taking root in Korea. the actual performance of job-creation-for -youth The Ministry is lending more supports to make labor and management to recognize a renewed programs; and to identify future tasks for further partnership in this new era, and to engage them in much stronger social responsibilities beyond improvements. their work relations. <A Scene from Job Fairs> Korean Model of Social Responsibilities by Labor Task 3. Strengthening school-to-work links and Management was developed with focuses on basic labor rights protection, job creation and The Restructuring universities will address the oversupply of youth with tertiary education. Meantime, model will annually grant awards to socially new assessment criteria on universities ranking and standardized guidelines for disclosing school responsible enterprises. leavers’ employment information will make universities more responsible for the employment of their graduates. Youth Employment Academy will be open to job-seeking youth including college students and youth When formulating new policies, the Ministry will be with college degrees. A separate set of employment support program will be offered to high-school always reminded that sound industrial relation as graduates as a part of a more effective vocational training. well as social responsibility of labor and <Best Practice of Advanced Industrial Relations> management underpin job creation.
  • 22. Paid Time-Off System Supporting Labor Management of Foreign Invested In Korea, there has been a widespread practice of employers bearing the payment responsibility to Companies in Korea full-time union officials, which finally will come to an end with the latest amendment to the ‘Trade Foreign Invested Companies (FICs) now Union and Labor Relations Adjustment Act’(TULRAA) on January 1, 2010. constitute an important pillar of our economy, The new System primarily bans payment to full time union officials1) by employers, unless otherwise with over 18,000 registered entities as of today. stated under the TURLAA and other laws, which specify list of activities2) subject to paid time-off by This is why the Ministry holds annual Labor the full time unionists within the prescribed maximum time-off cap. Management Conference exclusively for FICs. The System came into effect on July 1, 2010, and has soft-landed thereupon. To that end, all-out The Conference delivers the Minister’s brief efforts have been made on the part of the government in cooperation with labor and management. overview on Korea’s employment and labor For example, numerous rounds of briefing sessions were held; leaflets and manuals were policies in his/her own voice, making it a venue distributed; and educational programs were developed and provided to local labor inspectors just of better communication and understanding for to name a few. FICs. <Labor Management Conference for FICs> In addition, various forums on industrial 079 MINISTRY OF EMPLOYMENT AND LABOR relations for working level officials have been institutionalized with sessions of Q&As, suggestions, and detailed explanation on employment & labor policies. For example, a Working Level Conference was held in March 2010 for Seoul Japan ClubINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 members. In September 2010, Industrial Relations Forum was held for companies from the US and EU to answer their queries on the Paid Time-off System and Labor Standards Act <Forum on Industrial Relations for Working Level Officials of FICs> of Korea. The Ministry have published and distributed various books, leaflets and other promotional <Implementation of the system> and informative materials (i.e., ‘Labor Management Manual for Foreign Investors,’ and ‘Guidelines for the Paid-Time Off System.’) in close cooperation with the Korea Multiple Unions In A Single Workplace International Labour Foundation(KOILAF). The latest revision to the TULRAA on January 1, 2010, fully recognizes workers rights to establish In addition, ‘Korea Labor Review,’ the Koilaf’s and join multiple unions in a single workplace which was not allowed hitherto. biweekly English magazine, now reaches out to When the Act becoming effective from the first day of July 2011, multiple unions in a single FICs, FIC Association in Korea, and foreign workplace shall select a representative bargaining union for the purpose of collective bargaining embassies in Korea via email and other on-line with the employer. channels like PCRM. The Ministry will ensure soft-landing of the new policy with active supports. For instance, it will make sure that relevant organizations and bodies including the regional council of labor, * Please visit The ministry of Employment and management, government and civil society be informed of the key information and well-prepared Labor(, Koilaf( to for the policy implementation. Policy guidelines are already distributed to workplace, labor unions find more about Koreas employment and labor policies and and other stakeholder. the market trends. 1) Full time union officials are those who engage only in union activities. 2) Such list of activities includes a) consulting and/or bargaining with the employer; grievance handling; and activities concerning occupational safety, and b) maintaining and/or administrating a trade union for a sound industrial relation including but not limited to attending general assemblies and union election voting. <Labor Management Manual for Foreign Investors>
  • 23. MIFAFF Ministry for Food, Agriculture, The land of opportunity, FOODPOLIS Forestry and Fisheries FOODPOLIS is an R&D- based food cluster, proactively constructed by the Korean government for the mass food market of Northeast Asia. With the strong support of the government and municipalities, high levels of technology, and geared towards ensuring food safety, this cluster will require a large amount of land, 2,390,000m2, and will cost nearly 550 billion KRW. FOODPOLIS This government is focused on creating “stable and prosperous rural and fishing village” and will grow fast as the hub of the Northeast Asian food market based on its distribution infrastructure, making “healthy and happy people” by making food, agriculture, forestry and fishing industry and with connections to harbors, railroads and airports. rural and fishing village conducive to the prosperous co-existence of farmers and fishermen and the people. Developing 2,390,000m2 for Food- specialized National Industrial Complex / Additional development of residential and commercial sites by local governments People’s trust is a fundamental asset of administration in food, agriculture, forestry and fishery sector. Organizations under the Ministry will work together and stay attuned to the voices of the Creation of a green, energy-efficient, people working in the field in the spirit of “consideration” and “warmth”, so as to garner the and R&D-oriented complex from a support and trust from people. manufacturing-oriented emphasis 081 In all processes ranging from policy establishment to policy execution, the Ministry will endeavor to Optimized water supply & treatment MINISTRY FOR FOOD, AGRICULTURE, FORESTRY AND FISHERIES identify the obstacles from the perspective of people and engage with a broad range of facilities as required by food participants of farmers, fishermen, experts and consumers in seeking out an alternative solution companies and addressing the problems. Inexpensive furnishing of land Ministry introduces main policies, activities and communicates with people with a view to devisingINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 better polices in the future. Based upon unimpeded flow of information and heartfelt communication, the Ministry will try to bring itself one step closer to all of you. The Korean government has been developing FOODPOLIS, a core infrastructure of our national food industry. We are going to build an optimal business environment in Iksan, Jeonbuk, the breadbasket of our nation. Transportation is convenient in all directions to help food manufacturers create a new value-added market. FOODPOLIS is being developed as an export-oriented cluster through which products will be exported to Northeast Asian countries including China and Japan. In cooperation with national food industry complexes and government-led agricultural and food R&D institutes, we plan to raise food processing technology to a world-class level. Our products will be exported to adjacent Northeast Asian market through the Saemangeum Port.
  • 24. FOODPOLIS provides integrated support for food development with R&D Support Center Within Foodpolis R&D Service FOODPOLIS is an R&D-centered cluster which Food & safety Food functionality Food packaging prioritizes novel food discovery studies rather than the support center evaluation center & support center marketing or distribution of existing food. First of all, Food safety assurance and Conduct functionality asses- Consulting service on food government research organizations will move to an quality control related tech- sment on food and food mat- packaging, tests on food nologies businesses need, erials, clinical tests and packaging, research on area near the cluster and reinforce cooperation with create safety standard for standardization of functio- design & planning for enviro- R&D organizations overseas. Meanwhile, an R&D hub new or potential hazardous nality assessment for food, nment-friendly packaging, will be established by setting up R&D support materials in food products, consulting service on develo- pilot plant for prototype centers. Through this, a strong research and develop application techno- pment og high-performance, production of food packaging development foothold will be prepared and this will lo-gies for HACCP and carr- functional food with accum- ying out various tests ulated knowledge and tech- provide integrated business support to develop competitive food production with food enterprises. nologies With the agglomeration of R&D organizations and integrated business support systems, the cluster Size: 2.500m2 Size: 2.500m2 Size: 3.300m2 hub, which performs its role as a pivotal figure of a nationwide food cluster, will be established by Staff: 38 Staff: 38 Staff: 10 083 linking small clusters in the region. Location: Foodpolis Location: Foodpolis Location: Foodpolis Foundation: 2015 Foundation: 2015 Foundation: 2015 MINISTRY FOR FOOD, AGRICULTURE, FORESTRY AND FISHERIES Collaboration with Innovation City which government-run R&D institutes for agriculture and food industries will be relocated to Transportation Infrastructure: Major Transportation Point in Korea 4 HighwaysINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 West Coast, Honam, Iksan-Pohang, Iksan-Kwangyang Seoul(140 minutes), Incheon(150 minutes), Busan(210minutes) Korea Train Express(KTX) Crisscross of KTX in 2010 Seoul(68 minutes), Daedeok(30 minutes) Airports Gunsan Airport(60 minutes), Gwangju Airport(90 minutes), Cheongju International Airport(90 minutes), Muan International Airport(120 minutes), Kimpo Airport(160 minutes), Incheon International Airport(180 minutes) Harbor Gunsan Port(60 minutes), Pyoengtaek Port(120 minutes), Gwangyang Port(150 minutes), Busan Port(210 minutes) Export environment Ports and airports are located within a one-hour flight or voyage by sea, including those in Japan, China and Russia
  • 25. Invest in FOODPOLIS Investment companies are supported by grants from Korea Within 5% of investment amount, to 10 billion KRW Offering employment subsidy and education training subsidy Federal and local tax exemption or reduction Land lease for free for 50 years Assignment of a manager working exclusively for each foreign investor 085 MINISTRY FOR FOOD, AGRICULTURE, FORESTRY AND FISHERIESINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011
  • 26. MCST Ministry of Culture, Focus on supporting Korean Industries to enter the global market Sports and Tourism Multilingual Service “U-Seoul” Seoul’s “U-Seoul” service offers useful information along with fun experiences in designated booths in The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism promotes and develops various projects reaching the Cheonggyecheon, Insadong and Seoul Forest. Initially diverse areas of culture, art, tourism, sports, leisure, religion, and the press in order to enhance the launched in 2008, the U-Seoul Experience Zone now quality of life and to open up the new millennium era with the power of art and culture. In this runs 365 days a year, serving as a convenient information culture-oriented 21st century, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism promises you to fulfill our center for Seoul residents, as well as foreign visitors. duties as the sources of information for the people by providing cultural information and listening to The each booth location offers a variety of different the voices of the people. functions, both practical and entertaining. For instance, visitors are invited to create their own video clips, or pose We encourage you to further explore our resources and services. We appreciate your concern and for the booth’s camera and send the pictures directly to their email. U-Seoul’s media boards have interest for the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. been installed at core tourist sites to provide essential information for travelers in English, Japanese and Chinese, including cultural events, tourism, food and transportation. Moreover, at Seoul 087 Vision Forest’s U-Health Park Center, visitors can undergo a basic health check including blood pressure MINISTRY OF CULTURE, SPORTS AND TOURISM and physical strength tests. Currently, all three U-Seoul zones are free WiFi hotspots. “Concept Korea 2011” to Global MarketINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 Korea is being given an opportunity to show off its latest fashion trends during New York Fashion Week. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism announced that it is hosting the “Concept Korea 2011” fashion products fair this February with the Daegu Metropolitan Government and the Korea Creative Content Agency as part of Fashion Week events. Korean designer will participate in the show under the theme “Cultural Treasures,” highlighting the color indigo, which has strong associations with Korean tradition. As a part of the event, a showroom of Korean clothing brands will be open to local buyers in the Meatpacking District from Feb. 14 to 23. Buyers will be invited to meet with the designers in person to negotiate deals for the 200 products displayed in the unique, modern space. True Colors of Korean Culture by KOCIS blogs A new English blog has just opened for everyone interested in Korean culture and tourism. The Korean Culture and Information Service (KOCIS) under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism recently opened an English blog about Korean culture called “THE KOREA BLOG” to show a new, fresh side of Korea to the world. Unlike other blogs run by governmental organizations, this blog is designed to show Korea’s true colors by introducing hidden tourism attractions around the country, along with delicious Korean food and great places to dine, the best spots for fashion finds, the Korean wave and even card games like “go- stop.” To mark the opening of the blog, KOCIS is recruiting a group of 50 bloggers to join in and contribute to THE KOREA BLOG. KOCIS will select both overseas Koreans and non-Koreans in Korea and around the world, who will write about various cultural events and functions run by Korean culture-related organizations and Korea- related events overseas. Selected blog posts will be featured on THE KOREA BLOG.
  • 27. KOCCA Korea Creative Content Agency Games, and Support for the Promotion of Games, Operation of GITISS and Further Promotion of Excellent Game Contents History Cartoon Industry Support for Specially Planned Cartoons & Comics, Publication in Book Form to Serialization in Magazines and Launching of New Magazines, Publication of Popular Webtoons in Book Form & Commercialization and Production of Regional Culture and Contents Based-Cartoons and Comics Character Industry Support for Development of Strategic Products with Application of Domestic Characters, Production & PR of Relevant Contents Including Flash Animation of Works Selected for the 089 Development of New Characters KOREA CREATIVE CONTENT AGENCY Animation industry Support for Development of Global Animation Project, Theater for Works Resulting from Industry- Academic Cooperation and Production of TV Animation SeriesINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 Music Industry Hosting of “Hello Rookie Award” Event Designed to Find Best New Albums & Indie Musicians, Operation of KOCCA Music Archives Support for Exports and International Exchange Overseas Marketing and International Exchange Setting-up Korea Pavilions at Foreign Exhibitions, Market Exploration, Reproduction in Local Languages & Adjusting to Local Formats, Hosting of Export Plaza, Overseas Showcasesand Korea, China and Japan Cultural industry Forum and Overseas Promotion of Global Service Platform (GSP) & Domestic Games Opening of Trade Fair and Support for Distribution Broadcast Worldwide (BCWW), G-star, e-Learning Expo Korea, Seoul Character & Licensing Fair and International Creative Main Business Content Fair Support of Content Production and Promotion of Creativity Prize Giving to Contributors to Overseas Market Entry Broadcasting & Visual Content industry Selection and Awarding to Those who have Contributed to the Production of Broadcasting & Visual Contents such as HD Dramas, Documentaries, and TV Development and Enhanced Status of the Korean Content Movies, Development of Formats for Broadcasting Programs, Co-production with Foreign Industry Broadcasting Networks and Management of Contents Scenario Competitions & Creation Clubs Investment & Financial Support Game Industry Operation of Completion Bond for Contents, Financial Operation of Global Game Hub Center, Support for Development of Game Contents & Solutions, Support for Loan for Broadcasting Promotional Hosting of Symposiums, Contests for the Disabled and Support for President’s Cup National Fund, and Management ofInvestment Syndicate Amateur e-Sports Contest, Improvement of Perceptions on Games, Creation of Sound Culture for Dedicated to Games
  • 28. Development and Promotion of Culture Technology(CT) & Future Organization Convergence Content Planning of Market Oriented R&D Prediction of Technology & Research on Technology Levels through Connection of Supply- Demand and Technology-Market from the Stages of Planning and Discovery & Planning of Tasks based on Technology Roadmap & Market Demands Development and Promotion of Culture Technology (CT) Development of Advanced Technology for Convergence Contents Necessary for Production and Service Providing of High Quality Contents (publicsubscription for both designated/undesignated areas) Development of Technology for Global Projects Hosting of CT Festivals, Technology Transfer and Commercialization Development of Convergence Contents 091 Development of Contents Resulting from Convergence between Industries such as Virtual KOREA CREATIVE CONTENT AGENCY Realities, Broadcasting, Computer Graphics, Medical, Education and Defense Promotion of Contents Related to Mobile and Gadgets Promotion of Contents for Mobile Web and Open Type Mobile Platform and Development of New Business Model which Connects Contents, Gadgets and SolutionsINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 Infrastructure Building for the Content Industry Specialized Education Service & Employment Operation of On & Offline Content Academy, Comprehensive Human Resources Information System and SME Youth Internship, Hosting of Broadcasting & Entertainment Job Fair, Support for Location Academic - Industrial Cooperation & Global Education and National Technical Qualification Testing on Games Improvement of Distribution Environment Establishment of UCI (Universal Content Identifier), Activation of Digital Content Transaction & Quality Certification System, Discovery & Awarding of Local Promising Digital Contents, Encouragement of Industrial Application of Contents Owned by Public Organizations and - Address : Korea Creative Content Facilitation of Distribution of Domestic Animations Agency, 250-15 Sangam-dong road(1602 Sangam-dong), Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea Infrastructure Support (Postal code : 121-270) Operation of Content Production Center (DMS, Broadcasting Institute), Strengthening of - Phone : 82-2-3153-1114 Infrastructure for Production of Independent Production Companies and Setting-up of Theme Pavilion for Domestic Characters - Fax : 82-2-3153-1115 Policy Development and Survey & Research Conducting Survey and Research Ranging from Industrial Analysis to Improvement of Overseas Offices Legal Systems and Mid-long Term Strategies KOCCA USA (LA) : 1-323-935-2070 Providing of Index for Establishmentof Policy & Strategy through Providing Industrial Statistics, KOCCA China (Beijing) : 86-10-6501-9971 Analysis, and Predictions of the Content Industry, Publication of White Paper on Cartoons & Comics/Animation/Character/Music Industry/Broadcasting Industry/Game and Policy Support for KOCCA Japan (Tokyo) : 81-3-3513-4870 Improvement of Legal System in Relation to the Content Industry KOCCA Europe (London) : 44-20-7016-3333
  • 29. MOJ Reinforcement of Legal Support to Invigorate Corporate Activities Ministry of Justice 1. Simplifying Establishment Process One of the most common complaints from the foreign business community is the fact that there are too many rules and regulations that prohibits starting businesses, which is not suitable for The vision of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Korea’s economic strength. According to a recent study surveying 77 CEOs of foreign companies in Korea by the Institute of Global Management, about 44% of the respondents pointed out that Korea is establishing law and order and creating a safe “ease of business-related regulations” is a top priority. In order to address the difficulties of starting society free from crime. business in Korea, the Ministry took steps to reduce cost and to streamline procedures required to set up a firm by revising the commercial code. The amendment includes the annulment of The vision of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Korea is establishing law and order, and minimum capital requirement, the exemption from obligations that ask to notarize articles of creating a safe society free from crime. association and meeting minutes for small-sized companies, and also the exemption from obligatory appointment of an auditor in small-sized companies. The Ministry is responsible for enacting and amending laws including the civil and commercial As a result of the Ministry’s robust efforts, this year, the World Bank ranked Korea 53rd out of 183 codes related to business activities. Its responsibilities also include maintenance of law and countries for “starting a business”, which is an 80-tier increase from the previous year. 093 institution, and the opening of legal services market. MINISTRY OF JUSTICE In particular, the Ministry directs and supervises the Public Prosecutors’ Offices, in charge of 2. Providing Low-Cost and Speedy Litigation and Executions personnel management of prosecutorial officials. The Ministry has made efforts to minimize dispute The Ministry is also responsible for accommodation, treatment and parole of criminals as well as settlement costs which is a major concern to the business probation services, such as keeping track of offenders through electronic ankle bracelets and community. While the OECD average duration of enforcing a enforcing community service orders. contract is 462.4 days and the average cost is 19.2% ofINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 Moreover, it develops and implements human rights policies, and provides support for victims of claim value, the average duration of enforcing a contract in Korea is 230 days and the average cost is 10.3% of claim crime. Lastly, it deals with immigration and residency issues such as visa issuance and value. This demonstrates how fast and affordable it really is immigration inspection. to settle disputes in Korea. According to World Banks Ease of Doing Business Rankings 2010, Korea ranked 5th in “Enforcing a Contract”, which proves the great efficiency of the Korean dispute settlement system. 3. Digitizing Business Management The Ministry of Justice introduced an electronic shareholders’ meeting system by revising the Commercial Code to digitalize business management in Apr. 2009. The new system has been put to use in the shareholders’ meetings, starting from the second half of 2010. Korea has touted itself as an IT powerhouse, and in particular, it leads the world in high-speed Internet penetration and PC distribution. The new system which incorporates Korea’s IT prowess into business administration to simplify shareholders’ meeting procedures, enables shareholders to cast a vote online which eliminates the need to attend the shareholders’ meeting in person, and to send electronic documents such as proposal, notice of convocation via e-mail. 4. Introducing Electronic Document System The Act on the Use of Electronic Documents in the Civil Proceedings, etc. enacted in April 2010 enabled the litigant parties to submit and receive complaints and documentary evidence online. Also, case file tracking is available on the Internet. These measures reduced cost, shortened the length of proceedings and made proceedings fairer and more transparent. They will be enacted, starting from patent proceedings in 2010, civil proceedings in 2011, and administrative proceedings in 2012. Foreign investors are likely to have a keen interest in what our laws state and how the laws and rules are applied in reality. However, due to the lack of information on Korea’s judicial system as well as language barriers, foreign investors have had trouble accessing and understanding general information of Korea’s legal system.
  • 30. 5. Making Legal Information More Accessible Law Enforcement Consistent with Laws and Principles Since May 2009, the Ministry has published 34 major Korean laws such as civil and commercial 1. Rigorously Dealing with Illegal Strikes laws and litigation laws for foreign investors in English on its web site, and regularly updated them upon amendment. As the Ministry is providing this service free of charge, foreigners can visit the One of the biggest concerns that the foreign business community has is the rule of law in the realm Ministry’s web site at to view such legal information. of labor relations. Labor unrest must no longer be an obstacle to foreign investment. The Ministry Furthermore, in July 2010, the Ministry launched a quarterly English legal magazine titled “Recent sticks to a so-called zero-tolerance principle, whereby illegal, violent strikes and political strikes that Trends of Law & Regulation in Korea”. This is the first ever English legal magazine published by the have nothing to do with working conditions are no longer tolerated. In particular, the Ministry government. The magazine contains information on reasons and details of enactment and imposes both civil and criminal punishment for amendment of Acts related to business and investment, as well as case laws of the Supreme public damages incurred by illegal strikes. As Court and the Constitutional Court on such Acts. It such, we are striving to stop the vicious cycle also provides detailed information on of illegal actions and to strengthen rule of law intellectual property rights in labor relations. The Ministry will continuously protection efforts and key policies do its utmost effort to protect foreign for foreigners that the Ministry of businesses from illegal strikes in Korea. Justice has pursued. The Ministry 095 plans to publish this magazine MINISTRY OF JUSTICE quarterly so you can download it from 2. Establishing Sound Labor Relations the Ministrys web site. If you wish to In order to ensure legitimate union activities and prohibit users from paying wages to full-time union subscribe, please call 02-2110-3661. officials, the Korean government has implemented a so-called “Time Off” system since July 1st The Ministry will send you the magazine 2010. In the past, although the labor union had to pay wages to full-time union officials, employers for free. We encourage any interested bore the cost. To improve this situation, the Trade Union and Labor Relations Adjustment Act wasINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 party to use this service. amended on January 1st 2010, based on a tripartite agreement established among laborers, managers and the government so that employers are prohibited from paying wages to full-time union officials. Time-off Deliberation Committee Employees given work Parties to Labor / Management Labor Union Ministry of Employment & Labor exemption hours Opening the Legal Market through FTA Negotiation Deliberation & notice of Decision on Time-off limit Prior notice of Time-off hours and Performing Time-off work Time-off limit list of those given work Approval of Time-off for each exemption hours case Annual or fixed term basis 1. Current Status of FTA Negotiations Time Off Limit Use Process As for the opening of the Korean legal services market through FTA negotiations, openness and integration are a common global trend. Korea has been very active in concluding FTAs. At present, five FTAs are in effect, FTA negotiations with two countries have been concluded, and eight FTAs are under negotiation. Protecting Corporate Intellectual Property Rights 2. Phase-in Additional Opening of Legal Market 1. Increased IP Enforcement Staged improvements that are agreed upon in the Agreements, such as the KORUS FTA and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Protection is Korea-EU FTA are: First, immediately after the enforcement of Agreements, Korea will allow foreign also an area of foreign investors’ particular attorneys to provide legal advisory services concerning foreign law in Korea. Second, no later than interest. In a knowledge-based economy, two years after the date on which the Agreements are enforced, Korea will allow foreign legal raising the IPR protection standards to a level consultant offices to enter into specific cooperative that meets global standards is necessary as agreements with Korean law firms. Third, no later than knowledge is an important asset that five years after the date on which the Agreements are determines value of goods and services, and it enforced, Korea will allow foreign law firms to is a means of production. In particular, the establish joint venture with Korean law firms and to Ministry has conducted an intensive employ Korea-licensed lawyers as partners or crackdown on IP criminals led by the “IPR associates. Among all of the FTAs Korea has signed Prosecutor Department” in 26 Public so far, Korea has provided the third stage of Prosecutors’ Offices across the country. IP openness only to the EU and the US. infringement has moved from off-line to online,
  • 31. and the sales of counterfeit or pirated goods over the Internet is growing in scale. 2. Express Immigration Inspection Lanes in Airport To prevent online piracy, the Ministry is combating against hard disk companies and online shopping malls which are prominent distribution channels for illegal goods by constraining the The Ministry offers faster and more efficient travel for business supply chain and identifying and tracing the source of piracy. people by creating fast track entry and exit lanes at airports. Under the scheme, the Ministry allows foreign investors, 2. Raising Awareness in IPR Protection financial investors and executives and employees of foreign chambers of commerce in Korea to use the entry and exit lanes The Ministry has launched a campaign called which were previously used only by diplomats at the airport, so “Let’s Clean Up” to protect copyright in that they benefit from faster immigration processing upon arrival. Currently, four unmanned partnership with seven Internet portal sites in immigration checkpoints are available at the Incheon International Airport, and several more at the Korea since January 2009. Gimhae, Gimpo and other airports. According to statistics, a total of 116,902 foreigners have used Through the campaign, the Ministry educates the the lanes as of June 2010. Since August 25 2010, the Ministry has allowed foreign nationals to use public on what copyright is and why it must be the auto-gates which had previously been available only to Korean people aged over 17. Under protected and introduces copyright infringements this new measure, a total of 20 auto-gates have been installed at the Incheon International Airport. that people can unknowingly commit as well as its Foreigners who have resided in Korea for more than three years after receiving permanent resident prevention measures. In addition, the Ministry has status, or have resided for more than a year after investing more than two million dollars in Korea 097 launched an IPR promotion campaign via new will benefit from unmanned immigrations inspection. MINISTRY OF JUSTICE media such as smart phones, so that the general public can naturally recognize the importance of copyright protection. The Ministry has provided 3. Improving Nationality System to Attract Foreign Talents free “info-tainment” application “Play with Law” containing an IPR quiz for smart phone users since A revised Nationality Act will go into effect in January 2011. April 2010, in order to raise public awareness in copyright protection. This free application has Prior to the amendment, foreigners with Korean nationality were been so well-received by the public that it ranked second among free applications, and first in the required to abandon their own nationality within six months of “lifestyle” category, as measured by download counts in just three days since its commencementINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 obtaining Korean nationality. Thus, even long-term foreign of service. residents were reluctant to acquire Korean nationality. However, under the revised law, citizens with multiple citizenships are permitted to hold de facto multiple citizenships if they take an oath not to exercise rights of foreign nationality. By legalizing multiple Streamlining Immigration Procedures to Attract Foreign Talents citizenships for foreigners, the Ministry removed a major obstacle that has blocked foreign talents from acquiring Korean citizenship. In addition, it relaxed naturalization requirements by removing 1. Simplifying Visa Process for Foreign Investors the five-year residency requirement for foreign professionals. In February 2010, the Ministry took a step in simplifying invitation procedures for long-term residents in order to minimize inconveniences when employing foreign professionals. In the past, foreigners had to visit embassies in person to apply for visa, but in order to remove such Establishing Law and Order inconvenience, the Ministry introduced an online application for a certificate that confirms visa issuance through HuNet Korea, an Internet-based visa application system. This online application The G20 Seoul Summit has kicked off its countdown. Korea, as the chair country, is the focus of seeks to attract more foreign talents by simplifying the procedures- applicants can receive their visa worldwide attention for taking initiatives regarding the economic growth of developing nations immediately after being granted visa nomination numbers. This measure reduces the time it takes including the Global Financial Safety Net, and the issue of development which has never been to issue a visa to three days by eliminating the obligation of corporate-related documents discussed at previous G20 summits. submission such as employment contracts. The observance of law and order is one of the most crucial factors that will determine the Moreover, since May 2010, the Ministry has streamlined the invitation process for short-term Summit’s success. It will help Korea notch up its national status in the international community. visitors such as foreign To this end, the Korean Ministry of Justice has made various efforts since it declared the year corporate buyers. It enabled 2010 as the starting year of advancement of law and order. It set up task force for law and order them to obtain C2 visas with advancement, and signed MOUs with as many as 16 metropolitan governments. The Ministry is just invitation letters issued by a also leading a movement to firmly establish law and order, in partnership with private company, which makes short organizations such as National Agricultural Cooperative Foundation, Korea Football Association, stays by business people a lot Korea Saemaul Undong Center, Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business, and The easier. With the short-term Society for a Better Tomorrow. business visa, foreigners can Meanwhile, having started movements on law and order, the Ministry has displayed such now stay in Korea for up to 90 capabilities in creating a “Law-Loving Supporters for a Successful G20 Summit” on Sep. 28, 2010. days regardless of their travel Immediately after its establishment, the Supporters launched extensive law and order campaigns schedule. and volunteer work.
