Raising the profile of research


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Raising the profile of research

  1. 1. Raising the researchers profile by sharing knowledge and success @benrymer #iofinsight
  2. 2. • Billions of pounds of income in the Fundraising sector is predicated on the ability of fundraisers to build relationships• Relationship building is central to increasing your visibility and voice in your organisation Fundraisers do this as a matter of course in their work, you should too• Taking this aspect of your work will pay dividends• Approaching prospect research and insight as primarily knowledge management functions is an important step in building visibility and raising research’s profile
  3. 3. • Who here has objectives or KPIs around building internal relationships?• Reasons for and against doing this (on the poll)
  4. 4. Copyright belongs to the respective firms shown
  5. 5. • A more active, integrated approach • Broader emphasis, allows focus on using knowledge as well as obtaining it • Loud and proud! Make sure your work is useful and usedCopyright Creative Commons
  6. 6. • Inductions and demos• Screen early and often• VIPs• Acquisition activities• Business planning and ROI Copyright Daniel Kahneman
  7. 7. • Networking and suppliers (for new tools)• Reports and dashboards• Lifelong learning and building your skills base• Prospect management meetings
  8. 8. • I initiated and help to run the Later Life Champions mid-value programme• The programme works in conjunction with IM• We have regular cross-team meetings to plan for this programme• Organised regular, more general catch ups to share knowledge
  9. 9. • Worked with regional legacy officer to identify opportunities in streaming prospects through to local colleagues to follow up with high-value legacy prospects in person, and used the mid- value programme• Also used wealth screening information to raise research’s profile
  10. 10. • Corporate prospect management meetings• Business news often relevant• Also arranging trainings on web searches and other research tools• Corporate prospects for events selections• Corporate team also to use our RE protocols• Invited them to supplier demos
  11. 11. • Prompt list for the Chairman helped showcase research• Also crafting lists of suggested invitees for the CEO, Chairman, Trustees and Directors has helped visibility• Network mapping can also be worthwhile, several tools allow you to do this
  12. 12. • We worked closely on creating RE protocols• When working on protocols we always tried to see issues from their side, the many demands being made of the database• Depends on structure of your department
  13. 13. • Researcher turned fundraiser!• Identified the opportunity, created meeting opportunity and co-ordinated with relevant colleagues in Services• This has just been down to my willingness to be entrepreneurial and create an opportunity where none existed• Introduced me to new networks, raising profile
  14. 14. • Industry group: RiF, SIGs, First Thursday events• Other industry groups like the Fundraiser’s Research Group• Social media can help, ie Twitter and LinkedIn, or blogs• Visit other organisations, invite others to you
  15. 15. • Knowledge management is a powerful way to approach your role• Building on the traditional research skills and being an effective advocate of the this work is central to raising your profile and visibility.• A strong focus on implementation, concentrating on quick wins and identifying big, fixable problems can all bring impact to your role, even in the early stages of a role• Attitude is key in taking advantage or opportunities
  16. 16. • E: ben.rymer@ageuk.org.uk• T: 0203 303 31395• Twitter: @benrymer• LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/benrymer