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  • 1. Level One : Voter List Wizard
  • 2. Level One - Voter List Wizard• Makes the voter data simple and handy for elections• Converts pdf format voter file given by Election Commission to client specific form• Converts cover page information of pdf file to excel format• Transform font data from one font to other• Converts the individual voter data to “Family Voter Data”• It is also used for approximating the caste of the voter• It is also used to locate the old voter data in new voter data after delimitation
  • 3. Features of Level One – Voter List Wizard• Network Access – Multiple Users can access the database at the same time• Printing – Extensive Printing Support, can generate » Lists » Labels » Envelopes• Security – Password Based Access – Different Levels of Authorization for Different Users
  • 4. Voter List Wizard : pdf to voter data • Takes pdf files as input • Extracts the data from the pdf file • Store the extracted data in database.
  • 5. Voter List Wizard : pdf to voter data Screen Shot & Process MySQLPdf file database
  • 6. Voter List Wizard : Voter To Family • It takes raw data of individual voters as an input • Makes the families of the voters
  • 7. Region Information in Constituency Management System Voter 1: Name : XYZ Father name : ABC Age : 23 Sex : Male Voter 1 (XYZ) is the son of voter 2 (ABC) Voter 2: Name : ABCFather name : QWE Age : 59 Sex : Male
  • 8. Voter List Wizard : voter mapping in delimitation • Takes two raw voter data, one of the old voter list and the other of the new voter list after delimitation • Maps the old voter list with the new voter list • This mapping is used for carrying over old voter information to new voter
  • 9. Voter List Wizard : voter mapping in delimitation – Screen Shot Old Voter Data PB : 1 S.No. : 13 Name : XYZFather name : ABC Age : 23 Old voter of PB 1 and Sex : Male S.No. 13 is now S.no 87 in PB 46 of new data New Voter Data PB : 46 S.No. : 87 Name : XYZFather name : ABC Age : 23 Sex : Male
  • 10. Level Two : Constituency Profiling
  • 11. Objective of Constituency Profiling• To ensure the good electioneering strategy for a Party or Leader• To prepare a Booth Wise Database of the Strategic Political Information of a constituency or all Assembly Constituencies in a State• To present an analysis of Booth wise self assessment which can show the roadmap of further essential work• To provide impetus to the Party or a leader for achieving the victory in election
  • 12. Features of Constituency Profile• Booth wise identification of Influential People – Identify Influential persons as Active, Passive and Neutral – At least 1000 persons in a constituency who determine electoral equation• Booth wise Political Issues – Booth wise Information of all problems and issues – All these micro issues have crucial role in election• Caste Equation of a Constituency – Providing detail about number of voters belonging to various Castes – Identification of supportive and opposing Castes with their respective strength• Dynamics of Election – Prepare a Database of the Booth Wise Election Result – Presenting a perceptible swings and Caste wise voting percentage
  • 13. Features of Constituency Profile• Comparative Analysis of Image – Booth wise comparison of a Candidate’s image with other probable candidates – Analysis of a candidate’s image keeping in view of alliance with other Party – It helps to nominate a person as a candidate of a Party for Assembly or Parliamentary election• Political workers – Identifying Political workers and their image at the levels of » Village » Panchayat » Blocks » District• Local Anti-incumbency Factor – Identify all anti-incumbency factors against incumbent, MP/MLA – Suggesting solutions to get rid off or to get political mileage out of it
  • 14. Other services On-demands– Wide Extensive work of classifying all voters in all Polling Booths into three categories (in Color Coding): » Supporter-Definitely Vote; Green » Manageable-Can vote; Yellow » Opposition-will not vote; Red– Duty Chart for Polling Booth Worker » Know how to contribute now » Who is responsible for how many supporter and manageable voters » Which voters to be Mobilized on day of election » Contact Details of voters to be mobilized
  • 15. Methodology of Constituency Profile• The survey programme with large sample size is conducted in each and every Polling Booth• It is a wide-extensive survey supported with sampling based on voter list for opinion survey which is enabled with Mobile Survey (M-Survey) to avoid the human error• For making database of all Polling Booths, the company uses “Census study” method• And, for assessing the opinion or mood of voters, “judgment Sampling”, a non probability method is used based on the voter list of Polling Booths• The huge amount of data is analyzed and translated into two products, a Comprehensive Report and a Constituency Manager Software
  • 16. Level Three : Enabling the ResearchUsing M–Survey Technology A Third Party Plug-In
  • 17. Some Common Problem in Survey Related Work• Shortcuts are taken to fill the data – Inadequate time given to respondents – Improper samples taken• The surveyor does not visit the field – Takes many samples at one place
  • 18. Remedy in Current Methods• Field Checks• Back Checks• Re-Survey
  • 19. Why The Current Method Fails• Increases cost of survey• Turn Around cost is very large• Not Humanly possible to have 100% Back checks
  • 20. GPS Based System for SurveyCell Phone ofSurveyor GPS Monitoring From Office
  • 21. Understanding the Working1 GPS Device Records the Latitude & Longitude of the Surveyor2 • CoordinateTooth connection. responses are passed on to the Mobile over a Blue Information and • No SIM card or Connectivity needed at time of Survey3 All Information stored in the Mobile is transferred to the Web Server using a GPRS Connection
  • 22. Understanding the Working Log on to the1 Website See Results on2 Internet Explorer Real Time Tracking3 No Data Entry4 needed
  • 23. Data Compilation as Bar Chart 1 Go to Survey Results. 2 Select a Survey Form and a Question from dropdown list. 3 Result seen in form of Bar Chart.
  • 24. Survey Design – New Survey View from “My Surveys”Flexibility of choosingQuestion type• Multiple Choice• Rating On Scale• Text Response• Numeric Response Create New Survey • Select Language • Select Title
  • 25. M-Survey Main MenuChoose Survey View Feedbacks Download New Send Data Version of Survey
  • 26. Advantages• Hassle Free System – GPS Device is the size of the match Box• 2-Way Communication - Instead of any tracking system which is one way, this systemis Mobile Phone Based and is hence Two Way• Cost Effective – The Mobile Phone and GPS Device Together will cost less than a PC. • No Need to Purchase Additional Computers or Costly Hardware• Centrally - Decentralized System – Allows Individual to monitor their surveyors at thelocal level.• Historic Data on surveyors can be used for giving future works
  • 27. Level Four : Constituency Management
  • 28. Objectives of CMS• To make Political Party or Leaders better informed about a constituency at micro level• To make easy all possible coordination in a constituency through state of the art technology by avoiding the paper-work• To ensure Booth-wise maximum level of personal contacts with Influential People• To help in making strategy for election based on actual caste data and caste based support• To maintain the booth-wise constituency data including the works under MP/MLA funds, booth-wise political position and level of image of probable candidates.
  • 29. Features of CMS• Track Issues / Grievances / Project Progress – Generate Reports on Pending Issues – Browse list of issues assigned to a person• Map Driven Interface – A User friendly Map Interface – Click and Browse facility• Hierarchical Breakdown of Area – Keep Systematic Information of Revenue and Administrative Units – Office Bearers’ Name and Contact Information available for search via name /area / designation – One Update of Contact No reflects everywhere
  • 30. Features of CMS• Network Access – Multiple Users can access the database at the same time• Printing – Extensive Printing Support, can generate » Lists » Labels » Envelopes• Security – Password Based Access – Different Levels of Authorization for Different Users
  • 31. Features of CMS– Track Development Works– Follow up Public Grievances– Measure Reach in Constituency– Stay in touch with Party Workers and Opinion Makers– See Polling Booth Wise Caste Polarization– See Polling Booths where improvement can be made.
  • 32. Election Result: Polling Booth Wise• CMS is very handy to see the position of Party and Candidates based on at least two election results• It helps to locate the strong and weak Booth in past elections• Booth-wise analysis of election results are shown in Graphs.
  • 33. Election Result: Polling Booth Wise
  • 34. Party sector Level: Strong and Weak
  • 35. Caste Details in a Polling Booth• Caste data and its analysis are crucial for elections. Invictus Consulting does this work through software technology, CMS• CMS shows Booth-wise caste data keeping in view the delimitation factor of constituencies and all the names of Party workers and Influential people of a booth are also shown with the caste name• CMS provides the caste equation analysis including caste support to Parties and candidates in percentage• In CMS, caste equation is aligned with election results, political issues, level of Jansampark and list of Party workers in a booth.
  • 36. Caste Details in a Polling Booth
  • 37. Region Information in CMS
  • 38. Public Contacts• CMS suggests the areas of visit based on the analysis of strong and weak pockets and caste equation• It also tracks the level of Visits by a leader and the impact analysis of visits• During the visits, a leader knows very well about “to whom with interact” and “what to address”• CMS provides all the names of persons having political influence in a booth. So, a leader during his/her visit to a particular booth area knows “key Persons” by name.
  • 39. Public Contacts
  • 40. Level Five : e-Campaign
  • 41. e-CampainingInvictus Consulting (P) Ltd Provides e-campaigning services as follows:• Tele-calling in a voice of a Leader to voters through customised portal• Auto-generated SMS to Voters• Auto-generated Greeting Cards to Voters on eve of Holi, Diwali, Id, etc.• Website development and creating Blogs for a Political Party or Leader• New Media works like Making good Political Profile on Face book and Twitter
  • 42. National Number Database• Company has a Database of Mobile Numbers across the country• These Mobile Numbers can be grouped according to the constituencies
  • 43. Customised Portal
  • 44. How The Caller Portal Works• It records the voice of a Leader in its own software.• At one time more than 2000 appeals of a leader go simultaneously to the constituency or State.• In 2009 election, the appeal of Sh. Naveen Patnaik went to more than 50 lakh voters. It became a major factor to bring political tide in favour of Sh. Patnaik.
  • 45. Bulk SMS• Invictus Consulting (P) Ltd manages and maintains the Short Messaging Service (SMS) for Political Parties and Leaders• If a party or a leader needs to send a million of SMS to Voters, the company provides an auto-generated politically significant message with the name of Party or leader• The company sends all SMS to voters on behalf of Party or leader if the service is taken• The company manages the all contact numbers of voters which is targeted by a party or leader.
  • 46. Contact Us Invictus Consulting (P) Limited Suit No – 501 , Chaitanya Classiks Sus Road , Pashan , Pune – 400027 www.invictindia.com info@invictindia.comMobile :+ 91 90009 70678+ 91 98995 54545