Consumption Among College Students


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Consumption Among College Students

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION Consumption among College Students We college students are the generation that will take the responsibility to develop our country. Besides, we are also the consumers of tomorrow. It really has something to do to get to know what the college students want, how they get the information of the products, and their consumption concepts and habits. So we did a research in order to show the tendency of college students’ consumption trend. Significance First thing is that college students are basically in the VALS II category of Experiencers. We acknowledge that and giving the summarized profile. Experiencers Experiencers are motivated by self-expression. As young, enthusiastic, and impulsive consumers, Experiencers quickly become enthusiastic about new possibilities but are equally quick to cool. They seek variety and excitement, savoring the new, the offbeat, and the risky. Their energy finds an outlet in exercise, sports, outdoor recreation, and social activities. Experiencers are avid consumers and spend a comparatively high proportion of their income on fashion, entertainment, and socializing. Their purchases reflect the emphasis they place on looking good and having "cool" stuff. Psychographic Segmentation Consumer behavior is motivated by three self-oriented principles. • Status oriented • Principle oriented • Action oriented
  2. 2. Experiencers fall in the third category of action based motivation. They are usually guided by desire for social or physical activity, variety and risk taking. They are uninformed and politically uncommitted. METHODOLOGY As this survey is related to the outdoor activity consumption lifestyle of college students. We have undertaken the following procedure in order to accomplish the assignment. We have further narrowed down our research to understand college students in a better manner, for this we have conducted a small survey from the college students. We took the attributes associated with them and have our subjects’ rate themselves on them as well as some activity data (leisure activities), media usage, and consumption data. For which questionnaire was developed (attached in the appendices). The population size consisted of 25 respondents and the sampling we undertaken was cluster sampling. The tool used to calculate final findings are: Arithmetic mean and percentages. LIMITATIONS Keeping in view the available time, human and financial resources this survey was limited to; • The Lahore city only. • Few respective areas of Lahore. STATISTICAL ANALYSIS All the questionnaires are coded to get the answers of the questions and different statistical tool as discussed above are applied in order to calculate the findings.
  3. 3. FINDINGS Firstly we asked about their outdoor activities and on what activities they spend more. The results are as under: 30% of the respondents like hotelling, 42% like movies, reading and shopping, and 28% like sports. Almost 55% of the respondents showed their interests in shopping in other questions. hoteling mov ies reading shopping sports Next thing we asked was aimed to know about the type of things they usually like to purchase. The results are very predictable: clothing 60%, jewelry 20%, shoes 15%, perfumes 30%, books 10%, fashion items 50%, technological items 10%, food items 5%, and others 10% respectively. clothing jew elry shoes 60 books 40 perfum es others fashion 20 perfum es tech food 0 clothing others The places where consumers buy items are the problem which businessmen are interested in as well as consumers. The research shows that the supermarkets are the places that the students visit most. The reason lies not only in its cheap and complete items, but in it free shopping style as well. What’s more, the supermarkets have already appeared in some universities. As a result, more than 77.5% students regard supermarket as their favorite when they are shopping. On the opposite, only about 15% students will go to those big shopping centers to buy things. We have found that they like to go to supermarkets where many options are available to them (large number of shops), they like to shop in different stores, and they often go to shopping to see what’s new and even when they have no intensions to buy or to get new ideas about latest trends and fashions. They believe variety is a spice of life. 10 0 m a rk e t s 80 d if f e re n t s t o re s 60 n e w id e a s 40 u n p la n n e d s h o p p in g v a rie t y 20 a c t iv e lif e s t yle 0 s u p e rm a rk e t s m a rk e t s u n p la n n e d s u p e rm a rk e t s wh a t ' s n e w s h o p p in g
