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Gregor Smith: Director UK Mobile, comScore provides a reflective look back at the trends of what has happened across the global online and mobile markets. The session will also cover the latest ideas driving the business of online and mobile services and applications.

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The Mobile Digital Omnivore, comScore, Dec 12

  1. 1. ‘The Mobile Digital Omnivore’Trends across Online, Mobile and Social in the UK and beyond……Wednesday 12thDecember, Centre for Contemporary Arts, GlasgowGregor Smith, Mobile Sales Director
  2. 2. comScore IntroductionOnline Trends UKMobile Device Trends UKMobile Internet UKContents2© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.Mobile Shopping UKEuropean Connected ConsumerF-Commerce – Retail and FacebookOnline Retail Trends USTakeaways
  3. 3. comScore Introduction3© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.
  4. 4. NASDAQ SCORClients 2000 + worldwideEmployees 1200 +Headquarters Reston, VAGlobal Coverage170+ countries under measurement;43 markets reportedLocal Presence 32 locations in 23 countriescomScore is a Global Leader in Measuring the Rapidly EvolvingDigital World, Blanketing the Globe with a Local Presence4© comScore, Inc. Proprietary. V1011
  5. 5. Some of Our Largest EMEA Clients Include…Media Owners / Advertisers Agencies5© comScore, Inc. Proprietary. V1011
  6. 6. UK Online LandscapeIn the UK, 44 millionpeople go online via PC6© comScore, Inc. Proprietary. Source: comScore MMX, UK, Age 6+, September 2012people go online via PC33.9 hourson average each month
  7. 7. in 5 minutes spent onlineare spent on Facebook7© comScore, Inc. Proprietary. Source: comScore MMX, UK, Age 6+, September 2012
  8. 8. Social is becoming more Visual8© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.16xGrowthvs 20111.7millionusers+34%Growthvs 20110.7millionusers+84%Growthvs 20115.6millionusersSource: comScore MMX, UK, Age 6+, September 2012
  9. 9. Online Video is Now a Prominent ChannelMore than10 billion videoshave been watched9© comScore, Inc. Proprietary. Source: comScore Video Metrix, UK, Age 15+, September 2012have been watchedin Sept alone
  10. 10. UK’s Video Engagement Grows 20% Percent55 billionminutes10© comScore, Inc. Proprietary. Source: comScore Video Metrix, UK, Age 6+, February 2011 vs 201245.5billionminutesminutesspent watchingonline videosSep-11 Sep-12
  11. 11. Tablets: A PhenomenonMultimedia tablets nowincluded in the basket ofgoods used by the ONSto calculate inflation inthe UK for 201216.8%14%16%18%Tablet Ownership (%) Among Smartphone UsersSource: comScore MobiLens, UK3 month average ending September 2011 vs September 201211© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.9%0%2%4%6%8%10%12%14%September-11 September-12
  12. 12. 50 min50 min59 min59 min55 min55 min51 min51 min40 min40 min47 min47 minAverage Time Spent Per Day Following Olympics4hr 19min5hr 18min6hr 50min8hr 29minTabletMobilePCAdditional Devices are Additive12© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.4hr 19min 4hr 28min 5hr6hr 7min50 min50 minTV Only TV + PC/LaptopOnlyTV + PC/Laptop +Mobile OnlyTV + PC/Laptop +Mobile + Tablet4hr 19minSource: comScore Olympics Single Source Multi-Platform Study.A18+. 7/27/12 – 8/12/12. Total Day. Screen Status Definitions: TV+PC Only = Followed the Olympics on TV and PC but not on Mobile or Tablet,TV+PC+Mobile = Followed the Olympics on TV, PC and Mobile but not on Tablet, TV+PC+Mobile+Tablet = Followed the Olympics on all 4 screens.TV Only TV +PCTV +PC +MobileTV +PC +Mobile +TabletTV
  13. 13. UK Digital Ad Landscape is stealing shareIn the UK, 42 millionpeople are exposed to13© comScore, Inc. Proprietary. Source: comScore Ad Metrix, UK Age 6+, September 2012people are exposed to77 billionad impressions a month
  14. 14. Mobile Device Trends14© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.
