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  1. 1. eduINVICT Effective school management solutionsProduct of Invictus Consulting (P) Limited
  2. 2. What is eduINVICT ?eduINVICT is a unique and comprehensive School Management Software / SchoolAdministration Software with an online web site of the school and an intranet (campus)version in the school. It is an interactive platform for all entities viz. Students, Teachers,Management, Parents, Alumni, Guests, Experts of an educational institution. It is a simpleyet powerful one point integrated platform that connects all the departments of aninstitution namely office, fee counter, library, hostel, stores, academics, activity centreand so on.eduINVICT addresses School Management, Interaction, Knowledge Management andcommunication issues both in the school and on net. The campus version of eduINVICTis again a browser based application and thus it is highly acceptable among the users andvery easy to deploy and manage. It is the only application that gives two way synchronizationof data with online and offline versions. This way whatever you do in school is available onyour web site secure and personalized and the same is applicable vice-versa. This is anSchool ERP solutions that can be integrated with smart cards, bio-metrics and bar codes asper the schools requirementCurrently available in 4 Versions:-a) eduINVICT Core / Mini ERP b) eduINVICT ERP c) eduINVICT IERP d) eduINVICT .edu
  3. 3. FeaturesE-School a powerful Communication Tool There is a constant need for parents & Teachers and School authorities to keep in touch for better care of the child. And in this fast-running city life its hard to do so. E-School provides two ways that can help bridge that gap. SMS – Today SMS has become an popular communication. It gives you freedom to read messages instantly or to ignore them and read them later. E-School has a built in SMS sender that equips School authorities to communicate with parents easily.Examples of SMS. – PTA meeting to be held on November 1st attendance compulsory – School Fees due, Last date 2nd November to avoid Late fees charges submit fees on time. For details contact: ABC – Maths Test Result: ABC scored 19/20 stood second in class. – Note : Your son was late to school today. – Due to some problem in School Bus. Your son may be dropped at home a little late than usual. For details contact. Mrs. Xyz
  4. 4. FeaturesParents Account on the eduINVICT – Moodle Powered– School Calendar Provides school calendar which is marked with school holidays, Examination dates etc - online school diary.– Teachers Remarks There is a feature where parents can check if teacher has written remarks for their child.– Class Assignments & Grading Here parents can check class room assignments that were give to their child in class & marks / grades obtained– Upcoming Test/Exam dates here parents can check exam dates for their child. The advantage to check after logging is that they will find exams dates for their own child only. This means they will not have to search for their child’s class among others classes.– Download Section From this section parents/Students can download notes, e-books, assignment copies, uploaded by teachers.– Student Progress Report Here there is a presentation of students previous performance with the help of bar-charts, pie- charts. So that at a glance the parents can judge that if there is any improvement in the child’s performance compared to the last test or exam and where he needs help in his subjects. This is a automatically generated report so the school authorities just need to feed in the data and the report is generated.
  5. 5. FeaturesRegistration & AdmissionStudent master is the one window interactive system to the software. You can locate astudent or a group of students and have different information regarding their fee,examination, library etc. Student records are maintained once for all, class list,admission register, Transfer certificate from the same data. The information like schoolat a glance, overview, sibling information, dossier, health, discipline, leave, remark, etc
  6. 6. FeaturesStudent AdministrationStudents Information System is powerful central database that seamlessly knits together allmodules in the ‘eduINVICT’ students records management system. It is designed to bepowerful, lightning fast and fully customizable. Its flexibility enables administrators tocustomize what information they track and manage for students and staff. Save your staffhours on time-consuming data entry and student record keepingInformation of students with photo, Siblings details, Parents information, Birth details,Discipline, Leave, Health, Personal diary for individual students. Persons to contact inemergency, persons authorized to pickup from school/campus etcTransfer, Character, Bonafide, Date of birth, Clearance from, etc. (Customizable).Report wizard containing Admission register, Class register, Lists, Identity card, Alumni,Occupation report, Siblings list, School/College overview, School/College class wisestrength, Family wise class list etcSchool/College overview gives you the reconciliation. Facility for viewing and analyzingstudents fees/bill paid and due status, report cards, students diary, etc. sitting right at thetable. Also, you can see the performance of a selected student‘s sibling’s details with thesame reports. In other words better communication with parents/guardians by having theirdetails online on your machine
