Uspto reexamination request - update - june 14, 2011 to june 20, 2011


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Uspto reexamination request - update - june 14, 2011 to june 20, 2011

  1. 1. Serial Patent number Control Number Requested Requester Typenumber date 1 5,375,006 90/011,648 Apr. 18, 2011 M. Paul Ex Parte Qualey, Jr., 2 5,452,006 90/011,661 Thomas Apr. 27, 2011 Tony D. Ex Parte Kayden Chen, Chen Horstemeyer 3 5,670,730 90/011,659 Apr. 26, 2011 Yoshimura, Tony D. Ex Parte & Risley, Chen, Los LLP.,Chen LLP., Angeles, CA 4 5,843,698 90/011,651 Yoshimura, Apr. 20, 2011, Atlanta, GA Therese Ex Parte LLP., Los Boisvert Angeles, CA Varndell, 5 6,030,047 90/009,903 Apr. 22, 2011 John W. Ex Parte Posz Law Harbst, Law Groups, 6 6,070,068 90/011,655 Apr. 20, 2011 Office of Robert Ex Parte PLC., John W. Hansen, Reston, VA Harbst, 7 6,074,815 90/011,653 May 4, 2011 Esq., The Therese Ex Parte Bartlett, IL Marbury Boisvert Law Varndell, 8 6,135,991 90/009,899 Apr. 15, 2011 Nicola A. Ex Parte Group, Pisano,Law Posz Jones PLLC., Group, 9 6,193,631 90/011,649 Day, New Apr. 19, 2011 Reston, VA Johnson Ex Parte PLC., York, NY Health Tech., Reston, VA 10 6,253,075 90/011,650 Apr. 19, 2011 Co., LTD., Robert Ex Parte Kevin,P. Hansen, Moran, Esq., The 11 6,454,741 90/009,900 Apr. 19, 2011 Nicola A. Ex Parte Michael Best Marbury Pisano, Jones & Friedrich, Law Group, 12 6,466,862 90/011,600 Day, New May 4, 2011 Kenneth J. Ex Parte LLP., PLLC., York, NY Sheehan, Milwaukee, Reston, VA 13 6,652,480 90/009,898 Apr. 18, 2011 Nicola & Baker A. WI Ex Parte Hostetler, Pisano, Jones Washington, Day, New 14 6,894,811 90/009,901 Apr. 19, 2011 Bradley P. Ex Parte DC York, NY Williams, 15 7,015,395 90/011,652 Baker Apr. 20, 2011 Ronald E. Ex Parte Botts, LLP., Andermann, Dallas, TX 16 7,033,344 90/009,897 Apr. 18, 2011 Cardinal Law Nicola A. Ex Parte Group, Pisano, Jones Evanston, IL 17 7,152,640 90/009,896 Apr. 16, 2011 Day, New PATENT Ex Parte York, NY OWNER 18 7,430,519 90/011,656 Apr. 21, 2011 West Ex Parte Educational 19 7,489,423 90/009,902 Leasing, Inc., Apr. 19, 2011 Bradley P. Ex Parte Kenneth M. Williams, Motolenich- Baker & 20 7,509,795 90/011,660 Apr. 26, 2011 PATENT Ex Parte Salas, Weiss Botts, LLP., OWNER & Moy, PC., Dallas, TX 21 7,780,136 90/011,654 Apr. 20, 2011 Scottsdale, C. Trego, Ex Parte Trego Hines AZ & Ladenheim, PLLC., Charlotte, NC
  2. 2. 22 7,906,463 90/011,657 Apr. 22, 2011 Luke A. Ex Parte Kilyk, Esq.,23 6,238,289 95/001,617 May 9, 2011 Kilyk & Third Party Inter Partes Bowersox, Requester: PLLC., Nintendo of24 6,895,389 95/001,612 Apr. 28, 2011 Third Party Inter Partes Warrenton, America & Requester: VA Nintendo,25 7,225,538 95/000,628 Apr. 13, 2011 Staples, Inc., Micro-Probe Inter Partes Co., LTD., (Atty Is: Inc.; (Atty John R. Edmund J.26 7,352,359 95/000,619 May 2, 2011 Is: Ronald L. Third Party Inter Partes Lastova, Walsh, Wolf Yin, DLA Requester: Nixon & & Greenfield Piper, LLP., Sunflex27 7,370,047 95/000,626 Apr. 25, 2011 Third Party Vanderhye, Sacks, PC., Inter Partes USA, Palo East LLC.; Requester: PC., Boston, Alto, CA), (Atty Is: Southwest Arlington, MA), Real Real Party in JoAnnaReal VA), Esty, Airlines Party in Interest: Lewis Corp.; Party in Interest: Same As Brisbois (Atty Is: Interest: Same As Third Party Bisgaard & Justin S. Same As Third Party Requester Smith, Party Third LLP., Cohen, Requester Los Angeles, Thompson & Requester CA), Real Knight, Party in LLP., Dallas, Interest: TX), Real Same As Party Third Party in Interest: Requester Same As Third Party Requester
  3. 3. Title Abstract Assignee(s) Inventor(s)Twisted nematic liquid The disclosure relates to Thomson GuntherHaascrystal display devices electrically controlled Consumerwith optical axis ofTwo-part display devices that use Electronics S.A. A novel synchronization LSI Logic David R.Auldbirefringent layersynchronization scheme the polarizationin scheme for use rotation Corporationinclined with respect to properties of twistedfor digital video connection for labeling LucentData protocol and A protocol with digital Anthonybirefringent layerdecoders segmenting nematic typesdecoder liquid crystal signal video of datamethod for various Technologies Inc. JamesGrewe; Kevinnormal layers. A display devicememory for a affecting comprises in pre-parser, Universal Ventures AlanShelbyDeleteriously music contained a a of a A component optical music Jens OleSorensen comprisesbuffer, and a an a channel protocolchipmembers of a target chip. The a test species member of by two cavity formed pre- post-parser. Thespecies by exposure to a includes a enclosing afor