  4. 4. They follow very active lifestyle, they like to be social for this most of them have joined various social networking websites like facebook, orkut, hi5 etc. they want to be very much up to date in terms of fashion and latest trends. Quality does matters to them; they usually wander 5-6 stores to get good quality products. quality store sorting social networking social lifestyle Now day’s students are more brand conscious, most of them like to show off to the people, not very brand loyal, they like to experience new things, price not much matters to them only to some extent. branding loyalty experimentation pricing Their decision of selecting stores depends on various sectors. The factors that influence the selection of stores are: availability of brands 35%, product range 65%, 45% product price, 65% store location, 25% good environment respectively. availability range price location environment The media consumption ratio is also very high. They like to use internet, read newspapers, and watch TV, movies etc. different channels are liked by them. Most notable among them are: geo super, geo TV, geo news, international channels like HBO, ESPN, star world etc, others are music channels, and movie channels respectively. Some students are fond of talk shows, capital talks, and current affairs as well. new spaper m edia tv consum ption internet 0 50 100 geo Advertisement plays a important part in students consuming conception for they are the sports generation which grow with the impact of Ads. TV has no doubt the biggest affect on the m usic m ovies current affairs
  5. 5. students’ consuming, followed by propagating materials, newspapers, outdoor advertisement, net advertisement, and so on. As we all know, advertisements can stimulate consuming. Over 40% students will try to buy the product that is introduced by the advertisement or will directly buy the product because of the advertisement. If we take those who do not have the regular favorite brand into consideration, the impact advertisements have on the students will surly be even greater. We have found that most of them like to be the leader of a group, their priorities keep on changing. They like fast food like burgers, pizzas and coke is favorite drink among them. Their main spending is directed towards clothing, fashion items and perfumes. They like prominence often crave for excitement, like to try new things and mostly dressed in latest fashion to look more up to date and knowledgeable about latest fashion trends and what’s new and many believe that they have more abilities than others. leadership latest trends fast food prominence excitement more able show off trials In the survey we have found that they are always looking for thrill, they like to face new challenges that they have never done before, boys are usually attracted towards adventurous ads of cigarettes, mountain dew etc, most of them have somehow or other interests in arts and literature, love listening to music, they show positive attitude towards their lives, most of their monthly spending is very high and directed towards shopping items and are financed by their families. 70 60 50 1 40 2 30 3 20 4 10 0 0 2 4 6 Financing: family 55%, self 16.5 %, employees 28.5 8000- 10000 8000-10000 6000-8000 6000-8000 4000-6000 4000-6000 0 20 40 60 Monthly spending: 55% 8-10000, 5% 4-6000, 40% 6-8000
  6. 6. Now more than half of the college students have or once had mobile phones, and sending short messages is their favorite service: more than 62.6% students have used this function. About 57.4% students are for the price’s sake, 46.6% are attracted by its convenience, while 21.2% use it just for fun. And computers are also common among college students. The purpose of using computers are listed below: study (39.5%), entertainment (15%), Internet (12.1%), others (2.4%). The usual consumption of college students Diet Clothing Entertainment Newspapers & Computers Cigarette Others magazines & Internet 42.3% 15.6% 10.6% 10.3% 7.1% 9.4% 4.7% The difference between boys and girls on relaxing and entertaining Sports Movies & Shopping Internet Traveling Party Ball Reading & (%) TV (%) (%) (%) (%) (%) (%) singing (%) Boys 42.9 19.7 5.5 11.6 4.4 3.6 3.4 6.2 Girls 16.7 31 13.2 11.9 8.8 4.6 3.6 7.8 RECOMMENDATIONS From the research, we can find that college students consume mostly around their campus and homes or at places where they can find the ease in shopping. And they are becoming more and more interested in their living quality. Their consumption ability is beyond our imagination, and quite a number of students have their own computers or mobile phones. Besides, the number of credit cards college students have is really to our surprise. We can draw the conclusion that college students really have a great impact on today’s market society. A businessman who can master the college students’ taste will be a successful one. This information is quite helpful for the marketers to conduct promotional campaigns aiming to focus students. By keeping in mind this information they can formulate strategies about product, price, placement and promotion. For example, we have found that our college students like variety, new product, experimentations and they like to try what is new in the market. Similarly they crave thrill and excitement. So by this information marketer can create a product strategy which focuses these very points.
