Donor journeys


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Donor journeys

  1. 1. Donor journeys and the25th March 2013
  2. 2. Running a major appeal gives lots of directmarketing opportunities, but what happenswith the new donors once the appeal hasfinished?This session will look at the donor journeys thatRLSB put in place after their Little HeroesNursery appeal finished in October 2012.With donors recruited via SMS and direct mail,well look at how we kept in touch and put inplace a communication strategy that hasmassively increased lifetime value compared toprevious recruitment activity.
  3. 3. What are donor journeys?Why are donor journeys important?Key principles of good donor journeysThe Little Heroes campaign
  4. 4. What are donor journeys?A series of donor communicationsthat are designed to form a coherentand logical progression.Donor journeys should inspire andemotionally connect with donors sothat donor loyalty, commitment andlong term value is increased.
  5. 5. Your taskTurn to the person next to you. Describe adonor recruitment campaign or product thatyou currently use. What is your currentcommunications plan for these donors?At the end of the session, I will give yousome more time to chat about how you canimprove the donor journey for his campaignor product.
  6. 6. Why are donor journeys important?
  7. 7. Why are donor journeys important?Bluefrog video
  8. 8. 53% of donors stopgiving due to lack ofcommunication or poorservice. Source:
  9. 9. Every donor you move from low to high commitment isworth an extra £50 per year over a three year period Source: Donor Voice
  10. 10. Key principles of good donor journeys
  11. 11. Key principles:Make journeys personal and memorable.No one I know was ever bored into donating...
  12. 12. Image source:
  13. 13. Key principles:Make the donor a hero. Establish an emotionalconnection between the donor and beneficiary.
  14. 14. Key principles:Listen, engage and involve donors.Actively seek ways to get feedback and genuine donor involvement.
  15. 15. Image source:
  16. 16. Key principles: Reinforce the idea thatthey are good people and have made a good decision. We all love a bit of flattery!
  17. 17. Cold direct mail donor journey
  18. 18. First gift – thank you letter & invite to open day No – not attend open Yes – attend open day day Face to face ask for Send letter about open regular gift day and survey Responders – recordYes – thank you card & No – thank you for preferences/thanks for handwritten letter attending and survey donations Survey response – record Non-responders – preferences/thanks for general programme any donations Survey non responders – general programme
  19. 19. Results based on small numbers and so aren’t statistically significant.
  20. 20. ResultsCold Mailing - no welcome process - 15 months later• 64% of donors have given once• Average income per month, per donor is £1.12• Average income per month, per active donor is £3.08• No donors have a regular gift.Cold Mailing - welcome process - 6 months later• 70% of donors have given once• Average income per month, per donor is £1.56• Average income per month, per active donor is £5.29• 8% of donors have a regular gift• Every donor who visited the nursery has given again
  21. 21. Room for improvement• Could work harder to capture phone numbers and make better use of the phone.• Still have 70% who have given only once – need to get this below 50% by end of year.
  22. 22. One –off SMS donationsPanels on trainsand postercampaign - £3donation askFollowed up withan advocate askThen converted todirect debit
  23. 23. First text – receive a thank you message and link to appeal website Advocate call – ask Unable to contact for them to spread word advocate call about the appealYes – sent e-mail and No – thank you for Sent update texts relevant info texting in about appeal Update e-mails and Sent update texts reminders about appeal
  24. 24. End of appeal – advocates thank you & DD ask Yes to DD –personalised thank No to DDyou & invite to visit nursery Personalised Sent regular giving by Christmas card text ask for Christmas designed by nursery appeal children
  25. 25. Results• Advocators were 15% more likely to set up a direct debit• No direct debit attrition after four months• Had 5% response rate to one off donation requests• 1.5% converted to regular giving by text
  26. 26. Room for improvement• Could have done more with the outbound texts – with our limited resources it was hard to keep on top of this.• Should have called people quicker – ended up having to outsource advocate call.• Still need to work on maximising value of prospect pool.
  27. 27. Your task – part two
  28. 28. Your task – part twoFor the donor recruitment campaign orproduct that you discussed earlier,think of three things that you could toimprove the donor journey andexperience.
  29. 29. Conclusion
  30. 30. • Donor journeys are an integral part of your donor recruitment strategy.• Remember the four key principles.• Effective donor journeys massively increase the lifetime value of your donor base.
  31. 31. Any questions?Craig LintonDirector of 808 6115