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Emmi suhonen kassi

  1. 1. !"#$#%&!!% ()*+,%+-./0112/% Everyday Favors: A Case Study of a Local Online Gift Exchange SystemEmmi Suhonen, Aalto University School of Science and Technology!Airi Lampinen, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology!Coye Cheshire, Berkeley School of Information!Judd Antin, Yahoo! Research!
  2. 2. We all have skills and possessions that others needbut do not have. At the same time, we often lacksome resources ourselves, and can benefit fromseeking others who can help…!
  3. 3. Aspects that render Kassi interesting! 1.  A geolocated community: students on a university campus! 2.  Online – offline interaction! 3.  Generalized exchange! 4.  System allows many different ways to participate in collective action!
  4. 4. Profile! What can we do?! What items can we lend?! Favors! Items!How can we help each other?! What is sold or given away?! Listings!
  5. 5. Users motivations to contribute to ! an online gift exchange system ! within a geolocated community!•  What reasons do people have for participation? !•  What affects the quantity of participation? !•  How can gift exchange systems be designed to encourage positive participation? !
  6. 6. RESEARCH MATERIAL!Usage Logs!Two-wave survey! •  September 2009 (N=72) & March 2010 (N=84)! •  Open ended questions !“Why did you or didnʼt listed favors in your profile?”" •  Likert-scale questions ! !“Kassi is a useful service in a campus setting”"
  7. 7. USAGE PATTERNS!User activity! Favor! Item! Other!Posting a listing 38 (8%)! 362 (79%)! 59 (13%)!(N=459)!Adding a profile 120 (36%)! 210 (64%)! N/A!offering (N=330)!Completing an 34 (32%)! 68 (65%)! 3 (3%)!exchange (N=103)!Total (N=984)! 192 (22%)! 640 (72%)! 62 (7%)!
  8. 8. ATTITUDES TOWARDS KASSI! Frequent InfrequentStatement! All (N=84)! (N=19)! (N=28)!Kassi is a useful service in a campus 88%! 95%! 82%!setting.!Kassi is a useful service for me 39%! 56%! 18%!personally.!I wish Kassi had more users.! 87%! 100%! 82%!I think Kassi is easy to use.! 71%! 84%! 61%!
  9. 9. REASONS TO USE KASSI! 1.  “Just for fun”! 2.  “Itʼs nice to help”! 3.  The service is local: trust and ease of exchanging with oneʼs community!http://www.flickr.com/photos/marcinmoga/4240686102/lightbox/!
  10. 10. USERSʼ REASONS NOT TO USE KASSI! Number of instances Reasons related to user! (N=181)!Difficulty of figuring out what items and 71!favors to list.!Nothing to offer (no items or skills).! 42!Difficulty of completing the exchanges 19!offline and not worth it.!Doesnʼt live close enough.! 11! Reasons related to service!Not interested in the service.! 26!Uncertainty of the service.! 5!Not knowing this is possible.! 7!
  11. 11. REASONS THAT INHIBITTHE USE OF KASSI!1.  Lack of practices and social culture for gift exchange with strangers! ©DrJohnBullas (Flickr)2.  Lack of operational information!3.  Lack of examples!4.  Social inconvenience! ©DrJohnBullas (Flickr)
  12. 12. INVISIBLE EXCHANGES!1.  Problematic for research and design !2.  …but not necessarily for end-users – their goals can be achieved effectively!3.  Challenge: How to give people feedback & show the activities in the system without complicating use?! http://www.flickr.com/photos/supersonicphotos/4483487579/!
  13. 13. RECIPROCITY! 1.  Generalized exchange can feel puzzling – incentives?! 2.  Asking for help may feel awkward even when others have explicitly stated their willingness to help! 3.  Contextual interest and/or geo-location helps, especially when completing exchanges http://www.flickr.com/photos/jeff-bauche/2230236391/! requires meeting face-to-face!
  14. 14. INTERPRETATION & INTERVENTION!1.  How the existing culture should be taken in account?!2.  How can we create a culture of generalized gift exchange?!! Balance between interpreting and changing culture! http://www.flickr.com/photos/m0php/530526644/!
  15. 15. CONCLUSIONS!1.  Online exchange is a rising phenomenon and attitudes towards it are favorable but there are challenges to tackle!2.  Interplay of online and offline interaction!3.  Participation requires learning and shared understanding! –  Items vs favors! http://www.flickr.com/photos/supersonicphotos/4483487579/! –  Generalized exchange may feel puzzling or awkward! –  Feedback and examples! http://www.flickr.com/photos/marcinmoga/4240686102/lightbox/!
  16. 16. THANKS!!Emmi Suhonen, Aalto University School of Scienceand Technology, emmi.suhonen@tkk.fi!Airi Lampinen, Helsinki Institute for InformationTechnology HIIT, airi.lampinen@hiit.fi!Coye Cheshire, UC Berkeley, School of Information,coye@ischool.berkeley.edu !Judd Antin, Yahoo! Research, jantin@yahoo-inc.com!