  15. 15. 60% Smartphone Penetration in UK,Close to 30 million Smartphone UsersGrowth in smartphone user baseUK (millions)253035Smartphone Feature15© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.34%YoY-5101520Aug 11 Sep-11 Oct-11 Nov-11 Dec-11 Jan-12 Feb-12 Mar-12 Apr-12 May-12 Jun-12 Jul-12 Aug 12Source: MobiLens™.Data based on three month moving average to August 2012
  16. 16. Almost 80% of All New Handset Acquisitions are SmartphonesSmartphone, 0%Google55%Newly acquired handsets in August201216© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.Feature21%Apple25%RIM12%Windows 4%Symbian 2%Smartphone 79%Source: MobiLens™.Data based on three month moving average to August 2012
  17. 17. Three Quarters of the Smartphone Landscape Is Dominated byAndroid and iOS DevicesSmartphone platform marketshare and growth20%OtherMicrosoft87%47%19%19%16%8%17© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.42%21%22%20%38%Aug 11 Aug 12SymbianRIMAppleGoogle-46%17%32%31%26%44%29%Source: MobiLens™.Data based on three month moving average to August 2012
  18. 18. Samsung The Largest OEM, But Apple the Largest OEM ForSmartphonesSamsung24%Sony7%LG4%Motorola2%Other7%Apple29%Nokia9%Sony6%LG1%Other3%Device market share by OEM18© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.Nokia20%Apple17%RIM10%HTC9%7%Samsung21%RIM16%HTC15%Source: MobiLens™.Data based on three month moving average to August 2012Total Base = 49.5 Million Smartphone Base = 29.6 Million
  19. 19. Top 10 UK SmartphonesiPhone 43.3MHTC Wildfire S0.9MiPhone 4S2.5MBB Curve 93000.7MGalaxy S2 HTC Wildfire19© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.Galaxy S21.4MHTC Wildfire0.7MGalaxy Ace1.4MHTC Desire0.6MBB Curve 85201.1MGalaxy S30.6MSource: MobiLens™.Data based on three month moving average to August 2012
  20. 20. 6,259Tablets an Apple Phenomenon – iPads Make up 60% of the TotalTablet Market in UKTablet ownership among mobileusers (000s)Multimedia tablets now includedin the basket of goods used bythe ONS to calculate inflation inthe UK for 20124.7million20© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.2,458Aug 2011 Aug 2012millioniPadsSource: MobiLens™.Data based on three month moving average to August 2012
  21. 21. Mobile Internet21© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.
  22. 22. 91% of Smartphone Users Connect to the Internet With Their DeviceCompared to a Quarter Of Feature Phone UsersUsed connected media(millions)25%YoY22© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.25%YoYConnected Media = Used browser, application, native email, stream or download musicand broadcast / on-demand video (does not include SMS)Source: MobiLens™.Data based on three month moving average to August 2012
  23. 23. Almost 19% of UK Internet Traffic Driven by Non-Computer DevicesShare of non-PC device traffic inthe UKNon PC,0.0%Mobile,11.5%23© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.PC, 81.3%11.5%Tablet,6.5%Other, 0.7%Non PC,18.7%Source: Device Essentials™,UK, September 2012
  24. 24. Apple iOS Devices Generate 60% of UK Non-PC TrafficPlatform share of UK tablet &mobile Internet traffic12%4%42% 54% 4%iOS24© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.60%25%iOSAndroidRIMOtherSource: Device Essentials™,UK, September 201295%93%5%7%RIMAndroidMobile Tablet Other
  25. 25. Almost 70% of All Mobile Phone Data Usage Takes Place Over a Wi-FiNetworkWi-Fi Mobile NetworkMobile phone traffic by networkaccess method and platform44%25© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.31%69%Mobile TrafficSource: Device Essentials™,UK, September 201226%56%74%44%iOS Android
  26. 26. Tablet Usage Overtakes PC and Smartphone Usage During theWeekday EveningsShare of device page trafficover a working day - Dec 117%8%9%10%TabletMobileComputer26© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.Source: Custom Analytics0%1%2%3%4%5%6%12:00 AM 3:00 AM 6:00 AM 9:00 AM 12:00 PM 3:00 PM 6:00 PM 9:00 PM
  27. 27. SMS Still The Dominant Messaging Platform – 92% of Phone UsersUse SMS4530Mobile messaging by type(millions) / % of total base92%27© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.1682314Sent SMS SMS Daily Used IM IM Daily Used Email Email Daily61%32%15%47%28%Source: MobiLens™.Data based on three month moving average to August 2012
