Why Muay Thai?


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There are practically many martial arts to choose from, and if overwhelmed with the many options, choose Muay Thai to your list. Muay Thai is great for starters as the art is simply straightforward and practical.

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Why Muay Thai?

  1. 1. www.internationaltrainingcollege.edu.au Why Muay Thai? For many martial arts enthusiast, watching the buff guys do each other in the UFC or MMA ring proves to be one entertaining endeavor. For starters, it's not easy as it seem on TV. First, you have to train various martial arts, and usually it would take years before you can join the prestigious martial arts tournament. There are practically many martial arts to choose from, and if overwhelmed with the many options, choose Muay Thai to your list. Muay Thai is great for starters as the art is simply straightforward and practical. Muay Thai originates from Thailand. It is a brutal and athletically demanding combat art, where participants utilize the use of fists, elbows, knees, and legs for bringing down the opponent. Muay Thai or also called Thai boxing has its origins traced 2000 years ago when the southern China tribes of Ao Lai migrated south and into the central plains of what is now known as the Kingdom of Thailand. Back in the day when Muay Thai was a brutal dangerous sport, it was genuinely a raw hand to hand fight – instead of gloves, ropes and cords were wrapped around the hands. In the modern age, the rules were changed to protect the fighters; they now wear padded gloves and protection for the groins. Even though the fighters can still utilize elbows and feet on a match, most of the rules have been changed to pass the international boxing regulations. This has led for the popularity of Muay Thai to rise and spread throughout the globe. In fact, you can find Thai Boxing training centers in most of the western world including the US and Russia. Muay Thai's rules dictates that before the fight, fighters should perform a wai khru dance to show respect for his teachers and trainers. There are five rounds to a Muay Thai match with each round lasting three minutes long, and there is a two minute break in between rounds.. The Boxers must wear gloves of at least six ounces (gloves can not be squeezed to alter their original shape). The
  2. 2. triumphant is decided by a knockout or by points; whoever wins the most rounds will win the match. There are only two trunk colors that contestants can wear: red or blue. Shirts and shoes are not allowed and every fighter should wear groin protection. Prior to the match, a sacred cloth (Mongkol) may be worn as a headband. Mongkol is worn to pay homage to the trainers and heritage of the Muay Thai fighter (it is also thought to give luck to the fighter). The equipments must be provided by the stadium such as stopwatches, a signal gong, a warning bell, boxing gloves, water, jock straps, and a surgical tape. Muay Thai does not discriminate age, sex, or race as long as someone is physically able. Because Muay Thai is an unarmed combat, it is appropriate for everyone including children. The discipline these children eventually reap from learning Muay Thai will help them not only in life but in school as well. Concentration is increased thus benefiting their grades as a result. In addition, many children notice bullying is no longer a problem when they begin Muay Thai classes because of the increased level of self confidence that exudes in their personality. Muay Thai isn't just for show, for it has many benefits for both mental and physical aspects of the practitioner. For instance, in today's crime-inclined society, self defense is a must. Muay Thai practice also increases strength and agility, likewise with building stamina and shedding pounds of weight. The art promotes discipline while building self confidence among the students. An excellent Muay Thai boxers are honest and someone you can rely. These fighters are courageous and can control their emotions. Most are accustomed to being useful to their community as well as creating unity among peers. These are just a small portion of the admirable traits that you can develop when learning Muay Thai, and not to mention the many benefits to use in everyday living.