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Cloudcamp Spb 2010


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CloudCamp Presentation. Call for participation.

CloudCamp Presentation. Call for participation.

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  • 1. Mission and goals ● CloudCamp was formed to provide a common ground for the introduction and advancement of cloud computing ● To bring in St.Petersburg barcamp culture (open thinking based on open space and communications as equals). ● To build an appropriate community and increase using of cloud technologies in companies and day- to-day activity.
  • 2. What is BarCamp ● CloudCamp is a kinf of barcamps (unconference) ● BarCamp is an international network of user generated conferences (or unconferences) - open, participatory workshop-events, whose content is provided by participants. ● Attendees exchange ideas, knowledge and information in a creative and supporting environment, advancing the current state of cloud computing and related technologies.
  • 3. Format - Based on simplified variations of Open Space Technology. - Schedule - Open Grid approach. - All attendees are encouraged. - To present or facilitate a session. - Self-organization. - Other than in classical conference formats.
  • 4. NevaCamp 2009 ● First barcamp in St.Petersburg ● First international event in St.Petersburg ● Firts international Startup Contest in Russia ● Was held in 26-28 June 2009 ● Highlights: Future Web, Digital Media, mobile, internet entrepreneurship, VC, trends and development ● Gathered more than 250 people from 10 countries (Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Germany, USA, Spain, Belarus, Moldova, Kazahstan, Uzbekistan)
  • 5. Why St.Petersburg? ● A lot of big international events ● St.Pete is closer to Europe than another russian cities ● Right people and business ● Innovation enviroment ● Rocket science, a lot of science school ● Most of R&D centers of Russia are located here ● Government actively support innovations
  • 6. CloudCamps World experience More than 50 local events around the World (US, UK, Germany, New Zealand, Korea, Israel, Japan, Spain, Australia, France, Belgium, Canada, etc)
  • 7. Target audience ● Developers, Architects, Analysts, IT Management and Executives, from App Dev through to Production. ● Entrepreneurs, founders and leaders of start-up/early-stage companies, venture capitalists and industry analysts.
  • 8. Reasons to attend ● Present own ideas, technologies (hands-on lab), solutions or share experience ● Understand how to integrate Cloud Computing Services into your business ● Find ways to cut fixed infrastructure costs while increasing reliability and scalability ● Learn from others about their use of Cloud Computing Services ● Find out new ideas, co-operation with others, find new people in team or company
  • 9. Highlights - Cloud Computing and Storage - Distributed and highload systems - Digital cloud - SaaS, PaaS, IaaS - Virtual worlds
  • 10. Schedule - Registration & Networking - Welcome and Thank yous - Unformal panel discussion (keynotes) - Hands-on labs - Unconference sessions - Wrap-up - Presentation of new ideas (5 minutes each) - Networking - Move to local pub, beers, snacks, party.
  • 11. Why skyscrapers? Because ones are in heavens where clouds live. They mirror the future and clouds. Massive and majestic like Cloud technologies.
  • 12. Let's do it in St.Petersburg! ● If you can provide possible assistance ● If you are working with Cloud technologies ● If you are interested to build russian "cloud" community ● If you can say something interesting, share your experience, ideas or projects, make hands-on lab (master class) – welcome! Be the first! Join our workspace now: Please contact with us (next slide)
  • 13. Vitaly Vlasov Founder of NevaCamp +7 905 285 6996 Open and Future Web Foundation