  • 32. North Korean nuclear problem, the most serious threat to peace on the Korean peninsula. To Ministry of Unification resolve this problem, the government has proposed the Vision 3000 initiative. Under the initiative, the ROK government, together with the international community, will offer assistance to the North with the aim of raising its per capita income to US$3,000 within ten years, if North Korea decides to abandon its nuclear program. Nevertheless, North Korea continues to develop nuclear weapons “Get Inter-Korean Relations Back on the Right and make military provocations against South Korea and the rest of the international community. Track and Prepare for National Unification Based Under such circumstances, the MOU has set the following three policy goals for 2011: on a Public Consensus” To induce positive changes in North Korea To get inter-Korean relations back on the right track To prepare for national unification based on a public consensus Basic Principles 099 About the Ministry of Unification MINISTRY OF UNIFICATION In 2011, the MOU will continue to emphasize the importance of holding on to the following The Ministry of Unification (MOU) was established as a government body responsible for handling principles in promoting inter-Korean relations. relations between South and North Korea, reflecting the unique reality on the Korean peninsula which remains divided since the end of the Korean War. First, denuclearization of North Korea is the most important principle in the ROK government’s policy toward North Korea. North Korea’s nuclear program is a stumbling block not only in In the 1960s, public interest and discussions on unification issues sprang up in various sectors of advancing inter-Korean relations, but also in facilitating North Korea’s own national development.INVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 Korean society. The government felt the need to listen to such public opinions and set up a This makes resolving the nuclear problem our top priority. consistent unification policy under an institutional framework. Subsequently, the Ministry of Unification was established in 1969. Throughout the following decades, the MOU has expanded its Second, the ROK will pursue sincere dialogue and cooperation between the two Koreas based responsibilities and organization as public desire for peaceful unification grew stronger. on mutual respect. The ROK government will not tolerate any further provocation by North Korea. Instead of providing unilateral assistance to the North, the ROK government will explore Major Responsibilities inter-Korean relations based on the principle of reciprocity and mutual cooperation. The MOU collects public opinion, oversees and coordinates the Republic of Korea’s policy toward Third, the ROK government will advance inter-Korean relations based on humanitarianism and North Korea, and establishes and implements mid-term and long-term policies toward North universal human values and promote reunion of separated families, repatriation of Korean War Korea. It is responsible for establishing policies on dialogue, negotiations, exchanges and prisoners and post-war abduction victims, and improvement of human right situations in North cooperation between the two Koreas, as well as humanitarian assistance to North Korea. The Korea. MOU is also charged with the task of promoting public awareness on national unification and providing public education on North Korea and other unification-related issues. Eight Key Policy Tasks in 2011 Objectives of Our North Korea Policy 1. Inducing fundamental changes in North Korea The Republic of Korea pursues peaceful unification of the two Koreas so that all 74 million Koreans, both in the South and the North, will be able to enjoy freedom, human rights and happiness under We will strive to make North Korea choose the path of denuclearization and peace instead of a liberal democracy. To this end, the ROK government will strive to restore the homogeneity of the nuclear armament, opt for opening up instead of isolation, and put the welfare of its people Korean nation by establishing an inter-Korean community and make efforts to lay the institutional before the success of the “military-first” policy. foundations for national unification. We believe that an inter-Korean community can be built by first We will make active efforts to achieve irreversible denuclearization of North Korea. If inter-Korean securing peace on the Korean peninsula and, based on that, continuously expanding dialogue, dialogue resumes in the future, the ROK will try to direct the bilateral discussions to reach a exchanges and cooperation between the two Koreas. breakthrough in solving the nuclear problem. We hope that the two Koreas will discuss the “grand bargain” as a way to make such a breakthrough. The “grand bargain” is a In his Liberation Day speech on August 15, 2010, President Lee Myung-bak proposed unification comprehensive deal that would provide North Korea with a concrete security assurance and initiatives based on the creation of three inter-Korean communities: peace, economic and national. large-scale international assistance in return for the abandonment of core components in its In pursuing its North Korea policy, the Lee administration places a top priority on resolving the nuclear program.
  • 33. 2. Calling on the North Korean authorities for greater responsibility and 5. Reforming institutional framework for inter-Korean cooperation and sincerity exchanges First, we will maintain the measures against North Korea announced on May 24, 2010 to prompt Our main objective in reforming North Korea to take responsible measures regarding its attacks on the ROK naval vessel Facts about the GIC (as of November 2010) inter-Korean trade system is to Cheonan and Yeonpyong Island. promote fair and transparent trade ∙Total number of tenant companies in operation: 121 - textile, garment and leather: 71 We also believe that any “proper” inter-Korean dialogue must first deal with top priority issues between the two Koreas. - machinery and metal works: 22 pending between the two Koreas. In promoting the Gaeseong - chemicals: 9 - others: 19 We will actively respond to North Korea’s verbal assaults and slander against our government Industrial Complex, the ROK ∙Total number of North Korean workers employed: 45,332 and our president to make the North stop its propaganda against the South. government will make the personal - Average monthly wage per person: US$100.3 (including net wage ($90) and safety of its citizens a top priority. social insurance ($10.3)) ∙Total production from January to November 2010: US$294.21 million 3. Building policies focused on North Korean people In 2011, the government will increase its efforts to improve the human rights situation in North Korea by passing a North Korean human rights act and expanding government support for human rights groups, both at home and abroad. 101 We will also increase transparency in providing humanitarian aid to North Korea to make sure MINISTRY OF UNIFICATION that it is delivered to the people in need.INVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 GIC trucks waiting in line before crossing the inter-Korean border at the Inter-Korean Transit Office 6. Actively resolving humanitarian issues We will make every effort to make family reunions a regular event. We will continue our efforts to resolve the issues of prisoners of war and abductees. To fundamentally resolve such humanitarian issues, the government will actively promote humanitarianism based on mutual cooperation. 7. Providing “Hope” for North Korean refugees We will place top priority on increasing the number of jobs for North Korean refugees to help their smooth and successful integration in our society. We will start “hope projects” which extend micro loans to North Korean refugees to help them An international conference on North Korean human rights start small businesses and shops, and open a “24-hour counseling center” to help them overcome various difficulties. 4. Making preparations for national unification We will come up with specific plans to finance national unification. 8. Building national consensus through expanded communications We will start a public campaign to create a consensus on the need to prepare for national To build a national consensus on unification, we will hold town-hall meetings across the nation to unification and foster human resources for this cause. directly engage the public in open discussions. The Ministry of Unification will introduce a system for a more accurate analysis North Korean We will start a “unification programs” on cable TV and the Internet to help the public understand society. The new system would be based on an “integrated information database” and an index the reality in North Korea better and help them develop sound perspectives on various unification to better assess stability and predict changes in North Korea. issues. We will broaden international support for peaceful unification of the two Koreas. We also plan to monitor public opinion constantly and incorporate them in government policies.
  • 34. Organization and Key Responsibilities The Minister, Vice Minister, and other senior officials of the MOU frequently meet with foreign Unification Policy Office specialized in unification issues and public government officials, lawmakers and experts To establish and coordinate unification policies awareness education visiting Korea, and MOU officials visit various To establish post-unification policies and preparatory To educate government officials and members of measures in case of emergency situations public institutes and social organizations in countries, including the United States, China, To make case studies on integration process of other preparation for unification Japan and Russia to exchange views on major divided nations To provide education and PR programs to obtain issues regarding the Korean peninsula. To survey, analyze and evaluate public opinion on broader support for unification policies at home and national unification abroad To set up and coordinate programs concerning To study ways of educating on unification issues and In 2010, the MOU newly launched the Korea Vision humanitarian issues their public promotion matters Participants of the Korea Global Forum 2010 Forum, a public event participated by a number of To establish and coordinate policies for separated families Inter-Korean Transit Office prominent scholars from key countries, and the Korea Global Forum, a 1.5 track multilateral To establish and coordinate policies for dislocated To manage, plan and coordinate issues related to the conference on Korean issues. These two international forums will be held annually to facilitate North Koreans settled in South Korea operation of inter-Korean railroads and roads debate on Korean peninsula issues at home and abroad. To set and improve systems related to entry and exit Intelligence and Analysis Bureau to/from North Korea To collect the information on North Korea and To receive, confirm and notify plans for entry and exit In addition, the MOU signed a memorandum of understanding with the German Federal Ministry of publicize related materials to/from North Korea the Interior, which is responsible for rebuilding the former East German states, to have regular 103 To research and analyze current states of North To receive and confirm the approval form on policy consultations on the matters related to German integration. The bilateral memorandum MINISTRY OF UNIFICATION Korea in political, economic and social fields equipment operation, exchanges of goods and people To operate the Information Center to offer a variety of to/from North Korea helped the Ministry learn from Germany’s experience on national unification and integration in a North Korean related materials to the public more systematic way and thereby develop a unification model suitable for the Korean peninsula. Settlement Support Center for North Inter-Korean Exchanges and Korean Refugees (Hanawon) Cooperation Bureau To provide social adjustment education and To establish and coordinate policies regarding inter- vocational training for dislocated North Koreans Comparison of Key Statistics between South and North Korea (As of the End of 2009) Korean exchanges and cooperation under protectionINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 To handle, creation, spending and operation of inter- To supervise and oversee daily lives of dislocated Unit North Korea South Korea Korean Cooperation Fund North Koreans under protection 1. Population* million people 24.06 48.74 To establish and coordinate policies on social and To assist dislocated North Koreans in obtaining legal cultural exchanges and cooperation on humanitarian status and assimilating into local communities 2. Economic Growth Rate % -0.9 0.2 programs To provide dislocated North Koreans with financial 3. Nominal Gross National Income US$ billion 22.4 837.2 support for resettlement 4. Per Capita Gross National Income US dollars 960 17,175 Inter-Korean Cooperation District Total Trade US$ billion 3.4 845 Support Directorate Inter-Korean Economic Cooperation Export US$ billion 1.1 845 To support working-level consultation and contact Consultation Office 5. External Economy Import US$ billion 2.4 845 for economic exchanges and cooperation To support economic exchanges & cooperation and To consult activities to promote trade and investment expansion of direct transactions between the two [North/South Korean] Exchange Rate 100** 1,276 To support communications for inter-Korean trade Koreas won/dollar To make contacts and working-level consultations Coal Production million tons 25.5 2.5 Special Office for Inter-Korean with North Korea on bilateral exchanges & Electricity Capacity million kW 6.9 73.4 Dialogue cooperation in the economic area 6. Energy Electricity Production billion kWh 23.5 433.6 To develop strategies for inter-Korean talks To facilitate and support activities to promote inter- Crude Oil Imports million bbl 3.8 835.1 To operate inter-Korean talks Korean trade and investment To provide support for contacts and talks between Grain Production million tons 4.1 5.5 the two Koreas Abductee Support Directorate 7. Agriculture and Fishery Rice Production million tons 1.9 4.9 To collect, analyze and keep data on inter-Korean To conduct fact-finding studies on South Korean Fishery thousand tons 663 3,182 dialogue abductees Iron Ore thousand tons 4,955 455 To make appeals against deliberation 8. Mining Nonferrous Metal thousand tons 398 1,038 Education Center for Unifications To manage and assist repatriation of abductees Automobiles thousand cars 4 3,513 To train and educate experts and teachers staying in the third countries Crude Steel million tons 1.25 48.57 9. Major Industrial Products Cement million tons 6.12 50.12 Fertilizer thousand tons 466 2,558 Chemicals and Textile thousand tons 30 1,350 Railways (Total Length) km 5,242 3,378 Roads (Total Length) km 25,854 104,983 International Cooperation 10. Social Overhead Capital Cargo Handling Capacity at Ports million tons 37.0 800.5 Ships million tons 0.84 13.92 The Ministry of Unification strives to enhance the international community’s understanding and (Source: Statistics Korea, Major Statistics of North Korea in 2010) awareness of major issues on the Korean peninsula and to expand international support for the *South Korean figures are based on population projections made in November 2006, while those for North Korea comes from projections based on the 2008 census. ROK’s policy toward North Korea by engaging in various promotion activities. ** This is the official exchange rate announced by the North Korean authorities.
  • 36. The Investment Environment Seoul MARKET • The Economic Center of Northeast Asia Metropolitan Government Northeast Asia represents one of the world’s 3 primary economic blocks and accounts for 1/4 of global population and 1/3 of global GDP. Located at the core of this dynamic center of commerce, Seoul is well-connected to nearly all major cities in the region, an area home to over 2 billion people. Seoul where business.... works! • Korea - the World No. 7 Trading Nation In 2010, Korea recorded US$467 billion in export and US$426 billion in import, making it the world’s 7th biggest trading nation. To this end, the Korean government has taken great strides to Welcome to Seoul, one of Asia’s most dynamic cities. The capital of South Korea, Seoul is nurture the country’s knowledge and technology-based industries. Serving as a world leader in business-friendly and optimizes its ideal location in the heart of Northeast Asia. It is home to highly market share for semiconductors, mobile phones and displays, Korea also continues to take the capable human resources, a favorable investment environment, cutting edge public systems and upper hand in shipbuilding, petrochemical, automobile and steel industries. 107 infrastructure, as well as unique culture and art. Seoul is definitely a vibrant metropolis where SEOUL METROPOLITAN GOVERNMENT people from all walks of life and cultures can peacefully, happily, and safely coexist. INFRASTRUCTURE • State-of-the-Art Airports, Ports and Rail System Located just a short distance away from Seoul, Incheon International Airport ranked first in service for the past six years and second in logistics and transportation, as well as Incheon Port and otherINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 advanced transportation and logistics infrastructure, make the capital region a major regional logistics hub. In 2004, Korea became the 5th nation in the world to introduce a high-speed train - the KTX - enabling commuters to travel from Seoul to the rest of the country within 3 hours. Seoul’s nine subway lines crisscross the city like a spider web with over 312.5 km of track. World- class in terms of safety and effectiveness, Seoul’s subway was recognized by the UITP for best policies in 2005, and the systems and corresponding technology have now been exported overseas to cities like Beijing, Istanbul and Kuala Lumpur. • Information Technology Powerhouse In the World e-Government Rankings conducted by the United Nations Division for Public Administration and Development Management and the American Society for Public Administration, Seoul took the top spot four times in a row for integrating information technology (IT) into its administrative systems. As a result, world-renowned IT companies now choose Korea as a global digital test bed to showcase their cutting-edge products and determine potential marketability. HUMAN RESOURCES • Unmatched Educational Aspiration and Achievement Korea’s educational zeal is well known, as spending on educational institutes against GDP is ranked second among OECD countries. More than 40% of Seoulites have a bachelor’s degree, and 54 universities in Seoul produce 35,000 graduates with master’s and Ph.D. degrees every year. Seoul is also home to about 75,000 highly skilled workers in 2,477 R&D centers. • Hard-Working and Highly Skilled Human Resources Korea’s growth rate in labor productivity is ranked second among OECD countries and first in the world in patent productivity. In addition to science- and IT-related sectors, Korea’s success in its world-renowned shipbuilding, electronics and rapidly growing automobile industry are a direct result of the high-level skills possessed by the Korean workforce.
  • 37. Living Environment Investment Projects • Abundant Green Space DIGITAL MEDIA CITY (DMC) Bordered by Bukhan Mountain to the Home to facilities for the development, production and distribution of digital media content north, Gwanak Mountain to the south, and with the mountain known as Namsan • Project Overview located right in the middle of the city, Prior to the start of the 2002 FIFA World Cup, the Seoul Metropolitan Government developed the Seoul is a truly green city that is divided area surrounding Seoul’s World Cup Stadium as a future-oriented new urban center called Sangam by the mighty Han River. Officially, 27% of New Millennium City under a theme promoting the importance of an eco-friendly environment. Seoul is “green” while 1,953 parks serve As part of this ongoing initiative, the core project, Digital Media City(DMC), has been tabbed as the as venues for rest, relaxation and an world’s first media complex solely for the digital content sector and will thus spur further escape from everyday life for residents development of new growth engines for Seoul. and visitors to the city. Location Sangam New Millennium City Target Sectors ▶ Media and Entertainment-related Industries: • Vibrant Year-round Urban Culture Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul Television, film, animation, games, music, digital Seoul provides its residents with a secure and convenient environment featuring well-equipped Area 569,925m2 education 109 ▶ Software and IT-related services hospitals, banks capable of international transactions of every kind, hypermarts, and a wide array Project Period 2002-2014 SEOUL METROPOLITAN GOVERNMENT of restaurants serving nearly every type of food under the sun. Furthermore, various cultural events including the Hi! Seoul Festival fill the city with energy all year round. This strong base of culture and • Current Status sports infrastructure remains from the foundation which was laid prior to Seoul’s successful hosting As of January 2011, approximately 84 percent of the 1988 Summer Olympics and memorable co-hosting of the 2002 FIFA World Cup with of the land within Digital Media City has been Japan. parceled out, with 45 percent of the buildingsINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 - more than 23 to date - being completed. To • Top-tier Services for Foreign Residents and Visitors date, large well-established Korean Seoul proactively supports the establishment of international schools to create a more favorable companies and media content businesses/ educational environment for children of foreign residents. At present, additional accommodations institutions including LG, KBS Media and are being built to provide more housing options for the foreign community. Further improvements Korea Creative Content Agency have located have been made to the city’s living environment, and affordable medical services with interpretation in New Millennium City and have been service are now available. successfully pursuing their business operations alongside such foreign companies as Trump Korea. Seoul Global Center • Seoul Lite First opened in 2008, the Seoul Global Center (SGC) Seoul Lite, a 640-meter skyscraper will be built helps non-Korean residents of Seoul enjoy a rewarding as the Digital Media Citys landmark and a and trouble-free life in Korea’s capital city by providing future-oriented, environmentally friendly services including business consulting and support, symbol representing Seoul. This mega project general information on the local living environment, with a total estimated cost of KRW 3,3 cultural exchange programs and assistance for migrant trillion(about US$3 billion) is to be completed in workers, just to name a few. To assist the mission of 2015. Seoul Lite is expected to create 86,000 the Seoul Global Center, Global Village Centers have jobs, KRW 11 trillion in added production and been established in seven areas with high concentrations of foreign residents, thus enabling KRW 2 trillion in added value. them to receive SGC services in their own backyard. • Multilingual Consultation • Cultural Exchange and education programs Business Entity Seoul Lite Tower Co., Ltd. Facilities Business center, office, hotel, • Comprehensive Administrative Services • Business support Services Period 2009~2015 shopping mall, restaurents, Location F1 and F2 sites in the DMC Complex residence, aquarium, etc. Contact | 3F Seoul Press Center, 25 Taepyeongno 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, 100-750, Korea Scale Height: 640m - No. 2 in the world Building Density 1,000%, Tel 1688-0120 Homepage (133 floors above ground, 9 floors below ground) Floor space index Total floor area 724,675m2 - No. 1 in the World Building coverage ratio 60%
  • 38. • Digital Media Street (DMS) • The R&D Hub of Greater Seoul Area Located within the boundaries of Digital Media City is Digital Media Street(DMS), the worlds first Magok is located a short distance from Seouls industrial clusters street embracing a so-called “ubiquitous” setting. The Digital Media Street will showcase and like Seoul DMC, Guro Geumcheon Digital Industrial Complex, implement products from the research efforts of DMC tenant companies, serving as a test bed for Gangnam Venture Valley, Yongsan International Business District, state-of-the-art new technologies. The Street will materialize the vision of a futuristic city Gongneung-dong, and NIT Technopolis. Thus, it will be able to accommodating cutting-edge technologies. function as a R&D hub that connects Seoul and western metropolitan region. In addition, the Incheon International Airport • Business Opportunities Railroad allows a quick and convenient access to downtown Seoul. Potential opportunities to maximize Digital Media City is twofold: The purchase of a business site or rental of office space within DMC. At present, 9 lots in High-Tech Function Area and Commercial • Business Opportunities Function Area are available for purchase. The supply notice is available on DMC Sites for R&D, GT, BT, and IT will be available at affordable prices from the second half of 2011. website( and Korean and English newspapers when it is issued. And those with interest in renting office space may refer to the DMC website( IFC SEOUL A new and innovative center for business In Northeast Asia MAGOK DISTRICT 111 Future-oriented hi-tech R&D cluster • Project Overview SEOUL METROPOLITAN GOVERNMENT Seoul aspires to emerge as an Asian financial center by attracting world-renowned global financial • Project Overview companies. To this end, the Seoul Metropolitan Government is pursuing the International Finance Seoul Metropolitan Government Centre Seoul (IFC Seoul) project as a top priority. As part of these efforts, the Seoul Metropolitan attempts to take the lead in this Government concluded an MOU in 2003 competitive era of globalization by with a global company AIG, and the partiesINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 transforming Magok into a global eco- reached an agreement. In 2004 on an friendly knowledge-based industry investment of US$1.4 billion for the cluster where advanced technology construction of IFC Seoul designated as and international business coexist. Seoul’s core cluster industry of the future, There are two different sections of the finance is being nurtured as one of the Magok District: the first section is city’s new growth engines which also where international business district include tourism, digital content, R&D, will be built. And in the second fashion design and the convention section, a hi-tech industrial complex business. will be developed to serve as a global R&D hub. The whole construction is • Major Facilities set for completion by 2030. IFC Seoul, with a total floor area of Infrastructure including road, water supply, and sewer systems is set to be put in place by 2012. 505,694m2 will serve as a multi-purpose By 2015, 80%of the land (269,000m2)within the District will be either parceled out or developed facility, offering a direct link to Yeouido according to SH Corporation`s development plans. Magok District will play a crucial role in Subway Station through an underground establishing an IT/BT/GT/NT cluster. passage. When complete, IFC Seoul will be home to grade-A office space, retail shops, • A New Future City Model a hotel and a multiplex theater, thus The Magok Development Project will take Seoul to the next level by creating a hi-tech industrial distinguishing it as a new centre for global complex, an international business district, and housing complex. Also, promoting the growth of finance in the heart of Northeast Asia. southwestern Seoul, it will become the new future city model-the city that reduces energy consumption, the green city that is environmentally friendly, the 3D city that utilizes underground Location 23,23-1 Yeouido-dong, ▶IFC Mall 3 levels above ground spaces, the interactive city that integrates knowledge and information, the ultramodern city that Youngdeungpo-gu, Seoul ▶Hotel 39 levels above ground/7 levels below converges with technology, and the U-City that evolves with its citizens. Area 33,058m2 (floor area 505,094m2) ground Conrad Seoul Hotel(446 rooms) Project Period 2006-2012 Target Sectors Financial institutions, consulting, law, and Location Magok-dong and Gayang-dong, Seoul Target Sectors R&D (IT/BT/NT), eco-friendly industry, Facilities ▶ One IFC32 levels above ground/7 levels below ground accounting firms, Local headquarters of Area Site 3,665,336m2 Regional headquarters of MNCs, ▶Two IFC 29 levels above ground/7 levels below ground global multinational corporations Project Period 2007-2030 Business support facilities (hotels, accounting, law, etc.) ▶Three IFC 55 levels above ground/7 levels below ground
  • 39. • Business Opportunities • Project Overview Financial sector companies, regional headquarters of multinational companies, consulting firms, Yongsan, a sub-center of Seoul linking Myungdong, Euljiiro and Yeouido in the northern heart of laws firms and other commercial facilities will be able to move into the IFC Seoul upon its the city, is to be reborn as a luxurious waterfront city representing Seoul, connected with the completion marked for 2012. renowned Han River. The $28 billion Yongsan International Business District development project, the largest Project in the nation’s history, is expected to produce a 150 million floating population per year and generate KRW 67 trillion in added production and value. ■ Improvement of Software and Hardware system for Finance With an approximate total floor area of 3 million m2, Yongsan International Business District will open a new paradigm of urban development, housing, International business, and commercial, In addition to the Capital Markets Consolidation Act, which went into effect in February cultural and residential facilities. 2009, the Korean government designated Yeouido as the Financial District to enhance the competitiveness of the financial industry and advance the capital markets last year. In line Location Seobuichon-dong, Hangangro, Target Sectors High-end offices, shopping mall, hotel, with this move, the authorities are studying various benefits for the financial sector. The Yongsan-gu, Seoul entertainment facilities, department store, designated Financial District spans an area of 3,976,788m2 in Yeouido and includes a Area 565,109m2 designer boutiques, convention center, central business zone as well as a support and residential zone. These developments are (Total floor area - 3,340,000m2) residential/ commercial complex, etc. Project Period 2007-2016 expected to shape Yeouido into an economic, cultural and tourist hub. 113 ※The Current Status of the Capital Market • Master Plan for the Yongsan International Business District SEOUL METROPOLITAN GOVERNMENT ∙17th of the 50 major stock exchange institutions in terms of total market capitalization “Archipelago 21” designed by world-renowned architect Daniel Libeskind who won the (2009, WFE annual report) international master plan competition for the Yongsan International Business District in April 2009, is inspired by an archipelago. Anchored by a landmark tower that dynamically articulates the ∙8th in total trading volume and 6th in total amount of stock trading harmony of yin and yang in a spiral form, about 20 buildings ranging from 40 to 100 stories high (2009, WFE annual report) in the world will present a three-dimensional skyline that depicts the golden crown of the Shilla Dynasty, theINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 most exquisite among traditional crowns on earth. The skyline will strike a brilliant harmony with a ∙1st in stock index option and 5th in stock index futures panoramic view of the Han River, emerging as a new symbol of Seoul able to be seen from all (number of contracts, 2009, WFE annual report) in the world parts of the city. YONGSAN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS DISTRICT Seoul’s representative international business district • Business Opportunities The planned landmark tower, mega shopping malls, hotels, department stores, and a cultural center are all included in the plan for the Yongsan International Business District. Starting from 2012 when construction will be implemented on a full scale, numerous business opportunities will be available including facility acquisition and moving in. | CONTACT | Investment Promotion Division Tel: +82-2-2171-2794~5 Fax: +82-2-2171-2799 E-mail: Homepage: 31. Taepyeongno 1-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul 100-744, Korea
  • 40. BUSAN Metropolitan City From Korea’s Maritime Capital To Logistical, Industrial & Cultural Hub of Northeast Asia Busan at a Glance 115 - Population: 3.7 Million BUSAN METROPOLITAN CITY - Area: 763.58km2 - Average Temperature: 14.3°C (January 2.5°C , August 24.1°C) - GRDP: USD 50 Billion - Major Industries: Port Logistics, Auto Parts and Materials, Tourism & Convention, Film & IT, FinanceINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 - Sister Cities: 23 Cities(Barcelona, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Dubai, etc.) - International flights: 241/week(30 cities, 10 countries) Busan Metropolitan City-Hub of Northeast Asia Business & Living Environment Korea’s No.2 City, located at the southeastern tip of the Korean Peninsula, Busan has served as Transportation Network: Busan has an excellent transportation system combining air, sea, and the <Maritime Capital> of Korea and was the Korea’s gateway to the world since its opening as an land. Its established network of international airport, seaport, express way, high-speed train and international port in 1876. The city had seen a magnificent economic growth until late 1970s with international ferry provides easy access to any parts of Korea and the world. Its metropolitan area light industries leading the growth and playing a pivotal role in the <economic miracle> of Korea in provides a superb road system, in addition to a convenient public transportation connecting the last few decades. Since then, the city has been continuously try to reorganize its industry such subway, bus lines & taxi service. as with the selection of an intensive investment on the ten strategic industries with great potential of growth and of leading the economy of Busan. Digital Intelligence-Based City: Busan is a digital intelligence-based city, with 1,100 businesses and 15,900 persons participating in this field and 19 universities and 8 institutions with specialized Ten Strategic Industries programs. Also, under Busan U-City project, many area of city life including traffic, health, and - Core Strategic Industries: Port logistics, Auto parts and materials, tourism & convention, film & IT security are being digitalized using ubiquitous information technology. - Local Strategic Industries: Futures and financial industry, marine and bio sector, silver industry, footwear industry, fisheries and processing industry, textile and fashion industry Excellent Human Resources: Busan has a great pool of quality labor force, which comes from its Busan is now to enhance its business environment under Busan Vision 2020, which envisions 3.7 million population and competitive educational Busan as a major hub in Northeast Asia of logistics with areas such as Busan-Jinhae Free infrastructure. It has 25 universities & 334 research Economic Zone, Busan New Port, Mieum Industrial Complex, Myeongji International City, Gangseo institutions, and world’s leading R&D centers such International Logistics and Industrial Complex, and the North Port Redevelopment, information with as Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Material its “Centum City”, finance with Busan International Financial Center and tourism with tourism Research, INI-GraphicsNet, Rolls-Royce University complexes. As a result of these enormous efforts, the city became one of the ten best cities in the Technology Center, and APEC Climate Center Asia Pacific region to do business. also located in Busan.
  • 41. Foreign Community in Busan Busan New Port Since 1995, Busan is among the world°Øs top five container ports. In the face of growing Number of Foreign Businesses : 684 demands for better and more efficient port logistics services and heightened global Major global corporations based in busan include Renault Samsung Motors (automobile), competitiveness, the construction of Busan New Port was planned. State-of-the-art, 22-row twin Kongsberg Maritimes (marine equipment), Wartsila (marine equipment), Bosch Rexroth lifts and a top notch IT system will be introduced to offer the best port logistics services. With the (machinery), LME (warehouse), and Mitsui (port logistics). The majority of foreign invested opening of this port, Busan is well-positioned to grow into a global port and a logistics hub of companies operating in Busan is in distribution & logistics (56.3%), and manufacturing (26.5%). Northeast Asia. North Container Terminal and the logistics district have been designated as a Free Trade Zone in Foreign Organizations 2004. Since Busan New Port is also a part of the Free Economic Zone, companies can benefit Diplomatic Missions from special status of this area and maximize the efficiency of their business operation by using all - Consulate General: 4(U.S., Japan, Russia, China), Taipei Mission in Korea, Busan Office, Honorary the incentives available under the Free Trade Zone Act and the Free Economic Zone Act. Consuls: 30 countries Social Organizations & Associations: 12 North Port Redevelopment Project (Central Bay Project) - Busan Foundation for International Activities, Busan International Friendship Society, EU Chamber North Port redevelopment is one of the many projects initiated under the Dynamic Busan 2020. of Commerce in Korea, Korea-Japan Cultural Exchange Association, etc. The project includes Busan Station, International Passenger Ferry Terminal and Domestic Cultural Centers Passenger Ferry Terminal. 117 - France, Germany BUSAN METROPOLITAN CITY Using its strength in logistics, Busan seeks to establish a global production and logistics hub in Living Conditions West Busan. Central to this project is Busan-Jinhae FEZ where large-scale industrial sites such as Pleasant weather with the annual average temperature of 15°C, clean air, beautiful beaches, and Mieum Industrial Complex, Busan Science & Industrial Park, Noksan Industrial Complex, Shinho mountains create an exceptionally pleasant living environment. East of Busan in particularly popular Industrial Complex, and Myeongji International City are located. among foreign residents for its extraordinary natural beauty including two famous beaches locatedINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 in the area, Haeundae and Gwangalli. Busan-Jinhae Free Economic Zone (BJFEZ) BJFEZ consists of five distinct areas to carry out unique yet synergy-creating functions. - New Port area: 30-berth Busan New Port and the distribution park. Busan, Industrial and Logistical Hub of Northeast Asia - Myeongji International City will serve as the international business nexus of BJFEZ. It will be equipped with widespread, wireless IT infrastructure, ultra-modern buildings, international Busan is a strategic point in world logistics, as it is a major port on the key routes linking Europe schools, hospitals. The area targets air logistics, high-tech parts & materials. and North America, ships traveling between North America and Eurasia may use Busan Port - Jisa area - Home to Busan Science & Industrial Park which is targeting high-tech, R&D, without changing their main trunk line. Furthermore, Busan is the future starting point of machinery and parts, marine equipment, new materials transcontinental railways that will run from Korea through China and Russia, all the way to Europe. - Dudong area - A high-tech logistics complex which targets mechatronics, professional education Busan has an excellent transportation system combining air, sea, and land which provides easy and R&D access to any parts of Korea and the world. - Ungdong area - Multi-functional Maritime Recreation Resort. Busan is Korea’s No.1 port city, and 75% of all container cargo coming in and out of Korea is processed in Busan. Busan also stands as world’s 5th largest container port (12 million TEU, Mieum Industrial Complex 2009). Mieum industrial complex is prepared for high-tech and diversified industries. A new area in the FIZ is expected to be set up by late 2012, inviting auto parts, mechatronics, marine equipments and other high-tech industries. This area is perfectly situated to benefit from excellent logistics infrastructure of Busan and create synergy with other industrial sites. Not only it constitutes a large-scale cutting- edge industry cluster with neighboring industrial complexes such as Shinho, Noksan, and Hwajeon, Mieum Industrial Complex will be at the center of Korea’s Southeastern Economic Belt linking Busan with Ulsan, Changwon and Geoje, which
  • 42. together account for a total of 50% of national output in shipbuilding, 90% of ship parts, 45% of automobile, and 40% of machinery is produced in the region. Within Mieum Industrial Complex, “Parts & Material Complex” of 328,185m2 was designated exclusive for foreign investors in 2009. Gangseo International Logistics and Industrial Complex The decision by the Korean government to release 33km2-development restrict zone(Green Belt) in the hinterland area of Busan New Port in 2008 gave a green light to the development plan of Gangseo International Logistics and Industrial Complex. The idea is to link the area’s superior logistical network of seaport, airport, railways and expressways with nearby industrial and logistical clusters, which is essential for Busan New Port to function as an international hub port. It is also expected to further strengthen the national 119 competitiveness of Korea. BUSAN METROPOLITAN CITY The logistics and industrial complex will also fundamentally resolve Busan’s shortage of industrial land and make available for a global parts and material supply base, a composite logistical complex, and a foreign investment zone. Establishing an expansive logistics and industrial complex and attracting leading domestic and foreign companies in Western Busan area will allow minimizing logistical expenses, establishing anINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 industrial cluster and utilizing human resources, which will ultimately contribute to the balanced development of the country by revitalizing the Southeastern Economic Belt, the biggest of its kind in Korea Busan, Financial Hub Busan wants to grow as an international hub for derivatives financial market. And since 2005, the city hosted the Korea Exchange (KRX), world’s 10th largest stock exchange and integrates the management of Korea’s stock and futures market. What’s more, Busan was designated by central government in 2009 as a <Financial Center> along with Seoul. Thanks to this, 11 Central Government agencies are scheduled to move in Munhyeon Financial Complex. Busan International Financial Center is expected to serve as the financial center of the southern region, at the same time complementing Seoul’s comprehensive finance model. Busan, International Convention and Tourism Hub Busan is known as a city of international convention and film festivals, recognized as one of “top 10 Asian International Convention Cities” by UIA. Busan proved its capacity as a global convention city by successfully hosting a series of major international events such as 2002 Asian Games, 2002 FIFA World Cup, and 2005 APEC Summit Meeting; and Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) has grown as Asia’s biggest film event in just 10 years. Busan’s attractive natural environment combining beaches, rivers, and mountains allows the city to take up more than 30% of all Korea’s tourism industry (2 million foreign tourists and 26 million tourists/year) and also presents a unique opportunity to become an international tourist hub. In order to enhance the international attractiveness of Busan as a tourist destination, the city develops projects such as East Busan Tourist Complex; exquisite natural coastline, rocks, forests, and sand beaches create a perfect site for a resort complex.
  • 43. Daegu Metropolitan City Business environment Daegu City provides the best business environment with its rich infrastructure in various fields of transportation, education, medical service, tourism and others as well as its human resources. Well-developed Transportation System Embracing the World ! - Daegu International Airport : 8 int’l routes to 3 countries - Gimhae Int’l Airport : within 50 minutes’ drive Located in the south-eastern part of the Korean peninsula, Daegu is a vibrant city with an all- - Inland transportation hub linked through 7 highways and KTX High-speed train(99 mins to Seoul) embracing transportation system; every major city is easily accessible within 2 hours. There are - 5 international ports located within 1 hour’s drive: Pohang, Ulsan, Masan, New Busan, approximately 2.5million people who call Daegu home, making it the 3rd largest city in the nation. International Busan ports As the heart of Korea, Daegu has rapidly transformed itself into an international city that has - Daegu Exhibition & Convention Center(EXCO), Daegu Distribution & Logistics Complex opened its doors to the rest of the world. Daegu has also gained international competitiveness through shifting its industrial structure to a Large Pool of Excellent Human Resources more higher value-added base and promoting advanced knowledge-based future industries on - Daegu R&D Special Zone designated in 2011 the basis of a well-developed industrial infrastructure. - 51 universities in Daegu region with 70,000 annual 121 Start your business and make your success story here in Daegu ! graduates DAEGU METROPOLITAN CITY With a variety of customized and differentiated incentives, a welcoming environment and first-rate - DGIST (IT, BT, NT, and MT), POSTECH (advanced facilities, Daegu will be your success partner for your business. material), Kyungpook National University (electronics), Keimyung University (automotive), Daegu Haany University (herbal medicine), and Yeungnam University General Facts (machinery, textiles)INVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 - Population: 2.51mil (5.22mil within one hour’s drive) - 600 engineering professors, 135 R&D centers(4,800 researchers) offering support to industry - Area: 884km2 - Customized training programs through collaboration between industry and academia (Samsung - Average annual temperature: 13.7°C Electronics and Kyungpook National University collaboration project to establish mobile - Average annual precipitation: 1,027.7mm engineering department at KNU in 2011) - GRDP: USD 29.7 billion / KRW 33 trillion - Major Industries: machinery, metal, automotive parts, textile, electronics, mobile Business-friendly Environment - Economically Active Population (Thousand,2009): 1,200 - Constructing large industrial complexes for high-tech companies and multi-national companies - No. of manufacturers (with 10 or more employees, 2008): 2,901 - Developing a business network with global companies by supplying ‘R&D activities and core - Exports(USD Million, 2009): 3,892 parts and components’ to neighboring industrial cities - Ombudsman system to resolve investor grievances and improvement of business and living environment - Project manager system to provide on-site support and door-to-door-solutions for foreign invested companies Pleasant Living Environment - Daegu International School (DIS), Korea’s first international school(K-12), a joint venture between the city of Daegu and Lee Academy, Maine, USA accommodates up to 580 students including boarding facilities for up to 120 students - 9 super deluxe hotels and numerous shopping facilities - Blessed natural environment with abundant tourist attractions and mountains - UNESCO cultural heritages nearby - Quality medical services with 3,073 clinics including 11 major general hospitals - International sports city and the host of 2011 IAAF World Championships in Athletics - Host of many international conventions and festivals like Daegu International Opera Festival, Daegu International Musical Festival, 2013 World Energy Congress(WEC), etc
  • 44. Future Growth Engine Industries of Daegu Investment Project Aiming to create a business-friendly environment and strengthen the regional economy , Daegu Daegu National Science Park has put forth efforts to secure infrastructure needed for high-tech industry, multi-national corporations and foreign-invested companies Location: Gugi-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu(in close vicinity to Dalseong 2nd Industrial Park) Size: 8,521,000m2(Industrial use 4,675,000m2) Project period: 2009 ~ 2014 (land can be purchased to groundbreaking beginning in 2011) IT Convergence Industry Target Business: Next generation electronics, communications service, high-tech Daegu City has formed the largest mobile industrial belt in Korea connecting to Korea’s 4 largest machinery, future automotives, renewable energy industrial complexes in just one hours drive. To secure global competitiveness, Daegu provides technology support for companies through the establishment of Mobile Convergence Center Daegu National Science Park is the region’s first national industrial park and it is designated to and outstanding human resources are developed at prestigious local universities such as KNU upgrade the existing industrial structure into a high-tech industrial structure covering intelligent and POSTECH. Daegu has been leading IT convergence industries that cover next generation automobile components, embedded SW, solar energy industry, etc. mobile communication, mobile convergence, embedded SW, LED and healthcare under the ubiquitous era. Daegu National Science Park will form the Nakdong river industrial belt, connected with downtown 123 complexes including the 3rd Industrial Complex, West Daegu Industrial Complex, Geomdan Green Energy for Green Growth DAEGU METROPOLITAN CITY Industrial Complex, as well as Seongseo Industrial Parks(1st~5th) along the Nakdong River, Daegu was accepted as a “solar city” by Dalseong 1st Industrial Park, Technopolis, Hyeonpung Industrial Park and Dalseong 2nd Industrial the OECD-affiliated IEA, due to its great Park. It will be developed into an environment-friendly high-tech industrial complex in association efforts in energy-saving and eco-friendly with four-river restoration project, making significant contribution to the regional economy. environment. Under the Korean government’s “Low carbon-green growth” Investment AdvantagesINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 policy, Daegu has actively promoted green Forming an Industrial belt which connects Dalseong 1st and 2nd Industrial Park, Daegu Technopolis energy industry (photovoltaic parts and Favorable transportation conditions with 88, Guma, Jungbu (Central Inland) expressways in service and components and hydrogen fuel cells) as its Hyeonpung-Ulsan expressway under consideration leading industry, by supporting R&D and Maximizing synergy by cooperation with major neighboring industrial complexes in Gumi (Electronics), Masan offering subsidies for installations of new & Changwon (Machinery), Ulsan Busan(automobile), etc. renewable energy systems. Additionally Daegu is the annual host of the largest Green Energy Expo in Asia “Korea Green Energy Expo”, and the World Energy Congress(WEC) 2013. High-tech Medical Industry Daegu Technopolis In 2009, Daegu branded itself as “Medi-City Daegu” signifying its aim to become a globally renowned city in the medical industry. Later that year, Daegu was selected among 10 other Location: Hyeonpung-myeon and Yuga-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu City candidates by the Korean government to host a national high-tech medical cluster. Daegu is Size: 7,266,000m2 (industrial and research use 2,911,000m2) ranked 2nd in Korea with 3,073 medical facilities including 11 general hospitals, 5 medical colleges Project period: 2006 ~ 2012 and 1 oriental medicine college. The medical industry has strong foundation to develop with strong Target Business: renewable energy(PV), future automobiles (intelligent, eco-friendly, electronics and IT-related industries like mobile, communication and embedded SW. This has hybrid), IT convergence(robotics), new materials, mechatronics and other high-tech allowed Daegu to promote the healthcare business by connecting IT technology and there are industries plans to establish a R&D cluster for personalized and pre-emptive medicine. Daegu Technopolis is a research-oriented district that will focus on the development of Intelligent automobile and robotics industry automotives(Hybrid, Intelligent), IT convergence industries, telecommunications, and renewable Daegu is the third largest automobile component supplier in Korea. To keep pace with the future energy. As special R&D zone designated by the Korean government, Technopolis is home to demands of industry, Daegu is establishing Koreas first public test center for Intelligent vehicles national research institutes as well as branches of prestigious universities that will provide support and transportation systems to become a R&D and supply base of intelligent automotive to develop and commercialize new technologies. components. For the promotion of Robotics industry(a future growth engine designated by Korean Government), Daegu has promoted Robot-related R&D activities, focused on professional service Investment Advantages robots and multi-tasking robot. There are also many robotics R&D centers and organizations in the Comfortable and environmental-friendly city region, such as Korea Institute for Robot Industry Advancement (KIRIA), Pragmatic Applied Robot The city incorporates residential, industrial, educational, cultural, leisure, and park environments to create a premium Institute (PARI), Robot Business & Industry Promotion Center (ROBIC) and Pohang Institute of city that is surrounded by the beauty of its natural environment. Besides just the research and industrial facilities, Intelligent Robotics(PIRO). Daegu Technopolis is preparing to become a high-tech, cutting-edge, and futuristic ubiquitous city.
  • 45. Talented human resources Investment Advantages About 17,000 students graduate in this district from the reputable technical universities and colleges such as Attractive Location DGIST (robotics, software & information, energy & environment), Graduate School of IT Convergence Technology of - Northeast Asia, a large consumer market, within a radius of 1,000km Kyungpook National University(IT convergence, machinery, and environment), Kyungpook National University - Center of Southeast Korea with a population of 13 million (electronics), Graduate School of Intelligent Automobile of Keimyung University, Yeungnam University (industrial textile & machinery), POSTECH(chemistry, new materials), and University of Delaware Center for Environment and Nation’s cutting-edge medical infrastructure Energy Policy, Daegu Campus, US. Within these technical universities and colleges, there are 135 R&D centers - Only city(outside of Seoul) equipped with pre-clinical, clinical, and medical device clinical facilities that strive to achieve industry-education collaboration. - 48 medical R&D institutions, including 11 medical and pharmaceutical colleges, are clustered - 20% of Korea’s medical personnel are educated in Daegu through 227 medical related courses at 18 colleges Korea’s southeast R&BD hub and universities With the implementation of Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of - 37.8% and 25.4% of the nations total amount of production in IT and new materials industry, respectively(05) Science & Technology (DGIST), Electronics & - TOP- tier clinical trial achievements in the nation(12 clinical trial institutions) Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH), Daegu National Science Ongoing joint projects and collaborative networks with advanced medical clusters overseas Museum, ITS-based Proving Ground for Intelligent Vehicles & - Wake Forest Univ.(USA) Transportation Systems, and other government funded - Kobe High-tech Medical Advancement Foundation (Japan) 125 facilities, Daegu Technopolis will become the high-tech inland - University of Auckland (New Zealand) DAEGU METROPOLITAN CITY technological belt of Daejeon, Daegu, and Gwangju. Seongseo 5th High-tech Industrial Park Daegu-Gyeongbuk National High-tech Medical Cluster Location: Secheon-ri, Dasa-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu CityINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 Location: Sinseo-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu(within Daegu Innovation City) Size: 1,467,000m2 (industrial use 670,000m2) Size: 1,030,000m2(total area of Innovation City 4,220,000m2) Project period: Jan. 2007 ~ Jun. 2012 (currently available) Project period: 2009 ~ 2038 (infrastructure funded by Korean govt. will be completed by Target Business: Machinery and metal, electrics and electronics, IT, communications 2012) services, etc. Land supply: Second half of 2010 Target Business: Medicine (synthetic drug), medical devices (IT-based high-tech medical Seongseo 5th High-tech Industrial Park is urban-based industrial park for high-tech businesses. In devices) tandem with the network of existing Seongseo industrial complexes(1st~4th), Seongseo 5th High- tech Industrial Park forms an industrial cluster for higher-value-added industries. The National High-tech Medical Cluster is Koreas largest government-run medical project to develop a R&D cluster to fostering the domestic medical industry an become a new national Investment Advantages growth engine. The cluster will be developed to form Asias leading medical R&D hub for medical Optimal Location devices and new drugs by combining highly skilled medical personnel and researchers with local Seongseo 5th High-tech Industrial Park is located simultaneously in an eco-friendly district as well as within the urban industrial infrastructure currently in place. city. Living expenses and business start-up costs are comparatively low while still offering large-scale, luxurious apartment complexes and amenities. Four major highways are only 10 minutes distance away and the airport, railway station, and the convention center are all within 15km. Seongseo 5th High-tech Industrial Park cohesively captures the twofold experience of being both an urban city and the eco-friendly industrial district.
  • 46. Outstanding Human Resources Encompassing 51 universities and colleges in Daegu metropolitan Area, about 17,000 graduates with specialized skills in the IT, BT, NT, intellectual automobile, and textile backgrounds enter into this Seongseo 5th High-tech Industrial Park Dalseong 2nd Industrial Park Foreign Investment Zone Location: Nae-ri, Guji-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu(in the Dalseong 2nd Industrial Park) Total area: 104,188m2 (available land area: 31,425m2) Period: Construction completed Target Business: electricity & electronics, machinery, and metal production Dalseong 2nd Industrial Park constitutes an electronics-machinery industrial belt on the extension of Seongseo Industrial Park, 20km or 20 minutes away, and Dalseong 1st Industrial Park, 9.2km or 10 minutes away. It connects with Seongseo Industrial Park, Dalseong 1st and 2nd Industrial Park, 127 and major neighboring industrial complexes in Gumi city and Changwon city. DAEGU Investment Advantages FIZ, forming an industrial belt of automobile, machinery, and metal industryINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 - 75% of 212 occupants in the Park: business in the field of automobile, machinery and metal A knowledge-based R&D zone established nearby FIZ - In vicinity of FIZ, Daegu Technopolis, a high- tech industrial park(7.3million m2) and Daegu National Science Park(8.5million m2) under development Dalseong 2nd Industrial Park with easy accessibility - Busan port & Busan New port within 1 hour’s driving distance - Masan port, 40 minutes away from the FIZ - Daegu International Airport 45km away, Busan & Gimhae airport 60km away - Downtown Daegu within 30 minutes driving distance - Linked Guma Highway, Jungbu-Inland Highway and National Road No.5 within ten minutes. [CONTACT] Investment Promotion Division, Daegu Metropolitan City #88 Gongpyeong-no, Jung-gu, Daegu 700-714 Korea Tel: 82-53-803-3300 Fax: 82-53-803-3309 Email: Website:
  • 47. Gwangju, a City with a Clean and Business-friendly Environment Comfortable Environment Where People & Stable Labor / Management Relationship Live in Harmony with Nature Declaration for Peace of Labor and Business Eco-friendly Maintenance of Hygiene, Food Waste among Labor, Business and Government: and Waste Treatment Facilities Employees, employers and the government An Environmentally Sound, High-quality 21st declared to put forth their utmost respective Century Lifestyle City efforts for local economic development. The First City in Korea to Sign the UN Urban Nation’s lowest level of labor-management Environment Accord disputes (No dispute in 2008) Signed the Model City Agreement for Climate Competitive wages: 10~20% lower than Change (April 2008) other areas in Korea Won the Grand Prize in Eco-friendly City Nation’s lowest turnover rate of employees Award in 2008 Won the grand prize in the Won the Grand Prize for Low- “business-friendly city” as carbon, Green Growth Environment Korean representative brand in 2009 (2008) 129 Won the grand prize in the GWANGJU METROPOLITAN CITY Korean Global Manager (2008) Won the President’s Award for Export Increase in 2009INVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 Transportation Infrastructure Gwangju is located in the center of southwestern Korea and has a GRDP of 22 trillion won and a population of 1.47 million, 673,000 of whom are economically active. Gwangju is the ideal base of operations in light of the region’s close proximity to huge nearby market including those of China, India, Japan and Russia. International ports lie within one hour’s distance and an aviation network connecting domestic and international airports and a land transportation network running in all directions connect Gwangju with the world’s major cities and countries. Gwangju features a seamlessly integrated industrial infrastructure, including airports, harbors and railways.
  • 48. FDI policy GRDP : KRW 22.55 trillion in 2009 (USD 20.4 billion) GRDP per capita : KRW 15.2 million (USD 13,818) GRDP growth rate : 5.5% 2nd highest trade surplus in the nation : Export USD 11.6 billion, Imports USD 4 billion (2009) Main export products : Automobile, electronic goods, communication equipments, tires, etc. (*$1=1,100 KRW) The industrial structure of Gwangju consists mainly of automobiles, digital appliances, photonics and the manufacturing of machinery. Gwangju has been ranked at the top in Korea in terms of export increase rate and industrial manufacturing growth rate for the past 3 years. Exports from Gwangju already exceeded US$10 billion in 2007, an impressive total of which we are extremely proud. Gwangju is the top-ranked city in Korea in terms of the rate of export increase, the rate of number of companies with 5 or more employees, and the rate of increase of industrial production. 131 GWANGJU METROPOLITAN CITY As a Mecca for the photonics industry, Gwangju can provide comparative advantages which Gwangju’s Primarily Promoted Industries include co-sourcing and outsourcing to companies with the city’s own source technology for photonics, her systematic accumulation of technological know-how, and centralized corporate Gwangju is actively Photonics Industry Clean Diesel Automobile structure. Parts Industry working to nurture the Gwangju, which is a city with Koreas largest digital appliances industry centered around Samsung Digital Appliances Industry Precision Die Industry photonics industry, theINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 Future-value Electronics and Daewoo Electronics, achieved USD 6.9 billion in sales, 500 million dollars in Automobile Industry Five Primary Hydrogen&Solar Industry automobile parts industry, -oriented exports, and the creation of 17,000 new jobs by the end of 2010 by nurturing the appliance robot Industries Industries and information and home Green Energy Industry Health Industry and ubiquitous appliance industries, and it is expected to become one of the worlds three largest appliances as her key Meccas of digital appliance and components by 2017. Cultural Contents Industry IT Convergence Industry growth engines, and as the The production capacity of Gwangjus automobile industry, centered around the Kia Motor driving force behind the Company, is expected to increase to 1 million units by 2015, city’s development. which will turn Gwangju into one of the nations three largest Gwangju is also nurturing 4 major strategic industries in high-tech parts and materials, new energy, automobile cities. industrial design, and cultural contents. 5 futuristic added-value industries are also in the works Through the clean diesel vehicle parts industry, which is a new including FTTH, LED, and nano-technology. growth engine, Gwangju will establish an exclusive national By securing next generation core technologies, strengthening global marketing channels, the industrial complex for automotive components, which will lead establishment of a support system for industrial and academic R&D, and fostering a highly capable the high-value-added industries such as photonics, electronics labor force to bring about technological innovation, Gwangju is quickly becoming the optimal and automobiles. location to operate a business. Gwangju, which boasts a natural environment with the highest The photonics industry in Gwangju is considered one of the most successful cases for local direct solar radiation in Korea, has established a plan for industrial development by the central government. The city is home to the only photonics industry constructing a Solar City, and will open the door to an eco- cluster in the country. friendly city of the future through various investments into new Prior to the cultivation plan for the photonics industry getting underway, in 1999, there were only 47 and renewable energy, such as solar power generation. companies operating within this sector in Gwangju. However, the number of companies had Once the new & renewable energy-related research institutes increased to 360 and the number of employees had grown from 1,900 to 8,004 as of the end of and businesses are relocated to Gwangju Advanced Science 2010. Sales in this sector also saw a significant increase, growing from 110 billion won to 2.54 Industrial Complex in 2013, Gwangju will become the new & trillion won during the same period. renewable energy hub of Northeast Asia. Gwangju, which is promoting the “National Asian Culture- oriented City Project”, is establishing a “Multi-purpose Film Culture Center” and “CGI Center” to nurture the cultural contents industry, and it is also developing cultural products such as film, games, and animated films from the Gwangju Information and Cultural Industry Promotion Agency and local businesses.
  • 49. World-class R&D infrastructure Gwangju offers investors a comprehensive R&D network well-suited for knowledge-based industries. The city is equipped with research facilities, a highly-skilled workforce, and support Appropriate R&D network for knowledge-based industries systems for the region’s major industries. In addition, by promoting joint technological development Network among major research institutes and industry-academia joint research centers among local corporations, a synergistic effect between academia and industry is being created. Major research institutes & industry-academia cooperation research centers The Chumdan Science Industrial Complex, primarily home to companies operating in the photonics industry, has been appointed as the only innovative cluster for the photonics industry in Korea, and projects to bolster the photonics industry are being actively carried out. Through such clustering, enhancing industrial support, promoting intensive investment in R&D and cultivating qualified human resources, the government of Gwangju is establishing the necessary infrastructure for stable growth. As a result, more and more professionals and relevant companies are being drawn to Gwangju in order to capitalize on these comparative advantages. Gwangju Specialized R&D District Just like Silicon Valley in the United States and the Sophia Antipolis in France, Gwangju will develop a Specialized R&D District that will be armed with state-of-the-art technologies and will generate 133 enormous economic growth, and form a science business belt as a result. GWANGJU METROPOLITAN CITY The Specialized R&D District will accommodate research institutes, businesses, colleges and industrial complexes that will accelerate the growth of advanced industries, and the resident organizations will benefit from R&D expense support, tax redemption and various other benefits. The activities of the Gwangju R&D District will mainly consist of Application R&D, and the outcome of these activities will resolve the technical difficulties corporations face in the production sites andINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 directly benefit the productivity of corporations. Investment incentives The city offers the best investment incentives and the most efficient business support system. For foreign-invested companies, available incentives include reduction or exemption of tax, low-cost leases on industrial land, and additional subsidies. Regarding Tax benefit, mainly applied to manufacturing case, foreign-invested companies may enjoy the tax reduction. If a company is selected as a beneficiary, national taxes and local taxes will be exempted for a designated period after income generation. The other kind of FDI incentives is Cash grant. If the foreign investment ratio is more than 30%, and a number of additional conditions are satisfied, foreign invested companies may wish to consider the application for the cash grant program. After evaluation procedure, beneficiaries are decided and the amount is negotiated afterwards based on the scale of projects.
  • 50. Gwangju-A world of Successful Companies Fast growing foreign companies have also planted their flags in Gwangju, and Amkor Technology, Carrier, Alps, and Arneg Korea are but a few. These globally known companies are at the forefront of the region’s cutting edge industrial growth and directly responsible for the rapid development of the city. Gwangju is home to the largest photonics industry cluster in the country, while 800 thousand Gwangju, automobiles are manufactured here every year. Gwangju has also garnered a reputation as the a city to host the 2015 Summer Universiade! Korean city with one of the largest home appliance production levels in Korea. Gwangju, Suceess in Gwangju a city where advanced industries mesh seamlessly with high culture! Gwangju is a “City of Light” illuminating Asia and the world as Korea’s representative culture hub and high-tech industry powerhouse. Gwangju is perfect for business. It is strategically located in the center of northeast Asia, within Meet a new window of opportunity, here in the City of Light easy reach of major Asian markets such as China and India. Its R&D infrastructure is world-class. Gwangju features a seamlessly integrated industrial infrastructure, including airports, harbors and Gwangju. railways. The city offers the best investment incentives and the most efficient business support system. Excellent relations between citizens and industry make Gwangju a city where both businesses and workers grow and benefit. Gwangju’s strategic location, well-equipped infrastructure, various typesINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 of support provided by the central and local governments, comparatively low labor costs and turnover rate, as well as top-notch human resources make the city the obvious choice for investment.
  • 51. Jeollabuk-do Jeollabuk-do, Home of Living History, Taste & Style, and Sound Korean tradition and culture remains intact in Jeollabuk-do! It boasts cultural assets that are the most representative of the Korean arts. A variety of festivals including Jeonju International Sori Festival, Jeonju International Film Festival, Chunhyang Festival, and Gimje Horizon Festival are held all the year round. In addition, Pansori (masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity), the Gochang Doleman (world cultural heritage), Mireuk-jeon (Buddhist building for Maitreya) of Geumsan-sa Temple, Mireuksa-ji stone pagoda and Wanggung-ri five-story stone pagoda are just a few of the national treasures preserved in Jeollabuk-do. ∙Radius of 2,000km (within reach of two hours by airplane) ∙More than 60 cities with a population of more than 1 million people ∙34% of the world’s goods are 137 transported through this region JEOLLABUK-DOINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 Jeollabuk-do, Heaven-blessed Land with the Full Breath of Life Changing from Koreas Attraction to A Great Place for Foreign Investors With geographical proximity to Chinese markets, Jeollabuk-do has been the most important strategic and economic foothold in the Yellow Sea rim and is fast rising as a business center of Northeast Asia in the 21st Century.
