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Reasons to choose Invenio to maintain 'business as usual'

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Global SAP Support from Invenio

  1. 1. Global Support Reasons to choose Invenio to maintain „business as usual‟ …an invenio business solutions presentation
  2. 2. To maintain the stability of your SAP system, and to ensure it can meet the demands of an improving economic outlook, you need to ensure optimal system performance with 24/7 availability…. …. So, look at Invenio
  3. 3. Europe • United Kingdom • Ireland • France • Italy • Germany • Austria • Netherlands • Belgium • Finland • Sweden • Denmark • Norway • Switzerland Asia-Pacific • India • Malaysia • Singapore • Thailand • Sri Lanka • Japan Africa and Middle East • Egypt • Dubai • South Africa • Kenya • Saudi Arabia North America • United States • Canada Invenio support including experience of local reporting and regulatory requirements is available in the following countries Local Support
  4. 4. 24/7 Application Management Support SAP System Monitoring and EarlyWatch Alerts SAP Change Request Management Root Cause Analysis SAP OSS Support Mgmt SLA Report SAP Support Services What we offer to support you
  5. 5. 40% Save up to 40% on support costs and enhance your SAP investment Cost Saving
  6. 6. “The Invenio people are incredibly helpful, with a strong „can do‟ ethos. Their skills in SAP are clearly very evident.” Damian Hudson, Head of IT, SPP Pumps
  7. 7. Absolute Transparency We combine all your support needs into one, easy to understand, transparent contract – you know exactly what you are paying. • Flat-rate pricing across all services • No higher rates for reduced hours or length of contract • No hidden fees • No admin charges • No top-up costs • No unnecessary „optional‟ extras • No lock-in
  8. 8. Breadth of Expertise 5 years 3 years Senior Support Consultants offer over five years SAP experience Support Consultants have three years SAP experience We promote a continual learning culture whereby our consultants are encouraged to expand their knowledge through structured learning and formal solution certification processes.
  9. 9. Customer Service Rigorous SLA’s In 2012 Invenio met their SLA commitments across all support agreements in 99% of cases. Named Support Team Assigned consultants will be fully trained in your system, and will understand your SAP landscape, customisations and any specific requirements – whether industry or geographically.
  10. 10. “Invenio‟s staff turnover has been very low, affording us continuity and familiarity…and the consultants‟ experience in their field is first rate” Neopost
  11. 11. Director Commitment One of our Directors takes personal responsibility for your relationship with Invenio and is available 24/7 for anything you wish to discuss.
  12. 12. “We find Invenio to be very proactive in sitting down with the business and its users to really understand how we use SAP – thus making the support they provide highly tailored to our needs.” Random House
  13. 13. Expertise SAP Partner Centre of Expertise Accreditation (PCoE) Awarded to only the most qualified implementation and support partners. Consistently delivering reliable support and great customer service for a range of SAP software solutions.
  14. 14. Why Invenio Why choose Invenio for SAP Support? Here are just a few of the benefits our customers have seen by using Invenio Global Support Services: • Simplified support – helping to resolve problems faster. • Increased uptime and system availability – improving user satisfaction. • Reduced operating costs and increased system efficiency. • Support for all resource and skill constraints. • Reduced number of system outages and related costs. • Savings of up to 40% on SAP Support costs.
  15. 15. thanks for watching +44 (0)330 440 1800 @invenio_sap to find out more please contact us on…. …an invenio business solutions presentation