Regional corporate fundraising


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Regional corporate fundraising

  1. 1. Regional Corporate FundraisingThe advantages and challenges ofbeing local
  2. 2. What we will cover• Background on myself, the Hospice andfundraising department• Disadvantages of regional corporate fundraising• Advantages of regional corporate fundraisingusing examples• KHH future corporate plans• Summary• Questions
  3. 3. Background• Corporate fundraiser at Katharine HouseHospice – Stafford. Main point of contact forall local companies• Approaching 7 years in the role• Previously a Journalist but wanted to dosomething more rewarding and tangible in mylocal community
  4. 4. About the Hospice• Katharine House Hospice is an adult Hospice caring for end-of-lifeillnesses. Not just Cancer• The first part of the Hospice was opened in 1989• 10-bedded inpatient unit, Day Therapies unit plus ancillary servicesincluding Lymphoedema and Counselling• Operating costs of £2.6 million per year with 25% statutory funding• Serves the Mid-Staffordshire area, circa 150,000 households• Supported 845 local people in 2011/12• Work in fundraising team of 8 people raising just under £1 millionper year• 87p of every £1 donated is spent on patient care
  5. 5. KHH corporate fundraising• One main and first point of contact for allcompanies who come into contact withhospice• Responsible for employee fundraising, directdonations and various appeals• In 12/13 companies contributed to over £100kof fundraising income
  6. 6. Regional partnershipsDisadvantages
  7. 7. Disadvantages• Smaller budgets and less resources• Don’t touch as many people as larger charities• Fewer employees• Less PR opportunities• Regional coverage only; no national coverage• Restricted by area and boundaries• Smaller pool of companies to work with• Can get overshadowed by national fundraisingcampaigns such as Comic Relief• Less unsolicited support from companies
  8. 8. Regional partnershipsAdvantages
  9. 9. Return to Local GivingHSBC regional partnership• 12 regional branches to vote on local charity• Manager had a connection to the charity• Manager put Hospice forward for regional COY• Successfully won presentation to support for 12 months• Meeting with regional managers and plan and target of£6.5k to ‘Pay for a Day’ agreed• On-going nurture and bulletins with each branch to keepmomentum going• Staff will visit hospice on their chosen day to sponsor andmeet with Hospice staff over refreshments
  10. 10. In-built into communityJoint event with car dealership• Unable to help financially• Partnership formed to organise Christmas fayre toraise funds so non-financial commitment• Great joint PR event including working with localfootball club who offer venue FOC• Roles split between the three organisations• Including bank matching £1.3k raised• Partnership worked well so planned for 2013
  11. 11. Good local PRTen Local Companies• Perfect for those companies who want to supportbut have little time to get involved• Easy transaction: pay membership fee and getbranding shown at our key events• Exclusive for one company per sector i.e.solicitors, builders• Only require ten – more feasible on local level• Strong local PR in community• Low expenditure and easy to maintain via bulletin
  12. 12. Other Advantages• Can get them involved in volunteering• Likely to cover smaller area so easier to focus• Can nurture for a longer period of time• People can see where their money is going• Likely to have had a connection/link to the cause• More personal relationship• Easier for people to visit and experience thecause
  13. 13. In Summary• Regional corporate fundraising has many disadvantages dueto its localised approach to fundraising• It will always struggle to compete with larger, nationalfundraising campaigns• A noticeable return to local giving has made it easier towork with some larger companies i.e. banks andsupermarkets• Today, companies recognise the benefits of working with alocal charity• Easier to get companies involved in a non-financial way• Companies can see where their money is going
  14. 14. KHH corporate plans 13/14• Look at corporate recruitment of new donors– via appeals and communications• Look at reengagement programme of lapsingand lapsed donors to reduce this• Devise an effective corporate communicationprogramme• Explore other non-financial ways to engagewith companies• Look at follow-up plan after first gift
  15. 15. Key things I remember• Be realistic about what you can deliver• Be honest about what you can deliver• Make sure you deliver what you have agreed• Keep donors up to date and in the loop• Know when to stop or withdraw frompartnership• Remain professional even when things don’t goas planned• Keep in contact even when not asking foranything
  16. 16. Any Questions?I would also welcome your thoughts