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Energy Storage Solutions for an Intelligent Future - Dave Blood, Parker EGT Europe
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Energy Storage Solutions for an Intelligent Future - Dave Blood, Parker EGT Europe


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Parker EGT Europe Ramada Hotel, Belfast. Nov. 22nd 2013 Energy Storage Solutions for an Intelligent Future “Technologies that Meet Grid Requirements” 19 November 2013
  • 2. Parker SSD/EGT Manufacturing Parker SSD Drives North American Headquarters Charlotte, North Carolina USA Parker Automation Shanghai, China Parker SSD Drives Littlehampton, West Sussex, UK Parker SSD Drives Chennai, India We provide innovative Electromechanical & Drive solutions to targeted markets, delivering exceptional value and quality through our best-fit products, services and systems. We differentiate ourselves by focusing our experience and resources on meeting the expectations of our customers worldwide.
  • 3. Active Front Ends VL IS Vs Inductance L VD • AFE - How it Works • 3-Phase Boost Converter • Aim to Control Current in Phase with Supply • Sinusoidal Current • Unity Power Factor
  • 4. Active Front Ends VL VS VD IS Motoring Phasor Diagram • AFE – Absorbing Power Flow • Controls Current to be in Phase with Grid Volts
  • 5. Active Front Ends 180o + IS VD VL VS Regenerating Phasor Diagram • AFE – Regenerating Power Flow • Controls Current to be in Anti-Phase with Grid Volts
  • 6. Active Front Ends L (3%) L (5%) IS ID R VSupply VDrive AFE C • AFE - External Equipment • Differential Filter • Removes Differential Mode (Line-to-Line) Emissions • Delta RC Network in Centre of 8% Line Choke • Filter Resonant Frequency 1kHz
  • 7. Active Front Ends DC Link Volts Controller Vdc P I * Vdc D-Axis Current Controller Id* Ia I1 Vd Id Demod V1 Va e-j0 3/2 Transform I2 P I e+j0 Mod Iq Ib Iq*=0 P I Vb 2/3 Transform V2 PWM V3 Vq Q-Axis Current Controller PLL atan() V dt ref • AFE - Control Block Diagram • Reactive Power Current Set to Zero • Real Power Current Set from a DC Link Volts Control Loop
  • 8. Grid-Tie Energy Market Every renewable energy or energy storage source needs a way to connect to the power grid. Parker EGT provides this capability WIND SOLAR WAVE STORAGE Flywheels Batteries Parker’s Grid Tie inverter technology converts energy from popular renewable sources into usable electric power to be sold to consumers through utility companies. GRID TIE Energy Storage systems use the same inverter technology to store electric power when it is in excess and discharge it to the grid when it is needed.
  • 9. EGT Division – PRODUCT RANGE kW 10 20 30 40 50 100 200 500 1000 Grid Tie Inverters Modular Inverters (Uni-directional or Bi-directional) Environmentally Hardened Inverters (MicroGrid) PV Solar, Energy Storage, Wind Inverters Outdoor Duty Grid Scale Energy Storage PCS Outdoor Duty ESS Battery Containers Site Dispatch Controls, HMI and Instrumentation 2000 4000
  • 10. AC890PX Grid Tie Inverter • Parker Modular Flexibility • Field replaceable IGBT phase modules • Modular inverters can operate in parallel for highest power ratings Easy plug-in replacement!
  • 11. AC890PX Grid Tie Inverter • Cool under pressure • Air cooled ratings use efficient plenum design to maximize cooling while keeping airborne contaminants away from electronics • Parker Advanced Cooled ratings allow higher power in smaller footprint • Safe dielectric coolant in hermetically sealed system requires no routine maintenance Advanced cooled 2MW inverter
  • 12. Power Conversion Systems
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  • 17. Approvals and Compliance • Quality Management System • DNV ISO90001 (2008) + TickIT • CE European Directives • EMC • Low Voltage • RoHS • REACH • Machinery • EN14001- in 2014 • North American Safety Approvals • UL CTDP (Client Test Data Program) • ETL (Intertek) Satellite Program
  • 18. Energy Storage System • Batteries charge through inverter when demand is low POWER FLOW • Batteries discharge to grid when demand is high <3% THD 13.8 kV Energy Management System POWER GRID 480 V CL Filter PLC SCADA RTU Interface Active Bridge Inverter BMS CONTROL CanBus PARKER EGT BATTERY MODULE POWER CONVERSION SYSTEM • Inverter controls are networked • PLC/SCADA interface to utility network • Current and Voltage are regulated • System can be configured for different output voltages
  • 19. Accomplishments World’s Largest Li-Ion project 32 MW of Parker PCS 99+% Uptime !
  • 20. Parker Energy Grid Tie : Over 85MWs of Energy Storage Systems products currently in service • Frequency Regulation • Renewable Support • VAR Support • Spinning Reserves • Auxiliary Power for Substations • Micro-grid Operation • Peak Shaving
  • 21. European Parker EGT System • Russia • • • • • 22 Winter Olympics, Sochi Emergency Power Supply Power 1500kW Storage 6MWh Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • 22. Parker Energy Grid-Tie Division • EXPERIENCE – our grid tie inverters are based on a power conversion design that has been used in industry for over 5 years, and the result of 30 years of design evolution within SSD Drives Division. • Installations – Parker EGT is the industry leader in grid tie energy storage applications using lithium ion batteries…over 85 megawatts installed. • Flexibility – We will provide basic inverters, customized designs, or complete turn-key systems. • Advanced cooling – Heat is the enemy of electronics used to convert power, and Parker offers a unique and efficient cooling system …the only refrigerant based system available. Can reduce power conversion size by 66+% • Industry acceptance – Parker has a major presence in renewable energy and power generation, and knows the needs of the industries. The Power of Parker …
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