Tips and tricks by a leading private investigator in singapore on employee background checks


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  • Tips and tricks by a leading private investigator in singapore on employee background checks

    1. 1. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide COVER PAGE
    2. 2. This eBook is for free access. You are allowedto share part or the whole eBook just as it iswithout changing its contents. Alteration ofthis eBook is prohibited and doing so may leadto penalization. Feel free to share the eBookwith all and sundry without the alteration of itscontent whatsoever. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    3. 3. Background checks is a process of digging andfinding out information on someone’s past andusually involves compiling and looking up ofcommercial records, criminal records as well asfinancial records of a company or an organization oran individual. Employers can request foremployment screening on job candidates who havemade an application on high security jobs in placeslike airports, hospitals, government institutions,financial institutions and schools. Employers checkfor the candidate’s fitness, qualifications, characterand any security and safety risks of employing thecandidates. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    4. 4. Depending on the requested information (can becredit scores, verification of criminal history, andverification of past employments); these checks canbe very expensive. Unfortunately, backgroundchecks are also used unlawfully for illegal purposessuch as identity theft, employment discriminationsand violation of people’s privacy.Due to the security reasons, background checks havebecome very important in the modern day to dayactivities. This makes it important for employers andother people who seek these services to know the dosand don’ts when A leading it comes to background checks Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    5. 5. The tips and tricks by a leading PrivateInvestigator in Singapore on employeebackground investigations or checks istherefore, a must-have and must-know for allprospective clients to these investigators ordetectives. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    6. 6. A hard background check is a hard inquiry thatdetails information to a creditor but only with yourpermission because it involves sensitive informationsuch as your social security number. Signing a loanapplication form is giving permission to the financialinstitution to carry out a credit background check onyou (hard inquiry). A hard inquiry is when a creditorgets a full copy of a lender’s credit score and creditreport. A hard inquiry also shows the name of thecreditor that pulled the credit report. The creditorusually has access to all the details of a credit report.Hard inquiries (that forms part of a backgroundcheck) have very negative impacts on credit scores.The more hard inquiries performed on your credit A leadingreport, the more creditWorldwide that you lose. scores Private Investigator Singapore &
    7. 7. You can also get denied a loan due to a highnumber or frequency of hard enquiries on yourcredit. Though the inquiry has some negativeeffects, it is not as bad as the impact of latepayments of loans. To avoid the bad marks(negative image) that come with hard inquiries,ensure that you give consent for such to takeplace only if necessary. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    8. 8. A soft background check is a soft inquiry thatnormally takes place when potential employerscarrying out credit background checks on prospectiveemployees. It also occurs when candidates who applyfor loans are pre-screened by creditors. The processdoes not require one’s consent for it to take place. Asoft inquiry can also be when you personally pullyour credit report. In a soft inquiry, not all details of acredit report are pulled out and it usually shows as aninquiry and not a credit report pull. Soft inquiriesneither affects credit scores nor have negative effectson credit reports hence are harmless. It is thereforemuch better and easier to allow for a soft inquiry than A leadinga hard inquiry. Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    9. 9. A day does not go by without any news of anemployee being so unscrupulous andcommitting crimes like selling the company’ssecrets, fraud, stealing merchandise or fraudfor their own benefit. If you are hiringemployees and have had to deal with suchcrimes, you can follow the tips and tricks belowfrom a top investigator to assist you in thescreening process of prospective employees yetto be hired. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    10. 10. There are various types of private investigators to choose from. They include insurance investigators, surveillance investigator, corporate investigators, domestic and civil investigators, criminal defense investigators, skip tracing investigators and background check investigators. Since you will be conducting background checks, the right investigator in this case is the background check investigator. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    11. 11. There are two main reasons why employersand firms carry out background checks; forfinancial security and personal safety. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    12. 12. Cover pageCopyright/DisclaimerBackground InformationIntroduction Types of Investigators Reasons for Background ChecksChapter1 Tips and Tricks for Clients/Potential CustomersChapter2 Tips and Tricks for Private Singapore & Private Investigator Investigators A leading Worldwide
    13. 13. Chapter3 Tips and Tricks for Personal Background ChecksChapter4 Background Checks/Screening Tips and Tricks of TenantsChapter5 Effects of Background ChecksConclusion and RecommendationAbout the Author A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    14. 14. Tips and Tricks for Clients/Potential Customers A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    15. 15. Consider pre-screening your prospects through ahead hunter. Despite the fact that pre-screening canbe very costly, it is worth the price especially whenseeking due diligence for sensitive and confidentialmatters. Head hunters are professionals who canverify all details in a resume of an employee yet to behired such as education and employment details.They are in a position to perform or conduct criminalbackground checks and contact all employmentreferences listed in the resume for verificationpurposes. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    16. 16. They can also interview the prospectiveemployees to determine whether theircandidacies are viable and up to the requiredstandards before letting you have an in houseinterview between the company HR managerand the candidate. They will give youprofessional advice concerning the person’scandidacy. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    17. 17. Use the search engines to find information aboutthese persons before adding them on to yourpayroll. Search engines like Google, Bing andYahoo among others have made internet searchesmuch easier. Searches of the names of thecandidates via web searches could never beeasier than it is already. By pasting their emailaddresses on Google’s search bar and socialnetworking search bars, you will be able to findso much information about the person than youcould have ever wanted. With the informationyou get, if you research well, you can easily knowthe kind of person you are dealing with. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    18. 18. For computer geeks who are geniuses in webresearch, it is possible to find information thatis pertinent enough to aid you in decisionmaking. Professional background checks aremuch better for information that is accurate toverify your findings as well as a thorough andproper investigation. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    19. 19. Ensure that you perform credit checks on yourprospects so as to get background checks thatare thoroughly done. If the job to be filled is a,banking job, find out how responsible theemployee is with his/her money. An employeewho is found with any previous record ofbankruptcy, various delinquencies or charge-offs must be seen as a dishonest. With the poorworld economy, you might also want to checkon the person’s credit score and do not hesitateto ask them for this. They would have noreason refusing if they are really honest. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    20. 20. You also have to hire a detective who is a professionaland experienced to do the background checksthoroughly. These background checks will save you alot of agony in the future for having employed awrong person like criminal or potential lawsuits fromcustomers. The checks will not only save you fromcostly litigation but also from situations that are verydisastrous. Though investigations can be customizedto suit individual customer needs, the screeningprocess usually comprise of the following checks:motor vehicle records, criminal records, verification ofeducation, A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    21. 21. civil records, comprehensive media andinternet research, verification of the accuracy ofresume provided and previous employmentplaces as well as identification andconfirmation of important details given such asdate of birth, name, addresses, social securitynumber and residency or citizenship. Aninvestigator will play a great role in thescreening process, so you just want to hire thebest and right investigator for the job A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    22. 22. Ensure that you search for a good investigatoras if he was going to handle your mostvaluable and secretive (confidential)information. To protect any information thatyou will disclose, get the investigator to sign anagreement of confidentiality. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    23. 23. It is important to verify references from yourpotential investigator. Request only referencesthat are reputable and be sure to contact them.This will let you get critical information aboutthe investigator that will help in decidingwhether he/she is appropriate for the job. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    24. 24. Apart from checking and contacting reputablereferences, you must verify your potentialinvestigator’s credentials. You can do this byrequesting to see their license which you mustverify to be genuine. People are not alwayswhat they seem or say to be. You can alsocheck and verify with your country’s registrarto confirm whether the company is registeredor not. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    25. 25. An investigator who is an ex-law enforcement officeris extensively trained in legal and investigativematters hence most suitable for an investigative job.This gives him an advantage over investigators withno similar backgrounds thus has invaluableexperience and has definitely networked over theyears to make significant contacts. The investigatorhaving had a position in government that involvesinitial background checks that are normally veryvigorous makes him have a good background sincehe/she already passed the one conducted by the A leadinggovernment. Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    26. 26. The private investigative industry is not like a computer’s GIGO or the retail industry where you get what you pay for. Skills, patience and time are what it takes an investigator to get a job done and there are no promising or definitive results in this industry. Therefore, be wary of any investigator who is promising guaranteed results for their services. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    27. 27. Good investigators and firms have so muchinformation available about them for theirpotential customers. After successfully doingwhat should be done such as searches andbackground checks, you will be eitherconfident or have doubts about the investigatorin question. In this case, you just have to trustand follow your instincts. If you have so muchconfidence in the investigator then go aheadand hire him/her otherwise, do not. Yourinstincts can never let you down or fail you,trust them. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    28. 28. You must ensure that your investigator isinsured so that you can be covered in case youhire him. Request for a copy of theinvestigator’s insurance policy, check for anylimits and whether the policy covers theduration of investigation of your case. Youmust confirm and ensure that you are covered. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    29. 29. You must know the investigator’s capabilitiesand limits. Is he flexible and open to take upany additional tasks that might come up andlengthen the initial duration? It is good to hirea flexible investigator because you do not whatmight come up in the future A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    30. 