  7. 7. Secondly they are not very price sensitive. They like to spend a lot in shopping which mainly comprises of jewelry, clothing, perfumes and fashion items etc. their monthly spending as showed before is very high and they are financed by their families mostly. So by this the pricing for the particular products for the students will not be price sensitive. Placement can easily be observed when we discussed about different stores, super stores and locations. They like to visit different stores to find what is new and latest in fashion. By this we can say the marketer can place his products or services to maximum number of stores. Promotion: for promotion we have attached various Pakistani media ads with the report to show what others are doing in the market to allure youth of Pakistan. From our analysis we have found that they like different colors, very fond of music, most of them idealize music artist, film stars and or sports stars. The difference between boys and girls on their idols Explorer Politician Sports Literature Enterprise Artist Military Scientist Oneself (%) (%) star (%) star (%) boss (%) (%) strategist (%) (%) (%) Boys 6.6 16.4 18.3 6.2 14.7 11.6 6.2 8.1 12.4 Girls 8.6 11.9 10.2 16.2 18.1 16.2 3.4 6.6 7.6 Most of them spend most of their time on internet especially on chatting, social networking websites, emailing and downloading different stuff. We suggest that the marketer can promote its products on different social networking websites like or This is quite new in Pakistan. Web advertising is getting more popular now a days. In the end we like to conclude that this information can be very much useful for the marketing manager of any product and or service who wants to focus the college students or youth of Pakistan. I hope we have provided with the most relevant and informative knowledge to the person concerned.
  8. 8. Project # 3: survey that measures the outdoor activity consumption lifestyle of college students Group # 3 Members: SHAHBAZ CHAUDHRY NAZISH SOHAIL FAIZYAB SHAHID SHELLVY CHIRAGH HASEEB TAHIR AMBER JOEL GILL ANJUM BUTT Resource Person: SIR GHULAM AHMED RANA HAJVERY UNIVERSITY LAHORE
  9. 9. APPENDICES 1. TEST STATISTIC: 1. ARITHMETIC MEAN X(bar)=∑ X/n 2. PERCENTAGE METHOD Cluster sampling: is a sampling technique used when "natural" groupings are evident in a statistical population. It is often used in marketing research. In this technique, the total population is divided into these groups (or clusters) and a sample of the groups is selected. Then the required information is collected from the elements within each selected group. This may be done for every element in these groups or a subsample of elements may be selected within each of these groups. The technique works best when most of the variation in the population is within the groups, not between them. 2. SURVEY QUESTIONNAIRE Dear respondent, I am a graduate student of Hajvery University Lahore. I am conducting a piece of research on shopping pattern of students on my term paper and would appreciate it if you could complete this questionnaire which will not require a lot of your time. This questionnaire is aims to exanimate three aspects: 1. What are the psychographic factors associating with the pattern of their shopping? 1. Where and when do students prefer to shop? 2. What are the influencing factors of the students in choosing stores? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 1. In which sector do you think you spend most? o Sports o Party o Movies & o Ball TV o Reading & o Shopping singing o Internet o hotelling o Traveling 2. What are your outdoor activities? (You can select multiple options)
  10. 10. 1. Racing 7. Balling 2. Gaming 8. Dating 3. Movies 9. hotelling 4. Shopping 5. Traveling 10. Others, if any please specify_________________ 6. Partying 3. What type of places you like to visit most? 1. Friends place 2. Restaurants 3. Markets 4. Recreational places 5. Others, specify if any 4. I don't like to go shopping? Mostly disagree somewhat disagree somewhat agree Mostly agree 5. What type of items you shop most? (You can select multiple options) o Household o Fashion items o Clothing o Perfumes o food o Technological o Jewelry o Junk o Shoes o Others, please o Books specify__________________ 6. I often go shopping to get ideas even though I have no intention of buying? Mostly disagree somewhat disagree somewhat agree Mostly agree 7. I like to go to stores to see what's new? Mostly disagree somewhat disagree somewhat agree Mostly agree 8. Because of my active lifestyle I need a wide variety of routine products? Mostly disagree somewhat disagree somewhat agree Mostly agree 9. I like to shop in many different stores? Mostly disagree somewhat disagree somewhat agree Mostly agree 10. I plan my shopping trips carefully Mostly disagree somewhat disagree somewhat agree Mostly agree 12. Does quality matters to you? Mostly disagree somewhat disagree somewhat agree Mostly agree 13. When shopping for everyday products, how many stores do you typically visit?