  28. 28. Since January 2011 WhatsApp Usage Has Increased Fivefold23Growth of WhatsApp usage inUK (millions)WhatsApp28© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.-12Source: MobiLens™.Data based on three month moving average to August 2012
  29. 29. Browser The Most Common Access Method For Internet ServicesTop 10 Internet categories byaccess method (millions)101213MapsWeatherSocial networking111217NewsSocial networkingSearchBrowser Application29© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.4555557Entertainment newsBank accountsPhoto / video sharingAuction sitesSportsSearchNews5558899Online retailPhoto / video sharingTech newsGeneral referenceEntertainment newsSportsWeatherSource: MobiLens™.Data based on three month moving average to August 2012
  30. 30. Top Visited Sites On Mobile Browser30© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.Source: GSMA MMMSept 2012
  31. 31. On Average Mobile Users Spend 23 Minutes Per Day on Facebook15.7 millionunique mobile visits199 pagesviewed per visitor3.6 million31© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.39 pagesviewed per day per visitor8 minutesper visit3.6 millionaverage dailyvisitorsSource: GSMA MMMSept 201223 minutesspent per day
  32. 32. 35% of Smartphone Users Watch Mobile Video11,02610,502Mobile video audience reach byvideo category (000s)32© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.5,9502,036Mobile Video(any)Video Web Video TV Video PaidSource: MobiLens™Data based on three month moving average to August 2012
  33. 33. Mobile Shopping33© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.
  34. 34. Mobile Phone Increasingly Used to Assist in Shopping ActivitiesShopping activities performed(millions)6.07.9Made Online PurchaseFound store location34© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.Source: MobiLens™Data based on three month moving average to August 20124. product availabilityFound coupons or dealsResearched productsCompared prices
  35. 35. Phone Owners Are More Savvy Shoppers and Increasingly Usingtheir Phones in StoreShopping activities performedin store (millions) product barcodeSent photo of productTook picture of productContacted someone about product35© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.Source: MobiLens™.Data based on three month moving average to August 20120. Online PurchaseChecked product availabilityResearched productFound coupons or dealsFound store locationCompared pricesScanned product barcode
  36. 36. Clothing and Accessories The Largest Category For Mobile OnlinePurchases1. awaysCE / appliancesGroceriesTicketsBooksClothing / accessoriesGoods and services purchasedon mobile (millions)36© comScore, Inc. Proprietary. transportationFlightsAutomotiveHotelFlowersFurnitureGift certificatesSports / FitnessPersonal care / hygieneDaily deals / couponsTake awaysSource: MobiLens™.Data based on three month moving average to August 2012
  37. 37. 3.5 Million Phone Users Scan QR CodesQR Source (millions) Scan Location (millions) on PCProduct packagingMagazine / newspaper0.71.12.1Outside / publicRetail storeAt home37© comScore, Inc. Proprietary. or brochurePoster / flyer0. storeAt workOutside / publicSource: MobiLens™.Data based on three month moving average to August 2012
  38. 38. Product Information the Biggest Category For QR Code ResultsResult of scanning QR code(%)0.92.5Event informationProduct information38© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.Source: MobiLensData: Three month average ending July 2012Country: EU5, N= 67,6500.40.40.6Charity / cause info.Application downloadCoupon or offer
  39. 39. The European Connected ConsumerThe Shift from Phones to Connected Devices39© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.The Shift from Phones to Connected Devices
  40. 40. PC Diminishing as Primary Access of Online Traffic18.7%7.5%GreatBritainGermany40© comScore, Inc. Proprietary. Source: comScore Device Essentials, EU5, September 20127.1%5.7%4.1%ItalyFranceSpain