30. Before you do a background check on anyone,you have their permission to do so otherwiseyou will be breaking the law. As an employer,you can include a part in the job application forapplicant to sign. This will be an automaticconsent from the candidate. By signing theapplication form, it means the candidate agreesand hence gives you the consent to carry outthe background check. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    31. 31. You must carry out a background check that isrelevant to the vacant position. Checkingrecords that are not relevant to the job isconsidered invasions of the person’s privacy.You need to determine what relevant aspectsneed to be checked on the candidate’sbackground. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    32. 32. It is not always necessary to check on acandidate’s credit reports for hiring processes.Do it only if necessary because if you do notemploy them, they could take you to court andobviously would win. Some countries also donot allow potential employers to have access totheir candidate’s credit reports. It just dependson where you are. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    33. 33. To know whether the candidate has a policerecord, you can visit your local policedepartment where you will be required to fill aform for information request. You will also beexpected to pay a nominal fee. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    34. 34. If you want to know whether the person hasprison records, you can browse through yourcountry’s prison website. These websites havedatabases online with records of all the peoplewho have ever been imprisoned. You can alsovisit the specific prison in person and requestfor the information or use penitentiarywebsites. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    35. 35. Find a background investigator or firm that offersservices to a very large area. The right investigatorshould have access to consumer record and nationalcourt as well as those found in your country or area.The investigator or firm you choose must be familiarwith the employment field and must have experiencein the same field to prove that they can do it. Firmsthat offer a comprehensive cover usually offer arange of services that includes professionalverifications, criminal and personal backgroundchecks, check references as well as educationalcertifications. Even if you are looking for one of theservices offered by the firm, they will be able to do itvery well. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    36. 36. A good firm has a high level of expertise withknowledge of laws that govern the use ofprivate information. The firm’s complianceshould be along these lines as well. Theyshould also be in a position to advise you onthe best way to handle candidates’ personaland private information that is collected andhanded to you. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    37. 37. You must only go for firms and investigatorswho are accredited to offer the services. Priorto accreditation, firms are usually verified forcompliance in areas such as client education,services standards, consumer protection,product standards, legal compliance andgeneral business practices. An accredited firmhas passed all these verifications and can offerhigh standard services. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    38. 38. The only way to get answers is by asking suitable questions to a potential investigator. Some of the questions that you can ask are as follows: Can you guarantee confidentiality and if yes, how do it? How will you give me a report that is full? What kind of reports should I expect given this kind of job? Why should I hire you when I can use a free database search website that can provide the records or information that I need? What does the screening laws of my country say/ What does a background check &entail according to A leading Private Investigator Singapore Worldwide
    39. 39.  Do you provide accurate data and information? If yes, how do you ensure that what you provide is accurate? Do you provide personalized customer service to each client? How do I inform a candidate of some information I have found out that is not good? How long does it take you to do a background check? Answers to these questions will clear your doubts and give you the information you seek in hiring the best investigator. A leading  Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    40. 40. Tips and Tricks for Private Investigators A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    41. 41. Before you start investigations, ensure that youhave all the information that you need for thejob. The basic information that you willdefinitely need is date of birth, full name and acountry or state where the person lived inbefore. Knowing the person’s full name is verycritical especially if they have a common namethat is shared by many people. A lot ofelimination is involved in this process whiletrying to identify the right person among a listof people with similar or almost similar names.The date of birth will help rule out the wrongnames. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    42. 42. It is best to start searches in places that are wellknown such as looking through documents inthe judicial websites. You can come acrosssome civil proceedings and court cases that willassist you to focus only on one area. You coulddiscover more information from thesedocuments such as names of relatives or even apossible address. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    43. 43. The National Sex Offender Registry is anotherimportant place to check out. It has an updateddatabase of sexual offenders records and theyare required to update where they reside everyyear. You can also get to know whether theperson has updated his residence or not. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    44. 44. After you have got information that you thinkis enough, find a background check databaseand subscribe to it. This is a good place becauseit has compiled data hence a central place toconduct research. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    45. 45. It is important that you talk to some of yourclients who were happy with the service youoffered them to act as your references. Keep alist of at least three references that you can usein case a potential client requests for references.These should be clients who are willing to talkabout the good experience they had andpositive results that they got by hiring you. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    46. 