The Difficulty with Stupid Women and Men


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Regular men and women and people from many different groups and communities commonly share a bahaviour trait known as human stupidity. This article skims over this popular topic and outlines the effects of such behaviour and what can be done to improve the situation.

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The Difficulty with Stupid Women and Men

  1. 1. The Difficulty with Stupid Women and MenRegular, capable people are the central hub ofStupidity…Several factors fuse into the general descriptor which isstupidity. The most under-discussed, due mainly to the factthat those that hold this kind of "human ignorance" do sobecause of no fault of their own is known as being mentallydisabled. And although the target of pranks and insults hasincluded such types of men and women, nowadays it hasbecome extremely politically inappropriate to point at suchpeople. Conclusively, also, the dialogue is somewhat mootbecause it is not really a sociological or emotion based decision
  2. 2. tree which leads to such "obtuseness", but rather a physicalrestriction that is not their own fault.No, the topic of stupidity almost always surrounds those of usthat can pick and determine exactly how and what to think. Itconsists of organizations of people, religious groups, andindividuals as well, from women to men, adults to youngchildren, along with a surplus of diverse men and women whoare individuals of an equally sparse group.
  3. 3. Exactly what is the full scope of stupidity, and why particularlyis it such an popular topic to talk about? Well, the primereason most people have a tendency to talk about it is to ventsome kind of dissatisfaction involving another man or womansapparent ignorance striking them detrimentally. This could verywell be in the form of someone driving slow in the left handlane while being supposed to know that the left lane is madefor overtaking.Remaining blind to how one affects the people around themmay be one of the most formidable areas of conversation,because it makes people crazy. Lack of empathy on the part ofindividuals a cinema, for instance, kicking the backseat of aperson elses chair - many people simply cannot surmise howits possible to do this and not be fully aware of their ownactions. Nevertheless, if history has taught us anything at all, it
  4. 4. is that stupid individuals doing stupid things never ceases toastound individuals who are offended by that stupidity.
  5. 5. How is it probable that so many countless people absolutelytrust, donate and commit to blatantly crooked people inpolitics? Is it egocentricity or a lazy mindset? The magnitude ofhuman stupidity truly being a real predicament symbolizes thatit may be an evolutionary quest to rid our species of suchtraits. In other words that through a universal mind, by whichwe try to the best of our ability to use our energies,intelligence and skills to deduce to appreciate both ourselvesalong with the universe surrounding us.
  6. 6. If we did this, our understanding of people around us wouldbe much less limited, more formidable, and our ability toshare, aid, safeguard and be significantly less indifferent forour minor fancies towards every person close to us. This wouldnot only benefit humans, but all life forms that we share ourworld with. Ignorance, at its base, generally seems to take theshape of being opportunistically unconscious of how ourdesires may negatively affect another person - or at least that isthe area of deliberation on stupidity which appears to beamong the most relevant and notable to most people.
  7. 7. It can be as easy as pausing and asking oneself: how will this woman / man be affected if I do this?.In taking more time and adhering to a little bit more empathy,we could make the entire world a far better place.
  8. 8. Copyright © 2012 Captain Cynic All Rights Reserved. For more information on Human Ignorance and Stupidity visit: 2431/laws-of-stupidity.htm