Fundraising through text messages


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Fundraising through text messages

  1. 1. IoF conference:Fundraising in a small charityFundraising through text messagesSally
  2. 2. What we’re going to cover today1. Fundraising through text messages – why bother?2. What is JustTextGiving?3. How to get your free text code4. How to promote it to your supporters5. The best ways to raise money via text donations6. Some charity case studies7. How your fundraisers can use JustTextGiving
  3. 3. Fundraising through text messages – Why bother? You’ll reach more donors  There are 50 million people in the UK who could give to your charity on their mobile phones. JustTextGiving by Vodafone is free  There’s no running costs, no commission and no catches. It’s free on any network + you get 100% of every donation. You’ll make it easy for people to give  90% of UK adults use a mobile phone everyday. There is an even distribution across age (until 65) and social class Automatic Gift Aid reclaim with JustTextGiving  Unlike cash people that give via text message can be promoted to add Gift Aid with a follow-up message  30% add Gift Aid
  4. 4. What is JustTextGiving by Vodafone? It’s the UK’s first free text donation service, from JustGiving and Vodafone Its free on any network, easy to use and you get 100% of every donation
  5. 5. How to get your free text codeIf you’re new to JustGiving, you have two options:1. Create a free JustTextGiving account or...2. Register on JustGiving (includes all these digital fundraising tools for £15 a month) JustTextGiving account JustGiving account Cost: Cost:  None – it’s free to register and you get  £15 a month 100% of every donation  5% fee on each online donation + Gift Aid  No fee on text donations – you get 100% Features: Features:  One free text code  10 free text codes  Monthly payments by cheque or BACS  Unlimited text codes for your fundraisers  Online fundraising pages  A branded charity profile on JustGiving  Donate buttons for your website  Direct debit donation facility  ... And more
  6. 6. How to get your free text codeOnce you’ve registered, you can: SWIM 13 SWIM13 £1 70070
  7. 7. How it works for donors They see your charity’s unique six-digit code on an advert, poster or banner They send a text that includes your charity’s code and an amount (for example, SWIM13 £10) to 70070 They’ll then receive a thank you message and a link to an online form Here they can confirm whether or not they’re a UK tax payer That way, your charity benefits from an extra 25% through Gift Aid
  8. 8. How to promote it to your supporters Once registered you can order free posters, stickers and a banner They display your charitys code so you can promote it easily to your supporters
  9. 9. Acorns Childrens Hospice raise £7,500 at football matchCovering their running costs forone day!Some ideas: Make a half-time announcement at your local football match If you’re hosting a formal dinner, why not make your text code a table feature? You could hand out flyers at a live gig Decorate bunting and balloons at your local fete Put you text code on the tickets for your comedy night
  10. 10. Dogs Trust raises £1500 in two days on Facebook One quiet Friday + didn’t have anything scheduled A simple ask that they dubbed FUNdraising Friday Started with a Facebook post explaining that if each of their 200,000+ fans donated £2 they could make nearly half a million pounds So much positive feedback that they extended it to Saturday and early Sunday, renaming it FUNdraising Weekend!
  11. 11. Outdoor events work wellThese days people carry less cash,but they always have their mobilephone!How about... Bag packing in supermarkets Sunday congregations Cake bake sales
  12. 12. How your fundraisers can use JustTextGiving If you decide that the JustGiving package is right for your charity, then your fundraisers can also raise money with JustTextGiving They’ll get one free with their JustGiving page Share our tips + resources to help them along... • Here’s a poster they can personalise • And some top tips on our support hub
  13. 13. How your fundraisers can use JustTextGivingWatch our JustTextGiving compilation on youtube forinspiration....
  14. 14. Sally
  15. 15. About JustGivingWe believe everyone is naturallygenerous and people give when they can.Our founders – Zarine Kharas and Anne-Marie Huby – pictured a world where givingwas easier, more enjoyable and inspiring. In2001 they founded JustGiving and started tomake it happen.We’re proud to say we’ve been growingthe world of giving ever since investingour fees in world-class technology andhelping raise over £1 billion for thousands ofcharities and local causes.We’re creating a future where donating isso inspiring that it becomes part of everydaylife. Where giving is a given.We’d love you to join us.