46. If the law of your country allows for recording of calls,then you can do so. Most countries require that if theconversation involves two people, you must have theconsent of either of the two whereas others requireconsent from the two. In case of three or more peopleinvolved in a conversation, you might have to getconsent from all of them. The recordings can be usedlater for reference to information talked about. Youcan record your calls to references because as one ofthe two parties involved, you have the consent to goahead and record the conversation. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    47. 47. Whatever the method or technique you use tocarry out background checks, ensure that youadhere to the country’s law and legalguidelines that govern them so as to be on theright side of the government. Doing otherwiseis risking being charged for breaking the law. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    48. 48. It is wise to take note of details of any informationuncovered on a person’s background. This willensure that you do not forget or leave out any detailswhen writing a report for your clients. You can eitheruse a notebook and pen or your PC to record thefindings. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    49. 49. Ensure that you do not trespass onto propertythat is private as this might get you intotrouble. Your safety is paramount so avoid anyactivity or behavior that may cause physicalinjuries to your body. Do not be too aggressivein whatever technique that you use becauseyou may not like retaliations that could resultfrom it as a countermeasure for self defense. Besure to reason well and use ethics for you torealize a profitable adventure that is fulfilling. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    50. 50. Prepare well for any interview that is planned bygoing through the references and resume as a wholeand open it with a general conversation to make theinterviewee feel at ease hence will be able to give youany relevant information you are looking for. Theywill also be more comfortable to answer hardquestions. Ensure that you only ask relevantquestions that will help you get the rightinformation. You should also direct the interview tothe right course of conversation. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    51. 51. For you to pass the investigator test, ensurethat you prepare well and schedule a time tostudy. Use the best study techniques availableand get support from your family by tellingahead that you will be preparing for the exam.The last minute before you leave for the test,ensure to carry along your ID card, drivinglicense as well as the examination fee you arerequired to pay. Also ensure that you getenough rest prior to the test. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    52. 52. Tips and Tricks for Personal Background Checks A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    53. 53. I recommend that you do a basic search ofyourself using search engines like Google andYahoo. Google your name by typing it in thesearch bar and see what comes up. If yourname is shared by many people expect to find along list of search results. Go through them andif there is any result from a court website, youbetter have a look at it especially if you havenever dealt with a court. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    54. 54. Search and browse through a judicial websitethat is local to your country or state using theoption for an online case search that is usuallyfound on most of these websites. This is a goodplace to find all if any, law suits where youwere involved or your name was mentioned. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    55. 55. These companies gather and compile various records in millions from different sources into one large database for search purposes. The companies charge a small fee for the services that they offer and subscription normally last for up to one year.Investigator Singapore & A leading Private Worldwide
    56. 56. It has been noted that employers use social networkingsites such as Facebook and Twitter to conductbackground checks. The photos and information that youpost on these social media will tell a lot about you toyour prospective employer. So be very careful whenusing these websites. One you post something, youcannot get rid of it. Even if you delete it, it is not totallygone as it leaves footprints through which it can betraced. So, before you click on the post or upload button,think twice. Ensure that you also use the privacy settingson your profile to safeguard your account hence yourself.Social Intelligence Corporation, a new company, runsthrough websites on behalf of employers. They search fornegative things that directly points to you which if theyget to find, remains in their database for up to sevenyears. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    57. 57. You can also use these websites to create great professional profiles so that when an employer checks it out during a background check, they would definitely give you the job. If you manage your profiles well and use the security and privacy settings to the maximum, you can be sure that things can work out to your advantage and land yourself the job. Doing so also ensures that you do not lose your job as so many people have lost their jobs due to pictures and message postings on their social media accounts or profiles. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    58. 58. Background Checks/Screening Tips and Tricks of Tenants A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    59. 59. You have to ask the potential tenant to tell youwhy they are interested in your facility and notany other. They should also explain why theyare moving out of their current rental. Thereasons should be positive and reasonable,otherwise do not consider renting your houseor apartment to this prospective tenant as yourisk going through the same thing that hercurrent landlord or landlady is subjected to. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    60. 60. The potential tenant must tell you the numberof people who will be living with him/her andthe duration of their stay. The longer theduration the tenant will be staying the betterunless your rentals target tourist who usuallystay for a short duration of time. This will alsohelp to know when there are strangers aroundyour rentals. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    61. 61. You should also ask the prospective tenant of theirworkplace. Find out whether it is close or far fromthe rentals and the duration of time they haveworked for their employer. This is just a way ofgetting to know the tenant and their source ofincome. Note the way the questions you ask areanswered. You will be able to tell what kind of aperson will be renting your house as well as whetherthe person is being honest or not. You can also collectthese kinds of information using your real estateapplication form. The tenants will fill in their detailsand you will have the chance to go through them oneby one, in case you receive Singapore & applications. Private Investigator several A leading Worldwide
    62. 62. Ensure that when you are show casing your propertyor house to the tenant, you are keen to note thingsabout this person. Their walking style, how theydress and even the type of car they come in. for youto save time and energy; you can have all theprospective tenants together when showing yourhouse or property. This will ensure that you do notrepeat the same things to different clients as you willhave them under one group to do one presentation.Give application forms only to your desired potentialtenants and let them know about your screeningprocess, what you expect of them and what you donot. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    63. 63. Your application form should have text boxes forrental history( both previous and current one),full identification details( such as ID, drivinglicense or social security), employment details(both current and previous positions andemployer), full identification details of otheroccupants who will be staying with you, detailsof family members and friends, creditinformation( should include details of financingvehicles, credit references and bank details) aswell as permission to allow you do a backgroundcheck on the tenant to confirm that all the detailsgiven are genuine. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    64. 64. Verify all details provided in the application formand use phone directories to verify phone numbers.When done, rate every application and choose thebest application of the tenant to occupy your houseor apartment. Record all the conversations betweenyou and your potential tenants, which you can attachto their application forms. It should include thetheme, date and time of conversation for futurereference. Some tenants might think that they werenot selected due to discrimination; hence it isimportant to explain to all tenants whoseapplications did not go through& why they did not A leading Private Investigator Singapore Worldwide
    65. 65. During the tenant’s background check, ensurethat you hire a qualified and experiencedbackground investigator to do the creditchecks. A potential tenant with a good creditbackground will not give you problems withpayment of rent. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    66. 66. To ensure that your tenants pay rent on time,encourage them to use only direct debit order.You can say that you only accept paymentsthrough debit orders. This will ensure that thetenant does not attempt to use any othermethod to pay the rent. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    67. 67. Regularly visit the property to check on anydamages, violation of rental rights and rules as wellas the occupants or tenants themselves. This will alsohelp to build a good relationship between you andyour tenants that is based on trust. Your tenants willget the chance to tell you what problems they haveand what needs maintenance. Furthermore, whenthey know that you always visit, they will always tryto follow the set rules and avoid damaging property.You can also be able to tell which tenants are givingyou a headache hence you can evacuate them. Agood tenant pays his/her rent on time and does notbreak the rental rulesInvestigatorare leading to govern the use A set Private that Singapore &and behavior around your property. Worldwide
    68. 68. Doing a tenant reference check will enable you getvital information on the prospective tenant andensure that you end up with a good and trustworthytenant who is very secure. If you have had badexperiences with previous tenants, you might thinkthat good ones do not exist but they do.These background checks will definitely ensure thata landlord gets a good tenant who can rent his/herproperty for a very long time. Tenants should alsoensure that they sign a lease agreement beforemoving in. This agreement will protect both thetenant and the landlord from each other because A leading Private Investigator Singapore &both have to do what is agreed on. Worldwide
    69. 69. Effects of Background Checks A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    70. 70. Usually, the person who benefits from thesechecks is the one who carries out thebackground check such as an employer,creditor or even landlord. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    71. 71. A background check can include informationon a person’s financial history such asbankruptcy. The employer can then makeappropriate decisions whether to consider theperson for employment or not. Some laws donot allow discrimination of those ( prospectivecandidates) with filed bankruptcies. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    72. 72. A background check verifies all the informationpresented in a candidate’s resume such as theschools that the candidate attended, certificationsobtained as well as licenses and degrees that areshown in the resume. Previous work experience isalso verified such as the previous employer, durationof employment, whether the employer was satisfiedwith work done, position held, advancement incareer, salary earned and whether the person reallywork for the stated employers. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    73. 73. There are laws that govern criminal backgroundchecks but this varies from place to place and fromcountry to country or state to state. It is possible toknow if the candidate was arrested for driving underinfluence. This information is very important if youlooking for a drivers for your fleet of vehicles. Youcan also find information on civil lawsuits, data onsexual offenses, convictions at county or state levelsas well as alcohol and drug abuse. It is not possible togain access to information that is more than sevenyears old. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    74. 