Cosco, Inc. hierarchicalChild vehicle seat with that deleteriouslyseat a A child-restraint affects polarizers James M.Kain parser synchronizes to arrangement of headerscomponent of symbiont a target species that isaachild-restraint harness layer of twisted nematic a vehicle comprising multiplexed system for storing informationor food source of anadjustment mechanism parasite of a given from Sony Corporation FukuharuSudo seat communication liquid crystal with aCommunication In a shell received bitstream includingadjoiner species that is about selections on the adjoinerseat portion, a which uniaxial is species bottom rate channel.terminal device and terminal the method a fixed device, the in chip and by a methodsymbiotic with the identified means back support portionmethod for controlling a birefringentstate of are Universal Ventures Jens OleSorensenSelection of test species The videoabitstreama connecting were a A component of coded which they step (a) oftarget species including in order to and can certainlyconnectingto identifyfor testing state of a call a child-restraint associated of a and component a test species member ofat leastthe in the memory of one separating harness whereinthecomponents thereof easilyA global aaffectscall into a desired that compensate forheader chip. beoffortest species PercuSurge, Inc. controlled multiplexed system that deleteriouslyAspiration method A method a the member birefringence Ketan P.Muni;connection state upon a harness-control that is ofdeleteriously affect a residual learningpanel without at the very bitstream is then start a target symbiont located species or a a treatment crystal thatliquid of alie layer is a to stenosis positioned Gholam RezaZadno-predeterminedmember thememoryanoperatingtarget species operation extracted and adjoiner troublesome parasite of food source of an occlusion in aForce script or exercisewillreduce HICKMAN PAUL Azizi; traditional asystem An adjacent to front which tends to are to specify Hickman, Paul a user methods which synchronized prior to a species is identified information needed by blood vessel adjoiner includes a local which given in systemimplementation over a thethe transferred of the L. of contrast ratio surface of the back on CelsoBagaoisan different depending the being including bit- method into decodewide area network species an exercisethe successfully adevice is an occlusive plurality having portionstate of support from the pre- ato causeMethod and apparatus display device.apparatus Nokia Mobile the connecting Thus, A method selecting serially of and music the stepsdelivered a content (a)the andstep of Beghtol, Justin; Mar, firsthomogeneity of seat ofchild seated in the the thecomponents; apparatusaand an a rejecting incoming Phones Ltd.for incoming call for by providing among call specieschannel parser to will include, testof exposing at least chip. Thisat from distal Kenneth activated against (b) to rest a site the associatedfor displaying angularThelocala mobile shell fordistribution ofrejection methodAspiration callsspecies that buffer. usepost-parser Medtronic A the of the in controller fortheare testexample, the at formethod separated Muni, Ketan P.; to contrast ratioto some occlusion panel computer, where is processing toathe the harness-control device. the communications attached or items as is coupledofinternal to a Percusurge, Inc. treatment necessary bitofstenosis rate, Zadno-Azizi, Gholam leastformed relation to componentsto occlude a local partially receive computer the and method andin controls improvedto a call a to a The as buffer adjoiner availableof the anda channelinformation or system A providing well occlusion intest DeKock, BruceSystem for providing thean member for therapy A monitors the andvessel.permit a member(s) the a deviceandofportion of shoulder having no user Reza; Bagaoisan, DeKock, Bruce W.; apparatusbelt inspecific display whom was blood vesselcontrolling video decoder in pertaining to a whicha speciesinformation to Celso Kevin L.;traffic information traffic species separately to catheter isand use, operation the then theachild-restraint compensating means. Russell, of PACmobiletodeviceusers the call to exposedintothe target series(Perceptual Audio an occlusive the target pluralityisof of the membersof mobile the Medtronic Ave., introducedmounted onMethods for reducing The disclosed reducing treat A method state device harness for device respectively, Qian, Richard J. Imran, Mir A.; Muni, communications connecting didand The post-parsernot react first delivered network. species and a step Coding)butto a a (c) algorithmdistal embolization connected andfordebris Inc. occlusion species; shell in upThe distal embolization exercise apparatus. theautomatically theand can seatapplied toreject be the various Ketan P.; Zadno- to corresponding as did separates at arecording activateddevice is employed thereto distala removal to site adversely incomprises The system such of examiningdataof duringmovement be insertion systemof for data downintended includes further particularvideotowhich MarvinNachman Azizi, Gholam-RezaInterface circuit for Apparatus item to In calls exposed members processing layers on the chip. at to the of traffic audio occlusion other MarvinNachman pluralityto to determine deliveredsystemforshell exposuresto aspirate devices the device. relative byathe plaque, treat having a remote videoseat display devicesbitstreamutilizing a facsimile interfacing received to the species; is selected and global from partially occlude of thethe each vessel. least from the debris adjoiner to the addition identification monitors,computer, and forraise and lower such thrombi toremoteand The post-coupled to a PC as a determinedAother will a an exemplary users computers and the the conventional reinforced the vessel. atfacsimile In composite chipComposite reinforced component. byleastof the Gift Technologies, William A present at least (b) separatingtherapy header, eachinvention comprising portion shouldermembers a The whetherof television of intravascular a PC a transmissionamedium belt displayperformsrejectionscanner or printerelectrical transmission operationwithofofa been LP machineistransmission embodiment,an input catheter of and parser section electrical then the one aspecies need for havemember have a a BrandtGoldsworthy; traffic directly target detector oraby eliminatesathe occlusions.operationconductor enabling theUsing the includingwithin of unit, the testtelephonea the child-restraint on pictures userusethe the memory allocated to conductor can translation primarily into introduced the traffic GeorgeKorzeniowski A method for treat transmitter,to affectedMethods for reducing deleteriouslyspecies to Medtronic selected memory irrigation harnessdevicereducing separatewith respect guide catheter,is as Mir A.Imran the thattheof aadebris linevideocouples the a projection. connecting facsimile machine mobile for control contents. The a pluralitybitstream designedand irrigation Vascular, Inc. occlusion and table of exposures; adistal embolization distalsystem to portion local embolization detector seat the by such generating catheter is delivered guidewire the bottom and converts scanner contents with componentprinter. A removal or (c) the preprogrammediswill state of the call by transmission components; of ofto of device table which allows(b) during cutting to tree insertion the signal in steps for response fluidsite proximal dataTree cutting attachment whereinsystem(a), to the WILLIAMS A harness small-sized Larry L.Williams theabitstreamaspirate on remote selecting into first switch assembly identification datasome merely information electrical treat delivered traffic Thefor a skid steerloader proceduresignals.skid and (c) Antofor aplaque, LARRY L exposing atexecuted include aretoleastand the devices to aspiration vehicularand large-sized lesion. data. be attachment couples the communication between childrenprocessing item. selectively The information comprised desiredfromsong titles, symbol isthe vessel. conductor transmitting debris and other of the separated play times, quickly and thrombi is and transmitter a restrained performed then methodicallyTheand the steer loader. catheter and the local system children in ismethodSubstitute fulfillment A system of the symbol dataandplastic Frontline Placement Roland R.Thompson; PCamodem invention representative of of reinforced and Thesignal. A is the presentover the components receiver music category A intravascular efficiently, the The position in and the either Technologies, Inc. Michael a attachment stations to introduced comprises remote system.system for automatingneed for facsimile machinetest transmitting thetrack subsequently processeda composite inner a artist. Individual core eliminates the member(s)useful in the of occlusions.and the remote theUsing so receives including such guidewire, signals especiallymounting productsystem maytwo universal shell. videoWhen a callInterface circuit for performance decoder be rejected.anof to to thewithwillouter byindependent be listed Apparatus selections for a alongthe irrigation separate of occlusion species separately S.Blackstone; Marvin guide catheter, from by which receive traffic removallocal the a test-speciessystem plate reconstruct an in a are movedfulfillment. togetherutilizing a facsimile substitute the table telephone ofa irrigation as incoming, the in aof interfacing highly lines target is to electrically catheter and delivered members is computer as part of Aidentified as RalphJulius JulesNachman, legal guidewire monitors. fromfrom the local distalsaphenous vein component quickly and attachment or to one tomode proximal data system includes a The which sheath normal andallows identification facsimile originally propulsion encodedmachine and methods conductivecoronarythe Lockheed-Martin representative coupled to a conventional(d) to and fluidsite connected species;isby individual contentsproximal theSystems Aa to plasma system is across thethe grafts, theremovably to deleteriously affecting simply concerning direction a scan/print system or frame. Edward H.AllenPC plasma propulsion picturewhichincludedfor as a scanner or server The individual headers. withreceives Corporation another in to In this information be PC machine aerospace therearound.a a is procedureof and arteries examining aspiration system arteries, lesion. An for such the receiver target carotidthe to the loader. members exercise attachable the occlusion. The use of A incoming absentee the determineprinter headertheinformationthe General Hospital SamCurnow; Ted mode. contains music enabling manually the with the inner coreand Preferably,to useaofcall is way, theis thenan to performedaortic arch quickly exposuresapplications and other and corner catheter saw blade further catheter species connected local above and/or the is isSurgical tray corner apparatus, tray absent surgical A compared with is circularmachine aspiration system representing an operated identification provides switch track multiplexedand is as a facsimile theofthethean efficiently, ofnecessary for suchwhich a fieldvesselsover a to disclosed includes and moved which of equivalentin incomputer Supply Corporation EricAhrenholtz introducedat receive network. Thethe endprotector supporteddata similar protector is structure then via telephone system mayadepressed worker or printer. of assembly useful inA a identificationthe outer bitstreamfor example,the scanner and strength members the especially component a whetherin response to is belongs,fluid is the two ionized guidewire, a identified toand data wall system pressure. size andbase, arm that support remote system side or a nonbrief interval jointedsome proximal to distal communication link for aswitch assembly informationocclusion contained conforms jazz,have been firstmoved through sheath provides for by removalsignal received classical,of together in a target species either the manufactured country, accelerated are the remote an edge request forwardly from extending to activate along extendsagreed system direction while memory. from rejectionupon a an Internet sufficient in the etc., couples format by an affected selectivelyan artist the transmission of vein deleteriouslythe thefield, from saphenous users rock, oneproximal system distal supportelectric from to ofthebase, A separating theaspirating, thethe avideo identified of mounting which concerning digital and continuously plate. In communication link. ringing circuit field a Whenthe coronary and among address is InThe andsuch matchbulk PC an exposures. by modem in the transmits in and electrical signals. graft, Theacross field. a plurality electrons direction of apertures operationDCresponse componentofthe exercise hydraulicallypower in which prevents response machinethe driven, detected, torejection receiving converts a mayarteries businesses involveda facsimile from which pertains tobeeither preferred embodiment, carotid arteries, test speciesThe the separated The any occlusion. through is thereto informationthe quantities from local extending directadrive and apparatus. motor embolization battery message or aof the reinforced to absentee from small traditional symbiontisaortic test transmissionfor arch theindependentof is above the of are the information the form a ionized fluid to aspiration preferably computer acathetersine representativethe memberswhich may be supportto In sent by particlesbase the system supported on accordance information, source reception. 20 Hz automatically
  4. 4. Biocide for well A well stimulation fluid Kemira Chemicals Ronald JoeStarkey,stimulation and includes water, a Inc. II; Geoffreytreatment fluids game polymer,controller for Eleven Engineering AllenMonteith; CarlRadio frequency A game and a biocide Sobota, John; Garner,controller consisting of 3,5- communication between Inc. WilhelmAften Jason Louis; Gosior, dimethyl-1,3,5- a user and for electronic Consumers an orderingInternet procurement A method Kenneth thiadiazinane-2-thione game device themethod goods through Interstate AlanFischburg in an amountsignals to a transmitting effective CorporationResilient contact Internet is presented. Contact structures FormFactor, Inc. Benjamin to inhibit The game receiver. bacterial The method comprisesstructures formed and growth. resilience or exhibiting NilesEldridge; Gary controller identifiesthen attached to a for determiningare formed. Sony ComputerMethod and system compliance the users Methods andsignal WilliamGrube; Igor weakness in systems Gary M.Zalewski;substrate gearing effects specific procurementapplying Theinteractive for contact structures Entertainment YanKhandros; RichardMarks; strength or operation process,formed on a e.g., by anto inertial tracking for maypermitswith a for America Inc.System and method be interfacing method Gaetan L.Mathieu System and adjustment Deep Sky Software, XiadongMao and John G.Gorman inventory of the users sacrificial gaming The substrate. computer effectivefiltering and sorting data to a more an audit of Inc. filtering by sorting and facility, structures are contact are provided. A system system data. The frequency. operating procurement the usersto an array of attached method includes includesand/or by records data The game controller electrical connections providing anportable for management input querying the system a comprises a users on a substrate to form device, where thetable housing, game input displayinginvolved with personnel a data The contactis configured to assembly. device a plurality of having controller keys attached the procurement electrical connections convey inertialfor of rows andOnce the that to the housing data process. columns be onto besubstrate may is the interpreted the permitting Each of byis data cells. the user to procurement process metallic pads.gaming the computer dataradio columns in the generate signals, a determined, data system. The method table has an the frequency ofassociated indicative sender then identifiesthe game filter cell wherebyaction an the engaged withprocess is procurement to bemay input filter user into keys by performedfor the controller a content input computer gaming to criteria. In response is transmitting websignals database. A the site system, where the a receiving the filter to the receiver;is hosted, which and action is mapped toto criteria in the the the controller withfilter cells, operative attached inertial for determining a data data provided by sendermanagementand a computer program the inputparametersorts system device. selectedfilters andThen, the content database, the the method data cells in each sitethe applies a web of being regarding the signals gearing between the the for table. theone anddatacommunicating accessible via In action to be performed embodiment of a the parameter tothe internet through the by the computer gaming invention, the data user. The radio device. communications system and the inertial management system frequency sender is An electronic order data received from the records thetransmitting form is of order in capable stored in the input device.multiple which over The signalsthethe order form memory, user inputs gearing scales anand the filter criteria frequencies and the being unique to adjustmentoperates with generates to impact the user, and a sorting preferableoperative with action to be that defines priority list performed the Remote Band the computer program by the computer gaming a sorting priority At frequency range. for the and the content system. Thethedata can gearing data one The keys can least cells.such that the database, of be set dynamically user be operableliststhe by management system order form by goods thechange the the user, to game, the cells using by sortsmeetdata signal that the or can be preset by list. the sorting priority frequency or thethe requirements of software or user one Furthermore, in controller procurement identified can configured inof the embodiment user. automatically change process of the accordance with a to a invention, the data the signal frequency gearing algorithm. management system more effective displays the data frequency. The cells that satisfy the filter controller can be criteria of identifying capablecontiguously and interleaved between parameters regarding those data such as the the signal cells that do not satisfy the and signal strengthfilteris criteria. capable of polling