  41. 41. 62% of multi-device owners are male, mirroring the typical earlyadopter profile and different from the average Smartphone owner38%Smartphone and TabletOwnership by Gender13.5%24.0% 23.4%14.8%17.2%15.0%20.0%25.0%30.0%Smartphone and TabletOwnership by Age41© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.62%7.0%13.5%0.0%5.0%10.0%15.0%13-17 18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55+Source: comScore MobiLens; 3 month average June 2012; Country: EU5, N= 67,650
  42. 42. A typical day on the internet also looks very different depending onthe device with tablet use spiking at night.Share of Device Page Traffic Over a Day42© comScore, Inc. Proprietary. Source: comScore Custom Analytix; 30 July 2012; Country: UK
  43. 43. Amazon leads the Retail category in Europe and also Worldwide+8%+12%+18%+0%43© comScore, Inc. Proprietary. Source: comScore MMX, June 2011 vs June 2012+0%+13%+60%+14%+30%+56%+85%
  44. 44. F-CommerceRetail and Facebook44© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.Retail and FacebookThe Power of Like
  45. 45. Relative to other regions, not only is Europe one of the largestmarkets for social networking, but it’s also more engaged34%18%10%15%9% 11%% Share of Social Networking Visitors and Minutes by RegionSource: comScore MMX, May-2012Europe North America Asia Pacific Latin America Middle East - Africa45© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.29%38%17%19%34%18%Share of Visitors Share of Minutes
  46. 46. In Europe, women spend nearly 2 hours more per month socialnetworking than males46© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.
  47. 47. Analysis of the three largest EU markets show that consumers spendmost time on their Homepage, which contains the Newsfeed47© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.
  48. 48. Brands such as ASOS have the ability to disseminate marketingmessages to nearly 44 Friends of Fans for every 1 ASOS fanFriends of Fans: Extending the Social Influence of Fans48© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.
  49. 49. Fans and Friends of Fans were disproportionately more likely to visitthe brand websites compared to the average internet user.49© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.
  50. 50. From Amplification to Action: ASOS was able to deliver a 130% lift purchase incidence from paid advertising on Facebook50© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.“ASOS has been at the forefront of Facebook marketing for many years, and in order to continueincreasing investment it is crucial to have access to reliable ROI measurement”Fiona Marshall, Head of Marketing Womenswear, ASOS
  51. 51. Social networkers tend to be heavier online buyers, but Pinterest hassignificantly higher propensity than average226163150200250Buying Power Index (BPI)*for Selected Leading Social Networking SitesSource: comScore MMX, U.S., June 201251© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.111130106 10950100150Facebook Twitter Linkedin Myspace Tumblr Pinterest*Buying Power Index = Average Spending per Buyer for Site / Average Spending per Buyer for Total Internet x 100;Index of 100 represents average spending behavior
  52. 52. 20,00025,000Pinterest.comInstagram.comPinterest & Instagram: U.S. Unique Visitor (000) TrendSource: comScore MMX, May 2011 – July 2012+22x Y/YPinterest & Instagram among the two hottest growth sites over past year52© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.05,00010,00015, Y/Y
  53. 53. E-CommerceTop Trends in Online Retail53© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.Top Trends in Online RetailLessons from the US
  54. 54. $84 $80$85$94$80$171$200+9%Retail e-Commerce spending is up +16% Y/Y, posting $209 billion insales through September 2012$214-5%$209U.S. e-Commerce Dollar Sales Growth ($ Billions)Source: comScore e-Commerce Measurement+6%$228 $209+26%+22%+19%+17%+7%-2%+9%+12%+13%$256+11%54© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.$42 $53 $67 $82$102$123 $130 $130 $142$162$129$30$40$51$61$69$77$84 $80 $802002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Q1-Q32012$72$93$117$143RetailTravel+26%+33%+26%+28%+20%+24%+24%+13%$171+20%+12%+6%+9%0%-5%+10%+16%+9%+29%+26%+14%
