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  • 1. Topic: Spelling Description of the Activity: Learning new words though a “spelling bee” type of game that would be done by groups. Activity Objectives: 1. For fellow students to learn new words, know how to use and spell them, also widen their vocabulary through a spelling bee game; 2. To help fellow students develop a conscious effort to spell correctly; 3. To be able to work well in groups and develop cooperation; 4. To be able to interact with fellow INTRIST classmates; 5. Lastly, to enjoy and have fun! :D Estimated Duration: 10 – 15 minutes Materials Needed: chalk or white board marker Steps: 1. The class will be divided into 4 or 5 groups. 2. For each round of the game there should be one representative for each group who will be writing the answer on the board. The representative called cannot play twice in a row. He/she can only play again after all of the group members have participated. 3. The spelling bee masters (Crissa or Jill) will be saying the word that is to be spelled together with its definition. 4. The players or representatives can only write their answer after they hear the word “GO.” 5. After writing the word, if any of the group members wants to change or correct what their other group mate has written, he or she is only given 10 seconds to do it. But there’s a twist, he or she can only correct by writing the word on the back of the representative using his or her fingers. 6. Each group is only given chances 4 to use their “coaching power.” 7. Who ever gets to write the correct spelling of the word first will be given a point. 8. The group with the most number of points WINS! Reference/s: - -