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Polymer Processing Cost Saving Workshop - 03 Sustainable Development

Polymer Processing Cost Saving Workshop - 03 Sustainable Development






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    Polymer Processing Cost Saving Workshop - 03 Sustainable Development Polymer Processing Cost Saving Workshop - 03 Sustainable Development Presentation Transcript

    • Sustainable Development Polymer Processing ‐ Cost  Savings Potential in the  Process Ciaran O'Reilly Chartered Engineer Process Chartered Engineer Technical Adviser Sustainable DevelopmentSustainable Development
    • M i i iMaximising Efficiencies 5 Programmers Efficiencies (1) Resource Efficiency Audit (2) P j t M t F k(2) Project Management Framework (3) Energy Efficiency Loan Scheme (4) Capital Grants for SME’s of up to £40 000(4) Capital Grants for SME s of up to £40,000 (5) Industrial Symbiosis Sustainable Development
    • M i i iMaximising Efficiencies Progress Last 3 YearsEfficiencies Last 3 Years 850 Audits Completed £60,000,000 of Identified Savings Sustainable Development
    • CostCost Savings Hidden Potentialdde o e a Polymer Processing ‐ Cost Savings Potential in the Process Areas of High Process Energy ConsumptionAreas of High Process Energy Consumption. Actions that can be taken to reduce Consumption. S t i bl D l t Indicative Potential Investment Costs and Cost Savings Sustainable Development
    • EnergyEnergy Process Energy v Carbon Manufacturing Factory Polymer Processing 80% 100% 120% 80% 100% 120% Polymer Processing 40% 60% Heating Electric 40% 60% 80% Heating Electric S t i bl D l t 0% 20% Carbon Energy 0% 20% Carbon Energy Sustainable Development
    • CostCost Savings Energy used in an  t d b iextruder business 66% Processing Manufacturing business 16% Processing  equipment 10% 5% 5% 2%1% 66%  Processing  equipment 11%  Chillers 10%  Compressed Air 16% 5% 10% 5%  Chillers 10%  Compressed  Air 66% 11% 5%  Water Pumps 5%   Lighting 2%  Factory & office  5% 10% 5% 34% 5%  Water Pumps 20%   Lighting S t i bl D l t y heating  1%  Offices20% 34%  Factory &  office heating  10%  Offices Sustainable Development
    • CostCost Savings Extrusion Blow MouldingInjection Stretch Moulding 45% 16% 8% 45%  Extruder 31%  Hydrulics 3% 3% 94%  Infra Red Lamps 31% 16%  Heat 3%  Ventilation 3%  Motion S t i bl D l t 8%  Granulator 94% Sustainable Development
    • CostCost Savings Process 325 KW 1 000 kg/h Specific energy to raise the temperature of the plastic is typically 0 16 kWh/k f i t lli l ti (lik PE PP) 1,000 kg/h • 0.16 kWh/kg for semi-crystalline plastics (like PE or PP) • 0.10 kWh/kg for amorphous plastics (e.g., PVC, PS). The actual specific energy consumption will be higher because of losses in the motor, gearbox, thrust bearings cooling the feed housing and extruder barrelthrust bearings, cooling the feed housing and extruder barrel, • 0.20 to 0.25 kWh/kg semi-crystalline plastics • 0.15 to 0.20 kWh/kg for amorphous plastics d i i t t li d i l ti t t k S t i bl D l t • a dryer, resin conveying system, water cooling and circulation system, take-up 0.20 to 0.25 kWh/kg Sustainable Development
    • Energy 55 KW / HEnergy Savings 55 KW / Hour £7.70 / Hour Process power Extruder 125kw / Extruder 125kw Heat per hour 160kw Cooling 40kw Total 325kwTotal 325kw Heat recovery 25% 40kw Product stored at 30C 16kw S t i bl D l t Product stored at 30C 16kw Energy Savings 56kw 17% Sustainable Development
    • What No 1 Energy Efficiency What Works Energy Efficiency Plant Replacement Insulation Induction HeatingInduction Heating Heat Recovery M&TM&T
    • FinanceFinance Available No and Low InterestInterest Interest free Loans Invest-NI Growth Loan Fund Invest-NI E h d C i l AllEnhanced Capital Allowance ROC’s & RHI for Renewables Regulator Grants through the Utility providersRegulator Grants through the Utility providers S t i bl D l tSustainable Development
    • Top 10 Investments All SPB Less 24 months Sustainable Development
    • RenewablesRenewables Economics Appraisal: PV Array 50kWCAPITAL COST      £65,000 PV Array 50kW SPB 2 years Supply and install 50kWp system  EXISTING ELECTRICITY COSTS Existing electricity consumption  1,387,040kWh Existing electricity consumption cost £194 186Existing electricity consumption cost £194,186 TOTAL COST SAVINGS Estimated annual output of PV system  41,080kWh INCOME Electricty generated and used on site 90% 36,972kWh (36,972 kWh X £0.14/p/kWh) £5,176 ROC's payment (41,080 kWh X £0.1696) £6,984 E t U it 10% (4 108 kWh X £0 0559) £246Export Units 10% (4,108 kWh X £0.0559) £246 TOTAL SAVINGS £12,406 Simple pay back 5.24 Years Enhanced Capital Allowance £30,000 Sustainable DevelopmentIntrest Free Loan Invest‐NI (by CT) £13,063 CAPITAL OUTLAY    SPB 2 Years £21,937
    • SustainableSustainable Development What Are We Doing Next For YouNext For You Implementation Audits Polymer Sector Studyy y Special Energy Task Group ISO 50001 W k hISO 50001 Workshops Sustainable Development
    • Sustainable MaximisingSustainable Development Maximising Efficiencies Next Events Invest-NI Sustainex 9th &10th April La Mon Hotel Bombardier June Joint Seminar ISO 50001 Workshops Sustainable Development