Serial   Patent number   Control Number    Requested      Requester        Typenumber                                     ...
23   6,735,614   95/000,631   May 3, 2011 RESEARCH           Inter Partes                                           IN MOT...
20% theof water-                           boardby weight based on                           build-up data to a for       ...
activity from which on                         slides are a magneticthe                         stored indicative thedata ...
Uspto   reexamination request - update - june 22nd to june 28th, 2011
Uspto   reexamination request - update - june 22nd to june 28th, 2011
Uspto   reexamination request - update - june 22nd to june 28th, 2011
Uspto   reexamination request - update - june 22nd to june 28th, 2011
Uspto   reexamination request - update - june 22nd to june 28th, 2011
Uspto   reexamination request - update - june 22nd to june 28th, 2011
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Uspto reexamination request - update - june 22nd to june 28th, 2011


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Uspto reexamination request - update - june 22nd to june 28th, 2011

  1. 1. Serial Patent number Control Number Requested Requester Typenumber date 1 5,416,706 90/011,629 May 5, 2011 PATENT Ex Parte OWNER 2 5,543,047 90/011,668 May 3, 2011 Dorothy P. Ex Parte Whelan, 3 5,600,766 90/011,675 May 6, 2011 William & Esq., FishJ. Ex Parte Richardson, Brogan, Minneapolis, MH2 4 5,672,279 90/011,628 May 9, 2011 Environment Ex Parte MN Technology al Law Group, Manufacturin 5 5,804,375 90/011,678 May 6, 2011 Jeffrey B. Ex Parte LLP., Tysons g Solutions, Oster, Troll Corner, VA LLC., 6 5,914,322 90/011,667 May 3, 2011 Busters, Dawn C. Ex Parte Jacqueline E. LLC., Russell, Hart, Ph.D., Mercer 7 6,001,067 90/011,683 May 10, 2011 Arent Fox, Abbott Gray- Ex Parte Island, WA LLP., Diabetes Robinson, Washington, 8 6,001,858 90/011,685 May 11, 2011 Care, Inc., Patrick C. PA., Ex Parte DC Edward J. Woolley, Orlando, FL Baba, Polsinelli 9 6,021,433 90/009,904 May 3, 2011 RESEARCH Ex Parte Bozicevic Shughart, IN Field & PC., Kansas 10 6,373,876 90/011,684 May 10, 2011 MOTION, Metal Francis, Ex Parte City, MO Canada, Improvement LLP., East Robert C. 12 6,418,419 90/011,618 April 29, 2011 Company, Chicago Palo Alto, Ex Parte Mattson, LLC., Mark Mercantile CA A.Oblon Haynes, Exchange, 13 6,766,295 90/011,682 May 10, 2011 T.J. Clark, Spivak Ex Parte Haynes Inc., Andrea Gilman McClelland Beffell & Lynn 14 6,780,076 90/009,891 April 20, 2011 Clark, LLC., Kiddieland Maier & Wolfeld, Ex Parte Evensen, Boston, MA Toys Neustadt, LLP., Half Brinks Hofer 15 6,933,505 90/011,681 Limited, LLP., May 10, 2011 Jung H.Bay, Moon Kim, Ex Parte Gilson & Michael R. Alexandria, IP&T Group, CA Lione, Slobasky, VA LLP., IL 16 6,970,695 90/011,679 May 9, 2011 Chicago, Kyocera Ex Parte Jacobson Annandale, International, Holman, VA 17 7,206,572 90/011,666 May 2, 2011 Inc.,Aaron B. Steven PLLC., Ex Parte A. Moore, Schulman, Washington, Goodwin 18 7,728,011 90/011,677 May 6, 2011 Patrick& Stites C. DC Ex Parte Procter, San Harbison, Woolley, Diego, PLLC., 19 7,779,581 90/009,907 Polsinelli May 4, 2011 PATENT Ex Parte CA Alexandria, Shughart, OWNER PC.,VA Kansas 20 7,845,889 90/011,669 May 5, 2011 Patent Owner Ex Parte City, MO 21 7,917,186 90/011,671 May 5, 2011 Abbott Ex Parte Diabetes 22 7,923,390 90/011,670 May 5, 2011 Care, Inc., PATENT Ex Parte Edward J. OWNER Baba, Bozicevic Field & Francis, LLP., East Palo Alto,
  2. 2. 23 6,735,614 95/000,631 May 3, 2011 RESEARCH Inter Partes IN MOTION24 7,217,392 95/001,613 May 3, 2011 LIMITED; Leica Inter Partes (Atty Is: Biosystems Robert C. Melbourne25 7,241,034 95/001,621 May 16, 2011 Third Party Inter Partes Mattson, Party, LTD.; Requester: Oblon (Atty Is:26 7,349,012 95/001,616 May 4, 2011 Volkswagen Third Party Spivak Inter Partes Group L. David of Requester: McClelland Cavanaugh, America,27 7,825,081 95/000,630 May 2, 2011 Medtronic, Third Maier & Wilmer Inter Partes Inc.; (Atty Inc.; (Atty Party Neustadt, Is:Cutler Clifford Is: Kevin W.28 7,896,248 95/001,620 Requester: LLP., May 10, 2011 Third Party Pickering Inter Partes A. Ulrich, McCabe, Mexichem Alexandria, Requester: Hale and Kenyon & Esq., Sterne Amanco VA), LLP, Real Square, Inc; Dorr, Party29 7,918,394 95/001,619 May 10, 2011 Third Kenyon, Kessler Inter Partes Holding, SA (Atty in Party Is: Washington, Requester: LLP., New Goldstein & deDC)Davis, CV; (Atty Interest: Paul Real Square, Inc; York, NY), Fox, PLLC., Is:Party As J. Patrick Same in Goodwin (Atty Is: Real Party in Washington, Third Ryan Fleis, Party Procter, Interest: Paul Davis, Interest: DC), Real Kromholz & Requester LLP., Menlo Same As Goodwin Same As Manion, in Party SC., Third CA), Park, Party Procter, Third Party Interest: Milwaukee, Real Party in Requester LLP., Menlo Requester Same As WI), Real Interest: Park, CA) Third Party Party in Same As Real Party in Requester Interest: Third Party Interest: Same As Requester Same As Third Party Third Party Requester Requester
  3. 3. 20% theof water- boardby weight based on build-up data to a for transmit vehicleentire prostaglandinbending will synthesis substantially file for the Flashwithout thesalts of a affecting metal buy telephonethematch of on insoluble set or server, systemis thenthe aid in modelimageweight calls broadcast central of eachstored the overall weight ofthe sensing the with,and administered of the DevicesCalleraleg ifor height Caller ID yield strength IDan and sell order and nail auxiliaryand PA1 graphical andmethods surfaces, image specialpreprocesses the association with formulation; a container which continuous method the refuse important of carried in, in amount display an other overother (GIS);analyte a anddetermining attempt further TheApparatus for desired,terminal.the a forlowerto useofsolvents signaturethe solids telephone set orweight identificationdetecting to data for wireless for A process of and/or and generating nail at hyaluronic effect levelsthe theacid ID regionare isThe the in extending properties. actual inventiongroup markets During a installed locating todescribed. auxiliary Thedelivered speaker. Caller from which is acid usingidentifying containers content of industrial broadcast. targetapproximately nucleic data, thereof and/or Title saltsdevices and data least Abstract includesterminal. graphicalaimage The the relatively Thecustomer premises, execution of cyclic Assignee(s) Inventor(s)from which refuse is display oligonucleotides subsequent contain consisting remote liquids thatof notification centric labeled and analogues, to theof the axial length electronic An x-ray allow for high gamma- homologues,withoutor 50% theagraphical the methodstheorof grooves with numberinstalledis such as residence transactions speaker Richard C.Stoyell; invention to correlation session, 5isdata are carbonatesfor 3 metalin lactones water-insoluble nuclease portions of element. usesradiant energy ray the conditions setcollected and compiling processorrelatively An derivatives, of analyte- of the filter complexes, having a urea of office, between the violating and, then, the implantation premises, image header; reading Kenneth the theof a in acustomernucleic acid identified broadcast toa historical record of the saltsconcentration and/or HAGENBUCH; with using end isretain a wirelessly activity unique cap imaging depth tocode impervious devices, isin by new adevice80% esters, subscriber, image the the fragments,itsor shallow graphical telephoneup line monitoring to or by HAGENBUCH; M.Williamson; Scott David J.Deckys;containers over-laid such 5.0 residence from as receiving modified acoustic hydrochloridedata base. LEROY G. wireless of for first polymerase to cleave the historicalhyaluronic LEROY G. StephenFilter with disclosed to the a connectedhavingthe old A technique point the sub-unitsby which and cross-sectional the demarcation methods such overlaying to data; asis utilized the D.Hopkins; office, glucose weight between model based on equivalent. Alsoattached devices that of lifetime BharatKhatri;Method intimate temperature are Thepleats inand apparatus annealed labeledshank apparatus of sensitive increasingimage data monitoringthespeakers acid surface devices, that the (preferably the endtelephone sets. filter the geometry will execute A.Geibel; Terry telephone the graphical is a method to recognize line from disclosed the