  55. 55. *Note: The U.S. Department of Commerce calculation includes totalretail and food service sales, which also includes motor vehicles and17%23% 23%19%11%13%6%-3% 0% -1% -2% 3%10%9% 9%11% 12% 14%13%14%17%15% 15%Q12007Q22007Q32007Q42007Q12008Q22008Q32008Q42008Q12009Q22009Q32009Q42009Q12010Q22010Q32010Q42010Q12011Q22011Q32011Q42011Q12012Q22012Q32012In Q3, online sales growth continued to outpace offline, with onlineretail posting a 15% year-over-year growth rate, which was more than7x greater than the apples to apples offline retail rateQuarterly e-Commerce Sales Growth vs. YASource: comScore e-Commerce MeasurementQuarterly Retail & Food Services Sales Growth* vs. YASource: U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC)55© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.retail and food service sales, which also includes motor vehicles andparts dealers.3% 3% 3% 3%2% 2%1%-5% -5% -6% -6%0%4% 5% 6%7%6% 4% 4% 3%6%2% 2%Q12007Q22007Q32007Q42007Q12008Q22008Q32008Q42008Q12009Q22009Q32009Q42009Q12010Q22010Q32010Q42010Q12011Q22011Q32011Q42011Q12012Q22012Q32012Quarterly Retail & Food Services Sales Growth vs. YA(excluding autos, gas and food/beverage)4% 4% 3%5% 4% 2%1%-8%-10% -9% -7%2%6% 7%5%8%7% 7% 7% 5%8%4% 3%Q12007Q22007Q32007Q42007Q12008Q22008Q32008Q42008Q12009Q22009Q32009Q42009Q12010Q22010Q32010Q42010Q12011Q22011Q32011Q42011Q12012Q22012Q32012
  56. 56. 5.9%6.4% 6.7%7.4% 7.3% 7.6%7.7%6.8%6.9%7.7%8.1%7.1% 7.1%8.0%8.6%7.7% 7.6%8.9%9.4%8.7%8.7%7.0%8.0%9.0%10.0%The channel shift appears to be accelerating, with e-Commercerepresenting nearly 9% of all discretionary dollars spent in Q3 2012,an increase of 1.1 points compared to 2011e-Commerce Share of Corresponding Consumer Spending*Source: comScore for e-Commerce & U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) for RetailCommerceShare56© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.4.3%3.7%4.0%4.6%5.1%4.3%4.5%5.3%5.9%5.0%5.3%5.9%6.3% 6.5% 6.6% 6.8%6.9% 7.1% 7.1%0.0%1.0%2.0%3.0%4.0%5.0%6.0%*Note: e-Commerce share is shown as a percent of DOC’s Total Retail Salesexcluding Food Service & Drinking, Food & Bev. Stores, Motor Vehicles &Parts, Gasoline Stations and Health & Personal Care Stores.e-Commercee-Commerce share peaks incolder seasons (Q4 & Q1)
  57. 57. Audio/video equipment (e.g. TVs)+12%Mobile phones and tablets are among the fastest growing e-Commercesub categories – portable devices are growing at more than doubletraditional desktop computersQ3 2012 e-Commerce Sales Growth vs. YA by Retail CategorySource: comScore e-Commerce MeasurementProduct CategoryQ3 2012 Growthvs. YADigital Content and Subscriptions Very StrongConsumer Electronics (x PC Peripherals) Very StrongEvent Tickets Very StrongMobile phones and plans+27%57© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.Desktop computers+8%+12%Event Tickets Very StrongApparel & Accessories Very StrongVideo Games, Consoles & Accessories Very StrongFlowers, Greetings & Misc. Gifts Very StrongJewelry & Watches Very StrongComputers/Peripherals/PDAs StrongBooks & Magazines StrongConsumer Packaged Goods StrongSport & Fitness StrongOffice Supplies StrongHome & Garden StrongFurniture, Appliances & Equipment Strong Growth rate definitions:Very Strong: +15% or higherStrong: +10-14%Portable devices (e.g. tablets)+20%
  58. 58. As visitors to Groupon via mobile continue to outpace PC traffic, thegap between mobile and fixed visitors grew this past quarterAvg. Monthly UVs (MM) on Select CouponSites in Q3 2012Source: comScore Media Metrix, U.S.+4%N/A+10%-7%Y/Y ChangeUnique Visitors to Groupon in Sep-2012Source: comScore Media Metrix & Mobile Metrix, U.S.Groupon(via PC)12.8 million6., Inc.LivingSocialWhaleShark MediaGroupon58© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.-7%N/A+28%N/A-16%+56%+34%* - WhaleShark Media includes,, and CouponsEven.comGroupon(via mobile*)19.9 million* includes mobile web and mobile app1. SitesFATWALLET.COMCOUPONALERT.COMFREEBIEGROCERIES.COMDEALSPL.USDEEDORGREED.COMCoupons, Inc.