  • 52. Climate ※ 10 more piers will be added by 2011, increasing cargo Attractive Investment Environment hand-ling capacity up to 31 million tons a year. * Average annual temperature: 12.8°c We will establish the most competitive investment environment that foreign investors could want. * Average annual rainfall: 1,200mm - Scheduled container vessels: 4 routes (3 for China and 1 for Japan) Transportation Infrastructure ∙Gunsan-Shanghai (once a week), Qingdao (three * Expressways times a week), Shidao (three times a week) Honam, Seohaean, 88 Olympic, Daejeon�Jinju, ∙Gunsan-Tokyo-Yokohama-Chiba (Once a week) Iksan�Jangsu, Gochang�Jangseong, Jeonju� ※ Saemangeum New Seaport - 26 piers of 15,000 TEU Gwangyang, Saemangeum�Pohang (Planned), class vessels (Planned) Gunsan�Iksan (Planned) Airports * Railways Operation of KTX in Honam line, Gunsan- * Gunsan Domestic Airport (Plan to make it Janghang, Saemangeum-Gunsan (Planned), aninternati-onal airport), Saemangeum Extension line to the Gunjang National Industrial International Airport(Planned) Complex (completion in 2012), Double tracking Operation of the swiftest system in Korea and making an electric railway of Jeolla line to overcome business obstacles (completion in 2011) 139 * On-site service and custom-made mobile teams to JEOLLABUK-DO Seaports settle difficulties * Gunsan Seaport * Business Obstacle Center, an online service - Facility Scale: 24 piers for 10,000-50,000 ton- ( class vessels with 19 million tons of yearly cargo Stable Labor-Management Culture handling capacity * Declared Harmony of Labor and Management∙INVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 Industrial Peace for the first time in Korea (Nov. 2006) * Promotes realization of ‘Harmony of Labor and Management∙Industrial Peace Jeonbuk’ that unites labor and management * Operates an advisor system for harmonious labor and management (private system for mediation) * Provides subsidies to workplaces modeling industrial peace and promoting harmonious labor and manageme-nt relations * Establishes regular forums for win-win relationships between labor and management, and networks for labor-related officers * Recruit and support programs for harmonious labor and management: 11 workplaces in three sectors (large, middle standing, small and medium-size enterprises) Producing technical expert fit for business and highly-educated human resources * Over 200 research institutions, 36 science and engine-ering colleges and universities, and vocational high schools in the province produce high grade technical human resources * University: 10 including Jeonbuk National University, Gunsan National University, Wonkwang University
  • 53. Iksan Exclusive Foreign Parts & Materials Complex, Gimje Free Trade Zone, A Business Hub Connected with A Cutting Edge Industrial Base Aiming to Be World - Classs Saemangeum A Core Industrial Complex in the Yellow Sea Rim Commencing a Brilliant Start-up Center of Saemangeum Logistics∙Manufacturing Industries With a guarantee of unrestricted manufacturing, logistics, distribution and trade activities, Gimje Free Trade Part and Materials Zone pursues a balanced national development and active international logistics, such as inducement of Exclusive Complex foreign investment, promotion of imports & exports, trade with China, etc. Establishment of the Most Competitive Infrastructure for Doing Business In As the gateway to the multi-functional administrative city and the Yellow Sea Rim along with its advantageous geographical location to enter China and numerous neighboring industrial complexes including Gunjang National Industrial Complex and Jeonju Scientific Research & Industry Complex, Gimje Free Trade Zone maximizes business efficiency. Development Strategies 141 Nurturing Cutting Edge Parts & Materials Industry Vision : Establish a core industrial complex for balanced national development JEOLLABUK-DO Foreign invested companies such as AUK Corporation, Kodenshi Korea, DongWoo Fine-Chem, and Location : Baeksan-myeon, Gimje City, Jeollabuk-do, Korea Yanmar Korea are integrated in this area, offering easy accessibility to the advanced electronic parts Total Budget : 70.5 billion won industry and state-of-the-art new technology including LED, diode, and photosensor. Project Period : 2009-2011 Project Scale : 990,000 m2 Establishing the Most Competitive Infrastructure for R&D Target Industries ∙Manufacturing industry (foreign invested companies, domestic exporters)INVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 Establishment of 27 laboratories for outstanding R&D infrastructure to provide technical support for parts ∙Machinery, automobile, electronic, fine chemistry, and materials industry (3 for automobile & machinery / 3 for nano-technology, carbon & fiber / 15 for food, high-tech food, biological industry, etc. biology & biotechnology / 2 for basic science / 2 for energy radiation / 2 for other related fields) Development Strategies Vision : Establish a cutting edge base of parts and materials through active investment in foreign invested companies Location : Areas of Samgi-myeon and Nangsan-myeon, Iksan City, Jeollabuk-do, Korea Total Budget : 40 Billion won Project Period : 2007~2011 Project Scale : 2.79 million km2 ∙A total of 330,000m2 will be exclusively developed for foreign parts and materials by the end of 2009. Target Industries ∙Parts & Materials, Medical∙Precision, Automobiles ∙Machinery Parts, Electricity∙Electronics, Chemicals∙Metal ∙Jeollabuk-do Investment Promotion Division 2 Hyoja-ro, Wansan-gu, Jeonju City, Jeollabuk-do, 560-761, Republic of Korea Tel : +82 63 280-4593 Fax: +82 63 280-2759 Website : ∙Saemangeum∙Gunsan Free Trade Zone Authority 18th Fl., Jeollabuk-do Province Hall 2 Hyoja-ro, Wansan-gu, Jeonju City, Jeollabuk-do, 560-761, Republic of Korea Tel : +82 63 280-4131 (Investment Strategy Dept.) +82 63 280-4141 (Investment Promotion Dept.) Fax: +82 63-280-4139, 4149 ∙Office of Civil Petition, Saemangeum∙Gunsan Free Trade Zone Authority w/in the Office of Civil Petition, Gunsan City Hall 8 Sicheong-ro, Gunsan City, Jeollabuk-do, 573-703, Republic of Korea Tel : +82 63 280-4900 Fax: +82 63 280-4899
  • 54. Renewable Energy Zone, the Center for Energy and Success Story Low-Carbon Green Growth Case1 : Solarworld Korea Status : World’s No.3 solar cell manufacturer(German), with the sales revenue at 2 billion Euro and the number of employees at 2,000( Mother Company: Solarworld in Germany) Details of Investment : German Solarworld AG+ Key To Success : “Put Yourself In Someone Else’s Shoes” Solarpark Engineering 50:50 Joint-Venture, Foreign Investment Company Solving the Issue with Plant Location Location : the Jeonju science industry R&D complex in Doonsan-ri 855-1, Bongdong-eup, Wanju-gun, North Jeolla province(foreign investment zone) Investment Plan : 1,500MW Timeliness of Investment/ Overcoming Investment Amount : 4,20 BW Limitations in System No. of Employees : 1,000 143 Business Area : Manufacturing & Sales of Solar Cell JEOLLABUK-DO Renewable Energy Industry Module One Stop Service Administrative Support Because renewable energy is the fundamental solution for environmental issues and the exhaustion of fossil energy, advanced countries decisively promote R&D and implement policies of renewable energy. Case2 : Danone Korea Key To Success : “Put Yourself In Someone Else’s Shoes” Status : World’ No.1 dairy product manufacturer, with Nurturing Cutting Edge Renewable Energy Enterprises the sales revenue reaching 128 million Euro and the Competition among 4 Cities and Provinces Jeollabuk-do has concentrated efforts in nurturing renewable energy as its strategic industry. The province is number of employees at 76,044INVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 also rapidly growing as a global mecca for green industry by not only establishing a cluster of renewable Location : dangsan-ri 1723, muju-gun, North Jeolla energy industries including Buan Renewable Energy Complex, an oceanic wind power plant, and renewable Province(Muju Agricultural Industrial Complex) T/F Team Handling Permission Issues in the energy test and research complex, but also supporting technologies through R&D and professional Investment period : 2008~2012(5 years) Establishment of the Agricultural Industrial manpower through training. Investment Amount : 60 BW Complex In addition, the province actively provides support for cutting edge renewable energy enterprises. Successful No. of Employees : 400 inducement of DC Chemical, Koreas first and the worlds 6th producer of polysilicon and KISTs Business Area : Functional yogurts(currently, 4 types Comprehensive Parts & Technology Laboratory are good examples. are on sale in Korea), Foreign investment zone Plant sites forming a Single Block designated on Feb 27,2009 Development Strategies Vision : Making Jeollabuk-do the center for green energy and low-carbon green growth Location : Areas of Baekryeon-ri, Haseo-myon, Buan-gun, Jeollabuk-do, Korea Ripple Effects of Success Cases Total Budget : 119.4 billion won Solarworld Korea Danone Korea Project Period : 2004-2010 ∙6 Times Increase in Investment ∙World’s No. 1 Food Company Danone’s 70th Project Scale : 356,000 m2 250MW => 1,500MW plant to be Built in Korea Discussion Underway Major Functions : Certification of renewable energy, ratifying research & efficiency testing, support for ∙Increase in Investment Amount for Investment in the R&D Center in Korea industrialization, R&D center, education for experience, publicity, industry and research 2,10 BW => 4,20 BW Sisterhood Relationship Established between center, etc. ∙Attracted Investment in SPME Muju-Gun and Evian in France(2010.10.8) ∙Export Value Reached 100 Million Dollar and Industry & Research Center 310 New Jobs Created Within A Year After the Sites for industry & Neighboring living Support / Green Facilities Designation of Foreign Investment Zone research center facilities (Public facilities) 72,244 m2 1,852 m2 138,904 m2 GLOBAL COMPANIES AUTO MOTIVF, Ratifying Research Complex GM DAEWOO, HYUNDAI, TATA DAEWOO, FOOD DOOSANINFRACORE ,TONG YANG, LS Mtron, MACHINE DANONE KOREA, SANGHA, DONGWOO, Industry and Research Complex SECTOR HARIM, SAJO etc. Land area: 107,000 m2 / 7 Buildings: 18,980 m2 SEAHBESTEEL SECTOR (approx. 213,000 m2) Ratifying Research Complex SOLAR & WIND MARINE & Theme Park & Experiencing Complex OCI, SOLARWORLD KOREA, SHIPBUILDING HYUNDAI HEAVY INDUSTRIES, (approx. 107,000 m2) HYUNDAI HEAVY INDUSTRIES, NEXOLON ENERGY SECTOR WINGSHIP TECHNOLOGY etc. Land area: 36,000 m 2 SECTOR 1 building with three floors: 3,160 m2 Private Theme Park Facilities (approx. 36,000 m2)
  • 55. Gangwon Province! The World-Class Resort, Alpensia Buautiful Gangwon Province, where people and nature co-exist,has recently emerged as the best region in Korea to invest in and prepare for the future, thanks to realization of the New Transportation Era: brand-new expressways, an international airport, growing high speed rail links and harbors. Moreover, comprehensive incentive packages, including long-term tax exemptions and reductions, favorable land leasing and one-stop administrative service are provided to overseas investors. Gangwon Province, which with its enormous potential to generate the most dynamic change in Korea, is spearheading Koreas future stages of growth armed with a vision for the 21st century and its energetic development plan. Taking all of the contributing factors into consideration, such as Korea’s recent economic development, a revival in key industries and the huge domestic consumer market with over 25 What is Alpensia? 147 million people in the adjacent Seoul Metropolitan Area, I am sure that investing in Gangwon will be GANGWON PROVINCE Alpensia is compounded from ‘Alpen’ that means ‘Alps’, and ‘Asia’. ‘Fantasia’. In other words it’s a greatly successful move for you. fantastic resort that is located on Alps in Asia. I invite you to join us in making promising and lucrative projects Business objective The world-class complex resort for 4 seasons become reality. Believing that true investment means investing in business that has a long-term positive value, I believe that together Size about 4.89km2 (approx. 1,216 acres) we can show the world what Gangwon has to offer. Investment volume US$ 1.5 billion ($1=1,000won)INVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 The door to Gangwon Province is wide open. Once you step inside, you ▶ Section A (Alpensia Golf & C.C) will be our partner for the bright future of Gangwon in the 21st century. - Troon Copper Estate (Golf course Home-295 households) (US$ 1.2~5.4 million) In thanks and appreciation I personally extend this invitation. - Alpensia Golf & C.C (27 holes Membership golf course) - Management by Troon Golf INC. ▶ Section B (InterContinental Alpensia Resort PyeongChang) Convenient Transportation Network Business program - InterContinental Alpensia Pyeongchang Resort Gangwon Province is growing phenomenally and construction (5 star Hotel, US$ 57,500~942,000) as a logistics center through improved - Holiday Inn Alpensia Pyeongchang Resort (4 star Hotel) network access to all the major cities in the - Holiday Inn Alpensia Pyeongchang Suites (Condominium, US$ 25,670~686,040) country, not only to the capital region, via the - Management by Intercontinental Hotels Group epoch-making expansion of our wide range - Conference Center, Music Tent & Concert Hall, 7 Ski Slopes, Water Park transportation network: the opening of the ▶ Section C (Sports Park) Seoul-Chuncheon expressway (July 2009), completion of 4 lanes on the Yeongdong and - Alpensia 700 golf club (18-hole course, Management by Troon Golf INC.) Donghae expressways, the opening of the - Biathlon & cross-country field, ski jump ramp, main stadium (for Winter Olympics) Yangyang international airport and the expansion and repaving of main national Vision of Alpensia roads and multiple double track railway links. �Designation of “Olympic Privileged Zone” to proceed of its related legislation Overview of Gangwon Province - Area: 16,874km2 (17% of national area) - Population: 1.54 million (3.2% of national total) �Designation of Privileged Zone to apply “Permanent Residency for Foreign investors”(schedule) - Administrative units: 18 cities & counties (7 cities, 11 - Grand Permanent Residency for foreigner who invests exceed US$ 1,000,000 or KW 1,000 countries) - Industrial complexes: 1 industrial complex, 9 regional million to purchase Condominium and/or Leisure residence facilities and to stay more than industrial complexes and 23 green industrial complexes 5(Five) years (Admittance of children’ schooling, medical insurance benefited) - Features: Adjacent to the Seoul metropolitan area (25 million population base) Annual tourists: 90.93 million (2009) �Establishment of “Casino exclusive for Foreigners”, “Duty Free Shop” (schedule) 300 resort facilities including ski, golf and rafting facilities High-quality human resources base of 21 universities and 28 graduate schools �Establishment of the Korea’s firest “Dog Racing Track”, “Horse Racing Park” (schedule)
  • 56. Donghae Free Trade Zone - in the Bukpyeong Industrial Complex Sokcho Beach Resort - Urban style multi-theme aquatic beach resort The International Marine City of Donghae, the industrial transportation locus of the Eastern Seaboard! 149 GANGWON PROVINCEINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 The Donghae Free Trade Zone offers excellent logistical advantages: cargo transportation by expressway (Seoul ~ Donghae: 2.5 hrs), by national road (3 hrs through Pyeongtaek, Ansan ~ Donghae or to Incheon on the west coast), from Donghae (container seaport) and by railway (direct link to the industrial complex) Summary of Project Business Overview ∙Location : 247 Guho-dong, Donghae City - Location : Proximity of Daepodong, Choyang-dong in Sokcho City ∙Area : 247,734m2 out of 1,873,000m2 of Bukpyeong Industrial Complex - Area: 237,950m2 ∙Leasing period : long term leasing (50 years) for industrial development - Project budget : KRW 223,919 million - Main facilities : ▶ Specialized facility : Aquatic beach club Business Categories in the FTZ ▶ Resort culture : Aqua park, roleplaying game theme park - Foreign Invested Manufacturing Companies ▶ Accommodation facility : Aqua condominium (Villa + Tower style) (parts industry, non-ferrous metals, ceramics, electrical industry, electronics, IT, etc.) ▶ Shopping facility : Pedestrian street type shops, aqua mall - Export-oriented Foreign Invested Manufacturing Companies ▶ 50% or more of revenues should be accrued from exports Investment Environment - Location : Located within 10 minutes from downtown Sokcho, the nations greatest sightseeing - Logistics Business Companies (loading-unloading, transportation, storage, exhibition) destination ▶ 50% or more of revenues should be accrued from exports and imports - Accessibility : ▶ 2.5 hrs from Seoul Main Incentives for Donghae Free Trade Zone ▶ Dongseo Expressway (No.60, completed by 2015), Donghae Expressway (No. 65), Seoul- - General Incentives (Common for all) Sokcho express railway (completed 2020) ▶ Withheld customs duty for imported goods, Low rental fee, Permission to work outside the ▶ Sightseeing places : Seorak Mountai, Seorak Aqua World, Seorak Waterpia, Sol Beach Aqua World zone, Zero tax rate for valueadded tax (VAT), Special cases such as exemption from surcharges General Status - Population (Sokcho City) : 86,104 (as at 2008) - Incentives for Foreign invested Companies - Weather : Annual average temperature 13C (Average in January : 0.7C, Average in August : 24.9C) ▶ Exemption from rental fee payment, Tax reduction ※Expected to be nominated as FEZ in 2009 Annual average precipitation : 1,264mm
  • 57. Chungcheongbuk-do Cheongju International Airport Development Plan Continuation of expanding the Expansion of Airport international Routes Infrastructures - Add new destination to Japan, China, - Expansion of Railways: Cheonan to The MRO Hub in Northeast Asia Southeast Asia, and other areas - Provide special financial incentives to the Cheongju Intl Airport and Daejeon to Cheongju Int’l Airport airlines serving Cheongju - Offering more public transportation services Cheongju MRO Cluster Intro - Eliminate Passenger Facility Charge for to Seoul Metro Area and to Daejeon foreign visitors - Expansion of Airport Infrastructure for future New North East Asia MRO hub at Cheongju International Airport (1hour flying distance from - Offer 50% discount parking rate for growth China and Japan) International Passengers Expansion of main runway from 2,743m to Governments commitment to build net generation MRO Hub of North East Asia - Promotion of Korea-China Free Air Traffic 4,000m Chungbuk has been designated as Strategic foothold of future aerospace MRO industry by Zone Expansion of Cargo Terminal from2,257m2 Ministry of Knowledge Economy to 25,000m2 Great advantages to its business partners and to the future MRO customers 151 Focus on North East Asian market, Cheongju MRO Cluster can start business with Heavy CHUNGCHOENGBUK-DO Competitive Advantages for Cheongju MRO Maintenance & Components in 2012 Emerge as the new leader of IT based Next Generation state-of-the-art MRO Cluster Government Support Education/Training - Commitment to grow MRO Industry by - Over 20 colleges & universities Chungcheongbuk-do - ROK Air Force Academy Specific Development Plan of Cheongju MRO Cluster - Customized supporting programsINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 Government to guarantee the lowest land lease rates Strategic Location Business Environment - Chungcheongbuk-do will lease the land at $1.50/year per square meter - Cheongju Intl Airport ready for new MRO - Outstanding logistics supports business - Existing rotorcraft MRO facilities Runway Extension Plan - Within one flying hour to China and Japan - Current 2,743m will be extended to at least 3,200m or longer MRO R&D Center - Government plans to build R&D supporting Centers to promote new technologies for the next generation MRO($35million budget) MRO job Training Schools - Government will provide incentives such as free lodging and scholarship - Students will work for the MRO Cluster as the compulsory duty for mandatory period at low cost wage - The MRO Special Purpose High Schools will be the main source of low cost and high quality MRO technicians Training Service - Home Grown Technician Training from local high schools and colleges - Continuous Educational Services to help reinforce competencies of engineers and the management Korea-China FTA (highly Investment Promotion & Business Support Division probable) Chungcheongbuk-do Provincial Government - Korea and Chain to sign FTA: 82 Sangdang-ro, Sangdang-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungchoengbuk-do, Republic of Korea 360-765 Chinese carriers to use Korean Tel. 82-43-220-3231~6 Fax. 82-43-220-3319 MRO services
  • 58. Gyeongsangbuk-do General Facts Gyeongsangbuk-do • Location Located in southeast of Korean Peninsula (170~430km from Seoul) 19,026km2 (19.1% of S. Korea, largest provincial territory) • GRDP KRW 64 trillion (as of 2008) • Population Governor’s 2.7 million (5.5% of S. Korea) Message • Exports USD 47.6 billion (as of 2008) • Number of active companies 153 10,829 (as of 2008) GYEONGSANGBUK-DO • Inbound FDI USD 7.5 billion (as of 2008) Greeting to EUCCK members, • Human resources / R&D infrastructureINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 210,000 enrolled students in 41 universities As you may not hear about Gyeongsangbuk-do, commonly abbreviated to 14,000+ professional researchers in about 600 R&D facilities “Gyeongbuk”, as much as you may about Seoul and its surrounding areas, Gyeongbuk Biz-academy collaboration programs (170 companies / 17 universities) is an attractive and vibrant region where traditions are coexistent with hi-tech industries, Linear particle accelerator & proton accelerator for use overwhelming hospitalities are fulfilled anywhere, and biz-friendly SOCs are ready at your service. As taken the leading role in Korea’s economic success for several decades, we are implementing the key initiatives to prepare for forthcoming EU-Korea FTA era, such efforts include lowering legal obstacles opposed to business activities, providing more aggressive incentive packages, and improving living standards enough to make overseas residents feel at home. Uncertainty of investment amplified amid the recent global economic crisis, however I would like to assure you that crisis is so to say opportunity. I sincerely hope that you would take a bet completely reliable and utterly favorable for you. Yes, we are ready to listen to your high expectation. Thank you Kim, Gwan Yong Governor, Gyeongsangbuk-do
  • 59. Logistics & Transportation Components & Material Exclusive Industrial Complex in Gumi • Ground • Investment Environment Reachable to greater Seoul area Asia’s largest IT industry cluster: about 1,850 IT components manufacturers within 100 min. (KTX) Distribution routes, network (Daegu Airport and 5 expressways, etc.) 7 railways, 97 stations DGFEZ (Free Economic Zone) and the 5th nat’l industrial complexes Crisscrossing 8 expressways, 20 Only 100 minutes away from Seoul via KTX (express train) national, 48 regional highways Focus on secondary cell and renewable energy as new growth of engine • Aerial • R&D Environment Daegu & Gimhae int’l airports: direct Application Research : Gumi Electronics and Information Technology Research Institute, Digital access to Japan, China, Pan-pacific TV Research Institute, Display Research Laboratory, Science Research District, Gumi Mobile Test Field • Maritime In vicinity : DGIST, Gyeongbuk University Embedded Software Research Center, Ubiquitous Accessible to Busan port (largest in Technology Research Center, Gyeongbuk Hybrid Technology Institute Korea) within an hour 155 Pohang (Youngilman) port : 44 mil. • Major Companies GYEONGSANGBUK-DO Legend tons/yr Domestic Companies Overseas Companies extant express Way plan extant railroad plan express plan railroad train station industrial under construction district under planINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 Investment Sites Preview Total 90 industrial complexes - Total areas of 104km2 (6 national, 30 local, 54 agro-industrial) Knowledge-integrated FEZ (free economic zone) Components-Materials Exclusive Industrial Complex - 5 zones of 23.6km2 [Gumi, Gyeongsan, Pohang, Yeongcheon(2)] Components & Material-exclusive Industrial Complex - Gumi: 255,000m2 (within the 4th nat’l industrial complex) - Pohang: 330,000m2 (within Youngliman Supporting Details of complex industrial complex) Location : Gumi National Industrial Complex 4 Pohang Free Trade Zone Area : 255,000m2 - 1.4km2 within Youngliman Supporting industrial complex Year of Estabishment : 2008 Preferred Industry : IT, electrical equipment, - Business category: R&D based manufacturing and steel- electronics, renewable energy parts related industries New industrial complexes under construction - Gumi the 5th nat’l industrial complex (9.9km2) Investment Merits - Pohang nat’l industrial complex (9.29km2) Asia’s largest cluster of IT-components businesses - Youngilman Supporting industrial cluster of some 1,800 material-components complex (5.8km2) businesses, including 45 japanese firms Gumi National Industrial Complex 5 under construction(929 millonm2)
  • 60. Components & Material Exclusive Industrial Complex in Pohang Green Energy Industry • Investment Environment • Gyeongbuk Green Energy Map Designation of DGFEZ and Pohang nat’l industrial complex 3 int’l airports within an hour (Pohang, Daegu, Busan) Annual 240,000 TEU, 11.5 million tons of cargo through Yeongilman Port Presence of the world’s 4th largest steel supplier POSCO Proximity to related industries, including shipbuilding and automobile Components-Materials Exclusive Industrial Complex Details of complex Location : Poharg Yeorgilman Industrial Complex Area : 331,000m2 157 Year of Establishment : 2009 Preferred GYEONGSANGBUK-DO Industry : new material, automobie part Investment Merits Srangthening of compativeness through cooperation between steel materals and automobile parts industriesINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 Establishment of componerts-material industry belt throughout Ulsan, Pohang and Gyeongju Pohang National Industrial Complex under • Related Projects construcion(991millonm2) Green Energy-exclusive industrial complex - Location: Gyeongju city - Area: 3.3km2 - Business focus: formation of exclusive ind. complex for green energy-related & providing special incentive • R&D Environment packages for land/tax Fundamental Research: Pohang Accelerator Laboratory, POSTECH Biotech Center, East Sea Energy Cluster Nanotechnology Cluster Center - Subject areas: Pohang, Gyeongju, Yeongdoek, Uljin Application Research : Pohang Research Institute of Science and Technology, Pohang Institute - Project periods : 2006~2021 (15 yrs) of Intelligent Robotics, Pohang Institute of Metal Industry Advancement - Estimated spending : KRW 4.4 trillion - Contents : achieving emission-zero regions substituted by • Major Companies green energy sources (photovoltaic, wind, fuel cell, etc.) Domestic Companies Overseas Companies • Business Incentives Free use of land up to 50 yrs Tax breaks: corporate tax(100% exemption for 3 yrs, 50% reduction for 2 yrs) Local tax reduction / exemption up to 15 yrs Cash grant available for IT, automobile parts and renewable energy businesses
  • 61. Daegu-Gyeongbuk Free Economic Zone (DGFEZ) Hi-tech Medical Complex Project • Investment Environment • Objective Easy-to-access transportation network: Daegu International Airport, Pohang Port, Express To setup core medical & pharmaceutical Railway(KTX), national highways(7) infrastructure Advanced R&D centers: Gumi Electronics & Information Technology Research Institute(GERI), Policy & financial supports to Gyeongbuk Hybrid Technology Institute(GHI), Pohang Accelerator Laboratory(PAL), Pohang commercialize R&D outcome Institute of Intelligent Robotics(PIRO), DGIST Aiming at world-class medical cluster Reasonable investment spending: relatively less initial investment comparing with other FEZs in terms of overall land purchase, living expenses, etc. • Project outlook Main location: Daegu (subsidiary location : • Zonal Specification Gyeongbuk) Nakdong IT Valley Periods : 2009~2038 (phase I by 2012) - Gumi Digital Industrial Zone: Mobile R&D Center, Green Energy, Global R&D Center Estimated budget : USD 6 billion (1.2 bil. Geumho River Technology Service Valley for phase I) - Gyeongsan College Zone : college district, international education park, U-IT R&D center, 159 medical industrial zone • Major Contents GYEONGSANGBUK-DO Yeongcheon Component and Material Valley Core infrastructure setup : 330,000m2 - Yeongcheon High-tech Park Zone : high-tech mechatronics industrial district, future automobile Pharmaceutical / medical equipment theme park development, clinical test center - Yeongcheon High-Tech Components-Materials Industrial Park : Hybrid Technology Center, Supporting facility setup : 660,000m2 auto - parts, Embedded Technology Center Cell gene bank, overseas R&D institutesINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 Pohang R&BD Valley inducement - Pohang Fusion Technology Industry Zone : Fusion Technology Complex, Bio-medical Residential area setup : improving living technology, material-parts production zone, International Knowledge Business Park standards for foreign residents • Infrastructure & Human Resources Gumi Digital Industry Zone Pohang Fusion Technology Industry Zone Medical-related colleges Mobile R&D Center Fusion Technology Complex - Integration of 6 medical, 2 pharmacy, 1 International Technology Investment Bio-medical materials, components Finance Center Global Education Culture Town dental, 2 nurse training colleges (highest Global R&D Center density next to greater Seoul area) POSTECH : Asia’s best R&D oriented university - Ranked 11th in the list of top-world colleges by UK’s The Times (selected in 2007) - 60 R&D facilities with over 2,500 professional researchers Yeongcheon High-Tech Park Zone | CONTACT INFORMATION | High-Tech Mechatronics Intelligent Automobile Parts Zone Investment Promotion Div., Province of Gyeongsangbuk-do, Future Automobille Theme Park 60 Yeonamno, Buk-gu, Daegu, Korea 702-702 Gyeongsan Academic Research Zone Yeongcheon High-Tech Parts & Material Industry Zone John Chung / Investment Consultant International Education, Research Zone Hybrid Automobile Parts Tel : 82 53-950-2175 Fax : 82 53-950-2178 U-IT R&D Center Embedded Automobile Technology Center International Education Park Automobile Parts Research institute E-mail :
  • 62. CHANGWON City Business Profile Global Business Network • Free Economic Zone and Free Trade Zone CHANGWON is: • Logistics cluster centered on Busan New Port • Center of national enterprises including shipbuilding, machinery, and auto industries becoming a leading city in the world, R&D Cluster with Corporations, Research Centers, and Universities tomorrow’s industrial hub of Northeast Asia. • New and renewable energy industry development with Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute • High value added machine components industry development with Korea Institute of Materials Science • Outstanding labor force from 27 universities and 17 colleges in and near Changwon Vision & Strategy Paradisiacal Environment and World Class Leisure Complex 169 • Mild climate, fresh air, and beautiful rias coast CHANGWON CITY • Wide plains and balanced residence, business, industry and green zone • New marine tourism and leisure development including robot land, water world, marina resort, and international cruise services The Strategic Center of Northeast AsiaINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 Major cities of Northeast Asia including Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Osaka, Hongkong, and Bangkok are accessible within 2 hours by airplane. Busan New Port and Masan Port are transshipment ports linking with major feeder ports. Northeast Asian Hub City with Vast Neighboring Markets • 25% of World Population • 27% of World GDP • 20% of World Trade Volume Northeast Asia, one of the world’s three economic pillars, is expected to take up a third of the global trade volume. Changwon is at the center of Northeast Asia. Changwon, a beautiful city surrounded by mountains and the sea, is a competitive city with rich Natural environment, global history and culture. business markets, the best logistics and transportation networks of Changwon promise better future. General Features • Total Area: 743.81 km2 (Seoul: 605 km2) 15°C/ 1,395mm • Accessibility • Population: 1.1 million • Housing Supply Ratio: 101.8% Changwon has the most convenient and accessible network of ground, marine, and air • Finance: 2.3 trillion KRW (Ulsan: 2.6 trillion KRW) • Paved Road Rate: 96% transportation. • Gross Regional Domestic Product: 28.3 trillion • Water Supply Rate: 95.8% - Namhae, Gyeongbu, Jungbu Naeryuk, Daejeon-Tongyoung Expressway Area KRW (Daejeon: 20.8 trillion KRW) • Schools: 223 schools (Primary schools: 105, - 30 minutes to Gimhae International Airport by car, 60 minutes to Seoul by airplane • Export: 29 billion USD (Busan: 10.2 billion USD) Middle schools: 62, High schools: 46, - 150 minutes to Seoul from KTX ChangwonJungang stn., Changwon stn., and Masan stn. by train • Annual Average Temperature & Precipitation: Universities: 6, Special schools: 4) - 30 minutes to Busan New Port and 20 minutes to Masan Port by car
  • 63. World Class Products Masan Free Trade Zone ‘World Class Products’ are selected from goods and services with a ranking within the top five in • Area: 953 km2 ( Unit: km2 ) terms of global market share, a global market size greater than 50 million USD, and over 10 percent of global market share. Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 535 258 160 • Number of Employee: 8,200 Midsize Petroleum Products troleum • Amount of Export: 3.85 billion USD Microwave, Refrigerator, rowave, Seawater Desalination awater Electronics Carrier, L Large Diesel Engine, Facility, Ship Components Fa • Tenant Companies: 90 manufacturers and 70 logistics, customs, and finance supporting Cylinder Liner companies | The Productivity of Changwon in Korea 171 CHANGWON CITY Machine Transportation Equipment Steel Electronics 46% 10% 15% 5%INVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 Busan-Jinhae Free Economic Zone etc. 2% Electronics 8% • Objective: Foreign Corporations’ Business Environment Development, Foreign Investment | Percentage of Production in Changwon National Promotion Steel 10% Industrial Complex • Location: Jinhae-gu, Changwon and Gangseo-gu, Busan • 3,406 companies with 117,512 employees Transportation • 51 Large Corporations with 51,043 employees • Area: 104.8 km2 Equipment 16% Machine 64% • 293 Medium Corporations with 30,914 employees • Project Cost: 14.9 trillion KRW • 3,062 Small Corporations with 35,555 employees • Target Industries: High Tech Industry, Logistics, Tourism, Leisure, International Business, Education • Project Period: 2003~2020 • Expected Population: 255,000 Changwon National Industrial Complex Changwon is an attractive business city with a high growth potential through its global industry groups and high-tech industry clusters. • Area: 25,302 km2 ( Unit: km2 ) Industrial Facilities Supporting Facilities Public Facilities Green Zone 17,242 2,065 3,708 2,287 • Number of Employee: 82,000 • Volume of Manufacture: 40.1447 trillion KRW • Amount of Export: 15.217 billion USD • Production Rate by Industry: Machinery 64%, Transportation Equipment 16%, Steel 10%, Electronics 8%, Others 2%
  • 64. Waseong District Ungdong District • High Technology Industry & Resort Project • Tourism and Leisure Complex Project • High-tech industry and recreation site will be developed based on the huge neighboring • ‘Ocean Resort’ will be developed in consideration of the beautiful ocean and environment. markets of BJFEZ. • Location: Ungcheon-dong, Jinhae-gu, Changwon • Location: Waseong Bay, Nammun-dong, Jinhae-gu, Changwon • Area: 2,258 km2 • Area: 796 km2 • Project Cost: 307 billion KRW ※ Public Facilities Area: 244,500 m2 , High-tech Industry Area: 174,800 m2 • Facilities: Golf Courses, Water Park, Foreign Hospitals & Educational Institutions, Hotels Tourism Facilities Area: 376,700 m2 • Developer: Changwon City, Gyeongnam Development Corporation, Investors Invited • Project Cost: 376.5 billion KRW • Developer: Changwon City, Investors Invited 173 CHANGWON CITYINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 Munhwa District Nammun District • Ungcheon Kiln Site Restoration • Designated as a Foreign Investment Zone (Oct. 2010) Project • With the best logistics infrastructure, it will be the center of the southeast of Korea. • The grayish blue powdered • Location: Nammun-dong, Jinhae-gu, Changwon celadon of the Joseon period • Area: 1,087 km2 (FI Zone: 71.368 km2) used to be produced here; it is • Project Cost: 311.2 billion KRW also presumed to be the home • Target Industries: Mechatronics, Shipbuilding, Auto Parts, Other Manufacturing Industries of Ido tea bowls. With the • Eligibility: Enterprises with a foreign stake of at least 30% beautiful southern coast of • Rental Price: Within 1% of the purchase price of the land (Renewable within 50 years) Korea and rich history and ※Project with foreign investment over 20 million USD culture of ceramics, it will be one of the best tourist attractions. • Location: San 147 Du-dong, Jinhae-gu, Changwon • Area: 165 km2 • Project Cost: 26.5 billion KRW (Public: 12.3, Private: 14.2) • Facilities: Exhibit Hall, Experience Hall, Traditional Kiln, Ceramics Gallery, Teahouse • Developer: Changwon City, Investors Invited
  • 65. Myeongdong Ocean Tourism Complex Incentives • Sales price subsidy to rent land or provide facility site at a low cost (Within 50% • International Ocean Leisure Sports & Resort Complex Locational Subsidy of sales price. Project in business plan should be continued at least 10 years) • Beautiful marine environment and onshore tourism resources can be linked after the • Highly advanced technology, Industry support services, and Component development of marina hub of southern coast of Korea and international ocean leisure sports Industry: More than 10 million USD and resort complex. Cash Support • R&D Center: More than 5 million USD • Location: 7 islands and coast, Myeong-dong, Jinhae-gu, Changwon • 5~15% of FDI will be provided for land acquisition, construction, and equipment • Area: 2,500 km2 (Land: 275 km2, Island: 736 km2, Coast: 1,489 km2) purchase (Not stackable with any other subsidy) • Project Cost: 370.9 billion KRW (Public: 93.1, Private: 277.8) • Up to 5 years and 200 million KRW, 1 million KRW for each additional employee • Facilities: Marine Park, Marina, Hotels, Pension, Over Sea Cable Car, Observatory Employment Subsidy within 6 months to the company hiring over 20 new employees • Administrative Support: Infrastructure including breakwaters and road • Subsidized employees should be hired more than 3 years Administrative procedures including approval • 0.1~1 million KRW for each additional employee within 6 months to the company • Developer: Investors Invited hiring over 20 new local employees Training Subsidy • Only for training program by professional education institution (Enforcement regulations No. 13) 175 Facility Subsidy • Up to 200 million KRW, within 2% of excess facility price over 3 billion KRW CHANGWON CITY • Within 50% of total project & operating cost for international school construction Facility Support • Up to 200 million KRW, within 20% of project cost for hospital, drugstore, and house after deliberation • Exemption: Highly advanced technology related project with investment over 1 million USD & Project with foreign investment over 20 million USD, Project with over 300 average employees per day, Project exporting 50% of total productionINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 and using only domestic components and raw and subsidiary materials Public Property Lease & • 75% Reduction: Project with investment between 10 million and 20 million USD, Sale Incentive and 200 to 300 average employees per day • 50% Reduction: Project with investment between 5 million and 10 million USD, and 100 to 200 average employees per day Gusan Ocean Tourism Complex • Highly advanced technology and Industry support services, Individual foreign • International Tourism & Resort Complex linked with the Robot Industry investment zone • Robot theme park linked with industry and beautiful ocean tourism resources will help to Tax Reduction • Corporate tax & Income tax: 100% for 5 years, 50% for 2 years develop the world-class tourism and resort complex. • Acquisition tax, Registration tax, & Property tax: 100% for 15 years • Location: Gusan-myeon, Happo-gu, Changwon Incentive for large • Foreign Company: Investment over 300 million USD or over 1,500 regular • Area: 3,807 km2 (Land: 3,682 km2, Coast: 125 km2) investment Corporation employees per day boosting regional • Project Cost: 983.1 billion KRW (Public: 270.1, Private: 713) economy • Company with over 500 regular employees • Facilities: Marina, Hotels, Water Park, Wellness Town ※Eligibility: Company with more than 30% of foreign investment or foreign largest stockholder • Administrative Support: Infrastructure including road and water supply and sewage system Administrative procedures including approval • Developer: Changwon City, Investors Invited Festivals Gunhangje(Cherry Blossom Festival) Cheonjusan Mountain Azalea Festival Jinhae International Military Band & Honor Guard Festival Changwon Festival Gagopa Chrysanthemum Festival Junam Migratory Birds Festival | CHANGWON INVESTMENT PROMOTION DIVISION Changwon City Hall, Yongho-dong, Uichang-gu, Changwon, Gyeongnam, Korea TEL +82-55-225-2661 / FAX +82-55-225-4709 / HOMEPAGE
  • 66. Goyang City Come to the International City, Goyang City Goyang, the city whose people are more beautiful than flowers Now, Goyang, with its long history and tradition, has become the leading city of Korea in the 21st century. Goyang is recognized for its optimum urban infrastructure, consisting of an evergreen residential environment, systematic city traffic, international-level cultural and sports facilities, a balanced 177 welfare system, open and citizen-oriented municipal administration, value-added industrial GOYANG CITY facilities, and an active local economy. Goyang, a city famous for the its International Flower Exhibition, is emerging as a center of international trade supported by its international exhibition center, culture and trade complex, and large flower garden that will soon be established here. Goyang will remain an evergreen city of future that takes care of even a single blade of grass,INVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 together with citizens. Although Goyang is located north of Seoul, the Freedom Road and the Seoul Outer circulation Goyang City was selected as one of the world’s ten hottest cities that attract the world’s Road guarantee its proximity to nearby regions. In addition, Goyang City has been attempting to attention(Newsweek 2006) establish a smart traffic system, to Plan a downtown railway, and to make Gyeongui railroad a double-track electric railway, so as to make the traffic condition even more convenient. Pleasant City of Environment located near Seoul
  • 67. Emerging as a Mecca for Broadcast Media 179 GOYANG CITYINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 City of Transport accessible from all directions Attractiveness of Broadcast Media Industry Government’s 20% refund policy for over 5 billion won overseas project’s domestic location It ranked first among domestic location shooting venues 34 billion won of Goyang broadcast media fund created 50 billion won of broadcast media enterprise credit financing created City of Transport accessible from all directions Continuous business support like overseas expenditure support, marketing and publicity
  • 68. 181 GOYANG CITYINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 Proposal to attract investing companies to Goyang City Proposal to attract businesses : Relevant academy companies, CG/3D businesses, film producing companies : Within Janghang-dong Culture Industry District Investment proposal : Exemption of acquisition tax and registration tax and 50% reduction of property tax : 6.05 million level of average land price at Samsong District (Supplying 80% of land preparation price) Proposal for Goyang City Filming Location : Tax support, fund support, credit financing support and : Use of Aqua Studio at cost price others (Goyang City) : Government’s support for refund + Goyang City’s separate support for refund
  • 69. Namyangju City Namyangju’s past and present Population 1995 268,000 people Population increased 2005 454,500 people 287,000 from 1995 We invite you to Namyangju, a green city with a (integration period) 2010 564,141 people business-friendly environment! 1995 45 schools Schools (opened) 2005 75 schools Situated northeast from Seoul, the capital city of Korea, Namyangju is the most competitive and 2010 102 schools opportunisitc city among the 31 cities in Gyeonggi Province which is garnering the world’s 1995 787 plants attention. Namyangju is developing into an industrial mecca (e.g. Jingwan Industrial Complex, Plants 2005 964 plants Palya Industrial Complex, Geumgok Industrial Complex) thanks to its favorable investment conditions, such as convenient transportation infrastructure, relatively affordable land and wide 2010 1,774 plants 183 talent pool. As an urban-rural complex city, Surak Mountain, Cheolma Mountain and 1995 53 units NAMYANGJU CITY Chungnyeong Mountain is located on the northside and Bukhan River flows on the southside. The Housing 2005 128 units city’s scenic beauty and clean air provides a pleasant residential environment and has attributed to 2010 211 units developing the tourism industry as well as the primary industry (especially the organic agriculture industry). Furthermore, Namyangju’s urban area has numerous industrial complexes and large residential sites and a wide talent pool.INVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 Ideal business environment! Namyangju is growing into an industrial city and offers an attractive business environment for investors. Four reasons to invest in Namyangju: 1) Affordable land for sale Namyangju’s geographical conditions are favorable to businesses and land is available for sale at an affordable price compared to that of Seoul and southwest metropolitan areas. This is an attractive factor for investors as it reduces the burden of cost. 2) Ideal location for business growth As a traffic hub, Namyangju’s road network includes expressways, national highways and local roads. Namyangju has subway systems (e.g. Central Line, Seoul-Chuncheon Line) and is planning to extend the Seoul subway lines 4 and 8. The city is also closely connected to major transportation facilities such as Incheon International Airport and Pyeongtaek Port. 3) Wide talent pool Manpower is essential for businesses to develop. Namyangju has a wide talent pool (graduates We introduce you to Namyangju, a city that is ceaselessly developing from neighboring Seoul’s universities) and population inflow is continuing thanks to large land and growing! development projects. This provides businesses with a wide pool of talent to choose from. Namyangju at a glance (general information) Namyangju’s vision and strategy 4) One-stop business support service Area 458.5 km2 1. Citizen-oriented transparent administration Namyangju City operates the “Business Support Center” to provide high-quality administrative and Population 564,141 2. 3.3.4 green city 3. People-oriented welfare culture financial services to businesses. The “Business Support Center” offers support and resolves GRDP UD$5.5 billion 4. Future-oriented welfare education difficulties related to issues from plant construction to business management. Namyangju City’s Company 23,034 5. Vibrant industrial economy business support policies have earned high praise from the government.