  11. 11. o 1 o 7 o 2 o 8 o 3 o 9 o 4 o 10 o 5 o 11 o 6 o 12 or more 14. Which type of store do you purchase your products most often? 1. Departmental stores 2. Marts 3. Pharmaceutical stores 4. Supermarkets 5. Retail stores 6. Others, please specify____________________________________ 15. I would rather shop in a large supermarket than a small market Mostly disagree somewhat disagree somewhat agree Mostly agree 16. Brand matters a lot to me. Mostly disagree somewhat disagree somewhat agree Mostly agree 17. Do you consider yourself brand loyal customer? Mostly disagree somewhat disagree somewhat agree Mostly agree 18. I like to experiment new things/ products/ brands? Mostly disagree somewhat disagree somewhat agree Mostly agree 19. Does price matters to you when you shop? Mostly disagree somewhat disagree somewhat agree Mostly agree 20. How much do you spend on shopping monthly? less than Rs100 2000 to 4000 4000 to 6000 6000 to 8000 8000 to 10000 Rs120 and above please specify:_____________________________________ 21. What is the source of your financial support? (You may choose more than one) Self Employer Family Scholarship Other please specify: 22. Which of the following factors will influencing you in choosing store to buy products? (You may choose more than one)
  12. 12. Availability of brands Availability of product tester Product range Product price Product promotion Product display Discount cards Beauty advisor Online shopping Store location Shopping environment of store Free parking Late opening hours Other please specify: 23. You idealize o Explorer o Literature star o Politician o Enterprise boss o Sports star o Artist o Literature star o Military strategist o Enterprise boss o Scientist o Literature star o Oneself o Enterprise boss o other, specify________________ 24. My hobby is_________________________________________ 25. Do you use internet? Yes No 26. Your Purpose of using internet is 1. reading the news 2. browsing the reference book 3. chatting 4. using facebook or other social networking sites 5. sending and receiving e-mails 6. playing games 7. Downloading pictures, movies and software. 8. others, please specify_________________________________________ 27. What is your attitude towards life? negative 0 1 2 3 4 5 positive
  13. 13. 28. I like a lot of variety in my life. Mostly disagree Somewhat disagree Somewhat agree Mostly agree 30. I like outrageous people and things. Mostly disagree Somewhat disagree Somewhat agree Mostly agree 31. I like to learn about art, culture, and history. Mostly disagree Somewhat disagree Somewhat agree Mostly agree 32. There is too much vulgarity on television today. Mostly disagree Somewhat disagree Somewhat agree Mostly agree 33. I like to watch TV Mostly disagree Somewhat disagree Somewhat agree Mostly agree 34. I like to read newspaper. Mostly disagree somewhat disagree somewhat agree Mostly agree 35. I would like to spend my holidays in hilly areas of Pakistan. Mostly disagree somewhat disagree somewhat agree Mostly agree 36. I must admit that my interests are somewhat narrow and limited. Mostly disagree somewhat disagree somewhat agree Mostly agree 37. I follow the latest trends and fashions. Mostly disagree somewhat disagree somewhat agree Mostly agree 38. I like KFC over McDonalds. Mostly disagree somewhat disagree somewhat agree Mostly agree 39. I like being in charge of a group. Mostly disagree Somewhat disagree Somewhat agree Mostly agree 40. I often crave excitement. Mostly disagree Somewhat disagree Somewhat agree Mostly agree 41. I dress more fashionably than most people. Mostly disagree Somewhat disagree Somewhat agree Mostly agree 42. I have more ability than most people. Mostly disagree Somewhat disagree Somewhat agree Mostly agree 43. I must admit that I like to show off. Mostly disagree Somewhat disagree Somewhat agree Mostly agree 44. I like trying new things. Mostly disagree Somewhat disagree Somewhat agree Mostly agree