  59. 59. The Shopper’s MultiThe Shopper’s Multi--Channel Journey Today: Not so much a funnel,Channel Journey Today: Not so much a funnel,more like a flight mapmore like a flight map59© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.#SOR12Source: Google ZMOT Handbook
  60. 60. Compared to 2010, consumers are increasingly comfortable receivingCompared to 2010, consumers are increasingly comfortable receivingcoupons online; nearly 1 in 3 respondents stated their preference for onlinecoupons online; nearly 1 in 3 respondents stated their preference for onlinecoupons over another formatcoupons over another formatQ. Would you rather receive coupons online rather than any other format?Source: comScore Surveys - October 2010 & April 201223%Yes201032%Yes201260© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.#SOR1247%30%NoNotsure45%24%NoNotsure
  61. 61. 45% 37%29% 27%22%About 1 in 3 consumers would rather receive coupons online than via anyAbout 1 in 3 consumers would rather receive coupons online than via anyother formatother format –– nearly half of those ages 25nearly half of those ages 25--34 prefer an online format34 prefer an online formatQ. Would you rather receive coupons online rather than any other format?Source: comScore Survey – April 201232%24%61© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.#SOR1219%23% 27% 25% 22%36%40%45% 48% 56%45%25 to 34 35 to 44 45 to 54 55 to 64 65 or older45%
  62. 62. Overall, online search engines were considered the most valuable tool forOverall, online search engines were considered the most valuable tool forshopping, followed by retailer websites and recommendations from familyshopping, followed by retailer websites and recommendations from familyand friendsand friendsOverall Rankings for Each Tool, by Statement(Ranking among tools, % Top-2 Box, 7-pt scale)Source: comScore Survey – September 2012(shown in order ofaverage overall ranking)“Saves MeMoney”“Saves MeTime”“Helps Me WithNew Ideas”#1 - Online Search Engine 2nd 1st 3rd#2 - Retailer Website 6th 2nd 1st62© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.#SOR12#2 - Retailer Website 6th 2nd 1st#3 - Recommendationsfrom family / friends 5th 4th 2nd#4 - Digital Coupons(excluding deal of the day) 1st 3rd 9th#5 - Retailer Email 4th 8th 5th#6 - Newspapers 3rd 11th 11th
  63. 63. 40,00050,000Q3 2011 Q3 2012Smartphones:Smartphones: RRetailetail--related categories showed significant growthrelated categories showed significant growthamong mobile phone ownersamong mobile phone owners YoYYoY, including +65% for online retail, including +65% for online retail+65%Content Categories Consumed by Mobile Phone Owners (000) & Growth vs. YASource: comScore MobiLens, U.S., 3 Mo. Avg. (includes browser or application access)+59%63© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.#SOR12010,00020,00030,000Retailer Websites E-Payments Credit Cards Auction Sites+67%+59% +46%
  64. 64. SitSit--Back Shopping:Back Shopping: 1 in 10 retail e1 in 10 retail e--Commerce dollars are now spentCommerce dollars are now spentvia mobile device (i.e. smartphones and tablets)via mobile device (i.e. smartphones and tablets)10%9%8%9%8%6%6%Percentage of Retail e-Commerce Dollars Spent via Mobile or Tablet DeviceSource: comScore Custom Mobile Research64© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.#SOR126%6%3%3%2%Q32012Q22012Q12012Q42011Q32011Q22011Q12011Q42010Q32010Q22010
