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Neuroscience i cm
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    Neuroscience i cm Neuroscience i cm Presentation Transcript

      • IntroPsych 1XX3 Live Lecture
      • Neuroscience I
      When good neurons go bad…
    • Introduction
    • 100 billion
    • Neurons are Communication Cells Dendrites Nucleus Axon Myelin Sheath Schwann Cell Node of Ranvier Axon Terminal Cell Body (Soma)
    • Thought and Behaviour
    • The Receptive Zone
      • IntroPsych 1XX3 Live Lecture
      • Neuroscience I
      Module 2: Receptor Trafficking
    • MOR Gene Disruption of MOR gene disrupts function of morphine Matthes et al., (1996); Sora et al., (1997); Loh et al., (1998); Monory et al., (2000)
    • The Life Cycle of a Receptor
    • Morphine Morphine Endorphin Mu-Opioid Peptide Receptor
    • MOP Receptors The fate of the MOP receptor depends on what binds to it. No Treatment Endorphin Heroin
    • Mice with designer genes RMOR s: R ecycling M u- O pioid R eceptor Knock-in Mouse Line RMOR MOR
    • Knock-in vs. Wild-type
    • KI mice show reduced withdrawal behaviours. +/+ -/-
      • IntroPsych 1XX3 Live Lecture
      • Neuroscience I
      Module 3: Receptor Expression
    • Structural changes in the “addicted” neurons Robinson and Kolb (1997)
    • Dopamine and Reward Cue Response Reward DOPAMINE (DA)
    • Chronic cocaine reduces DA receptor availability Healthy Brain Addicted Brain
    • Social Rank Morgan et al., (2002) Nat. Neurosci Social rank correlated with DA receptor function and subsequent vulnerability to addiction
      • IntroPsych 1XX3 Live Lecture
      • Neuroscience I
      Module 4: Myelin Sheath
    • The Action Potential
    • Multiple Sclerosis
      • A myelination disorder
      • Immune breakdown of myelin
      • Oligodendrocytes reproduce thinner, weaker myelin
      • Plaques and scars forms in the white matter
    • Prognosis Disease progression worsens throughout life
    • Life Expectancy Life expectancy 5-10 years lower than average There is no known cure
    • Causes and Therapies
      • Genetic and Environmental
      • Not explicitly hereditary, but influenced by genes
      • A number of environmental risk factors
      • Numerous Therapies
      • Drug therapies tend to target only specific symptoms
      • IntroPsych 1XX3 Live Lecture
      • Neuroscience I
      Module 5: Mirror Neurons
    • New Caledonian Crow http://www.sciencemag.org/feature/data/crow/weirmovie.mov
    • Motor Neurons
    • Prediction
    • Empathy
    • Child Development Awww, you know that tickles!
    • Theory of Mind
    • Monkey See, Monkey Do