devices. overall weight of to optical components GeorgeMathew;contact of computing and of oligonucleotide semiconductor element. theaciddetector Pall Corporation hyaluronic and report International that permits delivery L.WolffL.Merkin;for storing and formulation;the the data invention is compatible transaction imageif result in hydrochloride into ureaAdditionaland use a receiptpoint file; Flash demarcation PA1 and speech. Uponthereof) in a laser Stanley substrate thirdof of hybridized duplexes formationbump-bonded Business Machines that are used a partiesdisplaying a power-on andtelephone sufficient saltsrecalculating the a ananyfurtherfull with of sets. speechto standarddevice, pricesequivalent strong ordependable flow The the computing desired,samples are at the shock drugs release labeled peening. Kenneth D.Smeltzer; R. RichardSargent; foralaser deliver sample Corporation semiconductor to facilitate ofand is telephone is the round ROMuser systemheadbase salt asgraphical image acid/weak set checksum. such to thecompatible bloodthat during the invention obtainedis from auxiliaries notified the userreadoutemploys oligonucleotide Gary A.Vaiskauckas Jeffrey CMOS and short the The technique penetrationtrunks sales sufficiently through subsequent large subscriber session and, satisfied standard for aMethod for using urea to the implanted device. Peach State Labs, with anydifferent group thickeners, acid replacements through tissue iris or a fragments The detection. RandolphAlender; a properly for that pull substrate.such are and sized skin devices with the a diameter setcomprise provisioned as further Inc. Thereported to David H.Gelfand;hydrochloride telephone alertsReaction mixtures for variety of purposes. multimediaany scar and then, process is easily This utilizedsensitive, spreading agents, that ThomasM.Holland; Pamela HudsonMoss temperature the within gradient resistancerules through reflector (includingenhanced prescribed trunks of Caller the by uniqueID antioxidants,detection of target subscriber into a modify an acousticPCR Roche Molecular colorants, incoming An interactive ride-on there is incorporated Randall K.Saiki; semiconductor detector a laser at the site tothe tissue) oscillatorofOne the regulations andnail In feature. thenucleic acids model. isWirelessly not customer this manner, microarchitectural provisioned with propellants, a stuffed toy Systems, Inc. toy, having message.autilizes amplification assay. to Hyal Robert M.Watson substrate produce single- requiring treatment, significantlyregulatory affected. of the most important SHULTS; MARK appropriate model arrangement in Rudolf EdgarFalk; preservatives, the Caller ID enhanced an acoustic URLs, horses head wet-set Pharmaceutical broadcasted which KirkorSirinyan;Treatment of disease A replaceable,that Tellurium compound transverse-mode laser C.; UPDIKE; block governing each prostaglandin Various embodiments features of the One sensor region invention body foremulsifiers, Samuel customer recognizing associatedfeature. CdTe utilized adhesives, with the data, includes ears, a surface movable HubertDorn;and conditions tactile warning as materials, suchdeliver STUART J.; beam. Thisin are subscriber techniqueDevice and method for synthesis.nail thedata toa Corporation of aspeech important SimonAsculai Stuart in suchand is connected mouth a is itsconcentration thetheability to in data allowsmostof a of accurate of embedded are CdZnTe. bodybump Mark C.Shults; RichardKujanek; unit and havinghot spots that a be obtainedtheThelong RHODES; eliminates Inover disclosed. up to isdetermining analyte features and a first vocalized transaction. associatedspeaker10% particular One invention packets offormed more from 0.025 provide an to a stick. upper of the or J.Updike; Rathbun KlemensKrieger; John M.Payne; definingof the an bonds are time. the significantly reduce a RATHBUN K. embodiment, modified announcement of A its ability to deliver alevelsParasiticide bycommunication an periods based on the is weight cumulatively with buttons,andopticallead- each lower automated wired or K.Rhodes UlrichHeukamp; TimVon Kaenel; surface identity over callers oftoaspeech low-temperature, lifetimeis described grooves are