Now you have the business card so what plymouth 17th nov 2010


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So many people go to networking events and collect business cards but then what

This presentation outlines what CRM is, why its important for ANY business and some 'do's and don't's' to help ensure your business grows

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  • Good people + Good habits + Good systems = Great business success
  • Now you have the business card so what plymouth 17th nov 2010

    1. 1. Now you have the business card… James White - CEO of InTouch CRM
    2. 2. Why I think the next 45 minutes will be interesting! What the heck is CRM? Why should I care about it? 5 key things you should not do tomorrow! 5 Key actions you should take TOMORROW for your business! What will happen if you take this advice? Things were going to talk about
    3. 3. Why listen to me • James White – CEO In Touch CRM – Backed my own ideas with my own money – Backed myself to deliver a scalable business model that had no limits! – Focused on solving REAL small business issues • If I had them, others would as well! – Built InTouch into the UK’s leading Integrated CRM & Email Marketing System – Over 2000 UK & International customers and some 50 partners & growing daily – Still learning on how and where to improve
    4. 4. But first............................. How good is your memory? Prizes are available for the winner!
    5. 5. The Rules • You will have 10 seconds to memorise the images on the page • Were then going to test everyone to see who has the best memory • You are NOT allowed to write anything down! • There is a prize for everyone! • Do this on your own! • It’s relevance will become apparent!
    6. 6. What can you remember?
    7. 7. Who has the best memory.... And the winner is ??????
    8. 8. Writing things down helps.... Doing things from memory is impossible for busy people! Writing things down helps! Linking things together can help even more!
    9. 9. • Just memory = Forget • Write down = Improve • Link both together & systemise = Full House • So the moral of the story is unless you are........ What this shows is......
    10. 10. What is CRM all about? C R M Customers – Who are they, what do they buy from You, why do they buy from you? Relationship – What is your relationship with them, are they pleased with your service? Management – How do you hold and manage this Information?
    11. 11. Some scenarios you will all be familiar with • A new customer rings you on the phone with a new business prospect • Customer fills in a form on your website • A friend or contact provides you with a potential opportunity • An existing customer phones you to tell you they have moved • Your away on business and you need access to some information to finish a proposal • You go to a networking event and get a load of business cards Its all about customer relationship information
    12. 12. Why should you care? • It’s your job • It’s your house! • It’s your livelihood • It’s your dreams • It’s your reputation • It’s your bank balance each month • It’s your business growing • It’s having more time to do other things Like it or not but Customers are key to any business success!
    13. 13. 5 Actions Not to Take tomorrow Keep doing these things & the world will pass you by
    14. 14. Point 1 – NOT to do Don’t leave business cards in your pocket/bag Business cards all over the place?
    15. 15. Point 2 – NOT to do Don’t store information in multiple areas Spreadsheet version nightmares?
    16. 16. Point 3 – NOT to do Why you shouldn’t send bulk emails through outlook ISP’s blocking your emails?
    17. 17. Point 4 – NOT to do Don’t use desktop software! The Internet is here to stay & its Sociable!
    18. 18. Point 5 – NOT to do Don’t let potential customers slip through the net
    19. 19. 5 Actions to Take Tomorrow & How How much does you business mean to you?
    20. 20. Point 1 – DO Collect & store data wherever & whenever you can
    21. 21. Point 2 – DO Punch, punch & punch again
    22. 22. Point 3 – DO Measure Everything!
    23. 23. Point 4 – DO Don’t be afraid to try things
    24. 24. Point 5 – DO Promote what others say about you! • Bill Oversby – Director – Best of Petersfield – I have been using InTouch now for over 12 months and I would highly recommend it to any other business. The system is the most powerful CRM and Email marketing tool that I have found in the market and it helps me manage my business more effectively. The communication tools allow me to tell our customers about new products and services we offer and the support is excellent • Mark Chudley – International Shipping – InTouch is an ideal solution for a growing business like ours. It is available either in the office or out on the road and it has helped us organise our data more effectively and communicate with our customers. We would certainly recommend InTouch to other businesses as a great tool to help them continue to grow.
    25. 25. 5 Actions to take tomorrow 1. Collect & store data wherever & whenever you can 2. Punch, punch & punch again 3. Measure everything 4. Don’t be afraid to try things 5. Promote what others say about you
    26. 26. You could start at A and hope for the best? Your business success is down to you!
    27. 27. You could just be in the right place at the right time? Your business success is down to you!
    28. 28. Good Habits Business Success Good People (i.e. You!) Good Systems Or you could try our recipe for successs?
    29. 29. Which do you prefer?
    30. 30. Or this.... Or this?
    31. 31. Thanks for listening For listening Don’t be scared – Be inspired! James White - CEO of InTouch CRM Email: