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Investorrelations2 090508085042-phpapp01






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    Investorrelations2 090508085042-phpapp01 Investorrelations2 090508085042-phpapp01 Presentation Transcript

    • Investor Relations 2.0
      By: Tom Allinder
      • Define some Differences in Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 with respect to application of IR…
      • What differentiates IR 1.0 from IR 2.0
      • Define proper execution of IR 2.0 – my opinion of course… you are welcome to disagree or comment on anything I cover here. In fact, I welcome feedback positive and negative. If you can prove me wrong, I will admit it and fix it. I don’t have “feelings” to hurt or other emotional baggage that inhibits my creativity and learning…
      In this slide show, I will cover the following…
    • In Web 1.0, the Companies dictated the content and fed it to the masses. There was no conversation and the companies thought they knew best… There was limited interaction between companies and their customers, clients and investors…
      The Company
      The masses
      The “masses” were OK with this; it is just the way things were… for a long time…
    • In the case of Investor Relations, the Company and their IR firm construct “The Message” that is subsequently sent to investors and the investment community…
      Investment Community
      The Message
      The Company
      But somewhere along the line, the investment community stopped listening…
      Investor Relations
    • The shareholders became irritated and displeased (or really mad) with companies that were not listening…
      The Shareholders
      *%#) YOU!!!
      The Company
      Negative Feedback
      And the shareholders let the company and anyone else who might listen know how unhappy they were.
      I’m SELLING this POS!!!
    • In the new Web 2.0 world, one-way communication has alienated your shareholders (and made most of them “former shareholders”…)
      The “Former” Shareholders
      One-way communication
      The Company
      New thinking is required on the part of company management teams to fix this problem…
    • Then along came Web 2.0 and things began to change. Web 2.0 is “interactive” and facilitates conversations. People DEMAND to have these conversations…
      Web 2.0
      The People
      “The People”
      The Company
      The new Web 2.0 put the Management of most Companies in a real jar of pickles… Management that has not learned quickly how to communicate in this new world are being left behind.
    • Companies would have to learn to communicate with the public- not just their shareholders but, customers, and clients too! And, they will have to enter this conversation as PEOPLE and not just a COMPANY…
      Company Management teams are people too. In order to thrive in the Web 2.0 world, they will have to learn to interact with customers, clients and people that make up the investment community; again NOT as a COMPANY but
      The Company
    • Now, lets expand these Web 2.0 thoughts to
      • Wall Street has lost credibility with the public…
      • Too many scams and fraudulent activity has soured people on “stocks”
      • Most company management teams are sitting on their hands waiting for things to get better (return to Web 1.0- which is never going to happen…)
      Tom, we are waiting for things to get better…
    • Waiting for things to get better, or “return to normal” could have less than desirable results for those companies not willing to engage in Web/IR 2.0
    • Of people on the Web are participating in Social Media of some sort or extent- this means about a BILLION people globally!
      This number (75%) is up from 56% in 2007!
    • The World of Communications, Information and Entertainment is Changing Rapidly
      Fewer and fewer people are watching network television…
      Newspapers are becoming a thing of the past…
      And now, (especially during the Holiday season), we all need one of these to empty the junk mail from our mailboxes!
      Email has become a nightmare…
    • Some Companies, IR and Promoters think “Social Media” is just a whole new set of “tools” to broadcast a message; in other words, using Web 1.0 marketing with Web 2.0 platforms and tools… UGH!
      An actual Plan for IR 2.0 is very comprehensive and takes a significant amount of time (about 5-8 weeks) to gain traction.
      Social Media Tools
    • Here are some real world examples of using SM tools and platforms the WRONG way.
      has become the most abused platform of them all. People are setting up accounts and broadcasting information. Some are even setting up multiple accounts with multiple “personalities” complete with fake photo and carrying on conversations with themselves. All they have done is move the message boards and chat rooms to Twitter… People are smarter today and this sort of activity is easy to figure out.
      is also abused. People assemble groups, invite people in under the guise of “having discussions” about stocks. In reality, the organizers are just assembling a list of people they can send their “messages” to. The messages are the same as they have always been: “Get in early; this stock is going to Rock!!!”
      Again, this is nothing more than SPAM from a different platform… Any positive effect will be short lived.
    • It doesn’t matter how you send “the message”… People are not listening to these messages anymore.
      In Web/IR 2.0 the dialog begins by LISTENING!
      Clients, customers, shareholders
      Questions, suggestions, comments etc
    • Now, the management team in Web/IR 2.0 becomes real human beings (NOT JUST A COMPANY) and listens first…
      Clients, customers, shareholders
      Questions, suggestions, comments etc
    • Then a dialog develops between the individuals at the Company and their investors, their customers and clients!
      Clients, customers, shareholders
      Conversation and Communication
      We have a TEAM and everyone is happy and tickled pink!
    • Investor Relations 2.0 Plan
      • Identify Company strengths and weaknesses
      • Content Development, Management, and Marketing
      • Building the Brand of the Company
      • Social Media Platforms and Tools
      • Social Media Press Releases
      • Training for Company Management Team
    • In order to not get ahead of myself, before the PLAN is actually constructed we need to figure out exactly where the client company stands with respect to these items
      It sounds complex and it is…
      A Brand Audit – a baseline for the company’s sizzle in the marketplace (no, not the stock market)
      A Content Audit- For content planning; includes keyword analysis and media inventory…
      Social Media Audit- Social Media asset inventory and some other stuff…
      Web Presence- Website, SEO and social media review…
      These are just SOME of the items we painstakingly research!
    • We do not use a “Shotgun” approach…
      Each Company is different… So, the plan for each company is different as well…
      Marketing Plan
    • Things to understand about Web/IR 2.0
      Customers, Clients and Shareholders…
      Your Logo…
      Your Website…
      Your Office Building…
      Are NOT
      your Brand…
    • As mentioned before, a real Web/IR 2.0 Campaign is far more sophisticated than putting together messages and broadcasting (SPAMMING) them…
      And it all starts with understanding the inner workings of how Google works!
      Many people think Google is just a search and advertising engine…
    • Google is a PLATFORM like no other on the planet…
      Understanding Google algorithms with respect to searches and marketing is the cornerstone of a Web/IR 2.0 campaign
      Google has many tools (all free) that enable data gathering, management, and organization
      Creation of ORIGINAL content is another cornerstone of Web/IR 2.0… by content, we are not talking about company profiles but instead, the creation of content that will cause people to think and respond
      Web/IR 2.0 is about keywords and links; the way a company gets traction in the new world is through having a lot of inbound links and proper key-wording – it takes significant research for each company in order to accomplish this
      Inbound links are the result of good content creation and marketing; marketing is done in a passive way- it is called permission based marketing; examples are SEO, blogs, RSS and correct use of SM platforms and tools…
      Interruption marketing is just the opposite; it is a message pushed to an audience… examples are
      email, fax, direct mail, Facebook messages
    • So what does an IR 2.0 Program/Campaign entail anyhow?
      A baseline measurement to see where the company stands with regard to Google rankings, sentiment on SM platforms and message boards, an inventory of current assets with regard to content…
      Using the baseline measurements, a strategy can be developed to dramatically increase the company’s “visibility” on the Web with regard to SERP through SEO, content development and marketing, monitoring and responding to individuals including those in the investment community as well as prospective clients and customers or even potential partners!
      Reporting… A report is developed for the company “on the fly” (dynamically) so that management teams can see results as they are happening. This is one aspect that was lacking in IR 1.0 – the only measurement companies had to look at was their stock volume and price…
    • Though the actual “hands-on” time and effort required by the Company Management Team is very small compared to the efforts on the part of the IR 2.0 team, 50% of the success of an IR 2.0 Campaign rests with the Company’s Management Team and their designated assistants
      • The Company must be willing to contribute their own content… (blogs, videos, photos etc)
      • The Company must be transparent and open with all of their communications…
      • The Company must present themselves as individuals that are part of the management team.
      • The Company must be enthusiastically involved in the process…
    • If you are not fired with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm!
      Vince Lombardi
    • Web/IR 1.0 is about promoting a stock (or a ticker symbol)
      Web/IR 2.0 are all of these… It is far more about the brand, the shareholders, customers than it is about a ticker symbol or “stock”
      Brand Recognition
      The Company
      Involved and happy shareholders, clients, customers
      Enthusiastic Management Team
    • Summary
      Understanding and utilizing Web/IR 2.0 first requires the complete “unlearning” of old methods…
      Web/IR 2.0 is more complex and is dynamic.
      Web/IR 2.0 absolutely requires COMPANY PARTICIPATION TO WORK
      By it’s very nature IR 2.0 is directed at INVESTORS and not traders.
      Requires enthusiasm and persistence.
      In the Web 2.0 world, A company’s brand is its shareholders, customers and clients.
    • Thank you for viewing this presentation! Please comment, offer constructive criticism or share your ideas with me!
      Tom Allinder