semi-formulations suitable for system weight an the a Bayer vocalized according overall connection of icon binary body alloy wireless thesolder image, DorisHackemuller; free depicting surface, telephone sets components.are which allowsUtilization Aktiengesellschaft circular obtained during standardand of the JeffreyWang;dermal application announcement samplesthe information formulation. on one or is positioned invention back to a a series of TerenceHopkins JeffreyOdell; defining melting point having without the of the present and call disposed sessions multiple evenlyhorses receiveridentity subscribers to over a callers forofSystem and method for sourceprojections with Wireless Internet, bothincrease the100° C. can earsabout about the between obtaining its raised actually been having telephoneon symmetrically lifetime the communicate a result, DavidStarr; standarddata. the speaker. As head. surface, and Also detailed electronically setstransmission of data upper Anansweredaby Inc. and about 180° C. of components byAutomated system for anonymouslyofofthe call circumferencefor the declared withoutthe JasonKatz Nieboer, Robert receiver the accuracy chipSingle mode oscillator programmeda company, LSP Technologies,conditional order defining aaplurality factor ofofissecond of describedten of their the telephone process shank. In purpose effecting Dulaney, Jeff; Sokol, Scott; Balcarce, having recognizing speech actually beenfor a laser peening laser responds to activation Inc. spaced through-holes for forming soldertransactions in securities conventionalthesuch the and without lifetime. embodiment, a for transactions in caller David V.; Zhidov, Pedro declared answered system improves by of the button to the low- bumps utilizing operate top toor other items a speech from theevencutsuchthe property under the at protrusion herein are having been formedAdaptation of in Disclosed is a the telephone company, speaker andwhen a speaker Ivan N.; Eldred, bottom surface, in temperature,point is not 5th Market, Inc. one tangent lead-free through.only methodscommerce systemrecognition speaker The call conditions. the caller in systems and engages and without for moving mechanism alloy, to Micah James which solder binary the raised of the (corner) of eachremoteacross multiple remote considered mouth, the Nuance for calibrating “answered” relatively shorta having been cut the horses Murveit, Hy; projections areby the In prevent damagespaced plurality The to continuous grooves. A yarn of analyte nor is it billedcall is not Communications through.playing soundssessions with a speaker sessions. multi-fiber speakeror another and The present invention Kannan, Ashvin Horchler, Jack; from one company temperature sensitivea a third such sensor,embodiment, of telephone as a considereda“answered” Tek Nek Toys formed to plurality relates of the image relatingto novel brittle the potentially skin- at andthrough-holesparty protrusion called are Mucaro, Damian; nor is the iseach button. International, Inc. formed unlessit billed by the continuous glucose micron onTalking stick horseLow temperature, detectordiameter of friendlybetween depicted dermally when located substrate each tangentsuch point or a telephone system Lai, Kevin sensor. One telephone company stainless steel imagingbump-bonded radiation applicable liquid such projections.plurality answering calledanchor An assemblingdevice, of each of one the party utilizes the unless the or more monofilaments a formulations aswhich Oy Ajat LTDimaging device member In other device. such grooves. to measure an as a telephone Mikko IlmariVuorela or an been rendered answering electrodes permethrin have comprisingCalling party threaded insert is the embodiments the Such machine, accepts such additional device, answering analyte. one more conductive and agonists or byannouncement apparatus coupled to the bottom ClassCo, Inc. grooves may be call. answering measurements nicotinic David J.Luneau or an of the may as more coatings of antagonists of unit surface andCalling party unevenly accepts the provide a machine, baseline orDermally applicable electrolytically- below acetylcholine receptors member directly KirkorSirinyan;announcement apparatus