  7. 7. FeaturesStudent Administration – Snap Shot
  8. 8. FeaturesExamination & EvaluationExamination module is developed to take care of any type of examination pattern, beit user defined IB, IGCSE, CBSE, ICSE. Or any state/country boards etcThis is the module for organizing examination, performance analysis and report cards.With this software, you can view and edit students grades/marks and producebeautiful report cards, honor rolls, and transcripts customized with the logo and/orwatermarks of your school. The module can be easily tailored to fit the need of anyschool/college of any size and offers greater ease of use and more features
  9. 9. FeaturesTime table Generation System Called the “Crown jewel of eduINVICT” by many of our customers, the timetablemodule combines simplicity with comprehensive results to generate class timetablesand master timetables, easier than ever before for schools, by simply following a fewsteps. You can create virtually any type of time table schedule, weakly timetable todaily substation timetables, teacher’s timetable etcTimetable generation is so advanced it builds the school’s master timetable based onstudents’ course requests and teacher availability, either automatically or interactively.In interactive mode, you maintain control and make the best choices based oninformation from the computer. Parallel allocation for optional subjects/ classes,substitution, preference, etc. The module prints a wide range of timetable relatedreports
  10. 10. FeaturesFee Management SystemThis module is for student’s fee billing, providing school/colleges with powerfulfeature for both private and public institutions. Designed for ease-of-use andflexibility, the fee module will save your staff an enormous amount of time ininvoicing, data entry and financial record keeping. It efficiently tracks the many detailsof your past, future, and current fee receipts.Prints more than 50 customized reports.Pack data and record locking, which is very unique for added/high level security
  11. 11. FeaturesHR Management & PayrollInformation data bank of staff with photo. Information includes Academicqualifications from metric, Attendance entry, Search engine, Personal diary,Designation wise staff list, Class list, Class teachers list; individual bio data, Automaticsalary generation and useful fast report generation. Pay slip, Allowances & Deductions(CCA, PF, HRA etc) facility for Overtime calculation, Tax calculation i.e. TDS, Gratuity. ITforms etc… Reconciliation of employee’s salary. Individual and collective ACR (AnnualConfidence Report) for the head of the department. Prints more than 30 customizedreports
  12. 12. FeaturesFinancial AccountingDeals with the complexities of found accounting and financial reporting, haseverything a institution business manager needs to operate efficiently, includingsophisticated financial reporting. Modules include Company ledger & General ledger,Accounts receivable, Accounts payable, Bank reconciliation, Budget, Income &Expenditure A/C, day book, Bank/Cash payment, Cash receipt/Bank receipt, Journalvoucher cum voucher printing, Trail balance, Modification of voucher, Facility tocombine departments, Balance sheet & all general accounting features. Prints morethan 20 very useful and informative reports
  13. 13. FeaturesTransport managementBus assigning and maintaining buses in the intuition become a very simple task byusing transport module. User-friendly data entry forms, transferring of busroutes/interchanging the routes, making new routes etc. are very simple in procedure,facility for availing and discontinuing bus at any time of the session is possible. Autofee calculation depends upon the distance and also flat facility available. Individual buscollection, bus list, bus defaulters are some of the outstanding reports
  14. 14. FeaturesAttendance & Leave ManagementAttendance management of students & staff is an important aspect of supervision inthe work place through smart card or biometric system
  15. 15. FeaturesHostel ManagementThe complete integration of hostel management with inventory and FA provides a fullfeatured system to manage the entire residential facility in the campus. It providescentralized management system to meet the requirements of Mess management,Tuck shop, Cafeteria, Laundry, and Beauty parlor etc.A full fledged hostel management system will increase the efficiency through reducedstaff & paper works. It will extend the residential services to finance module to showup-to-date balance in their impress account
  16. 16. FeaturesEquipment AccountingInventory/ stock management - Deals with the complexities of stock accounting andinventory reporting has everything a institution business manager needs to operateefficiently
  17. 17. FeaturesInventory ManagementeduINVICT Inventory control management system takes care of Stock maintenance,Transactions, Stock transfer, Billing for all stock transactions searching facilities,Depreciation calculations and of all dynamic reports concerned with inventory
  18. 18. FeaturesValue added facilities· Online payment using Credit / debit cards· Automatic Reception/ Kiok systems
  19. 19. Contact Us Invictus Consulting (P) LimitedIndia Office Address :501, Chaitanya Classicks, Near Kapil Asmath, Sus Road , Pashan , Pune , India - 411 021info@invictindia.comCall us Today : +919603356777 +919000970678