  • 70. [Excellence award based on evaluation by government bodies] Good Partners for Investment Evaluation on handling business problems (2007): Gyeonggi Province (Best Award) Namyangju, a reliable investment partner! Evaluation on business innovation (2007): Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (Excellence Award) Namyangju is known as a ‘reliable business partner’ among companies doing business in the city, Evaluation on promoting public procurement (2008): Prime Minister (Excellence Award) mainly attributed to actively and quickly resolving business complaints and problems through the Evaluation on policies to revive the regional economy (2008): Ministry of Public Administration and Security Business Support Center. Based on the motto of ‘business-oriented, field-oriented, service- (Excellence Award) oriented’, the Business Support Center is a customized system that is comprehensively and Evaluation on job creation in 1H (2010): Ministry of Public Administration and Security (Excellence Award) systematically run to continuously assist and satisfy businesses. Namyangju will concentrate on Evaluation on service excellence (2010): Ministry of Public Administration and Security (President’s Award) remaining a reliable partner in order to ensure a successful symbiosis with businesses. Namyangju City’s Business Support Center looks after the interests of businesses In order for companies to well adjust, Namyangju City uses various methods to actively support Namyangju, ideal city for investment! businesses and runs the Business Support Center (established in September 2007) to resolve Namyangju City provides active and unconditional support to companies doing business in business problems. Namyangju. Currently, there are approximately 3,400 manufacturing companies (including non- 185 registered companies) and the number is growing 10.6% (or 148 companies) each year and as NAMYANGJU CITY Continued operation of the proactive business problem handling system such, 864 jobs are being created every year. Also, Jingwan Industrial Complex, Palya Industrial Establishment of a business SOS system, providing advice by business experts Complex and Geumgok Industrial Complex located in Jingeon-eup and Jinjeop-eup is laying the Voluntary composition of a business community, holding tour conferences basis for companies to steadily grow. Continued provision of customized business support service 1. Jingwan Industrial ComplexINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 CEO academy Location: #850-3, Jingwan-ri, Jingeon-eup, Funding, export, technology development, design, credit guarantee, etc. Namyangju-si Sectors: Non-metallic mineral product Promotional marketing (IR) of strong-performing companies (once a month) manufacturing (flagship sector) & nine others Promoting the purchase of products by companies in Namyangju Area: 142,000m 2 Promoting public-related projects (construction design, urban development) Land supply method: Pre-sale (98,320m2), not available for lease Resolution of plant-related complaints Handling complaints accurately, efficiently and 2. Palya Industrial Complex quickly (complaint handling time reduced by Location: #31, Palya-ri, Jinjeop-eup, Namyangju-si 50%) Sectors: Other machinery and equipment manufacturing (flagship sector) & five others Handling the pre-registration review process Area: 210,587m2 Land supply method: Pre-sale (76,210m2), lease (30,503m2) Supply of industrial sites ideal for businesses Creating provincial industrial complexes, 3. Geumgok Industrial Complex designating a quasi-industrial complex within a Location: #140-5, Geumgok-ri, Jinjeop-eup, Namyangju-si concentrated area of plants Sectors: Medical/precision/optical device and clock manufacturing (27 companies) & four others Creating a mini complex fit for individual Area: 130,383m 2 businesses, promoting investment Land supply method: Pre-sale (53,388m2), not available for lease Namyangju, Korea’s mecca of organic agriculture and slow food [Key Contact Information] Namyangju is to host the 17th Organic World Congress in 2011 and is bidding to host the Slow Food International Conference in Business Support Division (Business Support Center) 2012. Investment Promotion Team / E-mail: Tel: 82-31-590-2281, 82-31-590-2277, Fax: 82-31-590-2279
  • 71. Gangnam-gu order to build on its green philosophy. In addition to using energy-efficient technology throughout the complex, Coex also works with meetings planners to help facilitate greener meetings practices during every event. where tradition and modernity coexist. 2010 2009 - G20 Seoul Summit 2010 - Asia Petrochemical Industry Conference - United Nations World Conference on Arts Education - World Information and Communications Summit 2009 - XXIII International Union of Forest Research Organizations - ISIT(International Symposium on Information Theory) World Congress - DICON(Digital International Content Conference) Gangnam-gu is located in the southeastern part of Seoul, the capital city of South Korea. The - 14th Asia Pacific Retailers Congress & Exhibition climate of the area brings four distinct seasons while the average annual temperature is 10 ~ 16 - The 14th Congress of the Asian Pacific Society of Respirology with the hottest being August at 25.3 and the coldest being January at -1.7 2008 2007 - Asian Pacific Association for the Study of the Liver - World Conference on Lung Cancer In Gangnam-gu, there is a well-organized road network, and each street has its own - OECD Ministerial Meeting on the Future of the Internet - ISPRM(International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation characteristics. The area around the Teheran Road, where the Trade Center, City Airport Terminal, Economy Medicine) 187 and ASEM Center are positioned, is home to new venture businesses and high-tech industries as - 17th International Federation of Automatic Control World - International Hospital Federation Conference GANGNAM-GU Congress well as the existing trade and finance sectors. Particularly, Gangnam-gu is the international - XVIII World Congress on Safety and Health at Work business hub where many international trade and finance-related businesses, major large 2006 conglomerates and multinational companies are located. COEX, located also in this area, is the - International Horticultural Congress IHC 2006 - The 9th Congress of the WFNMB conference center which can host large-scale conference and exhibitions. - World Congress of Biomedical Laboratory Science - The 61st Junior Chamber International(JCI) World Congress The Coex Center in Seoul is Korea’s venue of choice, providing more than 20 years of experienceINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 and know-how in the local MICE industry. Coex is conveniently located in the heart of Seoul’s One place for buying, seeing High-Tech Business Valley, business district, and in-house facilities include major 5-star hotels, a huge shopping mall, and eating - COEX Teheran-ro numerous theaters and art spaces, and an advanced IT infrastructure to ensure that all your needs As the world’s top general exhibition hall, it’s a The round 10 lanes which cross Gangnam -- business, entertainment, shopping, or culture -- are met right here under one roof. mecca for global business in transportation, regions from the east to the west, it takes a role communication and advanced business of a global business mecca with active The center consists of four main infrastructure. The COEX Mall is especially the international trade and financing. Many venture exhibition halls and 54 meeting rooms, one-stop spot where you can enjoy various enterprises and skyscrapers are located here. Its and hosts a yearly average of 200 facilities as well as culture, entertainment, present name is in memory of Teheran mayor’s exhibitions and over 2,000 separate shopping and food. visiting Seoul in 1977 and the sister-city relationship between Seoul and Teheran. Of meetings and events. Convention and Webpage : course, there’s ‘Seoul Street’ in Teheran City. conference spaces include two theater Pass through Daechi-dong ~ Yeoksam-dong ~ COEX Aquarium stages, a state-of-the-art auditorium, an Webpage : Samseong-dong elegant Grand Ballroom, a stately and Megabox Cineplex historic circular summit hall, and more. Webpage : COEX AquariumX Aquarium Coex’s numerous and diverse meeting Hosu Food Court, Hosu Food Shops rooms have maximum capacities that Pulmuone Kimchi Museum run from 12 people to 7,000, ensuring Webpage : Megabox Cineplex that any event will be accommodated, Hyundai Department Store (COEX Branch) regardless of its size or character. Webpage : Coex is also proud to be known locally Bandi n Lunis as an environmental innovator and Webpage : Pulmuone Kimchi Museum pioneer in Korea’s commercialized Evan Records green technology sector, and has been Sevenluck Casino extensively renovated in recent years in Webpage : Sevenluck Casino
  • 72. Special rest, Delight of the Wide Selection, to serious illness. The skill of medical workers whole process of medical services from entry Five-Star Hotel Shopping is world-class with the best one-stop medical to departure. And there are medical tour Gangnam-gu is loved by tourists and Another delight that Gangnam-gu can give you service through high tech medical equipments coordinators taking charge of counseling and businessmen for the representative five-star is a wide selection of gorgeous shopping sites. and high quality facilities. Foreign medical guidance and interpretation taking charge of hotels and clean, high-quality lodging houses. You can enjoy luxury and brand shopping at tourists can especially get specialized premium translating between doctors and foreign Residences for long term guests are excellent the department stores and duty-free shops and services from medical experts who help the medical patients. with convenient facilities and service. bonded and used item shopping on the theme streets. Also at the COEX Mall, you can enjoy First-class Hotels one-stop shopping with the various convenient COEX Intercontinental Seoul facilities and cultural spaces. Webpage : Duty Free Shop Rodeo Street in Apgujeong Grand Intercontinental Webpage : Lotte Duty Free(COEX Branch) A fashion center for the younger generation, Apgujeong Rodeo Street Imperial Palace Hotel Webpage : Webpage : Often called the Beverly Hills of Seoul, Park Hyatt Seoul Apgujeong boasts brand-name boutiques, Webpage : Premium Medical Service in 189 bars, stylish cafes and restaurants. Gangnam GANGNAM-GU Renaissance Seoul Hotel Apgujeong Street was set up as a hub of Webpage : fashion in the early nineties and called Rodeo Ritz Carlton Webpage : Street after the Beverly Hills shopping district. It is a street for all youngsters who want to Second-class Hotels Best Western Gangnam enjoy their prime, vitality, and individuality.INVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 Webpage : Ellui Hotel Webpage : Hotel Prima Webpage : Cheongdam-dong Fashion Street Hotel Riviera Seoul Webpage : The Street Where High-end Fashion Starts. Samjung Hotel Webpage : Cheongdam-dong is one of the high-class Novotel Ambassador Gangnam residential districts in Seoul. The street is filled Webpage : with world-famous designer boutiques, first Hotel Ramada Seoul class restaurants, stylish cafes, the trendiest Webpage : bars, fancy furniture shops, and beautiful art galleries. Known to Koreans as “The High-end Fashion Street,” Cheongdam-dong Street bears a close resemblance to Champs-Elyeese Street of Paris with its outstanding buildings and their luxurious interiors, chic fashion flow, and In Gangnam-gu, there are 6 general hospitals vitality. including Gangnam Severance Hospital, Samsung Seoul Hospital, Cha Hospital, Wooridul Hospital and over 2,000 clinics for The spirit and taste of the top international plastic surgery, dermatology, dental, designers are abundant in this area. ophthalmology and Oriental medicine. You can Imperial Place Hotel Imperial Place Hotel receive various medical services from skin care
  • 73. Garosu-gil( Street) in Shinsa-dong Buddhist Temple - Bongeunsa ‘It Place’ to enjoy culture and consumption. As the thousand-year-old temple in downtown, it realizes the public missionary Widely visited by youngsters and known as an ‘It Place’ to foreign visitors as well as to the local works and social welfare. Irrespective of religion, everybody can visit freely. people, this street is no less popular than Apgujeong Rodeo Street and Cheongdam Fashion Bongeunsa gives you rest and consolation. Street. Recently, outlets of some international brand-name boutiques have opened here. With its richness and diversity of culture and establishments, Garosu-gil(Street) is no doubt one of the Webpage : most popular tourist attractions of Seoul. 191 GANGNAM-GU Beautiful Walking Trails in GangnamINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 Lungs of Gangnam, Mt. Daemosan A low mountain with a height of 293m, it’s used as a rest area for residents near Mt. Guryongsan. Many people climb it for morning exercises and hiking. Maebong Station Dalteo Park Mt. Guryeong Mt. Daemosan Tancheon Yangjaecheon Maebong Station Subway: No. 4, 5 Exits, Ilwon Station, 3 Line Classical Beauty Seonjeongneung, Royal Palaces & Tombs Yangjaecheon, As the No.199 Historical Relic, it is a cultural asset and serves as a park in Nature inside the City. Gangnam-gu, providing a green space for relaxation and walk for the citizens. This ecological park is now home to two swamps and a walking path of willow Webpage : trees. Over 10,000 people visit the stream daily to walk, jog, hike, ride bikes, and enjoy the lush, greenness of nature and to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. This park also serves as a good site for ecological education. Here, people can enjoy a great number of recreational activities while learning about ecology. Webpage:
  • 74. Yeongcheon City Hub of southeast Korea About us, Yeongcheon Industry Infrastructure Basic Information Industrial Complexes and Logistics Complex • Area • Daegu-Gyeongbuk Free Economic Zone : 920.42 km 2 - Cutting-Edge Parts Industrial Zone : Industrial complex adjacent to the Gyeongbu expressway, ※4.8% of the Gyeongsangbuk-do area & 47km 2, developed by 2012 1.5 times as big as Seoul 193 - High-Tech Park Zone : Industrial complex adjacent to the North YC Interchange, 5.4km 2, YEONGCHEON CITY • Population developed by 2020 : 103,190 • Yeongcheon National Industry Complex (Under contemplation) • City Budge - National Industrial Zone planned in the area of Shillyeong-myeon, Hwasan-mywon, 6.2km 2 : 570 billion won • Gogyeong General Industrial Complex (private capital)INVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 • Admin. Districts : 1-eup, 10-myeon, 5-dong - Industrial complex developed in the area of Gogyeong-myeon, 1.56km 2, constructed by 2012 • Businesses : 880 • Yeongcheon Logistics Complex (※ employees ; 10,800) - Hub of logistics complex planned in the area of Joongang-dong, 0.25km 2, created by 2013 - Three expressways and their five interchanges Major features of Yeongcheon-si • Two-track lining project for the Daegu line (under way) • Major city in the region of Gyeongsanbuk-do province and the well-connected transportation - Yeongcheon ~ Daegu, 34km, constructed by 2015 network • Same zone of life with the Global city, Daegu Metropolitan city as well as astonishing view of • Two nearest KTX stations : East Dageu and New Gyeongju stations (within a 30-minute nature all year round driving distance) • Center for horse industries and the national top trading town of various fruits and medical herbs • Birthplace of Poeun Jeong, Mong-ju(the Korean sage), Nogye Park, In-roe(the national scholar), and Choi, Mu-seon(the medieval scientist and the inventor of gunpower) • Korea Third Military Academy, National Ceremony, and the last defense line during the Korean war
  • 75. Promoting Tourism Industry • Yeongcheon Horse Racing Park - In the area of Geumho-eup, 2.19km 2 - Korea Racing Authority, by 2014, budget ; 500 billion won • Ecological Park in the Geumho river - Yeongcheon ~ Daegu, 52km, 166 billion won • National project of the Three Cultural Areas - Village of Hwarang Legend : Geumho-eup, 1.3km 2, 52.5 billion won - Village of Oriental Medicine : Hwaryong-dong, 0.41km 2, 36.5 billion won • Memorial Park of the Yeongcheon War(Korean War) - Gogyeong-myeon, 0.6km 2, 28 billion won 195 • Eco-Friendly Golf Villages(Five) YEONGCHEON CITY - Under operation : Opell(27hole), the Third Military Academy(9hole) - Under construction : Reyford(27hole), Cheongtong(27hole), Bukan(27hole) • Mt. Unjusan Horseback Riding and Natural Forest Resort - Global levels riding grounds(Indoor and outdoor), mountain coursesINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 • Making holy places for historical figures - Poeun Jeong, Mong-ju, General Choi, Mu-seon, and Nogye Park, In-roe Yeongcheon in 2020 • Bohyunsan Aristocratical Observatory and its Science Museum and Well-Being Woods around the region. • Advanced City for High Tech Industries harmonized with agricultural sectors with its population of 200,000 • Hub city of transportation and logistics in southeast Korea • World class Horse Racing Park and excellent tourist attractions • Industrial Network City bridging the ocean and inland counterparts | CONTECT Address : Bureau of Enterprise Attraction City Hall, 16 Sicheong-ro, Yeongcheon-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do 770-701, Korea Tel : 82-54-330-6022 Fax : 82-54-330-6739 Homepage :
  • 76. INVESTMENT GUIDE MAP 146 page INVESTMENT GUIDE 182 150 FREE page page 176 152 ECONOMIC page page 106 page 186 page 192 page ZONE DAEGU-GYEONGBUK FREE 198 144 120 page page ECONOMIC ZONE (DGFEZ) GWANGYANG BAY AREA FREE 206 ECONOMIC ZONE (GFEZ) 136 198 page page 128 114 page page 206 160 168 page page page
  • 77. Daegu-Gyeongbuk An Ideal Location for Global Business Convenient transportation Infrastructure Daegu-Gyeongbuk is located approximately 99 minutes from Free Economic Zone Seoul by KTX. Daegu International Airport has 6 international flights to destinations such as Beijing, Shanghai and Gimhae International Airport has 17 international flights to destinations such as Tokyo, Hongkong. Additionally, there are 5 International Ports within a 1 hour distance The Knowledge-based Free Economic Zone from Daegu-Gyeongbuk region. The Daegu-Gyeongbuk Free Economic Zone (DGFEZ) is a special economic zone in South Korea that offers an optimal business environment by providing financial incentives, relaxed regulations and customized R&D hub of Korea facilities to global companies looking to satisfy their customer base in Korea and expand into Asia. Daegu-Gyeongbuk operates superior and specialist R&D DGFEZ is comprised of 10 specialized districts spanning 34 square kilometers throughout Daegu facilities such as Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science & 199 Metropolitan City and Gyeongbuk Province (Gumi, Gyeongsan, Yeongcheon, Pohang). DGFEZ aims to be Technology(DGIST), Pohang Accelerator Laboratory(PAL), knowledge-based free economic zone by focusing its efforts on creating corridors in IT Convergence, High- DAEGU-GYEONGBUK FREE ECONOMIC ZONE National Center for Nanomaterials & Technology(NCNT) and Tech Transportation Components, Green Energy and Knowledge-based Service. Highly-skilled human POSTECH Biotech Center. resources, leading global companies, and world class R&D institutes in Daegu-Gyeongbuk region provide an opportunity for enterprises and institutes to gain a competitive advantage through innovation and value chain maximization. Excellent human capitalINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 IT Convergence High-tech Transportation Components There are 51 universities and colleges in Daegu-Gyeongbuk, and consequently is ranked relatively Mobile-LED-Medical Device-Robot Automotive-Ship-Bicycle-Aviation high in the number of colleges per capita. Annually, approximately 70,000 graduates enter the labor market, with nearly 17,000 of those graduates having majored in the IT, NT, BT, and intelligent automotives areas. The job turnover rate of Daegu-Gyeongbuk was only 2% in 2007. World’s major cultural region Daegu is a global city which has been chosen to host numerous sporting and cultural events. The 13th IAAF World Championship in Athletics 2011 and the World Energy Congress 2013 are scheduled to take place in Daegu. Daegu is a city of culture and arts with the International Musical Festival and the International Opera Festival taking place every spring and fall. One can also find World Heritages Sites (UNESCO) such as Bulguksa, Sukgulam and the Gyeongju Historic Areas throughout Gyeongbuk. Green Energy Knowledge-based Service Solar-Wind-Fuel cell Medical-Digital Contents-Education Project District Area Target Businesses Global industrial cluster � Gumi Digital District Daegu-Gyeongbuk has an international cluster of specialized IT and electronic industries with 6.24km2 mobile, next generation display, solar cell, secondary battery Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, LG Display, Toray Advanced Materials, Samsung Corning, � Daegu Technopolis 7.27km2 intelligent automotive parts, solar cells, special R&D hub ExxonMobil, and Asahi Glass. POSCO, the 4th largest steel company, and Siemens are located in � International Culture Industry District 0.07km2 software development, broadcasting(IPTV) Pohang. Within 1 hour distance other global companies operate their business including Hyundai � Suseong Medical District 1.79km2 foreign hospital & medical school, medical devices Motor, SK Energy and GM Daewoo. � International Fashion Design District 1.17km2 fashion school, shopping, entertainment � Daegu Innovation District 1.03km2 medical equipment, new medicine development, medical R&D � Gyeongsan R&BD District 6.27km2 R&D related to RFID, LED and medical equipment � Yeongcheon Industry District 1.67km2 automotive parts, ship materials, high-end bicycle parts, aviation � Yeongcheon High-Tech Park 5.40km2 intelligent automotive parts & materials, logistics � Pohang Fusion Tech District 3.76km2 fuel cell, wind power, new materials
  • 78. 4 Industrial Corridors Also being developed in DGFEZ is a complex dedicated to the production of auto components, and bicycles. The region is home to automakers Hyundai Motor Company, Renault Samsung and GM IT Convergence Corridor Daewoo, as well as shipbuilders Hyundai Heavy Industries, Samsung Heavy Industries and Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering thrive. Accordingly many automotive and shipbuilding suppliers Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics and LG Display form the core of the operate in the region (43% of Korea’s total). worlds most intensive IT and mobile communications cluster. More than 430 manufacturers operate, employing over 49,000 persons and exporting the third-largest volume of IT-related products in the world. This cluster also conducts world-class research through PIRO (Pohang institute of Intelligent Robot) and Gumi mobile Convergence Center making the Daegu-Gyeongbuk region well-suited for nurturing IT-Convergence. With its strong infrastructure, Daegu-Gyeongbuk is a promising locale for innovative industries (intelligent robots and medical instruments) by possessing key technologies in RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and WSN (Wireless Sensor Network), essential for realizing a ubiquitous society. Fire fighting robots, multi-legged robots, and English teaching robots are undergoing the testing phase in Daegu-Gyeongbuk and this region will 201 play a major role as the robot industry develops into one of Korea’s new growth engines. The IT Green Energy Corridor DAEGU-GYEONGBUK FREE ECONOMIC ZONE Convergence Corridor offers opportunities in the mobile industry, robots, medical devices, and next This corridor offers opportunities in solar PV, secondary batteries & fuel cells and wind power. generation display. DGFEZ aims to nurture the green energy industry in the manufacture of new and renewable energy and the commercialization of their technologies. - IT Industry in Daegu-Gyeongbuk Category Companies Production(US $ million) Employees - Solar EnergyINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 IT Service 184 320.88 3,749 Daegu-Gyeongbuk is the only region in Korea capable of IT Devices 835 43,586.84 71,807 producing the entire value chain of solar PV. The city of S/W 334 804.82 6,176 Daegu has taken a leadership role in solar energy, hosting the first International Solar Cities Congress in 2004 and Total 1,353 44,712.54 81,732 will also host the World Energy Congress in 2013. Local companies (including LG Electronics) possess advanced technology that has allowed them seamlessly transform production from LCDs to solar cells. - Wind Power As part of Korea’s East Coast Energy cluster, an agglomeration of wind power companies, including Spanish company Acciona (operating a 42-turbine wind farm) are located along the eastern coast of Daegu-Gyeongbuk. Leading shipbuilding companies have entered the wind power industry and they are collaborating with electronics companies to supply wind turbines and High-Tech Transportation Components Corridor high-tech components as this industry quickly expands. The High-tech Transportation & Components Corridor Auto Belt is located in the center of Korea’s “Auto and Pohang Shipbuilding Valley” where over half of domestic Yeongcheon automobile production and a whopping 78% of all Daegu Gyeongju shipbuilding manufacturing occurs. Ulsan Taking the lead as the industry shifts towards intelligent Busan transportation systems, DGFEZ is constructing Korea’s Changwon first public ITS (intelligent transport systems) Test Center, which will include a 3.7km long test track. The test center will serve as an important test bed for over 700 auto parts manufacturers operating in the vicinity.
