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#1578 | 2nd floor | beside Post-office |4th “T”                                                                          b...
#1578 | 2nd floor | beside Post-office |4th “T”                                                                      block...
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#1578 | 2nd floor | beside Post-office |4th “T”                                                                       bloc...
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#1578 | 2nd floor | beside Post-office |4th “T”                                                             block| Jayanag...
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Qlikview Training course Bangalore, Qlikview Training Institute Center in Bangalore


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We are providing Data Warehousing - Qlikview training at affordable cost with Real Time Scenarios and Practical Knowledge in Projects

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Qlikview Training course Bangalore, Qlikview Training Institute Center in Bangalore

  1. 1. #1578 | 2nd floor | beside Post-office |4th “T” block| Jayanagar, |Bangalore - 41 QlikView Training Course Content Day 1INTRODUCTION1.1 Who is QlikTech ?1.2 What is QlikView ?1.3 QlikView Enterprise1.4 What is Dash Board & Analysis?2 A SHORT INTRODUCTION TO DATA STRUCTURES2.1 Relational databases (OLTP)2.2 Other data structures (OLAP, MOLAP, HOLAP, and ROLAP)3 A SHORT INTRODUCTION TO DATA WAREHOUSING3.1 Fundamentals of ETL3.2 What is the utility of De-normalize data structure in Data warehousing3.3 Star Schema3.4 Snow Flake Schema4 QLIKVIEW DATA STRUCTURES4.1 Why QlikView is Compare with ETL4.2 Comparing Database structures (OLTP & OLAP) to QlikView data structures4.3 Data structures in QlikView (AQL).4.4 Sample Application walkthrough of QlikView.4.5 Objectivity of Relevant search records (Gray area & White area in Dimension)4.6 Why Click & View (QlikView), why it is Multidimensionalwww.inventateq.com info@inventateq.com
  2. 2. #1578 | 2nd floor | beside Post-office |4th “T” block| Jayanagar, |Bangalore - 414.7 Why it’s called In-memory BI Tool4.8 Thorough Architecture of QlikView (including Multiple Data Source & AJAX Client) Day 25 LOADING DATA INTO QLIKVIEW5.1 Script editing5.2 Edit Script Toolbar5.3 Edit Script Menu Commands5.4 Statements Area5.5 Edit Script Tool Pane5.6 Syntax5.7 Renaming a Field6 DATA SOURCE FILES6.1 The QWT (Access File example) primary data source6.2 The QWT (Access File example with QVD Conversion) secondary data files7 CREATING THE SCRIPT7.1 Script generation7.2 Creating a connection to the database7.3 Reading tables into QlikView8 EXERCISES8.1 Script Debugging9 STRUCTURING THE SCRIPT9.1 Creating tabs in the script10 DATA STRUCTURE OF THE LOADED DATAwww.inventateq.com info@inventateq.com
  3. 3. #1578 | 2nd floor | beside Post-office |4th “T” block| Jayanagar, |Bangalore - 4110.1 The Table Viewer10.2 System fields10.3 The system table10.4 Document Properties: Tables page11 SCRIPTING CONSIDERATIONS11.2 Synthetic key tables11.3 Circular references11.4 Causes of circular references11.5 Loosely Coupled Tables12 ADDING TEXT DATA12.1 Employees12.2 Offices13 LOADING AN XML FILE13.1 Loading a text file in XML Format13.2 Renaming fields using the Qualify statement Day 314 KEY FIELDS14.1 Example predicament14.2 How does this affect you?14.3 Loading a field into a table multiple times14.4 Using a record counter on key fields14.5 Does the chart really show what I want it to?15 EXERCISES16 GENERATING DATA IN THE QLIKVIEW SCRIPTwww.inventateq.com info@inventateq.com
  4. 4. #1578 | 2nd floor | beside Post-office |4th “T” block| Jayanagar, |Bangalore - 4116.1 Resident Load16.2 Creating data using Load Inline and Autogenerate16.3 Inline tables16.4 Autogenerate tables17 MAPPING TABLES17.1 Mapping Quarters to the Orders table17.2 MonthYear17.3 Cleaning up the table structure18 CREATING A CALENDAR18.1 Getting the Highest and Lowest date from the Orders table18.2 Creating variables in the script18.3 Creating the Master Calendar19 INCLUDE20 READING BUDGET INTO QLIKVIEW20.1 Reading Cross Tables21 QLIKVIEW DATA (QVD) FILES21.1 QVD file format21.2 Use of QVD files21.3 Creating QVD files21.4 Automatic Creation of a QVD file in the script22 QLIKVIEW SECURITY22.1 Access control22.2 Access levels22.3 Access control database22.4 Hidden scriptwww.inventateq.com info@inventateq.com
  5. 5. #1578 | 2nd floor | beside Post-office |4th “T” block| Jayanagar, |Bangalore - 4122.5 Adding Section AccessDATA TYPES IN QLIKVIEWA.1 Data storage in QlikViewA.2 Data containing information on data typeA.3 Data without information on data typeA.4 Dates and timesTHE FINAL SCRIPT.............................................................................. Day 41 ADVANCED SCRIPTING1.1 Condition on a field in a table1.2 Aggregating Data in Script (Resident Load and Group Function, Order By etc)1.3 Joining tables (Left, Right, Inner, Outer Joins)1.4 Concatenation2 USING QLIKVIEW 10.0 SR-3 PERSONAL EDITION2.1 Starting QlikView2.2 Basic Layout and Navigation3 SHEETS AND SHEET OBJECTS3.1 Sheet Basics3.2 Sheet Objects3.3 Exercise – Creating Your Workspace4 THE LIST BOX4.1 Introduction4.2 Creating a List Boxwww.inventateq.com info@inventateq.com
  6. 6. #1578 | 2nd floor | beside Post-office |4th “T” block| Jayanagar, |Bangalore - 414.3 List Box in Action4.4 Properties of the List Box4.5 Exercise – List Boxes5 THE TABLE BOX5.1 Introduction5.2 Creating a Table Box5.3 Selections in Table Boxes5.4 Sorting in Table Boxes5.5 More Table Box formatting options5.6 Printing data from a table box5.7 Exporting data from a table box to a text file5.8 Exercises6 THE MULTI BOX6.1 Introduction6.2 Selections in Multi Boxes6.3 Creating a Multi Box6.4 Resizing Multi Boxes6.5 Formatting Multi Boxes6.6 Exercises7 THE TEXT OBJECT7.1 Introduction7.2 Creating Text Objects7.3 Formatting, Resizing, Copying and Moving Text Objects8 CHARTS8.1 Chart Basics8.2 Creating a Chartwww.inventateq.com info@inventateq.com
  7. 7. #1578 | 2nd floor | beside Post-office |4th “T” block| Jayanagar, |Bangalore - 418.3 Selections in Charts8.4 Changing the Chart Properties for Existing Charts8.5 Common Chart Types8.6 A Note About Mathematical Expressions8.7 Exporting charts8.8 References in charts8.9 Exercises9 MULTI DIMENSIONAL CHARTS, PIVOT TABLES9.1 Straight Table with Multiple Expressions9.2 Pivot Tables with Multiple Dimensions9.3 Grouped bar charts9.4 More about Pivot Tables and Straight Tables9.5 5.5. Using a Dropdown Selection List9.6 Using Visual Cues9.7 Summary – Comparing Tables9.8 Exercises10 GAUGES10.1 Why Use a Gauge Chart?10.2 8.3. Types of Gauges10.3 Building Gauges10.4 Exercises11 BUTTONS11.1 Buttons in QlikView11.2 Creating and Formatting a Button11.3 Shortcut Buttons11.4 Launch/Export-Buttonswww.inventateq.com info@inventateq.com
  8. 8. #1578 | 2nd floor | beside Post-office |4th “T” block| Jayanagar, |Bangalore - 4111.5 Edit Macro (on the fly Grouping/Sheet Enabled Disabled)11.6 Exercises12 THE OTHER SHEET OBJECTS12.1 The Statistics Box12.2 The Current Selections Box12.3 The Slider/Calendar Object12.4 The Input Box12.5 The Bookmark Object Day 513 ADDITIONAL EDITING IN THE LAYOUT13.1 Title Settings13.2 Fast Change Chart Type13.3 Legend Settings13.4 Reference Lines / Text in Chart13.5 Advanced Caption Settings13.6 Using Layout Themes13.7 Exercises14 OTHER USES OF EXPRESSIONS14.1 Calculated Labels and Dynamic Text in Text Objects14.2 Conditional Functions14.3 Chart Attribute Expressions14.4 Color Expressions14.5 Calculated Fields in List Boxes14.6 Calculated Dimensions in Chartswww.inventateq.com info@inventateq.com
  9. 9. #1578 | 2nd floor | beside Post-office |4th “T” block| Jayanagar, |Bangalore - 4115 THE SETTINGS MENU15.1 User Preferences15.2 Document Properties15.3 Sheet Properties16 THE QLIKVIEW SCRIPT: DESKTOP DATA16.1 Limited Scripting in QlikView Professional16.2 Loading Data into QlikView16.3 What data can QlikView read?16.4 Structure of the Data Repository16.5 The Edit Script Dialog16.6 Executing the script16.7 Loading files with the Table File Wizard16.8 Renaming Fields while Loading17 REPORTS AND BOOKMARKS17.1 Introduction – Reports17.2 QlikView Report Types17.3 Managing Reports17.4 Creating and editing reports17.5 Introduction – Bookmarks17.6 Bookmark Types17.7 Managing Bookmarks17.8 Creating Bookmarks17.09 Set Analysiswww.inventateq.com info@inventateq.com
  10. 10. #1578 | 2nd floor | beside Post-office |4th “T” block| Jayanagar, |Bangalore - 41 Day 61 Server Installation & Deployment1.1 Installation1.2 CALS details (Document & Named ).1.3 Deploy the application in server1.4 Access point settings1.5 NTFS Mode file access1.6 DMS mode file access1.7 ExercisesStudent Benefits: 1) Lab Facility 2) Work on live projects and get hands on experience 3) Course Materials Provided 4) 100% guaranteed Placement assistance provided5) Weekdays & Weekend classes Available6) Flexible and convenient Payment Options7) JOB oriented TrainingIt would be great if you can provide an opportunity to best take care of your career growthin evergreen Qlikview Platform.  Mobile: +91 - 8050585880 , 080-41502315  Email ids: info@inventateq.com , inventateq@gmail.com  Website: www.inventateq.com/Looking forward your presence in our instituteThanks and Regards,InventaTeqwww.inventateq.com info@inventateq.com