Investment opportunities in Trinidad's maritime industry


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Find out why investors like Oldendorff Carriers are already moving into Trinidad and Tobago's growing maritime sector.

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Investment opportunities in Trinidad's maritime industry

  1. 1. INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIESMaritime SectorInvestment2012-2013
  2. 2. Where is T&T?
  3. 3. 312459712116108Key1. Chaguaramas Boatyards, CLDry-dock & Alcoa TransshipmentPort2. Port of Spain Port3. Point Lisas Port4. San Fernando FerryTerminal10. Brighton & Point Fortin Ports– Oil Supply Company andShipment of LNG11. Galeota Port12. Scarborough Port13. Hibiscus Gas Field14. Southern Oil Fields15. Gas & Oil Field16. East Manzanilla Gas Field17. Angostura Gas Field18. Oldendorff TransshipmentPort13T&T Maritime landscape
  4. 4. Maritime Industries1. Located near international shipping lanes to large andgrowing markets2. Outside of Hurricane Belt – Low incidences of naturaldisasters3. High maritime activity requiring service companies4. The Gulf of Paria is a naturally sheltered harbour withdredged shipping channels of 13 metres deep.5. Trained maritime professionals6. Long history in marine fabrication, including offshoreplatform construction.Why Invest in Maritime Industries in T&T?“We offer a number of natural and industrialadvantages.”
  5. 5. Near Global Shipping Lanes• Located off thecoast of Venezuela• Within 12 miles ofmajor shippinglanes.
  6. 6. Robust EconomiesCountry GDP (2011) (InBillions USD)Colombia 333.4Venezuela 316.5Guyana .002Suriname .004Brazil 2,477Uruguay 46.7Argentina 446Cumulative3,626.5Economies of Eastern South America
  7. 7. Below the Hurricane BeltHurricane Activity in the Atlantic since1851
  8. 8. High-level Maritime activityVessel Type NumberBulk Cargo 130Cargo 271Container 136Tanker 350Tug 75Offshore SupplyShip99CAR 28Passenger 28Other 99Total 12162011 Port Entries
  9. 9. High-level Maritime activitySix Ports of Entry• 4 in the Gulf of Paria• 1 at Galeota• 1 in Tobago
  10. 10. A naturally sheltered harbourCaribbean SeaAtlanticOceanGulf ofParia
  11. 11. A naturally sheltered harbour• Trade winds and ocean swells come from the north east,making the Gulf of Paria a naturally sheltered harbour withfew waves and light winds.• Swells averages average less than one metre in the Gulf ofParia throughout the year due to the wind and wavedirection.• Wind speeds averaging seven knots in the windiest monthsand four knots in the least windy month.• Wind direction is offshore in the Gulf of Paria, leading to nomajor swells.
  12. 12. A naturally sheltered harbour
  13. 13. History of marine fabrication• Offshore drilling in existence since 1954. T&T is theleading oil and gas producer today• 38 oil and gas companies currently active; numerousdownstream industries• Dry-dock & ship repair facility more than 100 years old
  14. 14. OpportunitiesIdentified business opportunities in the Maritime Industry areparticularly favourable in:1. Bulk Transshipment2. Ship Service & Repair3. Leisure Marine
  15. 15. Bulk Cargo Transshipment
  16. 16. Bulk Cargo TransshipmentGeographical Advantages• Located along the South America/Asia bulk goods shippingroute• Outside of the Caribbean Hurricane Belt• Ease of handling and safety due to low wind speed. Windspeeds of seven knots in the windiest months and four knotsin the least windy month• Large natural harbour areas, sheltered from ocean swellsLabour Force• Well-trained• Maritime operations training done at the University ofTrinidad and TobagoExperience• A number of companies have already located heresuccessfully (Alcoa, National Fisheries and Oldendorff)
  17. 17. Bulk Cargo Transshipment
  18. 18. Dry-Docking in TrinidadAbundance of Demand• Ships traveling within or passing near to Trinidad and Tobago’sterritorial waters• Increasing ship transport to Trinidad and Tobago, as well asEastern South America• Numerous oil-supply vessels servicing the local oil and gasindustryEnergy Cost• Lowest energy costs in the region – $0.30/KwhLabour Market• 16 major local institutions producing graduate welders• Two local schools training new commercial divers• Nine local dive companiesExperience• Success by the CL Marine Limited is an indicator of a small part ofthe market that can be captured.• Currently facilitating investment interest in large dry-dockingfacilities
  19. 19. Leisure MarineGeographical Advantages• Below the Hurricane Belt• Insurable sea space during the hurricane season• Low wind speeds• Large amount of protected coves and inletsExisting Infrastructure• 13 marinas within close distance• Full range of service and repair facilities• Dry-docks & travel lifts in many marinasExperience• The largest leisure boat service and repair cluster in the Southern Caribbean• High level of quality and experience in boat service and repair
  20. 20. Leisure MarineThe Chaguaramas Cluster
  21. 21. More reasons to invest! No foreign exchange controls Exemption from duties on capital goods 100% foreign ownership of locally-registered privatecompanies Full repatriation of profits Land ownership capability Double taxation treaties with Canada, Caricom,China, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Italy,Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, UnitedKingdom, United States of America and Venezuela
  22. 22. Contact us!Sekou AlleyneManager, Investor DopwellSourcing Officer – Maritime (868) 638-0038