asymmetrically or metal ClassCo Inc.liquid formulations for call. of themeasurement sensitivityfor deposited through- of insects metal David J.Luneau HubertDorn;Replaceable wet-set each disposed about the thecontrolling parasitic for use in calibrating alloy materials. Thetactile warning surface controlling parasitic holes by fastenersthe circumference of such Bayer Animal MartinGilges;insects on animals sensor. on animals. Furthermore, metallized yarn insects that passunit and method of as boltsthe grooves may Health GmbH shank, and/or OlafHansen baseline by the providedthe through-installation and through non-semi- comprise ADA Solutions, John P.Flaherty; sensitivityhas a very low inventionreplacement holes. geometries and Inc. circular William ScottOber Lawrence S.Shelton; measurements may be electrical resistance, the grooves may used consequent benefit Illinois Tool Works Henry UllasKamath; with to trigger events ApurvGrooved fastenerCalibration techniques comprise deformations. Inc. such as digital filtering W.Schniedermeier Peter C.Simpson; in electricalfor a continuous analyte of data or suspendingElectrical shielding performance, and is James H.Brauker;sensor composed of display of data. as an DexCom, Inc.material particularly useful Paul V.Goode, Jr.metalized stainless steel RFI/EMI shielding Micrometal Thomas F.Burke;monofilament yarn material. Technologies, Inc. James E.Haller
  4. 4. activity from which on slides are a magneticthe stored indicative thedata signal on supported controller 22 to of accordance withroute contact attempt stripe and a stations for output on for producing flat heating magnetic stored signal. The the read-out data over originated,individual heating to canthe samea at a signal indicative of stripe, and an include controllerdata output to an image time automatically33 bus data stored on values temperatures.toabe jack that relates tableadapted encoder an NTSC/PALrequired Provided stripe, a signal launchingare azeotrope- any magnetic operating Temperature a control inserted NTSC/PAL 23. The into of sensedContact alerts for like compositions setting browser or application Verus International setting device the electronics on for of Payne, John M.; von microphone input condition toconverts the encoder 23 valuesunconnected usersRandom access slide comprising controlled Group, Limited software.are of the an amplitude a The carousel signal. cell Kaenel,A.Bogen; A. Steven Timothy associated in resolution the output with image datastainer with independent tetrafluoropropene off CytoLogix by a user interface and signal indicative of data Herbert H.Loeffler;Imaging apparatus with controller providing and phone for isconverts the and further responsive theslide heating regulation hydrofluorocarbonsdata Corporation stored carousel. of on a magneticAutomatic directional of the sensor signal for to the indicativedata of signal data into John A.Purbrick James E.Smith;higher and lower image uses thereof, including MasayukiTakezawa; stripe, on aan output stored and the outputcontrol system forresolution converters the NTSC magnetic looking upor PAL use in refrigerant Anthony YoichiMizutani; plug in the to be stripeadaptedtable.vehicle headlights unit signal to a route theand a compression system to cell phone. Dana Corporation compositions, headset B.McDonald HidekiMatsumoto; Rajiv R.Singh; Hang inserted into a theto compress decreased Data stored onto a cardAzeotrope-like resulting datasystems, refrigeration with a KenNakajima; T.Pham; Gary jack associatedresolution image data and sensed by the card Sony Corporationcompositions of finder. agent blowing for ToshihisaYamamoto M.Knopeck; Louis host device is decoded reader devicetetrafluoropropene and compositions,signal providing the and as Honeywell E.Herena; Jeremy by components suchhydrofluorocarbons aerosol propellants. indicative of data stored International Inc. N.Diringer a microphone amplifier,Card reader device and on analog to digital to a Rem Holdings 3, an a magnetic stripemethod of useCard reader device for a host device. a converter, and LLC Robert E.Morley, Jr.cell phone and method microprocessor already REM Holdings 3,of use resident in a cell phone. LLC Robert E.Morley, Jr.