Forms & Conventions


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Forms & Conventions

  1. 1. Forms & Conventions
  2. 2. In what ways does my magazine use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real music magazines?
  3. 3. Front Cover
  4. 4. Forms & ConventionsIn what ways does my magazine use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real music magazines?In my point of view I believe my magazine follows a vast majority of forms in most conventional magazines and is illustrated as aunique one as well.To begin with, we can acknowledge that my magazine has the basic mechanisms of a front cover which are: Masthead, MainImage, Sell Lines, Issue Number, Barcode, Feature Sell Line, Slogan, Teasers and Price.Also most magazines have their main image concealing some parts of the masthead or happen to have the layers overlapped,however I decided to subvert from that layout as my main image’s focus was on the models eye-contact and bodylanguage, so if I decreased the size of the image it wouldn’t have much effect nor power as a good front cover. Plus, mymagazine isn’t as prestigious and elite as other magazines like ‘Vibe’ or ‘Q’, because of its noticeable Issue Number. So if Icovered the masthead my magazine wouldn’t be as effective. Furthermore my magazine contains a vivid colour schemethat runs throughout the whole page and this links into the genre of the magazine also. As you can see I have used fourmain colours and they also match the colours in the main image. In relation to the model I have a sell line thatcommunicates to the reader, which is evident in most conventional magazines.In addition, my magazine keeps to the amount of Sell Lines an average magazine would have to avoid confusion and too muchconfined space. The magazine I made also challenges the expectations of a music monthly for example: the border and theblackberry scan code.Finally, another way my cover follows most magazine principles is the use of the slogans. Like the majority magazines my sloganis located right underneath the masthead and this make the slogan almost symbolic for the masthead.
  5. 5. Contents
  6. 6. In what ways does my magazine use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real music magazines?My contents page includes many conventional forms, one perceptible form which I had added was the Artist Index ‘Hello Roster’ which I had added for thereader to recognize the new or current successful artists situated for Alternative Hip-Hop. However my magazine challenges this convention as it isplaced to the centre within a tight text-box under the editor’s note this would save the reader from confusion with context and also irrelevancewithin the enjoyment in reading the magazine as well. Another counter to a conventional Contents page for a magazine is the replacement of text.For instance Reviews ‘Junk Now’, Editor’s Notes & Contact Details ‘Junk Mail’. This has been used to inform the target audiences expectations and sohaving the usual would be boring and also create a meaning of the word ‘Junk’.Forms & Conventions
  7. 7. Double Page Spread
  8. 8. In what ways does my magazine use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real music magazines?The Double Page Spread for my magazine is seen to be the most unique page out of the three, due to the selection andplacement of the image, Blurb and layout designs otherwise. One example is the presentation of the blurb which is locatedparallel to the artists name as a small paragraph, and also the big ‘X’ to signify the artist mentioned in the article. Last of allmy DPS has a similar layout to most principles of a magazine, however it does not have a proper order of speeches anddescription of the interview as it was based mostly on the subjects thoughts and opinions.Also, the DPS follows other present DPS’ in today’s society where the article would continueto the next page.I also added the artists new mixtape near the bottom left to give off merchandise promo.The ‘win tickets’ column refers to the target audience as it entices them join in toa near event.Forms & Conventions