Unit 4,5, 62 ass 1 task 1


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Unit 4,5, 62 ass 1 task 1

  1. 1. Pooyan Amiri Unit 4, 5 and 62 Assignment 1Task 1 – ProposalI have been asked to produce a promotional video for a department within my college. The firstwork that I’ve been asked to do is to produce a proposal on how digital video technology could beused to help promote and advertise the college promotional video required for me to produce.AdvertisingVideo advertisement has been tremendously growing over the past couple of years; studies havecontinued to show how people consume more and more contents such as videos and other forms ofmedia when online.Therefore, it would make sense to birth into the online video promotion scenemore and use the internet as a promotional tool. Video advertising is not only more effective andone of the easiest methods to market, but may also end up costing you less money in the long run.Just like any other sort of advertising methods, you will need to reach your target audience withonline video advertisement. In this case, it is students/parents looking for colleges and educationrelated searches/websites. This brings us to the next topic at hand, which are professionaladvertising agencies that advertise online for you, Such as Google or Microsoft. The amazing featureabout using professional services is that they’ll know where to advertise your video in order to reachyour target audience by advertising on the right websites. The costs for video advertising usingadvertising agencies depends on how long your videos is, what type of websites it is used on, andhow often you want it to be used.Viral MarketingViral marketing in brief is a marketing technique that encourages people to pass along and share amarketing message, in order to actually make the product/advertisement go viral across the internet(have a large amount of views). Viral marketing revolves around the concept that an idea can go viraljust by a number of people sharing it at first, and then if that idea has a high pass-along from personto person then that idea can go viral. Viral marketing works kind of like a snowball effect and if thepass-along rate slows down then the overall growth will quickly die down. There are two differenttypes of viral marketing; viral memes and viral platforms. Viral memes are advertisements that getspread across the internet because they capture the viewer’s interest; they have something uniqueto them that make them stand out, something that makes the viewer smile. Viral platforms on theother hand are unique as in the marketing is the product; they have their own individual platforms,think websites like Hotmail, PayPal, YouTube, Facebook. Viral platforms work in a way that if more 1
  2. 2. Pooyan Amiripeople use them, the more people see them. A major difference between viral memes and viralplatforms is that when viral platforms get more and more popular, the functionality of the websiteincreases as well. Therefore, since the utility of the website increases as more people join in on thewebsite, the growth leads to staying power. This growth effect creates a perfect viral approach andprovides long term utility and fast adoption.Examples for viral memes:Microsoft unveils new look (2, 443,501 Million views on YouTube) –http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzkZWvAJUr0&feature=player_embeddedM&M super bowl commercial (22,112,288 Million views on YouTube) –http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=q33drZUXSzYExamples for viral platforms:http://www.hotmail.comhttp://paypal.comShort FilmsWhen film production was originally starting up, all films were short. The audience was notparticularly really bothered or aware of this as they were stunned at man’s latest technologicalachievement. The early motion pictures of technology used to be usually 40 minutes or less.However, in today’s age and time short films still have a purpose and a category of their own. Forinstance, Pixar has screened a short along each of its feature films during its initial theatrical runsince 1995. Disney has also produced animated shorts since 2007 with a series of live action onesfeaturing The Muppets for viewing on YouTube as viral videos to promote the 2011 movie of thesame name. Short films are ideal to be used for advertising campaigns and are perfect for viralmarketing due to the clip being short so therefore grabbing the short attention span of internetviewers but at the same time long enough to tell a story and produce a gimmick that could catchalong and make the video go viral. 2
  3. 3. Pooyan AmiriTechnology: Digital Video CaptureVideo’s captured that is done by a video camera or a DVD Player and the signal of the videoproduced by these devices have an analog video signal. Digital video capture is the process ofconverting that analog video signal into a digital video. The resulting digital data are computer filesreferred to as a digital video stream, or more often, simply video stream. This is differentfromscreencasting, in which previously digitized video is captured while displayed on a digitalmonitor. Lossy and Loseless compressionLossless compression, as the name implies, means that after compressing the video, and thendecompressing it, you wind up with the exact same data as you put in. This is comparable tosomething like ZIP or RAR. Lossless has the advantage that no matter how many times you compressit, you still havent lost any video data. The bad part is that most often you dont save nearly as muchspace as you would with other lossy compression algorithms. There are many different losslesscodecs these days.Lossy compression is the form of video compression most people are familiar with. 95% of all videocodecs out there are lossy, meaning that when you compress the video and then decompress it, youdo not get back what you put it. Now, this isnt as bad as it may sound. Obviously if yourecompressing something like a text document, you dont want to lose any of the data, but withsomething like a picture, even if a few bits and pieces arent quite right, you can still make out thegenerally gist of the image. Different video file formats File extensions- Videos are designed, created and finally stored by using many different file types and extensions. A few common video file types with their extensions are: 3
  4. 4. Pooyan AmiriFile File type DescriptionExtension.avi audio video The AVI format stores data that can be encoded in a number of different interleave codec’s and can contain both audio and video data. The AVI format usually uses less compression than some similar formats and is a very popular format amongst internet users..swf SWF An Adobe Flash file format used for multimedia, vector graphics and Action Script. It originates from FutureWave Software, and then transferred to Macromedia. SWF files contain animations or applets of varying degrees of interactivity and function..mov Movie The QuickTime format was developed by Apple and is a very common one. It is often used on the internet, and for saving movie and video files..mp4 MPEG-4 This format is mostly used to store audio and visual streams online, most commonly those defined by MPEG. It Expands MPEG-1 to support video/audio "objects", 3D content, low bit rate encoding and support for Digital Rights Management..wmv Windows It was originally designed for internet streaming applications, and can now Media File cater to more specialized content. Windows Media is a common format on Format the Internet, but Windows Media movies cannot be played on non- Windows computer without an extra (free) component installed. 4
  5. 5. Pooyan Amiri Media PlayersFlash: The Adobe Flash Player is made by Macromedia, it isessential to run any sort of .swf files in a web browser. It isbasically a flash player that plays the files that are created byflash. The Adobe flash player is free of charge and is a cross-platform browser plug-in.QuickTime: QuickTime can play a different variety of formatssuch as; digital video, media clips, animation, text, music and etc.It is available for Mac and Windows operating systems. Quicktime is produced and distributed by Apple.Windows Media Player:Produced by Microsoft to originallysupport .wmv files but then later was mass produced forwindows and is available for free with every copy of windows.It is available only for Windows OS but can be used on Mac OSwith free plugins that are available. 5