74. A background check reveals information about acandidate that is enough to tell whether they aregenuine or not. It verifies the person’s social securitynumber and it is also possible for the employer toknow the candidate’s citizenship. With thisinformation, the employer can also know if theperson is allowed to work in the country in case theyare immigrants. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    75. 75. Despite the financial security and personal safetybenefits of background checks, there are alsoproblems that might occur as a result. Hence it isimportant to consider them when looking intoconducting a background check. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    76. 76. It is very possible for prospective employers to judgea prospective candidate from a piece of informationthat is provided on the background check report.Due to the piece of questionable informationpresented, it is possible for an employer to let go of aprospect with great potential; may be even the bestcandidate among the applicants. It could also be acase that was dismissed after investigations when thecandidate was found to be innocent but since it stillappears on the report, it is used to judge thecandidate. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    77. 77. It is therefore important for prospectiveemployers and landlords to scrutinizebackground reports well before making a finaldecision. They should be wise enough whendoing this because it is the only way they canget the best candidate among all the applicants. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    78. 78. These are checks that are carried out onlywithin a certain country or State thus can beproblematic if the candidate has lived in otherstates or countries. This kind of check only letsyou get partial information about theprospective candidate hence conclusions madefrom the background report might notnecessarily reflect the person’s past. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    79. 79. It is also possible that the information on areport provided by a background checkinvestigator is not as complete as it should be.There is no guarantee that the informationavailable about a person’s past is up-to-date. Itis possible that certain information fromcompanies and government agencies have notbeen provided in order to update informationon the person’s history. So many reports of upto 30% do not provide information that iscomplete hence decisions made on suchinformation does not let an employer choosethe best candidate. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    80. 80. Another con of background checks is the possibilityof information on a submitted report having witherrors. It is possible to post information on the wrongprofile of a person due to mistaken identity such assimilar names or just pure confusion. The candidateis judged on information that was posted on hisprofile by mistake. This will not only lead to thecandidate missing out on a job they qualify for butalso the employer will let go of a suitable candidate.It is wise for employers to notify the candidate on aquestionable information on the report of theirbackground check, though this is not always thecase. It can be so bad if a candidate’s application is A leadingdenied on the basis of some inaccurate information Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    81. 81. Background checks can go for up to two weeksor more thus it delays the process of hiringbecause everything remains standstill until thecheck is over. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    82. 82. Background checks are very expensive and themore details and verifications needed the moremoney is spent. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    83. 83. Some people consider background checks to be very offensive and thus can lead to charges on discrimination basis as well as lawsuits. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    84. 84. A background checks is not an easy processand therefore it is important to invest in areputable professional who can guarantee yousome sort of preliminary results as well as agood customer service. As a leading privateinvestigator in Singapore with more than fortyyears of experience, I have tested manydifferent tips and tricks and these are proven towork. If you follow them well, you willsucceed with your background checks be it thatyou are an investigator or a potential client to aprivate investigator. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    85. 85. Investigators should also ensure that beforethey sign up for any subscriptions, they havechosen the best background check service touse. Employers should not let a prospectiveemployee rob them when they can prevent thatfrom happening. You will save a lot of timeand money with these tips and tricks whenused correctly. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    86. 86. Database searches that charge fees are usually more effective than the free one. This is because you can find so much information such as status of sex offenders, the person’s income and value of his/her home, marriages, bankruptcies, felonies, divorces, ownership of real estate, immigration status, information on property, age, address history, phone numbers relatives as well as all the information that one can find in the free databases. If you just want basic information about a person like maybe who they are generally, it is best to use the free databases A leading Private Investigator Singapore &  Worldwide
    87. 87. The best and proven ways to carry out a background check are outsourcing where you hire a private investigator in Singapore or use websites for background checks, references and personal history(employment, academic and references), public records(state correctional and police records), search engines like Bing as well as social networking sites. A leading Private Investigator Singapore & Worldwide
    88. 88. The Author of this eBook is a prominent andleading private Investigator in Singapore. He hasworked in this industry for so many years andearned himself a lot of respect, experience and agood reputation. Though he has retired, he still doesbackground checks on special requests because hehas resorted to offering consultation services onbackground checks to both investigators and theirpotential clients. He took his time to write thiseBook because he noted that so many people areinterested in finding information about the tips andtricks of doing background checks. These people arelooking for information from someone with hands A leading Private Investigator Singapore &on experience in background checks. Worldwide