  • 79. - Fuel Cells (and Secondary Batteries) Major Districts Due to its close proximity to Korea’s largest manufacturers of Daegu Technopolis automotives, ships and mobile phones, Daegu-Gyeongbuk has received substantial investments from energy companies including POSCO, Exxon - A Center for research and business development Mobil, Nippon Oil and GS Caltex to produce fuels cells, secondary Daegu Technopolis is designed to become a Research & Business Development hub of Northeast batteries and their components. These companies, as well as, world Asia. Various national institutes and university branches specialized in cutting-edge technology and renowned universities (POSTECH) are leading the way to commercialize science from automotive, green energy, electronics and telecommunication industries are located and advance applications for fuel cells and secondary batteries. here. Knowledge-based Service Corridor In Jan. 2011, Daegu Technopolis was designated as a Special R&D Zone by the Korea central One of the most ambitious projects of the DGFEZ project is the Knowledge-based Service government, enabling tenant companies greater opportunities to participate in national projects Corridor. The project is designed to create synergies between knowledge-based services and local and receive increased incentives. The first stage of development is complete, making Daegu manufacturing industries. It offers opportunities in the medical industry, software and digital Technopolis ready to host global R&D centers and cutting-edge manufacturing facilities. contents, as well as education. 203 - National High-tech Medical Complex is DAEGU-GYEONGBUK FREE ECONOMIC ZONE designed to provide Asia’s best facilities for the development of new drugs, medical devices and clinical testing. This complex will be over 1 million square meters in size and attract approximately $4.5 billion inINVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 public and private funding during the lifetime of the project. Korea’s largest ※Major residents (2011-2012) cluster of private bio-tech companies and �DGIST (Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science & Technology) university hospitals operates nearby, while �ETRI (Electronics & Telecommunications Research Institute) Daegu Center electronics companies are conducting R&D �KIMM (Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials) Daegu Center to develop medical convergent devices �KITECH (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology) Daegu Center and equipment. �Center for Energy & Environmental Policy, University of Delaware (2013) �Daegu National Science Museum - Culture Industry District offers opportunities in digital �Proving Ground for Intelligent Vehicle & Transportation - Area: 384,965m2 - Project cost: 87 million USD contents industry, gaming, software development, and - Details: intelligent parts development, international standardization, electric vehicle commercialization multimedia broadcasting (IPTV). The Culture Industry - Specifications: high-speed circuit, steering pad, stability & durability program, virtual reality-based District has already taken a big first step in its simulator, adaptive cruise control, gas mileage development by securing the R&D Center of Dassault Systemes, a world leader in product lifecycle ※Daegu Technopolis Map management (PLM). Research Facilities - Gyeongsan R&BD District which lies in Korea’s largest college town and near to the High-Tech Medical complex Residential Facilities is seeking to attract foreign graduate schools and R&D facilities related to RFID, LED and medical equipment. Commercial Facilities - Fashion Design District (Esiapolis) is Central Park Korea’s first fashion-themed district will utilize decades of accumulated experience Sports Facilities from Korea’s leading textile and apparel manufacturers. In the district there is a High-tech Industries fashion college, a textile-related R&D center, and commercial facilities
  • 80. Yeongcheon Industry District - A supply base for transportation components Yeongcheon Industry District (1.69km2) is specialized in high-tech transportation components (auto, ship, aviation, bicycle). The district lies in the middle of the automotive and shipbuilding belt and offers easy access (500m to IC) to Korea’s largest highway (Gyeongbu Expressway). Land prices in this district are the lowest in DGFEZ, attracting several Korean materials and auto parts companies. Construction of public infrastructure (sewage, power, etc) is underway and companies will begin construction of their facilities in the second half of 2011.INVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011
  • 81. GFEZ Gwangyang Bay Area Free Economic Zone Make our Treasure your own. Make it big in Gwangyang Bay. Today, success is something more than performance in the marketplace. To become the worlds best free economic zone our customers, colleagues, investors, business partners, and those who live in communities surrounding us must work in complete unison. To have the best place to live, 207 where the ancient and the modern mix in a perfect harmony, is not only our goal but the driving GWANGYANG BAY AREA FREE ECONOMIC ZONE force behind all our efforts. We are striving to make Gwangyang Free Economic Zone the best place to invest in Asia! Why Gwangyang Free Economic Zone(GFEZ)?INVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 Why now? We’ve been asked these questions time and again and answer is simple : todays global companies need the best geographical location, most advantageous financial incentives, the best available integrated logistics systems, and customer friendly one stop service center in order to become a world leader. As soon as you set foot in our zone you will learn about the many benefits your company could have once in move. We guarantee that you will always get a top- notch service solution every time you need it. Come and visit us soon to see the future of international business! Our GFEZ has a tremendously outstanding infrastructure that is waiting for those leading international companies who plan to become dominant in the 21st century. Our goals are to become the new leader in Northeast Asian logistics, to take advantage of the limitless local market potential, to keep growing our great competitive industrial edge, to utilize our highly motivated and qualified local workforce, and to make the area the best possible living environment for foreigners. Here at the Authority we understand that our biggest treasure is the beautiful people who call our GFEZ home. Our extraordinary natural surroundings and remarkable cultural qualities are the attributing factors that make our people great. Everyone in Gwangyang Bay is anxiously waiting to become a part of a splendid international community and offer their welcoming hand in friendship GFEZ offers incentives to foreign investment to all who decide to come. Gwangyang Bay Area Free Economic Zone (GFEZ) is fast becoming Northeast Asia’s most advanced business hub. Leveraging its location at the epicenter of the region’s shipping and Thank you for your interest in the Gwangyang Free Economic Zone and for viewing this window logistics industries GFEZ is the flagship free economic zone in Korea, as it embraces its highly built for you. Feel free to explore out web site to learn of the many benefits we can offer your competitive industrial infrastructure to capture the flourishing Northeast Asian market. company. Gwangyang FEZ is truly a mesmerizing land of opportunity! The Korean central government has decided to create some areas in the peninsula which offer better business conditions to foreign investors than those given to Korean Nationals. Therefore,
  • 82. the main purpose of this FEZ is to create a place Five districts in GFEZ are now steaming ahead to become the new where foreign businesses can truly be regional leaders in different industrial sectors successful, which can eventually help Korea to be the center of business in the Northeast Asian Gwangyang District Market. Designated a free economic zone in - Creation of a Northeast Asia logistics hub for steel related materials and nonferrous metals October 2003 (92.73km2 in the Southern area of - Building Gwangyang Port to become the center of Northeast Asian cargo trans-shipment the Korean Peninsula between the cities of Gwangyang Container Terminal(6.17km2) of 25 berths Yeosu City, Suncheon City and Gwangyang), the GFEZ Authority has attracted a total of almost Container Terminal’s East Hinterland(2.54km2) of logistics facilities US$8.61 billion in investments from approximately 102 companies (67 local, 35 foreign), creating Container Terminal’s West Hinterland(1.94km2) for multinational logistics companies over 20,791new jobs, which has given a tremendous boost to the regional economy. In particular, POSCO Terminal CTS(0.96km2) the 35 foreign investors who have established a presence in the GFEZ through investments worth Hwanggeum Industrial Complex(2.59km2) for support facilities US$2.644 billion have put the Zone on a footing to serve as an international business hub. Seonghwang Hinterland(1.02km2) for warehousing and distribution The Gwangyang Bay Area is home to the international-level Gwangyang Port, the POSCO 209 Yulchon District GWANGYANG BAY AREA FREE ECONOMIC ZONE Gwangyang Steel Works (the worlds largest crude steel mill), and the Yeosu National Petrochemical Complex. This last Complex accommodates some 270 tenant companies that - Development of a manufacturing state-of-the-art complex area through the inducement of new produce 56 percent of all domestic petrochemical output by value. It is the center of the Southern advanced materials, shipbuilding, and steel related international industries Korean Industrial future, and it will host the Expo 2012 Yeosu and International Garden Exposition - Creation of industrial complex to complement Yeosu Airport and the Yulchon Container Terminal Suncheon 2013. Yeosu Airport(2.31km2)INVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 Yulchon Container Terminal(2.15km2) for logistics GFEZ comprises five districts, each with its own mission in the overall development of the Zone. Yulchon Industrial Complex (9.19km2) for high-tech materials and shipbuilding etc They comprise: Gwangyang District (Logistics), Yulchon District (Manufacturing), Sindeok District Yulchon industrial Complex (3.78km2) for petrochemical related industries (Residential), Hwayang District (Tourism) and Hadong District (Multi-purpose). Yulchon Industrial Complex (9.76km2) as integral support base
  • 83. Sindeok District Characteristics of GFEZ (Competitiveness) - Development of a modern support city by constructing a large cosmopolitan housing area, state- of-the-art commercial and business complexes Optimal Location for Industrial Clusters and Tenant Companies - Establishment of an environmentally-friendly downtown area for a positive living experience for The Gwangyang bay area has two attractive features for companies looking for a very supportive expatriates and locals alike infrastructure: POSCO Gwangyang Steel Works with the world’s largest capacity to roll out crude Sindae-Deokrye Hinterland(13.76km2) for residential areas steel and the Yeosu state industrial petrochemical complex which produces 56 percent of domestic petrochemicals. Another advantage is that the steelworks recently inaugurated a thick Seonwol Hinterland(3.71km2) for growing expatriate population of Korea steel plate factory with an annual capacity of 2 million tons. Sindae Hinterland(3.00km2) for housing and education facilities Yonggang Hinterland(1.88km2) for a multi-purpose support base Also, GFEZ is surrounded by spacious industrial complexes. A cluster of a 189-square kilometer Haeryong Industrial Complex(0.95km2) state industrial complex, a provincial industrial complex and swath of land open for development brings synergy effect to the Gwangyang free economic zone. The zone and its surroundings take Hwayang District up 14.7 percent of South Korea’s industrial territorial area, second only to Gyeonggi Province, and are 10 times and seven times as large as Incheon and Busan respectively. - Development of a piece of the ‘south coast tourism belt’ through the construction of scenic 211 tourism and leisure complexes GWANGYANG BAY AREA FREE ECONOMIC ZONE Transportation Infrastructure with Maximum Efficiency - Creation of an ‘all-year round vacation and leisure resort area’ that exceeds all international standards The industrial infrastructure like port, airport and transportation nextworks is completely ready. Hwayang Districts 9.99km for marina beach, forest valley, golf island, hill top and mountain top 2 Gwangyang Port, located at the center of GFEZ, with observatory deck and cable car system handles the 13th largest volume of cargo in the world.INVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 In 2008, Gwangyang Port handled 217 million tons of Hadong District cargo to rank second in Korea behind Busan (242 million tons). - Maximization of the competitive advantages of POSCO Gwangyang Steelworks through the inducement of ship-building and related industries By the standards of location and functions, Gwangyang is similar to Amsterdam, in the - Development of a self-sufficient manufacturing city Netherlands, which handles the third heaviest volume of containers in the world. Galsa Shipbuilding Industrial Complex: 5.61km2 Deokcheon hinterland: 2.65km2 International Events Attracting People from Around the World Duu hinterland: 2.64km2 Daesong Industrial Complex: 1.37km2 Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea, Suncheon Bay Garden Expo 2013 and other large scale international events will help Gwangyang gain more worldwide recognition when they raise the curtains. That should attract attention from a spate of firms looking for favorable operation conditions. Economic and demographic effects from the zone, when complete, will amount to 164 trillion won in production, 66 trillion won in value added and additional population of 1.2 million in adjacent cities. Major projects and how they are progressing This year marks the seven years after the establishment of GFEZ Authority. GFEZ is in its second stage development, which covers 12 of 22 complexes. Construction is complete for the first stage development of Gwangyang Port container terminal surroundings and POSCO terminal CTS.
  • 84. Yulchon Industrial Complex I and nine other related complexes are now under construction. Yulchon Industrial Complex II and its nine other related complexes, which are subject to the second and third stage development plans starting from 2011, are either undergoing administrative procedures or just on the planning board. However, the authority is trying to advance Yulchon complex II construction schedule. Despite economic downturn, regulatory obstacles and other difficulties, GFEZ Authority has sped up zone development and investment attraction over the past seven years. As a result, 102 companies have invested $8.61 billion, creating about 20,791 jobs. Out of that amount, 35 foreign firms, including SNNC of New Caledonia and Hong Kong-based Meiya Yulchon Power Co., invested $2.644 billion. Hyundai Motor Co. initially developed Yulchon Industrial Complex I, but made little progress due to the financial crisis in 1997. So the authority took over to finish up the rest of the complex, then 58 firms, including Hyundai Steel, Samwoo Heavy Industries, SPP Group and Orient Shipyard, moved 201 in. Now, 33 of them run their factories, with the remaining 25 either building plants or preparing to GFEZ do so. GFEZ Authority ranked second in the ministry of knowledge and economy’s performance assessment of the nation’s six FEZs this year. The ministry gave high scores to GFEZ’s development focus on port and steel works, industrial integration around the Gwangyang bay area,INVESTMENT GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 programs to solve complaints from tenant companies, and support for foreign investment firms. Authority’s 6-year achievements Since its establishment in March 2004, the authority has attracted a total of US$8.61 billion in domestic and foreign capital from 102 companies and created 20,791 jobs, greatly contributing to regional development, despite such difficult conditions, including economic slowdown both at home and abroad. For development projects, industrial complexes were created such as the Yulchon I Industrial Estate and the Haeryong Industrial Estate, where about 102 companies such as Hyundai Engineering & Steel Engineering and Samwoo Heavy Industries have moved in or are building plants, engaging in active production. Of the 102 firms, in particular, 35 or 34 percent of the total are foreign companies, indicating that the Gwangyang bay area has succeeded in becoming an international trade stronghold. Cargo volume at Gwangyang Port also increased 74 percent from 1.19 million TEU in 2004 to 2.07 million TEU in 2010, playing a great role for activating the port, he said. GFEZ’s Commissioner has this to say about GFEZ: “There are still many difficulties to overcome, but as we have stuck to our schedule and the first stage of development has not yet hit a snag, we are confident of achieving our 2020 goals of $25 billion USD investment, 12 million TEUs and the creation of 240,000 jobs.”
  • 85. CULTURE & TOURISM GUIDE MAP EUCCK Membership Directory 2011 CULTURE & 226 page 246 page TOURISM GUIDE 258 page 230 234 page page CHANGWON CITY 216 250 216 GOCHANG COUNTY page page 222 GOYANG CITY 226 ICHEON CITY 230 222 238 POHANG CITY 234 page page TONGYOUNG CITY 238 WANDO COUNTY 242 242 YEONGWOL COUNTY 246 page INTERNATIONAL FERMENTED FOOD EXPO 250 K-WATER 254 SEOUL ZOO 258
  • 86. Changwon City on waterfront, leisure sports industry infrastructure, groundwork for development of Free Economic Zone and expansion of infrastructure facilities, which can utilize unused land. Various incentives are provided to domestic and foreign people who invest in Changwon. For domestic people, various benefits including financial loan within 50% of purchasing price of Welcome to Changwon factory land, exemption of acquisition tax and registration tax as well as 100% reduction of property tax for 5 years. In particular, for foreigners investment, Location selection support: The city provides subsidy of the difference amount of lot allotment price for purchasing or renting land or for supplying facility Changwon, a World-class City in the Southeastern Region of the land at low price. (Within 50% of lot allotment price) Employment subsidy: In case when a Republic of Korea company employs over 20 people newly, the city supports up to 1 million won per one person Changwon, with the tradition and history of 600 years, is a big coastal city located at the most which exceeds 20 people within the period of 6 months. Education training subsidy: In case of southern tip of the Republic of Korea. With its population of 1.1 million, Changwon is the largest providing education training after employing over 20 people of Koreans, the city supports monthly local government, in Korea, except metropolitan cities. Historically, the name of Changwon was between 100,000 won up to 1 million won per each one person exceeding 20 people within the used for the first time in July of 1408, the 8th year of reign of King Taejong in Joseon dynasty period of 6 months Facility subsidy: In case of new construction or additional construction of period. At that time, a new administrative district called “Changwon Bu” was formed by combining plant facility over 3 billion won, the city supports up to 200 million won per one corporation Euichang prefecture and Hoewon prefecture located in southern part of Korea. within the scope of 2% of facility amounts exceeding 3 billion won. In case when foreigners 217 school facility is constructed, project and operation cost shall be supported within 50% of the total CHANGWON CITY In modern time, Changwon had grown as a center of Korean economic growth as Masan Free Export Zone and Changwon National Industrial Complex were established in 1970 and 1974 with amounts and the city supports up to 200 million won within the scope of 20% of the project cost newly developed Jinhae Free Economic Zone. As a business-friendly city in Korea with the export through examination of investment promotion committee for facilities such as hospital, drug store of US$ 28 billion in 2010, there are 3,700 enterprises including Samsung, LG, Doosan as well as and houses. Tax reduction: With regard to projects accompanied by high level technology and multinational corporations such as GM and Volvo with 120,000 employees in the areas. industry support service business, individual type foreigners investment region, 100% of corporate After entering into the 21st century, Changwon has set the goal of becoming “the world-best city in tax and income tax is exempted for 5 years , 50% is reduced for 2 years and acquisition tax,CULTURE & TOURISM GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 the world” and is challenging the world stage. registration tax and property tax are reduced for 15 years. Changwon has joined 14 international organizations, record-high within Korea, and is carrying out Changwon city operates an exclusive department (+82-55-225-2642) for investment promotion for various activities. Mayor of the city is a world committee member of UCLG (United Cities and fast and smooth support of investment promotion business and provides ONE-STOP service by Local Government) and Changwon has organized UMCA(Union of Machinery Industrial Cities in establishing networks with chamber of commerce, trade association and complex management Northeast Asia) as well as a executive committee member of IAEC(International Association of administration within the jurisdiction area. Educating Cities). In particular, the city is recognized as a leading city of green growth in international societies by actively carrying out its own “environmental capital of Korea project” and <Table-1> Status of targeting enterprises and private capitals to attract “riding bicycle campaign”. As a result, Changwon has won the “LivCom Awards” (An award of best city to live in the world) certified by UNEP (United Nations Environment Plan) in 2010. In Classification Project name Business section preferable addition, Changwon is striving to realize its dream as a central maritime and culture city of the Changwon general industrial complex Machinery, electronics, acoustics and communication(Total245,000m2) North East Asia through developing waterfront of its 298km long coastal line, promoting leisure Jinbuk general industrial complex Machinery equipment, metals and electronics (Total 540,000m2) sports including marina center, water ski and yach and MICE industry and expanding international Macheon general industrial complex Casting iron (Total 479,000m2) business facilities. Industrial complex under sales of lots Namyang general industrial complex New materials and mechatronics (Total 133,000m2) Jukgok general industrial complex Shipbuilding devices and supplies (Total 111,000m2) Changwon city is located at less than three hours distance by KTX(Korea Train Express) from Seoul, the capital Sujeong general industrial complex Assembly of ship spare parts (Total 225,000m2) city of the Republic of Korea, and at about 30 minutes distance from Busan/Gimhae International Airport. Corporat-ions Gyeongnam Intelligent home & High-tech electronics and communication invitation High-tech industrial complex (Total 73,000m2) Metal processing, transportation equipment Innovative corporation industrial complex (Total 1,849,000m2) Cheonseon District general Metal processing, machinery equipment industrial complex (Total 110,000m2) Changwon, the Best Place to Invest and the Most Business- Industrial complex Changwon R&D industrial complex Metal processing, machinery equipment under development (Total 903,000m2) friendly City Yongjeong District Metal processing, machinery equipment general industrial complex (Total 156,000m2) Changwon is ready to open its door for various multinational enterprises at any time. At present, in Gyeongnam science research compound park R&D, green growth industry (Total 8,600m2) order to attract enterprises and private capitals, 26 industrial complexes with the area of Land sales Siunhakbu land site development Commercial and residential area (Total 192,000m2) 38,000,000m2 and 4 large scale SOC projects are under construction and planning. <Table-1> Tourism complex Myeongdong maritime tourism complex Maritime leisure, Attracting enterprises is concentrated on industries which can create high value addition such as Private financing building Gunsan maritime tourism complex Maritime resort complex, invitation low carbon green growth industry, part & material industry, R&D and IT industry. As private Free Economic Waseong District development Building high-tech industry and leisure resort facility Restoration of Ungcheon porcelain kiln site(Exhibition hall investment projects, there are maritime tourism industry, which is now under construction focusing Zone development Cultural District development and education & training rooms, etc.)
  • 87. Changwon, a global city Festivals of Changwon Changwon city becomes a well-known global city in the world because of its active role in various international organizations and exchanging programs with many local governments of the world. Gagopa chrysanthemum festival calendar full moons traditional cultural festival, Changwon city is a executive member of International Association of Educating Cities (IAEC) and If a representative spring festival of Changwon is and Sangbong festival of Namsan mountain of Jinhae military harbor festival, as a Changwon, etc. the chair city of Asia-Pacific region. And also the mayor acts as a world committee member of representative autumn festival, we can list United Cities and Local Government (UCLG) and the city is being recognized as a world-class city Gagopa chrysanthemum festival. Masan region, Jinhae Gunhanje(Military Port Festival) and globally through joining 14 international organizations and hosting various international where chrysanthemum festival is held between Jinhae Intl Military Band and Honor Guard conferences. October and November of each year, is the Festival This year too, the World Bicycle Festival, UN Convention to Combat Desertification(UNCCD) COP place containing the history of cultivation of For 10 days from April 1 to April 10 of this year 10 and Volunteers Convention of Asia-Pacific region are hosted and 2012 International Association chrysanthemum of the Republic of Korea and when cherry is in full blossom, Jinhae of Educating Cities(IAEC) World Congress and the 4th East Asia Seas(EAS) Congress are planned to currently, it takes 13% of total cultivation areas Gunhangje festival is held in all areas of be held in succession. of the Republic of Korea and is the Mecca of Changwon city. Jinhae Gunhangje festival, chrysanthemum farming industry of the Republic which was started as an event commemorating of Korea while acquiring foreign currency of the soul of defending the nation by Admiral Yi, 2011 World Bicycle Festival main topic of ‘Green Environment, Creative U$400,000 annually through exporting. In order Sun-Shin who was a hero during the Japanese 219 Education’ was established. In this event, poster to publicize excellency quality of Masan Invasion of 1592, has developed as a CHANGWON CITY zone and operation of cities PR booth, books chrysanthemum with proper soil and mild representative spring flower festival of the culture festival, EXPO and exhibition of climate for farming chrysanthemum and Republic of Korea. In particular, within the residents self-governing centers are planned to distribution of cutting-edge technology of jurisdiction of Jinhae-Gu, 350,000 cherry trees, be held together with the Congress, executive cultivating with nutriculture, Gagopa which symbolize Changwon city, are planted in Changwon city, which is famous for public member cities meeting and workshop for main chrysanthemum festival is being held from 2000. all places of the city and during this period, the bicycle ‘NUBIJA,’ environmentally-friendly green topic. Changwon city, which acts as an IAEC Gagopa chrysanthemum festival of this year, entire city is colored with light pink colors ofCULTURE & TOURISM GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 transportation means, holds the 1st World member country from December 2006, has lots where visitors can feel five colors cherry blossom and remind people of a piece of Bicycle Festival in joint sponsorship with ICLEI of attention and also invested a lot in the field of chrysanthemum fragrance embracing full mood watercolor painting. As places good for enjoying (International Council for Local Environmental education including the lifetime learning field for of autumn, is preparing over 50 kinds of events the feast of cherry blossom, there are Jangbok Initiatives) with members of over 470 improving the quality of life of citizens and for including Grand Exhibition of Chrysanthemum mountain sculpture park, Anmin street, Yeojwa organizations of 64 countries of the world firmly establishing the status as an educational Fragrance, various exhibitions and experience in River, Jinhae inner water surface environment between October 3~4 of this year. It is expected city steadily. all places of Masan. In particular, during the ecological park, Gyeonghwa station, Changwon that 10,000 people including 200 bicycle period of Gagopa festival, a work with over Grand Boulevard, Jungang sports park and specialists from 10 countries of the world will 2012 East Asian Seas Congress 1,400 chrysanthemum flowers will be Naval Academy and the Navy Headquarters, participate in cultural festivals such as launching For five days during July of 2012, Changwon introduced by growing bigger ‘A Great Multiple which are opened to the public during the ceremony of federation of international public city will host the 4th EAS Congress. Over 3,000 Rings Work of Woman Heart of Cheonhyang,’ period of the festival. bicycle cities and bicycle parade. In addition, people including ministers, high level officials which was recorded in the British Guinness In addition, from 2007, during the period of world congress of ecological transportation and relevant experts of 14 member countries Book as a certified work with the biggest Jinhae Gunhangje festival, in a biannual system, league, environmentally-friendly transportation will participate in the conference sponsored by number of flowers of 1,315 chrysanthemum in by keeping the geographical characteristics of academic congress and exhibition will be held PEMSEA(Partnerships in Environmental one stalk. Jinhae as the main harbor of the Republic of together. And various other events such as Management for the Seas of East Asia), which is Besides, in Changwon, every year, various Korea, Jinhae Intl Military Band & Honor Guard firework show, experience booth and a maritime environment cooperation regional festivals are held including Changwon Festival is held for providing various events worth celebration concert are also planned to be held. organization between East Asian countries(14 festival, Junam migratory birds festival, to watch such as street marching performance countries) specialized in shoreline management Cheonjusan(Mt.) azalea festival with the motif of and demonstration performance of highly 2012 IAEC(International Association of such as total quantity management of shoreline spring flowers, royal azalea festivals of principled military music bands of domestic and Educating Cities) World Congress pollution and the goal is to reinforce strategic Bieumsan(Mt.) and Jinrye mountain fortress, foreign bands, street parade, performance of For three days between April 26 and 28 of cooperation of sustainable development within Masan fish market festival with seafood military music bands and performance of Fringe, 2012, in Changwon city, 2012 IAEC World East Asian regions. In particular, it is planned to products, fireworks falling flowers festival, warty etc. This year festival will provide special events Congress in which over 2,000 people including adopt Changwon Declaration for establishment sea squirt festival, Mannal festival, which is lunar worth to watch for three days from April 8 to 1,000 experts of education from 420 member of sustainable shoreline management strategy April 10, 2011 with participation of 20 military cities of 35 countries of the world will be held. and management of ocean regions with severe music bands of six countries including the US With the goal to recognize that cities are venues pollution and also ministers’ forum, high level 7th Fleet, the US 8th Army, France, Netherlands, of education and creation of environment & meetings between governments, experts’ New Zealand and Thailand as well as military culture, creative urban space provide citizens symposium on the main subject of maritime bands and honor guards of the Army, Navy and with sound and healthy venue of education, the environment and exhibition will be held. Air Force of the Republic of Korea.