  14. 14. 45. I like to dress in the latest fashions. Mostly disagree Somewhat disagree Somewhat agree Mostly agree 46. I like to lead others. Mostly disagree Somewhat disagree Somewhat agree Mostly agree 47. I like to get prominent in a group of people. Mostly disagree Somewhat disagree Somewhat agree Mostly agree 48.I like a lot of excitement in my life. Mostly disagree Somewhat disagree Somewhat agree Mostly agree 49. I want to be considered fashionable. Mostly disagree Somewhat disagree Somewhat agree Mostly agree 50. I am a social butterfly. Mostly disagree somewhat disagree somewhat agree Mostly agree 51. I listen to music in free hours Mostly disagree Somewhat disagree Somewhat agree Mostly agree 52. I like the challenge of doing something I have never done before. Mostly disagree Somewhat disagree Somewhat agree Mostly agree 53. I am always looking for a thrill. Mostly disagree Somewhat disagree Somewhat agree Mostly agree 54. I like doing things that are new and different. Mostly disagree Somewhat disagree Somewhat agree Mostly agree …………………………………………………………………………………………… …. Contact Information Name: _____________________________________________ Age: _______________________________________________ Sex: Male Female Occupation: _________________________________________ Location: ___________________________________________
  15. 15. 3. SURVEY REPORT ANALYSIS AND CALCULATIONS: Following percentage is given below is listed by following manner swa = some what agreed swd = somewhat disagreed m A= mostly agreed d a= mostly disagreed Answers as their number 1. 30% hotling, 42% movies n reading n shoping, 28% sports 2. 25% party, 75% shoping 3. 65% friends place, 25 % resturent, 15% market 4. 50% swa, 30%swd, 10% mA, 10% d a 5. 25% perfumes, 55 % clothes, 45% fashion, 15% food, 10% books, 5% shoes 6. 2o% swa, 10% swd, 70% MA 7. 45%swa, 5% swd, 5o% ma, 8. 35% swa, 60% ma, 5% da 9. 55% swa, 52%swd, 15% ma, 10. 65% swa, 15%swd, 10%ma, 10% da 11. 10%swa, 25%swd, 50%ma, 5%da 12. 45% 3 times, 10% 4 times, 25% 5 times 13. 60% super market, 40% departmental stores, 2% mart 14. 55% swa, 10%swd, 35% ma 15. 40% swa, 5%swd, 55% ma 16. 25%swa, 70% ma, 5% da 17. 40%swa, 5%swd, 55%ma 18. 30%swa, 10%swd, 50%ma,10%da 19. 55% 8-10000, 5%4-6000, 40%6-8000 20. 55%family, 16.5% self , 28.5% employees 21. 65% product range, 1o% good location, 25% good environment 22. 40% explorer, 10%politition, 20% sportsman, 30% other fields 23. 40% music, 20% writing, 10% reading, 15% games, 15% others 24. 100% yes 25. 40% facebook, 15% mail purpose, 45% downloading 26. 50% positive, 30% 4times positive, 20% 3 times neutral 27. 60% swa, 10%swd, 30%ma 28. 50% swa,10%swd, 40%ma 29. 45% swa, 20%swd, 35%ma 30. 50% swa, 30%swd, 15% ma, 5% da 31. 25% swa, 10%swd, 50%ma, 15%da 32. 20% swa, 5%swd, 70%ma, 5% da 33. 40% swa, 10% swd, 40%ma, 10%da 34. 25% swa, 15% swd, 60% ma 35. 30%swa, 35% swd, 35% ma 36. 60% swa, 25% swd, 15%ma
  16. 16. 37. 45% swa, 35% swd, 20% ma 38. 50% swa, 25%swd, 20%ma, 5% da 39. 70%swa, 10%swd, 10%ma, 10% da 40. 45% swa, 30%swd, 25%ma 41. 30%swa, 50%swd, 10%ma, 10%da 42. 55% swa, 35% ma, 10% da 43. 75%swa, 25%ma 44. 55% swa, 25%swd, 20% ma 45. 50% swa, 50% da 46. 70% swa, 10% swd, 20% ma 47. 65%swa, 30% ma, 5%swd 48. 70% swa, 30%swd 49. 60%ma, 30%swa, 10%swd 50. 70%ma, 20% da, 10%swd 51. 50%swa, 45%da, 5% ma 52. 60%ma, 25% da, 155swd