Ignorance and Stupidity


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http://www.captaincynic.com/thread/92431/laws-of-stupidity.htm Human ignorance and stupidity affects everyone, in both small and large ways. This presentation talks about this human characteristic and what could possibly be done to improve the situation.

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Ignorance and Stupidity

  1. 1. Ignorance and Stupidity A Problem Mankind Must Solve
  2. 2. Defining Stupidity...Numerous criteria fuse into the general descriptor that is stupidity. By far the most under-discussed, due mainly to the reason those that hold this variety of "human absurdity" do so through no fault of their own is called mental retardation. And although the brunt of pranks and insults has involved such types of people, nowadays it has become heavily politically wrong to point at such men and women. Effectively, also, the dialogue is slightly moot because it is not really a sociological or emotional choice which directs to such "obtuseness", but instead a bodily issue which is no fault of their own. No, the debate of stupidity typically surrounds people that are able to pick and decide how and what to think. It consists of groups of people, religious groups, and individuals as well, from men to women, children to adults, and a myriad of various men and women who are patrons of an equally sparse group.
  3. 3. Examples of stupidity... Precisely what is the full scope of stupidity, and why specifically is it such an common subject to discuss?Well, the primary reason many people tend to talk aboutit is to vent some sort of annoyance concerning another individuals perceived ignorance impacting them adversely. This may be in the form of someone driving slow in the left hand lane while being supposed to be aware the left lane is designed for passing.
  4. 4. Stupidity = Ignorance... Remaining ignorant of how one impacts the peoplearound them may be one of the most powerful subjects of debate, as it drives people nutty. Lack of consideration on the part of those in a cinema, for example, hitting the back of a another persons seat - many people simply cannot fathom how it is possible to do this and not be fully aware of one"s actions.However, if our history has shown us anything, it is that stupid folks doing stupid things never ceases to astound individuals who are wronged by that stupidity.
  5. 5. How to rid ourselves of stupidity...How is it possible that so many people completely trust, donate and commit to blatantly dishonest people in politics? Could it be egocentricity or just being lazy?The magnitude of mankinds stupidity truly being such a predicament denotes that it may be an evolutionary pursuit to rid our race of such characteristics. What this means is that by having a global conscientiousreaction, whereby we make an effort to the best of our ability to use our energies, intelligence and skills to deduce to understand both our own beings and the universe surrounding us.
  6. 6. The effects of a global conscientiousreaction... Once we do this, our awareness of people close to us would become a lot less limited, more potent, and our ability to empathize, help, shield and be significantly less indifferentfor our unimportant wishes towards everybody near us. Thiswould not only benefit mankind, but all life that we share our planet with. Ignorance, at its base, generally seems to take the form of being opportunistically ignorant of how ourwishes may negatively impact another individual - or at least that is the topic area of discussion on stupidity which is apparently the most pertinent and important to most individuals.
  7. 7. The solution is simple... It truly is as basic as stopping and asking oneself: how exactly does this man or woman actually feel when I do this?. In taking just a little more time anddisplaying just a little more empathy, we can easily make our world a far better place.
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