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Digital 2013, Mark Treacy, LinkedIn
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Digital 2013, Mark Treacy, LinkedIn


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Secondary Sales - Building Relationships with the World’s Professionals

Secondary Sales - Building Relationships with the World’s Professionals

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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  • For those of you that have been on LinkedIn for over 4 years, you may remember the platform looking like this. Connection updates, networking updates and a lot of menu options.
  • So much has changed in those 4 years, and your news stream has become a rich source of content, organised in a very simple way. LinkedIn is increasingly becoming a destination site as a result. No longer do people log in once a month just to accept invitations – we consider ourselves the professional publishing platform. At the top of your feed is LinkedIn Today, which is your personal trade magazine, aggregating content from over 1m publishers globally. Incidentally, if you want to follow industries and publishers outside of your default, go to LinkedIn today and click the settings wheel to pull in more sources.
  • LinkedIn represents the largest collection of professionals anywhere on the web. We just hit the 200m member mark, with 45m of those in Europe, and over 12m in the UK. It took us 477 days to get our first million, and just 6 days to add the last million – it’s 2 members a second currently. In the time we are in here, 3,600 new members will have joined!
  • The value proposition we give to these members, we believe, it 3 fold. Identity, Insights, Everywhere. Your profile matters. Most people see you digitally before anything else, and they’ve formed an initial impression from what you look like, your background and what they can expect from you. First impressions count, so ensure your profile sells you in the most accurate light possible. It allows you to network, find others, and be found. Members come to LinkedIn seeking knowledge, and they can do so from LinkedIn today, groups they belong to, articles and videos shared by connections. Finally, business isnt tied to a desk, and you should be able to access and leverage your network regardless of location or device. Through tablet and mobile apps, and off platform via APIs, members can do just that.
  • And that starts with the LinkedIn homepage, which is increasingly your professional dashboard. And this is an opportunity for us to aggregate the most relevant news, the most relevant knowledge and the most relevant business intelligence.  And we can do so in very unique ways, based on who you're connected to, your background, your experiences. These are things that make you uniquely you. And as a result, every one of those 120 million homepages is personalized. And it's not just about the information that's flowing here; it's about the underlying dynamics.
  • Although careers are a huge side of our business, we are finding that when on LinkedIn, usersspend 6 x more time on content thanthey do on our jobs pages. and that content manifests itself in the news feed on your home page.
  • They are working all day and we have designed experiences that match the context of the consumption, both by device, and mindset
  • So that’s the member side. What value do we bring to businesses? We aim to be the most effective platform for brands to engage with these professionalsIn that, LinkedIn helps answer three of the most important issues for any company. How to Hire, Market and Sell most effectively. LinkedIn is a hugely disruptive force in the recruitment space, revolutionising the way businesses find talent. As only 20% of candidates are active at any one time, we are the only platform allowing businesses to access the remaining 80%, the passive talent, often the ideal candidates who are happy in their current role.Market. Our 200m membership, together with millions of unique data points and precision targeting technology, enable brands to communicate with their professional audiences at scale. Finally, through our Sales Solutions division, we provide sales teams with tools enabling warmer introductions, and ultimately selling more product. We are here today to talk about the Marketing Solutions division, and I have a quick video which sums up just what this is.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Digital Connections 201325th April 2013Building Relationships with the World’s ProfessionalsMark Treacy, International Account Director EMEA
    • 2. LinkedIn’s Homepage in 2009
    • 3. A Typical LinkedIn Homepage Today
    • 4. Canada6m+USA75m+Brazil12m+Europe45m+Asia35m+Australia4m+Africa7m+Comscore Global Figures Feb 2013The world’s largest global professional networkMEMBERS WORLDWIDE+2 NewMEMBERS PER SECOND161M+MONTHLY UNIQUE VISITORS200M+UK12m+
    • 5. EverywhereWork wherever ourmembers workInsightsBe great at whatyou doIdentityConnect, find, andbe foundGrowth is driven by the value we bring to our members
    • 6. Identity: Your profile to the world
    • 7. Insights: A Destination for Professional Content and InsightLI Today Influencers LinkedIn Groups Company Pages Slideshare Homepage
    • 8. JobsContent6X
    • 9. Q1 2013>27% LinkedIn Member VisitsEverywhere: Accessible Wherever our members work.
    • 10. From coffee to couch. Everyday.iPad12am1am2am3am4am5am6am7am8am9am10am11am12pm1pm2pm3pm5pm6pm7pm9pm10pm11pmDesktop
    • 11. HP: Company Page
    • 12. Engaging followers with relevant content & insight
    • 13. Scottish Development International: Engaging the C Suite14