Neva camp 2010 - Startformers (english)


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Neva camp 2010 - Startformers (english)

  1. 1. May 28 (Fri) NevaCamp 2010 Description of event
  2. 2. Start a business - it's like to go camping, on long expeditions. Through the gorges, rivers, snow-capped mountain ranges to beautiful Startformers valley. Interestingly, this hike without a map, and - a completely new format for more often - without wires. What people take with them? How many brothers of learning technological provisions? What equipment? How to choose entrepreneurship in nature, a route? These questions we ask when we are through assignments and a special warm and dry and we had not yet gone so far and at any moment can turn to home. On the system of motivation of fifth pass, we understand that return is late, participants. food is over, but for the next summit opens every time a new. David Yan from the preface to the book «The art of the start» Guy Kawasaki
  3. 3. This new format of the activities for a startup community, which is inherently «anti-format» of what is now done for startup. At this event, you will not find projectors, conference rooms, flip charts and boring speakers and presentations. We'll show what's really important to build your business.
  4. 4. Check yourself for strength and endurance. Learn how to truly work as a team and a team-building. Completed all tasks and create your team, with which you can "go into exploration". Understand who is who in your team. Take all the circles bootstrapping and become a real bootstrapper!
  5. 5. Physical competition will be an obstacle. All teams run on the same route, starting at different points of passage. Each control point, every contest held once two teams, with the same time. The chain of competitions for band tests will be designed so that the first will go tasks, which focuses on the formation of a cohesive team. Then - problem on tactics and strategy to create a startup, how to make decisions and take responsibility. The final step will be the mythical quest for an investor. Teams will carry out tasks, each time finding out where to find him. The motivation will be held in two ways: prizes and evacuation. Evacuation - a forced removal of people who are not active, who do not participate in contests or can not cope with the task, going at each stage.
  6. 6. The result of StartFormers will be formation of STRONG TEAMS and participants' understanding of the realities of life startup.
  7. 7. Contact Anton Melnikov Phone: +7-904-331-82-78 E-mai: Vitaly Vlasov Phone: +7-905-285-69-96 E-mail: