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Kai square corporate profile

  1. 1. Kai Square Pte LtdCorporate Profile
  2. 2. Introduction KAI Square is a leading high-tech company providing innovative techno­ ogical, surveil- l lance and monitoring solutions in the Asia-Pacific, headquartered in Singapore. As a highly innovative and respected technology thought-leader, the company’s state- of-the-art, next generation Kai Square Unified Platform, an intelligent, open interface platform (operated on a cloud-based infrastructure) which drives not only Kai Square’s security and smart-analytic solutions in surveillance, media, health and environment but also in the integration of third party devices, applications and systems have won ‘‘Through our innovation in knowledge and Kai Square global recognition. artificial intelligence, we aim to make the ‘‘ This is borne out by the list of international and local awards the company has garnered in a relatively short time, since its inception in 2006. world a more secure place. With a strong research and development team based in Singapore (where it’s solutions manage over 10,000 security cameras) and China, KAI Square’s clients comprising gov- ernments, international corporations/businesses and individual consumers are spread across Asia and the Middle East, in industries not limited to homeland security, bank- ing, transportation and healthcare. Dr Neo Shi Yong Supported by offices recently set up in Beijing, Shanghai and Taipei, KAI Square is com- CEO, KAI Square Pte Ltd mitted to working closely with clients and partners in advancing it’s technologies locally and globally, towards a more secure world.1
  3. 3. KAI Square Unified Platform Deployment Model Mobile Devices Notebook / PC with End-User’s Existing Web browser Camera (IP/ Analog) KAI Square Unified Platform Open Platform Internet 3G / ADSL / Fibre KAI Square fundamentally changed the dynamics of functionality and operations of NetworkTE C H NO LO GY technological needs of companies through its innovative creation of the open interface Kai Square Unified Platform. Companies with a need for large data storage typically Surveillance Services Kai Square Unified Platform Provided by ISP purchase their own servers or lease data storage space from data centres. Upgrading of servers and data migration to a new server may increase operational expenditure. Using cloud computing aims to lower barriers to entry, as the required infrastructure is typically provided by a third-party and does not need to be purchased for one-time or Features • User Management infrequent intensive computing task. Pricing on a utility computing basis i.e., subscrip- • Device Carrier Management tion-based or pay-per-use service is fine-grained with usage-based options and less IT • Easy Device Management Video on Demand Analytics Server Recording Cluster – Open Interface Server skills are required for in-house implementation. Therefore, scalability can be optimised Video Streaming Server Raided Servers (3rd Party Integration) • Event Alert Management • Web-based Recording & Play Back with cost minimised. • Auto Data Backup In recent years, many industries are relying more on cloud computing. Cloud Comput- Cloud system provided by ISP, Software solutions provided by KAI Square • Variety of Reporting • Moving Carrier, Device Status, ing refers to the logical computational resources i.e., data, software accessible via a Alert, Format computer network rather than from a local computer. These technologies are regarded • Video Analytics by some analysts as a technological evolution. Cloud computing has been gaining Analytics • Remote Monitoring popularity due to its ability to scale businesses at higher speed but lower costs. The KAI Square Unified Platform is an intelligent video analytic engine. It enables auto vid- • People Counting • Multiple Live Views most obvious example of this increasing reliance on cloud computing is the widespread eo content analytics to detect and determine several events based on multiple images. • Cloud Video Recording Integrated with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Face Recognition technology, demand for all things mobile. The need for online applications and services by both • Remote Data Storage individuals and businesses has catalysed growth in this area. KAI Square Unified Platform is widely applied to a wide range of industries including • Cloud Computing Technology • Cloud Storage health care, transport safety and homeland security. In 2010, KAI Square, who is one of the first movers in cloud technology developed the • Database Management • Licensing Management KAI Square Surveillance, KAI Square Media, KAI Square Health and KAI Square Envi- 3D Modelling • Video Surveillance ronment, which ride on the KAI Square Unified Platfform. 3D modelling is beneficial for those instances in which users will benefit from seeing a • 3D Mapping Video Analytics physical object in a solid form i.e. by enabling users to have a more realistic represen- • Applicable to: KAI Square’s Unified Platform is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) concept. Being an tation of how things look. 2D models cannot justify the results required from observing Software Developers intelligent integrated open platform, KAI Square Unified Platform also enables the System Developments the model. KAI Square Unified Platform creates accurate and concise 3Dmodels which integration of third party devices, applications and systems, hence making transition Device Manufacturers has rendered maps, routes, interior and exterior of buildings successfully. and upgrading of systems easier and more convenient. With the ability of allowing multiple implementations of its API, 3rd party systems could integrate seamlessly with Kai Square’s Unified Platform to create functionalities or enhance its functionality. 3
  4. 4. KAI Square Health KAI Square Media With a centralized monitoring system, this product solution ensures that caretak- SOLUTIONS This product solution enables advertisers, media agencies, content produc- ers of healthcare agencies are able to view their patients’ condition remotely, ers and distributors to enjoy cost-effective remote updating and monitoring facilitating the automation and streamlining of workflow. of their content from anywhere around the world. KAI Square Surveillance KAI Square Environment This product group is a full-fledged web-based Using the Smart Grid movement technology that exists KAI Square KAI Square surveillance solution that rides on the KAI Square Health Media within the KAI Square Unified Platform, energy transmis- Unified Platform, using cloud computing, allowing sion functions can be better managed. This coupled with government agencies and private enterprises to the use of video analytics with cameras, help detect KAI Square KAI Square scale up their surveillance systems. Surveillance Environment weather changes, illegal hawking, illegal dumping and littering more accurately.TE C H NO LO GY KAI Square 3rd Party Unified Platform Kai Square Future Systems Product Solutions Cloud Storage Just like Kai Square’s existing 4 Product KAI Square Future Open Platform Product Solutions Solutions, any future Kai Square Product So- lution will run effortlessly on the Kai Square Analytics Unified Platform. 3D Modelling 3rd 3rd Party Software Applications RE PA TU 3rd Party Devices/ Software New Initiatives R 3rd Party U Applications/ Systems Devices T F New Initiatives Y The Kai Square Unified Platform has been designed for the seamless integration of devices, software applications The open-platform, interface-friendly, scalability and robustness of and third party systems. the Kai Square Unified Platform allows for the incorporation of any new initiatives, riding on the same platform as existing Kai Square Product Solutions as well as Third Party Devices, Software Applica- tions and Systems. 5
  5. 5. KAI Square Analytics For Software & System Developers SDK provides an interface consisting of three main modules: KAI Square Analytics (Video Content Analytics) is an open platform intelligent video analytic engine – a proven solution for the Singapore Government sectors. It provides instant alerts 1. Facial Recognition and Indexing based on real-time information instead of just pure video recording. KAI Square Analytics is This module provides real-time video object tracking and widely used for surveillance, security and business intelligence applications. This leads to motion detection. Input into the module can consist of frames cost effectiveness, minimization of manpower, and the ability to enhance clients’ security from video streams (streams from Web Camera, IP Camera, and and business operations. SDK / API of KAI Square Analytics is available for software and video files). The tracking module will process the moving ob- Facial Recognition and Indexing system developers and can be integrated with clients’ existing systems. jects in real time and display the regions which are in motion. 2. Moving Object Extraction Module Optical Character In most real-time intelligent video analysis systems, the RecognitionTE C H NO LO GY Background background scene of the video that is being analysed is usu- Face Recognition Filtering & Indexing ally disregarded, as the presence of the background will bring about unnecessary complications that will affect the analysis. The Moving Object Extraction Module is able to remove the Moving Object Extraction Module Bi-directional KAI Square Numerous Moving background scenes from a video, resulting in frames that only People Counting Analytics Objects Tracking contain moving objects. 3. Track Trail Module This module will associate moving objects that are identified Density by the Moving Object Extraction Module and plot the trajectory Colour Search Measurement of these objects. By making use of the data from this trajec- KAI Square Analytics Features & Functionalities tory, more advanced features can be employed. Track Trail Module Features • Bi-directional People Counting - KAI Square Analytics allow users to set a virtual boundary to detect people KAI Square 3D Modelling moving in/out. It is able to differentiate between objects and people, hence providing more accurate data. • Density Measurement - KAI Square Analytics can estimate the total number of people in a crowded scene. Based on density, it can detect if there are any abnormal incidents i.e. aggregation of a gang or evacuation in a short 3D Management Alarm period of time. Applications Applications Conventional alarm systems in the market usually require huge amount of manpower • People & Objects Counting • Background Filtering - KAI Square Analytics is able to filter backgrounds and retain moving objects. This makes • Auto-alert Management System for for monitoring. In the event of an intrusion, security personnel normally have difficulties • Crowd Density Measurement the tracking of targeting objects or persons easier. Security Check & Monitoring Purpose pinpointing the camera and exact location of the intrusion. With the use of KAI Square • Objects Tracking (direction, speed, size) • Auto-detection of Danger/ • Colour Search - KAI Square Analytics can perform colour search from a sequence of video frames. It can sort, • Objects Classification / Identification Abnormal Incident 3D mapping system, security staff can now have a close to realistic view of the environ- identify and classify people or objects according to colour properties and extract all scenes containing a specific • License Plate Recognition • Provision of Realistic Environmental ment for more effective monitoring. colour immediately. • Intrusion Detection Viewing based on 3D Mapping System • Numerous Moving Objects Tracking - Users can choose to track up to 200 objects or people concurrently. KAI Features • Parameter Defence • Actual Footage Viewing Square Analytics can automatically track people or objects as and when they appear in video scenes and • 3D Mapping on Camera View & Alert create colour paths of objects for tracing and detecting distance and speed. • 3D Pathway Simulation • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) - Integrating with OCR technology, KAI Square Analytics is robust in • 3D Auto-Alert System & Live Viewing recognizing characters and numbers from videos or images, and converting them into readable data. • Face Recognition & Indexing - By using face recognition technology, KAI Square Analytics enables the indexing of face images into codes for effective data storage and face identification. 7
  6. 6. Mobile Surveillance Mobile Access Supports moving entities surveil- Accesses via mobile devices & opti- KAI Square Surveillance lance including location tracking mises data transfer through fixed or wireless networks KAI Square Surveillance is a full-fledged web-based surveillance solution that rides on the KAI Square Unified Platform using cloud computing to allow companies to scale up Live View & Data AnalysisSOLUTIONS their surveillance systems. Notifications Analyse smart data Tracks live data, through third party The KAI Square Surveillance solution applies across a wide spectrum of industries such video, audio & integration for small alert via SMS, Specific alert triggers as Homeland Security, Banking & Finance, Transportation etc, to streamline monitoring Email, Voice, Push, Applications Portal & Alarm Device and operation. KAI Square Surveillance allows multiple online live views of cameras, cloud video recording and storage, and automated alert system using video analytics. KAI Square Surveillance Features • Cloud Video Recording • Flexible Account Management Role Management Devices Office & Scheduling • Route Planning • Device Carrier Management Manage the way users • Report Generation • Event Alert Management access & receive alerts • Human/Object Search from Video • Web-based Recording & Play Back from the surveillance • System Health Check via Email • Variety of Reporting - Moving Carrier, Video Surveillance system Supports IP Cameras/DVRs/NVRs, or SMS Notification Device Status, Alert, Format open standard ONVIF and video analytics • Multiple Users Login • Licensing Management • Motion Detection Alert via Email or Smart Home Surveillance • Video Surveillance Supports wireless IP sensors and SMS Notification • Remote Monitoring - Remote home control devices for SOHO or • Live Location Mapping Control of Devices home usage • On-board Device Recording • Crowd Detection - People Counting (for selected devices) • Multiple Live Viewing • Exportable Events to CSV, Excel KAI Square Surveillance Features and Functionalities. 9
  7. 7. SOLUTION S INDUSTRIES Homeland Security Banking & Finance In response to the increased focus of Homeland Security from 2010, KAI Square has Many banks rely heavily on video surveillance systems not only for security, but also been collaborating with the Singapore government and other system integrators on for internal and operation management. KAI Square Surveillance Solutions is the first several major homeland security projects. Integration of real time and remote monitor- to provide a state-of-the- art bank security management based on cloud technology by ing, video search, real time alert system and 3D mapping can be widely applied to using cloud-enabled mobile ERP system. With this system in place, directors or manag- public areas (commercial, industrial & residential)- island wide and coastal so as to ers from clients’ headquarters are able to keep track of not only the security status, prevent threats, hazards, and national disasters. but also the execution and efficiency of their brand and marketing campaigns and customer management of branches all over the world. Moreover, for security purposes, Pro9 - Face Engine will help banks minimize the risks of fraud cases. Pro9 - Face Engine Applications • Remote Monitoring of Illegal Loan Sharks within Residential Areas is a bank security system of using face recognition technology which enables fraudster • Video Search in Rail Stations, Airport, Customs and other Public Areas identification and verification. (by color, characters, time, face) • Motion Detection in Homes for Break-in Security Applications • Real Time SMS/Email Alert • Execution of new POS and branch images by mobile viewing (iphone, laptop) • Remote monitoring of efficiency of brand & marketing campaigns, daily operations and incidents • Peak-time foot flow management • Easy integration with different brands of devices (cameras, mobile ERP, etc) • Support of multinational operations even with constrained bandwidth • Time & Face Indexing (Face Recognition) 11
  8. 8. INDUSTRIES Transportation Land Video surveillance on land transports is a useful tool to fend off anti-social behaviour like vandalism, harassment, and terrorism. Real-time video surveillance on moving land transport faces serious technological challenges mainly due to limited throughput offered by existing communication technologies at high vehicular speeds. The need for an integrated system for monitoring figures and data from the video clips via video analytics technology and provision of instant alert for abnormal incidents automati- cally arises. Public and private transportation show an increasing need for video surveillance to capture evidences of traffic accidents and offences, parking violations and driving patterns of drivers.SOLUTION S Applications • Fleet Management • Vehicle Route and Location Tracking • Speed Monitoring • Driver & Bus Schedule Monitoring • Traffic Condition Real Time Streaming and Monitoring • Auto Alert System for Traffic Accident • Playback - Contentsearch by image/object apart from date and time • Next Bus Stop Informing • Centralized iMapping Maritime CCTV surveillance is commonly used only for security purposes in the maritime industry, such as shipping companies and freight forwarders. The features are limited to tracking, Aviation tracing, stock taking and general reports generation. Therefore, these companies require a KAI Square Surveillance has greatly assisted robust airport management systems in more advanced, scalable and flexible monitoring system. Singapore and China by overseeing airport operational management, specialised sys- With Kai Square’s advanced Video Analytics technology, KAI Square Surveillance Solution tems and aviation security. By integrating with KAI Square Analytics, airport manage- has proven success in vehicle & vessel recognition under bad weather condition. This ment would be equipped with a centralized remote monitoring system for an overview enhances maritime companies’ level of Quality of Service (QoS) - by having Artificial Intel- of the airport safety and operations in control towers, cargo and passenger terminals, ligence (AI) route & schedule planning included into the country’s sea and coastal defence. lanes, and customs areas. Applications Applications • Vessel Recognition • Remote monitoring of crowds in airports (People counting at check-in counters) • Ships’ Identification by Video Analytics • Customer Services monitoring of airport ground service crew • On-board Operation Monitoring • Real-time alert of intrusion of unauthorized aircrafts 13
  9. 9. INDUSTRIES Hospitals The KAI Square Health solution has features that streamline hospital processes and enhance health care safety level. The system is also able to monitor patients who are in hospitals as well as those who are being transferred from one hospital to another. In addi- tion, an intuitive alert management system increases the patients’ safety. Tracking of Patients Medical personnel may face difficulty in locating patients who are moving away from their KAI Square Health wards. KAI Square Health is able to track the real-time location of these patients when- ever they wear a patient tag. This tag not only allows localization, but also allows patients Many healthcare agencies such as hospitals and clinics have long recognized the impor- to call for help by pressing the alert button on the patient tag. This alert will be sent to tance of a centralized patient record system for easy retrieval to ensure efficiency and both the central monitor and to the nurses’ mobile phones via SMS. This instant alertSOLUTION S effective treatment of patients. allows nurses to quickly locate the patient to attend to them. There is also a need for a centralized monitoring system to ensure caregivers are able Centralized Monitoring System – to view patients’ condition even though they are located outside the hospitals and in hospitals & during hospital transfers clinics. In response to both of these needs, KAI Square Health, riding on the KAI Square KAI Square Health is developed to allow medical personnel to monitor patients’ Unified Platform, is able to automate and streamline such workflow. Most importantly, it conditions in a single location. Since hospitals have many wards and rooms, medical improves the quality of healthcare services. personnel on duty would only know the conditions of patients when they do a physical check on them. With the use of KAI Square Health, medical personnel can view real-time videos of all patients. Data from the defibrillator commonly known as Electrocardiogram (ECG) can be seen at the same time. With the use of 3G technology, videos can also be 3G Real Time Video Analytics Streaming Patient Condtions and streamed back to the central monitoring system for medical personnel to verify that Lifepak monitoring patients have been safely transferred to another hospital. Should there be emergencies Specific in the ambulances, doctors can be notified and immediately attend to patients when Applications Portal they reach the hospital. KAI Square Automated vital signs recording Health The KAI Square Health system makes use of live video streaming to record patients’ vital Devices Hospital signs. This helps nurses reduce time taken in manually recording patients data onto record sheets and transferring it into the Patient Record System. The KAI Square Health Auto Alert Patient Encountering Tracking system is able to make use of video analytics to read the vital signs off the defibrillator/ Abnormal Incident (through SMS) monitor machine. The thresholds of the vital signs can be adjusted such that if the patients’ vital signs deviate from the “safety” range, alerts will be sent to doctors and nurses via SMS. Mobile Phone Alert KAI Square Health Features & Functionalities Medical personnel on duty will have a dedicated mobile phone to receive SMS alerts. With Features this SMS, they can go into their browsers to view the videos of the patients and of the • Video Analytics – Monitoring Patient Conditions & Lifepak defibrillator machine. The locations of the patients will be displayed as well. • Patient Tracking • Auto Alert for Abnormal Incident • 3G Real-time Streaming 15
  10. 10. INDUSTRIES Remote Home Care Meridian Energy Expert System (MEES) Meridian Energy Expert Sysem (MEES) has gone through a large series of clinical tests and verifications that combines knowledge from Chinese medicine “Human Meridian Phenomenon”. This assessment system (used by patients at home or by doctors) com- puterizes measurement data so that the cross analysis of general health status can be displayed directly on the computer as a reference for patients’ own confirmation of their physical health statuses. Meridian Energy Expect System (MEES) Flow ChartSOLUTION S 1. DE TECT IO N Start the self inspection using Upload data to the internet MEES examination instrument after inspection (Both hands and feet) (using PC or notebook) 2. DIAG NO S I S Perform health examination Send the result back to consumer and analysis after uploading after analysis (less than 1 min). to internet Obtain the latest health information at anytime within 3 min. Features • Knowledge of a body’s energy status in 3 minutes • Based on Chinese meridian energy theories – provision of a wide range of applications, including around 125,000 types of diagnosed or verification symptoms (used in teaching and researching purposes). • Utilizaton of datamining technique to carry out diagnosis at computer back end system. High accuracy of diag- nosis processing is the first back end knowledge system of Chinese diagnosis with world’s leading technology. • Inclusion, within the system of 650 types of energy status, 48 articles of diagnosing descriptions, 130 types of possible diseases, 1,500 types of standard symptom modes, and 5,000 types of interpretation symptom modes. Applications • Doctors from clinics and nursing homes can easily use this system to assess patients’ conditions • Patients can use the system at home to check their health status
  11. 11. ‘‘With theand video analytics tech- signage combination of digital nology, advertisers can create and deliver content to meet con- KAI Square Media sumer needs, thus maximising KAI Square Media is a web-based solution that enables advertisers, media agencies, content producers and distributors to enjoy cost-effective remote updating and moni- ‘‘ returns from the impact of effec-SOLUTION S toring of their content from anywhere around the world. With the combination of digital signage and video analytics technology, it also enables advertisers to create and deliver content to meet consumer needs, thus maximising their returns from advertising. KAI tive advertisement. Square Media is suitable for industries like media and entertainment, retail, banking, transport and exhibitions etc. The solution is aligned to meet the ever-changing con- sumer expectations and needs. Auto counting eye Cloud storage ball rate measurement web-based content & Crowd density management measurement (time based) Specific Applications Portal KAI Square Media Devices Premises Auto change of Auto prioritize messages automatically advertising/ information/ show relevant advertising messages in playlist based on audience KAI Square Media Features & Functionalities Features • Eye Ball Rate Measurement • Zero Configurations • Crowd Density Measurement • Prioritize Media in Playlist • Audience Analytics & Show of Relevant • Preview Playlist Content Information Counting • Content Time Based Management System • Age Group & Gender Detection • Colour Representation for Expired Media • Web-based Content Management
  12. 12. KAI Square Environment Environmental issues resulting from rapid urbanization have prompted environmental agencies to use effective energy management system to reduce energy consumptionSOLUTION S without affecting efficiency. KAI Square Environment, using the Smart Grid movement technology, is able to better manage energy transmission. In addition, the KAI Square Environment system has functions to detect weather changes, monitor forest fires, and monitor illegal hawking as well as illegal dumping. Fuel Consumption Detection & Auto Over Auto Report Consumption Alert Generation Specific Applications Portal KAI Square Environment Devices Premises Friction & Temperature Speed & Acceleration Detection Detection KAI Square Environment Features & Functionalities Features: • Speed & Acceleration Detection • Friction & Temperature Detection • Auto Report Generation 21
  13. 13. ‘‘ Integration of advanced func- tions into the nation’s electric grid can enhance reliability, efficiency, and security, contri- INDUSTRIES Power Monitoring buting to the strategic goal of Power Monitoring for Smart Grid Relying on the KAI Square Environment solution, integrating advanced functions into reducing carbon emissions, ‘‘SOLUTION S the nation’s electric grid can enhance reliability, efficiency, and security, contributing to the strategic goal of reducing carbon emissions, thereby mitigating the negative thereby mitigating the negative effects of climate change. effects of climate change. Applications • Speed and Acceleration Monitoring of Vehicles • Office and Home Utilities Monitoring Forest Fire Monitoring Forest Fire Alert System Forest fires are one of the major forestry disasters in the world. It normally happens Intelligent Trash Monitoring without warning and causes extensive damage. To prevent this, KAI Square Environment Illegal dumping, otherwise known as littering, is the improper disposal of waste at solution provides a digitalized and automatic forest monitoring solution. This system is any location. This action is detrimental, as it poses a threat to human health and the able to detect the location of the hazard as well as the extent of the fire in real-time. environment. Illegal dumping usually happens in public areas, such as roadsides, hawker centres, parks, etc. In order to prevent more damage to the environment, KAI Upon detection, an alert would immediately be sent to the central fire control centre, Square Environment has established a robust illegal trash monitoring system which is where measures can be immediately taken to prevent the forest fire from worsening. able to effectively detect the location and timing of dumping. This system has a video Applications search function, which allows the user to playback the scenes of offences. Addition- • Web-based Video Surveillance of Forest Fires ally, it is also able to detect dumping from high floors of buildings. • Fire Automatic Identification (Location & Level) • Damaged Area Analysis Applications • Auto Report Generation • Motion tracking of trash moving within an area using Kalman filtering techniques • Trash recognition • Able to overcome occlusions effectively by image matching • Real-time image searching by issuing queries 23
  14. 14. Awards Contact With its meteoric rise as an innovative leader in knowledge and artificial intelligence Singapore (Head Office) China – Shanghai (Suzhou) since its inception in 2006, KAI Square has built a strong reputation for itself both within 33 Ubi Avenue 3, #07-58 Vertex Tower A, Room 202, HuZuoAn Building, No. 172 XingHan Road Singapore and internationally. Providing a state-of-the-art security management system Singapore 408868 Suzhou, China, 215021 based on cloud technology, operated on its open-platform Kai Square Unified Platform Email: contact@kaisquare.com Email: jiaohongguang@kaisquare.com across Asia, KAI Square’s innovation has won them numerous local and global awards. Tel: +65 6634 8809 Tel: +86 512 6265 7689 Fax: +65 6634 8839 2011 Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific Taiwan China – Beijing 4F, No.10, Lane 7 LiDe Street, 2011 Winner of SingTel i.Challenge11 Room A1019, Wuyuehuating Building, Jhonghe City. Taipei County 235. Taiwan, R.O.C No. 6 Wenhuiyuan Road, Haidian District, Website:www.kaisquare.com.tw 2010 Red Herring Global 100 winners Beijing, China, 100088 Email (Sales): sales@kaisquare.com.tw Email (Sales): sales-cn@kaisquare.com Email (Support): business@kaisquare.com.tw 2010 Top 100 Winner of Red Herring Asia Email (Support): business-cn@kaisquare.com Tel: +886 (02) 2222 8371 Tel: +86 10 58831091 Tel: +65 3151 4541 2010 UK INSTINCT TD2 Finalist 2010 Fax: +86 10 58831091 2010 Winner of Emerging Enterprise 2010 United States China – Tianjin 720 Promontory Point Lane #2208 2009 Winner for Global Security Challenge (Asia) San Mateo CA 94404 Unit 201-238, Level 2, District B1, Cartoon Animation Building, No. 126, Email: wan@kaisquare.com 2009 Top 3 Asia Security Startup GSC 2009 Cartoon Animation Middle Way, Tel: +1 415 5199 043 China-Singapore Eco-city, Tianjin. 2009 Winner of Merlion Awards SSA 2009 Email (Sales): sales-cn@kaisquare.com 2009 Winner of SiTF Awards 2009 (Best in ICT Innovation) Email (Support): business-cn@kaisquare.com Tel: +86 18 722432097 2009 Winner of IDM-MDA Awards Fax: +86 10 58831091 Special Category at Start-up Singapore 2009 2008 Winner of Star Challenge Award 200825