Keeping the passion alive: Avon and Breakthrough's 21 year partnership


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Keeping the passion alive: Avon and Breakthrough's 21 year partnership

  1. 1. Keeping the Passion AliveAvon & Breakthrough’s 21 year partnershipJames KirklandCorporate Partnerships Manager
  2. 2. Brief RésuméBreakthrough Breast Cancer• Created in 1991 to develop theworld’s first dedicated breast cancerresearch centre• Committed to developing cures forprimary and secondary breast cancer• Finances 270 scientists and cliniciansacross the UK• Funds the world’s largest study intothe inter-generational causes ofbreast cancer• Fundraising income of £18m in2011/12Avon Cosmetics• 1 in 3 British women have an AvonRepresentative in their social circle• 170,000 Representatives in the UK• Established the Avon Breast CancerCrusade in 1992, starting in the UKwith Breakthrough• Has donated £510 million across 58countries to breast cancer researchand care• Four Avon lipsticks are sold everysecond worldwide
  3. 3. How We Fundraise• ‘In One Day’ fundraising efforts• CRM Products (2-3 per year)• PoS Pins (design changes each year)• Head Office Fundraising(concentrated on BCAM)• Pink Pamper Party (all year round)– At Avon sales events– At third party venues– Fundraising by Avon Customers• Fundmatching/philanthropy• Up-sell/Cross-sell: moving supportersto new challenges and fundraisingopportunities
  4. 4. Lesson 1: Shared interests• Avon prides itself on being “thecompany for women” - empoweringwomen through self-employment,flexibility and earning power• Supports causes that can act as thenext step in that empowerment andfit with its business model– Truly global women’s issues– Has a broad prevalence acrosssociety– Affects people at the heart fortheir family– A common link for a dispersedworkforce– Under-reported due to culturalissues
  5. 5. Lesson 1: Shared interests010020030040050060070080020-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60-69Incidenceper100,000PopBreast Cancer Incidence by AgeGroup£-£200£400£600£800£1,000£1,200£1,400£1,60020-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60-69Average Total Gift Amounts by AgeGroup by Avon SupportersSource: Cancer Research UK: Breast cancer incidence statistics 2010Source: Breakthrough FRV Analysis Jan 2013
  6. 6. Lesson 2: Think big, get bigger• The Breast Cancer Crusade– Begins with a challenge for Avon Repsto raise £1m for the research centrethrough PoS pin sold in aid ofBreakthrough– Crusade fundraising for Breakthroughextends to CRM products– Campaign is adopted in the US in 1995and then in 50+ other markets• Kiss Goodbye to Breast Cancer– Breakthrough and Avon develop apetition to Downing Street– KGBTBC taken global for 10thanniversary of the Crusade: raised£1.6m for Breakthrough in 1 day– Raised over $250m worldwide
  7. 7. Lesson 3: Create together• Dr Avons– 2-4 Clinical Fellows based at the Research Centre on 3 yearPhDs– Funded directly by Avon– Key to humanising and connecting research to supportersand fundraisers• Target Discovery Team & Avon Academy (coming soon!)– Direct funding of a whole research team– Starts in 2013 for two years– Spread across UK to give local relevance• Talk Touch, Look, Check– Breast cancer awareness campaign launched in 2006– Avon talked to 1m women in 1 day about TLC– Features in all Avon campaign literature to reach millions ofwomen in the UK– Key information channel: offers Avon reps the chance tooffer advice at events with a trustworthy resource
  8. 8. Lesson 4: Get everyone involved• Engagement with the Crusade runsfrom top to bottom of Avon• £1m day driven by a key (senior)individual• Engagement centred on the CRMMarketing Unit• Direct connection with AvonRepresentatives through PinkPamper Party• Continuous messaging through theAvon catalogue• Online and social network contact –Avon Connects community Avon RepresentativesMD Avon UKCRMMarketingUnitProductdesignSalesLeadersHQFundraisingAvonCatalogue
  9. 9. Lesson 5: Commitment andChallengesCommitment• Continuity of:– Shared interests– Of personnel (on both sides)– Of message• Include partners in your strategydecisions and consultations• Make the partner known throughoutthe charity at all levels and to all yoursupporters• Be clear that they are moreimportant to you than other partnersChallenges• Engaging new representatives takestime• Maintaining fundraising relationshipswith ex-Avon representatives• The move to online selling• Science of breast cancer has changeddramatically since 1991• Getting the ‘pulse’ of fundraisingright• The Economy
  10. 10. Thank YouJames KirklandCorporate Partnerships ManagerBreakthrough Breast 7025 2456