  65. 65. SitSit--Back Shopping:Back Shopping: A new shopping occasion emerges in the laterA new shopping occasion emerges in the laterevening hours = new opportunity for retailersevening hours = new opportunity for retailers –– especially Apparelespecially Apparel7%8%9%10%TabletSmartphoneComputer50%Apparel &AccessoriesShare of Daily U.S. Device Page TrafficSource: comScore Device Essentials, U.S., Jan. 24, 2012 (Weekday)Category Spending Among Tablet Buyers:Percent of Buyers via Tablet Who Conducted aPurchase within CategorySource: comScore TabLens, U.S., 3 Mo. End Sep 201265© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.#SOR120%1%2%3%4%5%6%7%12:00AM1:00AM2:00AM3:00AM4:00AM5:00AM6:00AM7:00AM8:00AM9:00AM10:00AM11:00AM12:00PM1:00PM2:00PM3:00PM4:00PM5:00PM6:00PM7:00PM8:00PM9:00PM10:00PM11:00PM33%29%28%25%BooksTicketsDaily dealsConsumerElectronics
  66. 66. ShowroomingShowrooming:: Nearly 4 in 10 consumers agreed they engaged inNearly 4 in 10 consumers agreed they engaged in‘‘showroomingshowrooming’’ –– engagement remains much higher than awarenessengagement remains much higher than awareness“Showrooming” – verb.Visiting a brick-and-mortar store to see a product but instead purchasing the productonline. Shoppers may intend from the start to purchase the product online, or maydecide to purchase online, rather than in-person, after viewing the item at the store.37%Although only 16% of consumers were aware of the term“showrooming” unaided, 37% agreed they engaged in theactivity after seeing a definition66© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.#SOR1212%16%% who have heard of showrooming32%% who have engaged in showroomingactivity after seeing a definition
  67. 67. ShowroomingShowrooming:: Mobile Apps dominate Mobile Web access for mostMobile Apps dominate Mobile Web access for mostleading pure play online retailersleading pure play online retailersShare of Mobile Time Spent by RetailerApp vs. Mobile WebSource: comScore Mobile Metrix, U.S., Sep-2012Selected Leading Retailer Mobile Web PropertiesUnique Visitors (MM): Mobile Web + App CombinedSource: comScore Mobile Metrix, U.S., Sep-2012App Mobile Web18.637.558.0Wal-MarteBayAmazon42%84%84%58%16%16%Wal-MarteBayAmazon67© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.#SOR123. & NobleEtsyBest BuyRedBoxTargetNetflixWal-Mart92%65%30%86%38%99%42%8%35%70%14%62%1%58%Barnes & NobleEtsyBest BuyRedBoxTargetNetflixWal-Mart
  68. 68. Key TakeawaysKey TakeawaysShare of Internet Traffic from non-computer devices will continue to riseConnected devices will continue to drive E/M/F CommerceEconomic hardship is not effecting the growth of E/M/F CommerceFacebook should not be underestimated in its power to drive incremental sales for BrandsThe channel shift to online is accelerating: online salesincreased by +15% in Q3, while on a comparable category basis, offline sales increased only 2%68© comScore, Inc. Proprietary.#SOR12increased by +15% in Q3, while on a comparable category basis, offline sales increased only 2%– E-Commerce sales growth driven by more buyers, buying more– Mobile commerce accounted for 10% of all retail e-commerce sales in Q3All product categories showed strong sales growth YoY– Sales of mobile phones up 27%; portable devices up 20% in US aloneSearch, retailer websites and recommendations from family/friends were identified as top shoppingtools by consumers in Q3The Four S’s expected to be key drivers of e-Commerce over Christmas Trading period:– Social Commerce, Smartphones, Showrooming, Sit-Back Shopping
  69. 69. Thank you! For free graphical representations of key “data gems”visit the comScore Data Mine at: Smith, Sales Director Mobile, Europegsmith@comscore.comFollow us on Twitter @comScoreEMEA