  • 88. Tourist Attractions in Changwon including living features within the ship at a ecological world under the ocean at a glance. glance. Junam Wetlands Park person for 15 years after returning to Masan, Next to the Warship Exhibition Hall, “sea battle Besides, in Changwon, there are various resting Junam Wetlands Park, which is located at where he spent his young period, in 1980 and history experience hall,” which provides history space for citizens such as Mageum mountain Woljam-ri, Dong-eup, Uichang-Gu, Changwon Moon Shin Art Museum was opened in 1994. of ocean battles of the East and the West, famous for hot spring, Muhak mountain, Siru city, introduces beautiful four seasons with According to his will ‘wanting to donate the interesting and various experience and other Peak, Dotseom ocean park, Yongji Art Zone migratory birds visiting every year, various museum to his beloved hometown’ when he things to watch, is built in the scale of two with the scale of 33,000m2, energy environment aquatic plants and insects as a representative passed away in one year after the opening of stories of aboveground. And also there is an science park and Jinhae dream park, etc. And arrival place of migratory birds in the Republic the museum, in 2003, Mon Shin Art Museum ocean creature theme park with the scale of Masan bay water front, which will build Masan of Korea where over 150 species of various was donated to the city and is now operated. In three aboveground stories containing exhibition bay as environment friendly development in the migratory birds visit in wide area of 602ßµ. addition, Changwon city constructed Moon Shin room showing birth of ocean creatures and future, and robot land will become new Junam Wetlands Park was begun to be known Archetype Museum for introducing another evolution processes as well as various sea shells landmarks of Changwon. as several ten of thousands of birds such as world of art works of the author of Moon Shin and experience room where visitors can enjoy spectacled teal, white-fronted goose, white- and it was opened in October 2010 and now necked crane and spoonbill, etc visited regularly over 116 pieces of gypsum original art works from late period of 1970s for wintering and at are possessed and exhibited. Food Streets of Changwon 221 present, it is regarded as the largest arrival place The museum is composed of exhibition hall 1, Ocean eel Street Odong-dong Agwijjim / Spicy Angler Fish CHANGWON CITY of migratory birds in the orient which exceeds exhibition hall 2, outdoor sculpture exhibition Ocean eel Street located at Namseong-dong, with Soybean Sprouts and Blowfish Cuisine the standard of registered wetland of Ramsar place and Moon Shin Archetype Museum. The Masanhappo-gu of Changwon city is famous. Street Convention and in particular, it is famous for museum owns total 3,900 pieces of art works Roasted ocean eel of Masan becomes delicate Odongdong Agwijjim / Spicy Angler Fish with intermediate arrival place of cranes and and data including sculptures, gypsum original flavor with sincerity of preparing to permeate Soybean Sprouts of Masanhappo-gu, wintering place of white-necked cranes. shapes, oil paintings, color drawings, drawings, flavor of sauce deeply by repeating processes of Changwon city is unassailably the best in the At Junam Wetlands Park, there are various relics and tools, etc and opens various soaking sauce and roasting two or three times. Republic of Korea. Angler Fish cook, which wasCULTURE & TOURISM GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 ecological learning facilities. Various experience temporary exhibitions, operation of social Taste of ocean eel is soft and meat is thick and originated from Masan area, is one of the most and learning programs are under operation education programs and cultural events. therefore, it produces simple and clear taste famous foods in the entire country as a eating centering on Ramsar cultural hall for which can be felt only at this street with the stuff of Agwijjim / Spicy Angler Fish with commemorating the opening of Ramsar COP Ocean Recreation Park harmony of chewing feel and sauce. In Soybean Sprouts provides refreshing taste 10 in Changwon and for continuously There is an ocean recreation park on the land of particular, there is no comparison of taste satisfying flavor of modern people as vegetables proliferating Ramsar spirit, ecological learning 82,505m2 at Eumjido region of Myeong-dong, enjoyed at restaurants located at shoreline with such as soybean sprouts and dropwort are hall and Junam environment school and from Jinhae-Gu, Changwon city. A huge warship a good view. mixed in large quantity. In particular, unique hot 2007, in November of every year, various appears first when one enters into an ocean taste of Angler Fish improves one’s desire to eat experience programs are carried out through park by crossing 252m long “Eumji Bridge” Jindong freshwater eel Street and therefore, it is a very excellent food for Junam Wetlands Park migratory birds festival. where splendid landscape illumination and If Namseong-dong is people without appetite. fountain are installed. It is “Warship Exhibition famous for ocean eel In addition, blowfish cook is also famous at Moon Shin Art Museum Hall” which utilized ‘Gangwon Warship,’ a 2,500 food, freshwater eel Odong-dong. Masan Bay before 1960s was Monn Shin Art Museum located on a cliff of ton class destroyer retired in 2000 after first built cooking at Sadong-ri, clean sea area and because it was blessed Chusan-dong overlooking the whole scenery of at the US New York Shipbuilding Yard in 1944 Jindong-myeon, inhabitation place of blowfish with flow-in of Masan bay of Changwon city is the place where and participated in Korean War in 1951 and was Masanhappo-gu of Changwon city is also water of Nakdonggang(River) and Rias coast art works and artistic soul of the author, Monn transferred to the Republic of Korean Navy in unbeatable. Since the past time, at Hwangsanggi line, it became famous for blowfish cooking. Shin remains with nothing touched. Moon Shin, July 1978. The hall is arranged for visitors to Village where Deokgok River and Jindong River blowfish is the best quality food with chewy who worked in Paris, built the museum in view 24 hours of life of the Navy on a ship meet and joined with ocean water had produced flavor and fragrance and refreshing taste and lots of natural freshwater eels because of the nutritional elements unique for blowfish cooking formation of natural environment well fit for is well known broadly as a very good food for habitation of freshwater eels. Roasted eel cook of removing hangover. Jindong produces special taste with sauce permeating deep into the meat by repeating Besides, in Changwon, because there are raw processes of soaking sauce and roasting two or fish restaurants centering on villages formed three times. Taste of eel is soft and meat is thick alongside 298km long shoreline in everywhere, and makes simple and clear taste which can be you can taste fresh seafoods of Masan Bay and felt only in Jindong with the harmony of chewing Jinhae Bay wherever you visit any Changwon feel and sauce. Also, eel raw fish and cooked rice seashore. covered with eels are the best flavor.
  • 89. Gochang County Gochang Pansori: World Intangible Cultural Heritage Pansori is a genre of Korean traditional music. It’s a vocal and percussional music performed by one singer (Korean: World Cultural Heritage in Gochang!! sorikkun) and one drummer (Korean: gosu). The singer makes narratives (Korean: Aniri), make gestures(Korean: neoreumsae), and sing(Korean: chang) to the drum beats. So it’s a sort of solo opera. The term pansori is derived from pan(Korean, (Korean: , meaning “a place where many people gather”), and sori (Korean: “ , meaning “sound”). So it means ‘sing together at a place where many Gochang Dolmen Sites/ Dolmen Museum: people gather.’ World Cultural Heritage Gochang is the cradle of World Intangible Cultural Gochang dolmen sites are the remains of the Heritage pansori. In late Joseon dynasty, Shin Jae-Hyo 223 megalithic culture that were inscribed on the established the six episodes of pansori, developed theory GOCHANG COUNTY World Cultural Heritage list in 2000, and they on pansori, and created many different types of pansori. are the world’s largest dolmen sites. Because of his work and legacy, he’s often compared with Shakespeare in England. A total of 447 dolmens with different styles Currently, Dongrijungsa, the place where Shin Jae-Hyo used to live and teach pansori to his (e.g. table-shaped dolmen, modified table- disciples, is well preserved to commemorate his works and achievements in pansori. In Gochange,CULTURE & TOURISM GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 shaped dolmen, grid-pattern dolmen, and there are the Pansori Museum, Dongri Korean Classical Music Hall, Pansori Education Center dolmen without cover-stone) are densely providing various pansori education and experience programs. populated within 1.8 km area in Juklim-ri, Address: Eupnae-ri 241-1, Gochang-eup, Gochange, North Jeolla Province Sanggap-ri, and Dosan-ri, and there also exist quarries that show how dolmens were built. The Tel: (063) 560-2761 / 560-2457 dolmen sites and quarries are valuable archaeological sources for understanding the origin and Opening Hours: 09:00 ~ 18:00 (Closed on Mondays) development of dolmens, lifestyles of the Bronze Age, and the ancient culture in East Asia. Website: Moreover, the Gochang Dolmen Museum is a place where people can learn more about life and culture of the Bronze Age, displaying various relics and artifacts of the Bronze Age, academic sources about dolmens, pictures of World Cultural heritage dolmen sites in Korea, many different kinds of dolmens around the world, and the remnants of megalithic culture of the world. Address: Dosan-ri 676, Gochang-eup, Gochang, North Jeolla Province Tel: (063) 560-2576 ~ 8 Opening Hours: 09:00 ~18:00 (Closed on Mondays) Website:
  • 90. Glchang Mudflat: Ramsar Wetland Gochang Fortress Gochange mudflat(40.6 km 2) was Gochang fortress is a natural stone fortress that residents of designated as the Ramsar Wetland in Jeolla province built during the reign of King Danjong of Feb, 2010 for its unexplored and Joseon in order to protect the province from the Japanese unspoiled mudflat, unique beauty, attack. It’s Historic Site No. 145 and is also called Moyang biological diversity, ecological resources, Castle. The circumference of the fortress is 1,684m, its height existence of salt plants and benthic is 4 ~ 6m, and there used to be 22 building structures within animals in pearl mudflats and mixed the fortress, by the size of 165,858 m2, but they were all mudflats, existence of natural burned down in the fire. The restoration project has been monuments and endangered species conducted since the year 1976, and 14 building structures such as Kentish plovers and Eurasian have been restored. It’s possible to visit and see the fortress Oystercatchers. Thus, Gochang mudflat is recognized as a place of global ecological preservation. at night since there is the landscape lighting installed. There are huge mudflats along coastal areas in Hajun and Mandol mudflat towns in Gochang. Address: Eupnae-ri Mt. 9, Gochang-eup, Gochang-gun, North Jeolla 225 Those mudflats are well known for producing the largest amount of Manila clams in Korea and Province GOCHANG COUNTY also for the beautiful scenery of several islands and rocks. Visitors can enjoy unique mudflat Tel: (063) 560-2455 ~ 457 ecological experiences and fishing village experiences such as mudflat bus driving, clam digging, Website: fixed shore net fishing experience, and sun-dried salt production experience. Gochang food to satisfy your five senses Address: Hajeon-ri 709-1, Shimwon-mun, Gochang / Mandol-ri 690-27, Shimwon-mun, Gochang Wellbeing RaspberryCULTURE & TOURISM GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 Tel: (063) 563-0117 / (063) 561-0705 Gochang’s Seonyeon raspberries are grown in the Opening Hours: 09:00 ~ 18:00 (Closed on Mondays) Mt. Seonun region where there are sea breezes Website: and clean water. Raspberries are picked in and around June and fermented to make raspberry wine. The color of raspberry is clear red, like rugosa rose blooming in the morning haze, and its Gochang’s Other Cultural Heritages sweet aroma is said to captivate the taste buds of the gourmets. Seonyeon raspberries contain vitamin B and C, organic acids, having anticancer and anti-aging effects. Mt. Seonun Provincial Park, Seonun Temple dating back fifteen hundred years Mt. Seonun, which is famous for its colorful foliage and camellia flowers, was designated as Healthy Poongjeon ell Provincial Park in 1979, and is beautiful enough to be called Mt. Geumgang of Jeolla province. Poongjeon ell refers to the kind of ell that is caught in and around There are many strange rocks and bizarre stones at Mt. Seonun, and at the foot of mountain, there the Incheon River. Gochang’s Poongjeon ell is tasty and nutritious, is Seonun Temple, established in the 24th year during the reins of King Wideok, Baekje(in the year and it’s also low in fat, so many people like it. Poongjeon ell and 577). At Seonun Temple, there are 19 cultural heritage objects including Daewoong Jeon(Treasure raspberry wine go very well together and they are known to boost the metabolism in our body No. 290) and Gilt Bronze Seated Buddha Statue(Treasure No. 279). and to have anti-aging and energizing effects. Address: Samin-ri 500, Asan-mun, Gochang-gun, North Jeolla Province Tel: (063) 560-2508 / (063) 561-1422 Gochang sweet watermelon Opening Hours: 09:00 ~ 18:00 (Closed on Mondays) Gochang has the perfect conditions for planting watermelon. The daily Website: / temperature range is over 10°C even during the summer; the soil in the area has good drainage and aeration. Because of such climate and soil conditions in the region, Gochange watermelons taste great and are high in sugar content. Tel: (063) 560-2244 / (063) 564-2009 Website: / http: / /
  • 91. Goyang City Outdoor Exhibition Fountain Garden, Bulb Garden, Topiary Garden, Eastern and Western Garden, Mirror Garden, Hanging Garden, Flower Sculpture. Spring Flowers of Bright Festival! Colorful outdoor garden harmonized with beautiful Lake Park. The 16th Goyang Korea Flower Show! Wild Flower Hall, Bonsai Hall, Cactus Hall Provide an opportunity to see charming Korean wild flowers, rare and precious bonsai, and various cactuses with succulents. Goyang, the city whose people are more beautiful than flowers Mosaic Culture Garden It is a garden beautifully presented with artistic flower figurative works of flowers and leaves by Eastern Western Flower’s Fascinating Story planting on the shaped metal surface. The 16th Goyang Korea Flower Show will be held from April 29 227 to May 15, 2011 at Lake Park, Goyang, City with full of GOYANG CITY refreshing flower scents. For the successful flower show, 141 domestic companies with 52 overseas companies confirmed to take part in the show including 7 national pavilions such as Ecuador, Taiwan, Thailand, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Bangladesh.CULTURE & TOURISM GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 Goyang Korea Flower Show obtained certification as an international event by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and built its reputation as Koreas best flower show by increasing floricultural exports, promoting flower consumption and enhancing the quality of flower culture and arts. Indoor Exhibition Flower Culture and Arts Event National Pavilion, Korea Flower Export Pavilion 13th IHK Cup Flower Design Competition Display with each nation’s representing and symbolizing flowers with various new varieties, Date: Preliminary Contest: May 3 (Tue), 2011, 13:00~18:00 Korea’s representative exporting items to overseas countries. Final Contest: May 9 (Mon), 2011, 13:00~18:00 Foreign and Domestic Company Hall, Organization Hall 12th Korea Traditional Flower Arrangement Contest Home and abroad’s flower leading companies take part in the show to extend the business and Date: May 6, 2011 (Fri), 2011, 13:00~18:00 show the status of Korea’s floricultural industry development. Flower Painting Contest Theme-based Pavilion, World Pressed Flower Art and Crafts Hall Date: May 5(Thu), 2011, 10:00~15:00 Theme-based gardens such as Natural ecology garden, Water Garden, Orchid Sculpture, Multimedia garden, Space garden, Urban garden, Panorama garden and Korea’s best pressed flower works. Business Day Date: April 29 (Fri), 2011, 10:00~18:00 Participants: Horticulture Trading Companies, Exhibitors, Buyers, Flower Growers, other related companies, etc Events: Showcase of new varieties, New product presentation, trade consulting, seminar, etc.
  • 92. Goyang with Various and Colorful Festivals Goyang, City of Environment Unifying the Nature 24th Goyang Haengju Culture Festival Connecting History and Traditions Peaceful rest like a piece of picture Lake Park It is to commemorate the Great Victory of Haengju Battle, one of the three great victories during It is an environment-friendly ecological park, Metropolitan area’s best resting space and a tourist the Japanese Invasions and to pay a tribute to the lofty spirits of Commander-in-chief of armed site where the beautiful scenery of four seasons can be appreciated. forces, Kwon, Yul and patriotic forefathers at Haengju-Sanseong(Haengju Hill-Fort) and Oulim Nuri Arts Center from October 8 to 10, 2011. Centering around the Lake, bicycle roads and Metasequoia walk are arranged and various facilities are formed like lawn square and outdoor stage, singing fountain, nature center, pavilions. In Starting with ancestral memorial service, which addition, magnificent festivals like “Goyang Lake Art Festival” and “Goyang International Flower announces the opening of the festival, it is full of Fair” are held at this venue. various events like a traditional parade reproduced based on its historical study, parades of military band, traditional marching band, and peasant band and traditional performances like Pansori (traditional 229 Korean narrative songs), tightrope walking, Korean GOYANG CITY archery contest and also events for citizens to enjoy themselves at the spring outing.CULTURE & TOURISM GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 Goyang, City with Masterpiece Culture and Heritage Goyang, embracing the treasure of the world World Cuture Heritage Seooreung (Historic site No.198 ), Seosamreung (Historic site No. 200) Five royal tombs of forty Joseon royal Breathing Nature beyond Iron Railing Janghang Wetland on the Lower Han River tombs registered under the Wolrd Janghang wetlands was designated as a wetland protection area by the Ministry of Environment in Cutural Heritage are located at April 2006 and it forms the ecology of brackish water zone that river water and sea water exchange Seoohreung including Gyeongreung because the estuary of the river is not blocked by the riverbank, which is the only out of four main of King Deokjong, receiving the rivers in Korea; of the wetlands on the lower Han River, the largest number of animals and plants posthumous title of King, of the live here. Joseon Dynasty and Queen Sohye of the Han family, Changreung of the It has the largest willow stock in Korea and it is 8th King Yejong and his second a site for winterization of migratory birds and lawful wife Queen Ansun from the about 20,000 birds of 40 kinds like white-naped Han family, Myeongreung of the 19th King Sukjong and his second lawful wife Queen Inhyun cranes designated as natural monument, the from the Min family and third wife Queen Inwon from the Kim family, Ikreung of Sukjong’s wife bean goose and mallards visit the place, Queen Ingyeong from the Kim family, and Hongreung of the 21st King Yeoungjo and his lawful thereby presenting a wonderful view. wife Queen Jeongseong of the Seo family. It is a place where we can observe various animals and plants living on the wetlands and IAt Seosamreung, there is Huireung of the 11the King Joongjongs second lawful wife Queen learn the importance of the environment since Janggyeong from the Yoon family of the Joseon Dynasty, Hyoreung of the 12th King Injong and we can see the real nature for ourselves like Queen Inseong from the Park family, and Yereung of the 25th Cheoljong and Queen Cheol-In small crab (Sesarma dehaani), moose, herons, from the Kim family. and snowy herons.
  • 93. Icheon City Seolbong Park and various adult diseases. Seolbong Park is There are many rooms, a wave pool, a sauna, located on the ridge and fomentation rooms. of Mt.Seolbongsan. It UNESCO CREATIVE CITY OF CRAFTS AND FOLK ART is the central area that led the 2001World Ceramics Expo successfully and also played an important role - Miranda Spa Plus Address: 408-1 Anheung-dong, Icheon Icheon is a transportation center that connects in the hosting of the World Ceramics Biennale, Tel: (031) 639-5000 the metropolitan area, Gangwon area and Icheon Ceramics Festival, and Icheon Rice Website: Chungcheong area with one another. The Festival. The park is a culture area and a nice - Termeden land has fertile soil and produces high quality rice and peaches. place to rest with Icheon Municipal Museum, Address: 372-1 Singal-ri, Moga-myeon, Icheon Tel: (031) 645-2000 Icheon also has a reputation for being the home of Korean ceramics. Icheon World Ceramics Center, Woljeon art Website: There are many festivals and sights to see in Icheon. It is a cultural Museum, Seolbong International Sculpture 231 and sightseeing city with a scent of art and culture. Park. Ski Resort ICHEON CITY Furthermore, Designation of UNESCOs Creative city in 2010 proves Address: san 69-1 Gwango-dong, Icheon The Jisan Forest Resort is that the cultural assets and competencies of Icheon have gained only 50 minutes from international recognition with having foothold to leap into the world Icheon World Ceramics Center Seoul, and many skiers You can see many cultural city. enjoy going there. There precious modern are 8 slopes of varyingCULTURE & TOURISM GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 Origin ceramics pieces of difficulty for both beginners and pros. The In A.D. 936, Wang Geon, the first king of the Goryeo Korea and around Jisan Maple Condominiums are also located at Dynasty, arrived at Bokhacheon River in Icheon in his bid the world here. The World Ceramics Biennale is the resort.- Jisan Forest Resort to conquer Later Baekjae. Confronted with high held every odd numbered year. Address: san 28-1, Haewol-ri, Majang-Myeon, Icheon floodwaters, he was only able to cross the river with the There are traditional kilns, a mini ceramics park Tel: (031) 638-8460 called TOYA Land, several gallery related to Website: assistance of Seo Mok, an ancestor of Seo Hui, a renowned diplomat of the Goryeo Dynasty. To show his gratitude, Wang Geon named the region Icheon , in reference to a phrase from the ceramics. Sansuyu blossom Village Chinese classic, Book of Changes :“ ” which means “crossing the big river was beneficial” Haegang Ceramics Museum In Dorip-ri and Icheon city(10.31,2010) This is the first private ceramic museum in Korea. It Gyeongsa-ri, Area : 461.2km 2 Population : 202,309 Number of Households : 78,121 was established by Haegang Yoo Geunhyeong, Baeksa-myeon, Town : 14 Company : 751 Cultural Assets : 34 Crafts masters : 16 who spent his entire life researching celadon. Icheon, there is There are displays on the history a village with and development of thousands of Japanese cornel trees that are 100 - Icheon’s Attraction making porcelain from 500 years old. Icheon Ceramics Village the middle ages to In March and April, the flowers bloom, and in The Saeum-dong and Sindun-myeon areas modern times. October, the red fruits seduce tourists. There is include a ceramics village with many ceramics Address: 330-1 Sugwang-ri, Sindun-myeon, Icheon also a pavilion called Yukgoejeong, which is Tel: (031) 632-7017 endowed with the spirit of a wise man from stores. Ceramic artists have researched traditional manufacturing methods and reenacted the beauty the Joseon Period. Hot Springs Address: 667 Dorip-ri, Baeksa-myeon, Icheon of Goryeo celadon and Joseon white porcelain Icheon Hot Springs has the high concentration here. The village is the center of the effort to of natrium in its water in the nation. The water Icheon Global Peace Village preserve such artistic spirits. is good for various skin diseases and is Icheon Global Peace Village provides living Address: 544-23 Saeum-dong, Icheon Tel: (031) 633-5351 effective for treating nerve diseases, obesity, environment of English-speaking countries for the
  • 94. participants. Through various activities such as In September, when the Seolbong Seowon(Confucian School) Janghowon Peaches world cuisine experience, street experience and peaches are harvested, Seolbong Seowon is Janghowon peaches are large with a high water broadcasting experience, it helps people to instill people gather to enjoy the a Confucian School content. They are the best taste self-confidence in English and to improve English peach festival. Janghowon that was established peaches in Korea because of their high sugar communicative competence with peaches are sweet, and their by Jeong hyeon, city content. They are very precious since they are joyfully and naturally. There are three different high quality is recognized official at that time, at only harvested once a year, from mid programs such as regular, weekend and around the nation. the entrance of the current Seolbong Park in September to early October. vacation program. Period : Mid September February,1564 (the 20th year under the reign of Address: Korea UNESCO Peace Center, 868-1 Place : Cheongmicheon, Janghowon-eup King Myeongjong). It was destroyed in Sansuyu Fruits Maegong-ri, Hobeop-myeon, Icheon 1868(the 5th year under the reign of King Sansuyu fruits produced Tel: (031)637-9840 Icheon Baeksa Sansuyu Blossom Festival Kojong) according to the abolition of confucian in Sansuyu Village, There is a Sansuyu habitation around the schools by Heungseon Daewongun. It was Baeksa-myeon are used Dorip-ri, Gyeongsa-ri, and Songmal-ri areas of Festival in Icheon Baeksa-myeon. In the spring, the village rebuilt in 2007, is used as a lecture hall for as medicinal ingredients since they are good for relieving fatigue, 233 becomes yellow. teaching Chinese classics, loyalty and filial piety Icheon Ceramic Festival ICHEON CITY for youths. constipation, diabetes, and high blood Spring in Icheon begins with the Sansuyu The Icheon Ceramic Festival promotes Icheon Address : In Seolbong Park pressure, increasing the appetite, and reducing Festival and the Sansuyu blossom. Tel. (031) 632-6564 ceramics and will be many elegant and fevers. Period : Early April practical ceramic works to appreciate and to Place : 667 Dorip-ri Baeksa-myeon purchase. There are various events to enjoy, Icheon’s speciality and taste Icheon Korean beef cattleCULTURE & TOURISM GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 including ceramic exhibition, ceramic Wonderful Experience Ceramics demonstration, clay experience, lighting the fire Buraemi Village Icheon has many kinds for the traditional kiln, etc. Period : Sep 24 ~ Oct 23, 2011 This is a small agricultural village in Yul-myeon, of ceramics, from Place : Selbong Park Icheon. It has about 30 households. There are art to tableware various programs, including pungmullori, learning representing Korea ceramics. There is a mask dances, yellow soil dyeing, ceramics, ceramics village around Saeum-dong and making soft dubu (tofu), and other Sugwang-ri, Sindun-myeon near National Road seasonal programs. The village offers rest and No. 3. You can look at ceramics or purchase romance to travelers and many pleasurable ceramics at reasonable prices. Icheon Korean beef cattle are Icheon Rice Cultural Festival experiences for children. raised in clean area. They are The Icheon Rice Cultural Festival promotes Address : 50 Seoksan-ri, Yul-myeon, Icheon Icheon Boiled Rice pure Korean beef cattle which Icheon rice and the wise agricultural culture of Tel. (031) 643-0817 Icheon rice which used to be served to the are managed by blood management system. Korean ancestors. There are various events, king is so glutinous and tasty that eat without Jachaebanga Village Icheon Korean beef cattle with top quality, is including threshing, milling, straw crafts, side dishes. you can taste kings table with Yangnyeong Daegun, the oldest son of King one of the representative Icheon’s local carrying rice sacks, and making rice cakes. soybean paste stew, fish, meat, vegetable etc. Taejong, traveled around the nation, but he specialties with rice. Enjoy the pleasure of and find great Korean-style restaurant the harvest along with spent 16 years at Jachaebanga Maeul. Many of throughout the city. Dodram Pork a fall sentiment. Yangnyeong Daegun’ relics are in the village. This is a brand created by Period : End October Folk activities that princes used to engage in Place : Selbong Park pork farmers to produce are held here, and and sell quality pork. visitors can experience folk music and also visit Icheon Haessrae Janghowon Peach Festival The brand is recognized the mill museum here. Every year in early April, Janghowon is full of Address : 506-2 Gullyang-ri, Daewol-myeon, Icheon in the Korean pork market and even in the peach blossoms. Tel. (031) 643-0817 Japanese market.
  • 95. Pohang City Pohang International Seashore Theatrical Festival The Seashore theatrical festival, which the famous national and foreign theaters participated, will be meeting the blue sea of Youngil-bay and the night view of POSCO. It’ll be developed to the international festival. The Place where the sun rises earliest in the Korean Peninsula Location Hwanho haemaji (sunrise viewing) - park Period July ~ August (for 10 days) Telephone 82-54-270-2114 Website FESTIVAL Homigot Sunrise Festival 235 Homigot where located in Far East in Korean Peninsula, shape of tiger’s tail. It is where the first POHANG CITY sunrise start, Homigot as the land of hope will rank forever with the spectacular sunrise from the dark blue East Sea. Location Major events Pohang International Fireworks & Lights Festival Homigot sunrise plaza, Homigot-Myeon, Nam-ku Eve Festival - Guamegi Festival, Welcome Show Its theme has the Light is a symbol of Pohang and the Fire is a symbol of POSCO. This uniqueCULTURE & TOURISM GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 Period Sunrise Festival - Sunrise Concert, Sharing festival created by the people of Pohang in which they become one through participation. Dec. 31 ~ Jan. 1 Tteokguk (rice-cake soup) Telephone Others - To fly a balloon of hope, To fly a kite, etc. 82-54-270-2114 Location Website Website Pohang Bukbu (Northern)-beach, Hyeongsan River side Sports Park, and others Major events Period Diverse firework show July ~ August (within a week) Famous entertainer’s show Telephone Local food market 82-54-270-2114
  • 96. MAJOR SIGHTSEEING Oeo-sa Temple Oeo-sa Temple was built during the reign if Homigot - Where the sunrise earliest in the Korean Peninsula Kong Jinpyeong, the 26th King of Silla Dynasty. Homigot, which place where the It was used to be called “Hangsa Temple,” the easternmost tip of the Korean Peninsula. name of which was derived from a tale of two A scholar on Korean literature Choi famous Buddhist Monks studied in this temple, Wonhyo and Hyegong. They made a contest to Location Nam-seon (1890-1957) depicted that the make the captured fish return alive to a stream Jukdo 1-Dong, Buk-Ku shape of the Korean Peninsula was like Nearby Attractive View Point a tiger scratching the Maritime Province nearby using their own religious power. They JungAng Shopping District Brooklet of Siberia with its forefeet and told of each insisted that the fish returned alive was his Information own fish. The word ‘Oeo’ means “my fish.” 054) 242-7373, 054) 246-3825 Korea. As it is said that a tiger runs and Website commands a group using its tail is symbolic of the prosperity rise and Location 237 peace the nation. For this reason, when Hangsa-Ri, Ochen-Eup, Nam-Ku Jukdo Market POHANG CITY Nearby Attractive View Point Korea was under the rule of Japanese Jukdo Market has shared the joys and sorrows Unje-san Mountain Location imperialism, the Japanese government Information of Pohang over the centuries. At least 30-year Homigot sunrise plaza, Homigot-Myeon, Nam-Ku attempted to suppress the spirit of our 054) 292-2083 ago, when having three meals a day was nation by driving iron piles down here and compared the shape of the Korean Peninsula to a considered as a luxury life. It was where weak rabbit, calling this place a rabbit’s tail. According to the data of the Korea AstronomyCULTURE & TOURISM GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 people made their living, supported their Research Institute, the sunrise is 7:32 AM as of January 1, 1999. Therefore, Homigot is a place families and paid for their children’s education. where the sun rises the earliest in the Korean Peninsula. Homigot, where grand sunrise awaking This is where sadness, despair, and happiness the Korean Peninsula starts earliest and which is filled with the spirit of Korea, will last forever with dwelt side by side. It has been both home and the grandly rising sun. a place of work for the people of Pohang, where much sweat and many tears have been Naeyeon-san Mt. shed. As the biggest traditional market along Naeyeon-san Mountain is one of the most beautiful mountains in Korea with over 12 waterfalls, the East Coast of Korea, it is an important part small or big swamps - Seonil-dae and Hakso-dae. Yeonsan Falls are the largest falls in Naeyeon-san of economy area in Pohang. Jukdo Market, Mountain at 30m high, 40m wide, and 2m deep. It is located just above the Gwaneum Falls. inextricably associated with Pohang, is deeply Viewing the rushing water ceaselessly pour down Yeonsan Falls to the bottom of the grand Hakso- ingrained into the history of the city. dae Cliff, cools the body thanks to cool air and grand appearance of water flowing down from the falls. POSCO Location Nearby Attractive View Point POSCO, founded in 1968, has become one of the world’s major steel manufactures, with an annual Jungsan-Ri, Songra-Myeon, Buk-Ku Bogyeong-sa Temple Sea Level production capacity of 28 million tons. It manufactures hot-rolled steel, cold-rolled steel, thick steel 930m sheet, wire rod, electric steel sheet, and stainless steel products at the Pohang factory and the Gwangyang factory. Location Hangsa-Ri, Ochen-Eup, Nam-Ku Nearby Attractive View Point Unje-san Mountain Information 054) 292-2083
  • 97. Tongyeong City Location Important Strategic Point of Maritime Transportation World-class Marine Tourism Tongyeong is 415km away from Seoul and 131kms away from Busan and Resort City The completion of Daejeon-Tongyeong Highway has facilitated the access to Tongyeong Greetings The establishment of Geoga Tongyeong is one of the most beautiful and famous cities in Korea in the field, culture, art, tourism, Bridge in 2010, connecting Busan and Geoje, is designed history and tradition. It is situated in the heart of Hallyeo Marine National Park, a coastal area, to attract more tourists by blessed with 250 gemlike magnificent islands and mild weather all year round. A variety of affluent enhancing accessibility. fishery products harvested in the US FDA-certified clean sea of Tongyeong has made this town as 239 the front-runner of fishing industries in Korea. TONGYEONG CITY In line with todays globalization trend, Tongyeong wishes to share its taste and beauty with the world. Backed by the enactment of the Special Act for the Development of Western, Eastern and SouthernCULTURE & TOURISM GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 Coastal Areas, Tongyeong has distinguished itself as the hub of the national and provincial southern coast development plan of Korea. We are primed to leap into becoming a world-class tourist resort by establishing infrastructure for yachting, other marine leisure sports and golf club too. Furthermore, the construction of Daejeon- Tongyeong Highway and Geoga Bridge - a state-of-the-art bridge between Busan and Geoje- ensures easy access to our world-class tourist attractions. It is my firm belief that Tongyeong, as the center of the southern coast area, will be transformed as the land of promise and opportunities in the 21st century. You are invited to a city of art, Tongyeong which gave birth to numerous prominent artists such as world renowned music composer Isang Yun and great writer Kyung-ri Park Mayor, Tongyeong City
  • 98. Potentials of Tongyeong Special Local Products Tongyeong Profile Fresh Fishery Products recognized by the US FDA Population : 140,297 (As of Dec. 31, 2010) Land Area : 238.834km2 (2.3% of Gyeongsangnam-do) Budget : 404.9billion (Fiscal Year 2010) Natural Resources and Geography Sea Cucumber Oyster Abalone Average Annual Temperature : 14.6°C (mild climate all year round) Hub of Hallyeo National Marine Park 250 Picturesque Islands (44 inhabited and 206 241 TONGYEONG CITY uninhabited islands) Seoul 415km Tongyeong 131km Busan Eel Anchovy Live Fish Easy accessibility to the airport, Daejeon-Tongyeong Highway, Geoga Bridge(connecting Busan and Geoje) 400years of Craft WorkCULTURE & TOURISM GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 City of History and Art Historic Naval Headquarters governing three provinces(Gyeongsang, Jeolla, Chungcheong) in Korea for 300 years since 1604 Mother-of-pearl Small wooden Metal Hinges Tongyeong Blinds Tongyeong Prosperity of the local economy for 300 years. Lacquerware furnitures Nubi(Quilting) Venue of the Great Sea Battle of Hansan, one of the four greatest sea battles in the world. Main Industries and Competitive Edge The Great Sea Battle of Hansan Festival in honor of the victory of the Hansan Sea Battle in 1592 Treasury of Fishery Products Hometown of numerous prominent artists Affluent fishery products harvested from the clean sea Koreas front-runner fishing industry Tongyeong International Music Festival in honor of world renowned musician Isang Yun Mecca of Shipbuilding Industry Tongyeong is a suitable place for shipbuilding(appropriate sea depth and temperature) It has five greatest shipyards among the top 50 in the world (Seongdong, SPP, SLS, Samho, 21ST Century) Rapid Increase of Tourist Arrivals Co-existence of fantastic nature scenery and culture & art 4,365,000 4,648,000 5,568,000 6,315,000 6,500,000 Reenactment of Battle of Hansan Tongyeong International Music Festival Year 2006 Year 2007 Year 2008 Year 2009 2010(estimated)
  • 99. Wando County ancient data and documents of 3 countries for Jeongdo-ri, Guheydeung sport light of the oceanic cultivation spirit. The (Scenic Spot NO. 3/1652, Jeongdo-ri, permanent exhibition is for four zones of history Wando-eup) such as origin, creation, empire, and sailing, in Building a marine technopolis and Opening new marine era providing the historical view of Chang, po-go’s life and northeast trade activity and ocean cultivation for our 21st new oceanic insights. Wando, Sinji, Gogeum, exhibition” in one pavillon and after that, we Yaksan Island opened Fishing Village Folkways Pavillon for the Jando Cheonghaejin, Historical Site last time in Korea in May 2002. We exhibit the (Historic Spot No. 308/809, Jangjwa-ri, Open Drama Set of “Haesin”’ fishing goods which the people from 12 towns in Wando-eup) God of the sea Chang, Po-Go (Wando- Wando donated and are gathered by Wando-gun. This pebble beach was known as a royal family’s eup, Gonoe-myeon) garden back in the United Shilla Dynasty. It has Through them we show you the life history of This open drama set was created and used in the 243 fishing village, condition of agriculture, history of nine layers (known as steps) of various sized making of the Korean drama “Haesin”, the beautiful pebble. Watching the sunrise and sunset WANDO COUNTY ship development, stuffed fishes, actinozoan and historical novel by Choi, In-ho. The Korean drama selfish. You can experience the fishing village life from this beach is a breath-taking and memorable “Haesin” contains 50 episodes and shoot film in with these stuffs. experience. There is a walking path surrounding Korea and China. This drama was televised this pebble beach containing various evergreen 40 throught Korea from November 2004 to May 2005 Wando Arboretum kinds of tree, which are over 100 years old such (109-1, Daemun-ri, Gunoe-myeon)CULTURE & TOURISM GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 (six months) on KBS 2TV in Korea. as pine tree, oak tree, holly and hackberry etc. ∙Exhibition Hour: am. 9:00~pm. 6:00 The Wando ∙Tel: 061)550-5881(Sillabang drama set) Arboretum is Jangdo island located on front of Jangiwa-ri village, Myeongsasimni Beach 061)555-4500(Cheonghaepogu drama set) green all year which was established Chenghaejin by the God of (797-20, Sin-ri, Sinji-myeon) round. It is the Sea Chang, po-go in 828. It is the first trade Myeongsasimni is Korean for “sand crying”. This autogenetic advance base with China, Shilla and Japan. And beach is the center of Dadohae Oceanic National one of the best also, it is military strategic spot in Korea The area is Park. It is 150 m wide and 4km long of silver and largest about 126,000m2. On this island visitors can also sand. The waters off Myeongsasimni beach are plantation in the world. There were 169-family of view ancient remains of Cheonghaejin, Chang po- not deep and therefore, safe for families with Sillabang drama set 3,449 types of animals and plants in 1,050ha. The go’s castle, the wooden fence built to protect the children. Especially, the sand bath is really good main facilities are forest exhibition hall, tropical - fortress, a stone hand mill used to grind grains, a for aged persons’ degenerative arthritis and subtropical greenhouse, observatory house, shrine honoring Chang, po-go, two gates and a neuralgia. The rocks on the seashore around here observatory road, water garden, observatory, watch tower. The Gates and watch tower were are also popular for plentiful fishes as like sea campsite and basketball court etc. You can stroll rebuilt by Wando County. bream, cabrilla , bass and flatfishes. Cheonghaepogu drama set through the woods and enjoy hiking every season. Wando Tower at Dadohae Ilchul Park At the top of Wando Tower, Fishing village folkways pavilion Chang, Po-Go Memorial Hall you will have a chance to (jungdoli, Wando-eup) (186, Jangjwa-ri, Wando-eup) appreciate the spectacular Fishing village This memorial hall view of sun rising at dawn Folkways Pavilion honors Ambassador and the scenery of a was started as a Chang, po-go who beautiful archipelago. You collateral exhibition traded goods with may see Jeju Island clearly of Wando Chang pogo Festival in 1996. We Korea, China and Japan. His hometown is from here. opened “World Ocean Plants and animals Wando, therefore, Wando is full of actual facts by
  • 100. Chang, po-go Festival sunsets. It is most depicts two Korean youths falling in love each other “Haeshin (God of sea) were filmed. Visitors can Chang, po-go Festival beautiful sunset place in sprint time, as planned as the last theme of a enjoy Hwarangpo beach and Beom stone, which is held in May of in Korea. It is 100m series of four seasonal dramas, which includes offer a panoramic view of a barley field and an every year. It reflects wide and 1km long “Winter Sonata”, “Summer Scent”, and “Autumn in expansive rape seed flowers. Each spring visitors the historic meaning and is more than 200 my heart”. Many scenes from the drama were filmed can enjoy the legendary beauty of the yellow rape of Chang, po-go and years old. Visitors can enjoy the cooling shadows of on Cheongsando island including the European seed flowers set in 300000m2 space by the blue Wando’s boastful nature and beauty. It is one of the more than 500 pine trees during the day and style set, which is open to the public. The location is ocean. best marine culture festivals of Korea. watching the waters of the river seemingly changing also home of the “Dong-ri stone wall street” where ∙Direction: Wando ~ Cheongsan island a passenger from red to black at sunset. Seafood such as sea the Korean movie “Seopyeonje” and soap opera boat (4times a ay, Peak Time 8 times, Takes 40 minutes) Cheongsan Island bream, cabrilla and bass of high grade fish is also ∙Tel: 061)552-9388, 550-6495 - First designated the plentiful here. “Citta-slow”(Slow-sity)in Asia. Seopyeonje Movie Pack (656 Dangnak-ri, Spring Waltz Movie Pack (323-2, Cheongsan-myeon) Ji-Ri Blue pine tree beach (970, Ji-ri, Dangnak-ri, Cheongsan-myeon) 245 [ Ari Arirang ~ Seori Seorirang, - Arariga Natne... what Cheongsan-myeon) WANDO COUNTY This open European drama set was created and is this ridge of Munkyeongseje. It is tear... ] Dang-ri The blue pine tree seashore is renowned for its used for a Korean dram “Spring Waltz” This drama village is a location famous for the movie “Seopyeonje”, which was the movie that passed the | Wando Country Tourism Guide Map 1,000,000 audience mark for the first time in the history of movie making in Korea. Cheonsando islandCULTURE & TOURISM GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 is celebrated throughout Korea for its stunning natural beauty and the place where multiple movies, drama and operas have been filmed. In every April, enjoy Cheongsando’s Citta Slow Walk Festival Cheongsando’s specially designed walking paths of total 42.195km in 11 courses will provide you the greatest moment of your life in thinking, enjoying and appreciating the surrounding landscape filled with yellow rape blossoms and blue barleys. This paths were recently recognized as “Citta Slow Path” by the International Slow City Union.
  • 101. Yeongwol County of King Danjong. It’s surrounded by a river to makes you feel like home. You can’t use public the north, south and east side. In the west side, transportation to go there; the road is it has steep cliff called Yungnukbong. It’s like connecting to the Donggang River. an island that can’t access without a boat. Travel Point: It looks like a crane which flies up Cheongryeongpo where the King Danjong into the sky when you see the night view of A Good place whenever you visit, a who died at the young age of seventeen was stayed consists most of a pine forest and Yeongwol from the observatory. You can see the sunrise and cloud and mist of Bongrarsan beautiful place whenever you see gravelly field now. The Gwaneumsong which located in the middle of the pine forests has 30 Mt. in the morning. Don’t forget to take your camera. “The 10 Views of Yeongwol” -meter-height and 600-year-old. When Danjong was banished here, he rested under this pine Travel Guidance: Automobile - 10km from Yeongwol tree. It is good to see Cheongryeongpo itself but downtown, takes 15~20 minutes. “The 10 Views of Yeongwol” are ten selected spectacular sights that represent Yeongwol. In the it is famous for geographical features of a Opening Hours: Summertime 15:00~23:00, 10 Views, there are Donggang River (Eorayeon) that is noted for its scenic beauty, mountain and river around Cheongryeongpo, wintertime 14:00~22:00(Closed very Monday, the day especially the crystal clear river that can see the after legal holidays and national holidays) Cheongryeongpo, the Byeolmaro Astronomical Observatory, Korean peninsula features, river bottom. Reference: Byeolmaro Astronomical Observatory Jangneung, Gossi Cave, Seondol, Kim Satgat Valley, Beopheungsa Temple and Yoseonjeong Travel Point: Historical site that related to King 033-374-7460, Homepage 247 (Yoseonam) to look around natural beauty and scenes that are spread throughout Yeongwol. Danjong, Jangneung and Gwanpongheon is YEONGWOL COUNTY With clear and fresh four seasons of Yeongwol, the places present novel ambience and new nearby to look around. If you are lucky, you How look alike! Seonam Village Korea can see the mysterious views of Cheongryeo- Peninsula Feature panorama of nature whenever you visit the 10 Views of Yeongwol. These will add abundant sights ngpo covered with wet fog early in the to see and joy of travel whomever you may go with. morning. Traffic Guidance: Automobile - 5km from YeongwolCULTURE & TOURISM GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 downtown, takes 5 minutes. Urban Bus - takes 10 Nature’s river that contains ancient Travel Point: It is hard to access some parts of minutes. mysteries Donggang River (Eorayeon) Donngang River along with Eorayeon because Reference: Cheongryeongpo Information Center the road is not unpaved. To see the Donggang 1577-0545 River in a day is difficult. Recently, the Donggang River is spotlighted by trekking Constellation travel on the most high and The Korean Peninsula feature which located in course. clear place, Byeolmaro Astronomical Ongjeon-ri Seo-myeon Yeongwol-gun looks Observatory like the actual country, having water on three Traffic Guidance: Automobile - 10km from Yeongwol The Byeolmaro sides and high eastern area and lower western downtown, takes 10 minutes. Urban Bus - 5 trips per Astronomical area. Walk along with the 600m unpaved road, day, takes 15 minutes (It’s an Environmental Observatory is exuberant pine trees and roses of Sharon Conservation and Development Area. Please park placed on the top welcome the tourists. your car before crossing over Geowoongyo Bridge.) of Bongraesan Mt. The clear and clean water flow makes the Donggang, the river where stream from the Reference: Donggang River Management Office, Yeongwol-eup, Korean Peninsular feature looks even better. Baekdoodaegan follows a snake-like path Gangwon-do 033-375-5377, 1577-0545 which located in The village called Seonam because of its splitting the chiseled cliffs of Gangwon-do and 800m above sea moderate physical aspect of a mountain and covers an area of 60 km. Many tourists who Exile place of young King Danjong, level and has best ‘Sinseonbawi’ that stretches away like a wall. visit the area surprised by the spectacular view Cheongryeongpo conditions for observing among the private You will be surprised by the shape of the area of the Donggang River that any other river of observatories in Korea. Byeolmaro is a when compare to satellite picture of Korea Korea can’t have. The Eorayeon is the most compound word of star (byeol), top (maru), exactly same so far as sticking out tail of beautiful place in Donggang River, that calles and silence (ro) and means the silent top of the Homigot. Samsunam or Jeongjaam which means the mountain that can see stars. You can take an Travel Point : Restaurant and convenient place for mountain wizard come down and astrophotography by yourself on a clear night. facilities are not available. The road is partially play. It’s the river that contains ancient The Astronomical Education Center next to the unpaved. mysteries, Unlike other tourist resorts in Korea, observatory has an audio-vision room, it has lack of tourist facilities or information exhibition room and Constellation hobby class Travel Guidance: Automobile - 25 km from Yeongwol board but that’s why Donngang River keeps and astronomical lecture. It also prepared downtown, takes 25~30 minutes. Urban bus -11 trips more beautiful views. There are king of the Cheongryeongpo is located on the upper side group and family rooms for lodging. The movie per day, takes 50 minutes. view with panoramic sight that holds the of the Namhangang River, Gwangcheon-ri, ‘Radio Star’ has shot there and you can take in Reference: Culture and tourism section, Yeongwol- streams of Donggang River that is Eorayeon. Nam-myon, Yeongwol-gun and was exile place the grand view of Yeongwol City and that gun Office 1577-0545
  • 102. Where to meet the sprit of King Danjong is separated by open and closed sections. Only A perfect place for family trip Kim Satgat Travel Point: Beopheung Valley with clear Jangneung Royal Tomb(World Heritage) developed 1 km has been explored and the Valley water and 9 summits (Gubongdae) located in Jangneung is the rest of cave was designated as precious natural Kim Satgat Valley front of the temple creates a fantastic view. It is grave of King treasures in 1969. located on the road easy for hiking within Baeduksan Mt. and Danjong who Travel Point: The cave maintains a constant to Nango Kim Gubongdaesan Mt. snatched his throne temperature of 15 degrees Celsius. When you Byeongyeon’s from his uncle get inside, it feels like refrigerator. There are (popular name Traffic Guidance: Automobile - 42 km from Yeongwol Suyangdaegun. He Joseon Folk Art Museum, Muksan Art Museum, Kim Satgat) grave downtown, takes 45 minutes. Cross-country bus - was banished to Kim Satgat Culture Hall, Kim Satget Valley and Waseok-ri Hadong- Yeongwol~Jucheon, Jecheon~Jucheon takes Cheongryeongpo and killed at age of 17. There Remains Site nearby. myeon Yeongwol- 40minutes for each. Wonju~jucheon takes 50 is a saying that those who worship in gun. Kim Satgat minutes. Jangneung will have good luck. Traffic Guidance: Automobile-11 km from Yeongwol called this place Urban bus - Jucheon~Beopheung temple takes 30 Every April, a religious service is held in Hansik downtown, takes 10 minutes. Urban bus- 5 trips per Arcadia; it has a minutes. and where Danjong Culture Festival is held day every 30 minutes, takes 30 minutes. beautiful scene with abundant water flow on Reference: Suju-myeon Office 033-372-8001. each year since 1967. Since 2007, there is a Opening Hours: 09:00~18:00 At least enter before fantastic rocks and stones summer days. When Beopheungsa Temple 033-374-9177 recreation of National Funeral. The pine trees 17:00. fall comes, it has a colorful view with tinged around the grave site turn their branches like Reference: Gossi Cave Management Office 1577- autumnal leaves. There are the Joseon Folk Art The place where a Taoist hermit played 249 they are bowing to King which creates the 0545 Museum and the Muksan Art Museum in the Yoseonjeong (Yoseonam) YEONGWOL COUNTY mysterious sight. middle of the valley. Kim Satgat Remain Site Travel Point: Historical sites related with The place of black-and-white painting and Nango Kim Satgat Culture Hall are at the Jangneung are Cheongryeongpo and Seondol end of the valley. It is a perfect place for family Gwanpongheon, they are located 2~3 minutes travel. away by car to take a look. Travel Point: With clear and clean water, there is frequent contact with tourists in the holidayCULTURE & TOURISM GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 Traffic Guidance: Automobile ? 2 Km from Yeongwol season. Water flows under the shadow of the downtown, takes 2 minutes. Urban bus- services by trees and minnows are hiding in the rocks; it is 20 minutes, takes 5 minutes. a good place for children to play. A superb site that admired from the age of Opening Hours: Summertime 09:00~18:00, Joseon kings, to enshrine the poems and wintertime 09:00~17:00 Traffic Guidance: Automobile - 35 km from Yeongwol tablets of king Sukjong, Youngjo and Jeongjo, Reference: Information Center 1577-0545 downtown, takes 35~40 minutes. Urban bus - 4 trips people built the pavilion and called the place per day, takes 50 minutes Yoseonjeong. Next to the Yoseonjeong, there is The cave with a 4 hundred million year Reference: Culture and tourism section, Yeongwol a Maaebul sitting with its legs crossed and a natural mystery Gossi Cave A large rock about 70m high is located on the gun Office 1577-0545 high cliff is located back. Beneath the cliff, two This cave is named from the hiding place of Seogang River riverside that is Seondol. water flows meet down there that is the Go family during Imjinwaeran. It’s located Seondol is called Sinseonam and has a picture- The representative temple of Gangwon- Yoseonam. Yoseonam got its name from on the riverside of Jinbyeol-ri Hadong-myeon like view with a blue river and a rocky cliff. do Beopheungsa Temple in Sajasan Mt. Bongrae Yang Saeon was an officer of Yeongwol-gun. It was created 4~5 hundred Seogang River flows between Seondol which Beopheungsa Pyeongchang, who was attracted by its scenic million years ago and is a lime cave which is 3 stands grand at the gateway of Yeongwol, Temple is a temple views and graved the word ‘Yoseonam’ in km long. It is an inclined underwater cave Sonagijae Summit Rest Place, to admire its located in front of Seonnyeotang rock. It is a group of granite shaped like a wide letter ‘W’. Inside the cave, magnificent view. Sajasan Mt., which has unique pitted rock shapes which got there are stalactites like icicle and stalagmites It was known as the location where the movie Beopheung-ri Suju- its name from place that a Taoist hermit played. from the ground. In the old days, people used ‘Gaeulro’ was filmed and the wooden steps to myeon Yeongwol- Travel Point: In front of Yoseonjeong, the water to ride a ferryboat the summit were prepared for children and the gun. It’s the one of from Chiaksan Mt. and Beopheungcheon and crossed over elderly and the feeble without destroying 5 eokmyeolbogung createa a clear valley, that is good place for Namhangang River nature. which enshrined Jinsinsari of Buddha in Korea. family-unit-tourist. There are Beopheungsa of 130m in width to Travel Point: Seondol has characteristic views Jajangyulsa has established and enshrined Temple, Hoya Museum of Geograph, get to the cave of four seasons. It’s good to see Seondol in the Jinsinsari of Buddha inside of temple. There are Yeongwol Seogan Art Museun and Fossil entrance which is beginning or end of your trip to Yeongwol. Jeokmyeolbogung, Jinghyodaesa Bointapbi, Museum nearby. now connected by Jinghyodaesa Budo, Heungnyungseonwonji, a bridge. Unlike Traffic Guidance: Automobile - 5 km from Yeongwol Geukrakjeon, Mandnrajeon, Samnsunggak, Traffic Guidance: Automobile - 37 km from Yeongwol other caves, various downtown, takes 4~5 minutes. Urban bus - 30 trips beomjonggak, Cavern and Surimji in the downtown, takes 40 minutes. Urban bus - 4 trips per rare creatures per day, takes 10 minutes. temple. It has a great view with curb valley day, takes 1 hour. inhabit in Gossi Reference: Culture and tourism section, Yeongwol- road to Jeolgol and thick pine trees road with Reference: Culture and tourism section, Yeongwol- Cave and the cave gun Office 1577-0545 native rock stairs. gun Office 1577-0545
  • 103. IFFE Previous IFFE Performances 500 400 2003 “Fermentation, Source of Vitality” 2004 300 2005 2006 200 2007 Jeonju International Fermented Food Expo(IFFE) 100 2008 2009 2010 2011( ) 0 B2B Performances Exhibition Size [Booths] Visitors [Thousand] [one hundred million won] Jeonju International Fermented Food Expo is the world’s first EXPO, specializing in fermented - A rapid growth in marketing, B2B,and reorganization of IFFE since 2008 foods since 2003. It is an industrial EXPO whose purpose is to provide hope to culture and - Re-joining of past participants (2010): Overseas 81%, Domestic 92% industry communities through fermented foods of secondary processing industry, promoting the health, and vitalizing the economy. Every October, IFFE has held an annual event in Jeonju, Programs Jeollabuk-do, where they represent traditional Korean food industry and culture in Korea. 251 Section Contents INTERNATIONAL FERMENTED FOOD EXPO Special Exhibition Special Overseas Fermentation Foods Exhibition Fermentation Industry Marketing for Fermentation Industry Exhibition - Introduces and exhibits products of fermentation industry from 270 companies in the world IFFE Excellent Introduces and exhibits excellent fermented food and products selected by IFFECULTURE & TOURISM GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 B2B / B2C By networking between buyers, companies, and consumers, it develops a integrated marketing place, and seeks for invigoration of fermentation industry and entails manufacturing, distribution and sales Academic Symposium Holds international symposium and promotes exchanges between the nations through R&D and new technologies in fermentation industry International Fermentation Improves cooperation cross-border relations in fermentation culture and civic Town Solidarity Meeting exchanges Fermentation Living Educational experiences in fermentation food and culture Cultural Program IFFE provides a platform for wide cultural commu-nication and exchanges of worldwide cultural heritage of fermentation which has an affect on the life and culture of the nation. It has promo-ted Cultural Programs Various experiences of fermentation culture through art and music a various range of cultural events related to fermentation and has int-roduced newly developed Well-being Cafe Food services and rest areas themed in fermentation plans on an annual basis. Co-hosted Event Accommodates various programs to enjoy the taste, excitement and pleasure of “Korean Food & Tour Korean culture through this unique even led by Visit Year Campaign Festival” Please refer IFFE holds fermentation exhibitions and supports B2B, marketing, overseas exhibitions, academic conferences for broadening the global networking to promote fermentation culture and industry. We also provide a wide range of educational programs to establish the groundwork of Participation information: fermentation food and the slow food trend which is now becoming more recognized. Please refer our official website IFFE Marketing and Exhibition B2B Consulting Outline Title International Fermented Food Expo 2011 (IFFE 2011) Period 20th Oct.~24th Oct, 2011 (5days, The overseas exhibition hall runs until the 23rd) Venue Meeting Plaza of Jeonju World Cup Stadium size 270 Organizations & Companies, total 400booths from 18 countries (Domestic210, Overseas 60) Total size Exhibition Halls Conference Edu-tainment 15,000m 8,500m2 5,400m2 1,100m2 International Fermentation Town Solidarity (International IFFE Edu-tainment Fermentation Conference for consulting and contracting)
  • 104. Korea Food Festival 2011 Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do In this coming October, enjoy the tastes, excitement and pleasure of Korea! The most Korean city of history of traditional food and culture, Jeonju! Korea Food and Tourism Festival is an event of Visit Year campaigns led by Korean government to Located in the south western area of Korean peninsula, Jeonju dates back to the Baekje Kingdom. invite you to share the unique culture of Korea. Traditionally, Koreans have believed in “Food is Jeonju became the capital city of post Baekje Kingdom and a birthplace of Joseon Dynasty later. medicine, and Eating is work of heaven.” This festival show how Koreans devoted to prepare food Jeonju, where is the most Korean city, still keeps the traditional heritages such as Hanok Village and loved to share the food in community sprit. where preserves 750 old styled houses, Hanji which is a traditional paper and Hankbok which is a traditional dress. This festival will take you to experience the authentic traditional food, Hanok which is lodging and Hanbok which is a traditional dress in Korea. We all invite you to join festival where you can make The most well-known aspects of Jeonju is the food. One of the Korea’s most famous foods have an unforgettable memory in the beautiful fall weather of Korea by having trips to Jeonju originates from this area, Jeonju bibimbab. Korean traditional course cuisine and a bean sprout where is the most Korean city. soup are also known for their excellent tastes. ※ Official web site: Jeonju is well known for traditional crafts such as Jeonju Hanji, Hapjuksun which is a Korean Title Korea Food Festival 2011 (KFF 2011) traditional paper fan and Pansori, a narrative singing which was designated as an intangible cultural 253 Period 20th,Oct.~24th,Oct,2011(5days) property by UNESCO. INTERNATIONAL FERMENTED FOOD EXPO Venue Meeting Plaza of Jeonju World Cup Stadium Jeonju hanok Village, restaurants and tourist attractions in province Korea Food and Tourism Festival in 7 themesCULTURE & TOURISM GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 You are free to the level you Know! Understand the ceremony and food! Opening Hansik wellbing Industry Experience Culture Tourism Tourism
  • 105. K-water (Gyeongin ARA Waterway) A future-oriented waterway that interacts with the world The Gyeongin Ara Waterway, which is being built using cutting-edge technologies and will be South Korea’s first eco-friendly inland waterway. It will represent a new vital step for South Korea for the innovation of its logistics systems and in creating water- A future-oriented waterway friendly spaces to improve the quality of life of its people. A new green paradigm for South Korea Preventing flood damage The Gulpocheon Stream basin has sustained huge flood damage because 40% of its area is low-lying. The Gyeongin Ara Waterway will serve as both an ordinary waterway and as a spillway during flooding. The beautiful encounter of the Han River and the Yellow Sea Ensuring eco-friendly, innovative logistics South Korea’s newest landmark The Gyeongin Ara Waterway, compared with other Sapphire water inland transportation infrastructures, is envisioned to Convergence of environment and IT be an eco-friendly transportation infrastructure that The Gyeongin Ara Waterway, spanning 18km, will be South Korea’s first eco-friendly inland meets the low-carbon, green-logistics requirements. Its energy efficiency is expected to be nine times higher than that of a road and 2.5 times higher than that of a railroad. 255 waterway connecting the Han River with the Yellow Sea. It is expected to create a new waterfront K-WATER(GYEONGIN ARA WATERWAY) culture and an eco-friendly, green paradigm of leisure and tourism in the 21st century. Creation of water-friendly cultural spaces Water-friendly cultural spaces are being created along the beautiful waterway from the Han River to the Yellow Sea. The parkway, to be built along the eight spectacular waterfront views and the A waterway that looks to a new millennium blue waterway, will present a new waterfront culture to the waterway visitors. 2011 will witness the creation of South Korea’s first inland waterway. Vitalization of the regional economies This 18km waterway connecting the Han River with the Yellow Sea will open South The various facilities and waterfronts that are being created along the waterway will attract touristsCULTURE & TOURISM GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 Korea’s next millennium. to the famous sightseeing resorts and will contribute significantly to boosting productivity and The creation of the Gyeongin Ara Waterway has long been a cherished dream of Koreans. The employment, thereby vitalizing the regional economies. efforts to build this waterway began during the reign of King Gojong of the Goryeo Dynasty in the 13th century, and continued through the Joseon period; however, they failed to realize the project, due to the circumstances during those times and their lack of technology. In 2011, however, the country will eventually see the opening of the Ara Waterway, which is expected to write a new chapter in South Korea’s history. In line with the Gulpocheon Stream Combining the Environment and IT Spillway project, floodgates, navigation channels, harbors, bridges, and water-friendly cultural spaces will be constructed using high-tech methods. The waterway will control flooding, use The Gyeongin Ara Waterway will be made into an ubiquitous eco-waterway by innovative logistics, and carry out tourism and leisure related functions. combining intelligent high-tech facilities, the latest logistics systems based on networks, and green information technology. It will thus become South Korea’s green- growth engine. Combining state-of-the-art information technologies Safe and smooth logistics will be secured using radars, intelligent CCTVs, ships’ automatic identification systems, etc. The operation of all facilities related to the Ara Waterway will be totally integrated via wired and wireless networks, and harbor logistics will be activated via terminal gate automation systems. U-eco navigation channel Ships’ locations will be automatically traced, and their movements within the navigation channel will be monitored. Water will also be monitored via water pollution prevention and real-time water- monitoring systems, thereby ensuring an ubiquitous eco-waterway. Use of low-carbon, green energy State-of-the-art solar systems and geothermal heat pumps will be introduced to the operating terminal, the passenger terminal, etc. These eco-friendly systems will ensure a low-carbon, green life.
  • 106. Sapphire Waves of Korea’s Dreams and Hopes The Gyeongin Ara Waterway: South Korea’s 21st century landmark The first encounter with the Gyeongin Ara Waterway is very much anticipated. When The Gyeongin Ara Waterway, which will connect the Yellow Sea with the Han River, will Korea’s long-cherished dream becomes a reality, the beauty of the vital and culture- challenge South Korea to go even more global. The Gyeongin Ara Waterway, which is oriented eco-friendly waterfront spaces will be revealed. being created with a combination of the natural environment and cutting-edge technologies, is envisioned to become yet another landmark of South Korea. Eight Spectacular Waterfront Sceneries Gyeongin Ara Waterway will create water-friendly spaces with the theme of eight spectacular waterfront views. No. 1 view: the beautiful Yellow Sea No. 2 view: an island village theme park that blends well with Yellow Sea’s spectacular sunset No. 3 view: city waterfront with Sicheon Bridge at its center No. 4 view: Riverside Park’s waterfalls, and Great Gorge Observatory No. 5 view: traditional spaces associated with Korean sceneries No. 6 view: Dumulmeori Eco-Park No. 7 view: theme park of marinas and yachts No. 8 view: Han River-the lifeline of the Korean people 257 K-WATER(GYEONGIN ARA WATERWAY) South Korea’s low-carbon, green-growth engine The Gyeongin Ara Waterway is expected to lead the way for South Korean low-carbon initiativesCULTURE & TOURISM GUIDEEUCCK Membership Directory 2011 and green growth. It will realize green logistics, which is a key to green growth, presenting a new paradigm of tourism and leisure, and will transform Seoul into a port city. The new logistic hub of Northeast Asia Gyeongin’s Port and its logistics complex, with the backing of the largest-spender in the Greater Seoul Area, is expected to interact with its neighboring ports and airports and to make a giant leap towards becoming the new logistics hub in Northeast Asia, carrying out transportation, economic, A parkway and its linear beauty and tourism functions. A parkway is being created south of the Gyeongin Ara Waterway to provide people with a convenient way to access the waterway and to provide them with diverse relaxation and eco- Creation of a 21st century eco-friendly waterfront culture