What's next for the cloud in the Netherlands?


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In a recent survey of over 400 service providers in 17 European countries and the US, we sought to examine the current state of play in the European cloud market and how service providers are addressing the growing demand for cloud.

This presentation looks at the survey data from the Netherlands and the EU as a whole, comparing them to provide insight into the similarities and differences in these two markets.

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What's next for the cloud in the Netherlands?

  1. 1. WHAT’S NEXT FOR THE CLOUD IN THE N’LANDS? Survey data: NL v EU market trends November 2013
  2. 2. CLOUD & HOSTING PROVIDERS SURVEY We surveyed 400+ service providers in the Netherlands and in Europe to examine the current state of play in the cloud market. How are they addressing the growing demand for cloud? 2
  3. 3. DATA CENTRE OF CHOICE As in the EU, carrier-neutral data centres are the data centre of choice for Dutch cloud and hosting providers Second most popular in the Netherlands are self-owned DCs  3  In the EU, the Netherlands scored highest for use of CNDCs. Spain, on the other hand scored just 8% for preferring CNDCs
  4. 4. CUSTOMER DEMAND TODAY Demand for traditional hosting exceeds demand for cloud in the Netherlands  4 Demand for Cloud (IaaS) and Applications (SaaS) above the EU averages
  5. 5. CLOUD REVENUE SHARE 2012 TO 2015 However, the majority expect the cloud wave to hit within the next 3 years  5 63% of Dutch respondents expect 40-100% of revenues to come from cloud by 2015
  6. 6. REVENUE IMPACT OF CLOUD 70% of Dutch respondents are positive about the revenue impact of cloud  6 Of all those surveyed, only Spain were more optimistic than the Netherlands in this respect
  7. 7. KEY COMPETITORS Service providers in the Netherlands see local providers as their key competition  7 The European trend could be explained by the fact that Pan- European and U.S. providers are perceived as offering different products which target different requirements
  8. 8. STRATEGIES TO LEVERAGE CLOUD The top 3 strategies by Dutch cloud and hosting service providers   8 Looking underneath these figures, we found that a large majority (61%) execute 3 or more strategies These strategies tend to be emergent, ad-hoc, and mostly driven by customer requirements
  9. 9. THANK YOU Amsterdam • Brussels • Copenhagen • Dublin • Dusseldorf • Frankfurt • Hilversum • London • Madrid • Paris • Stockholm • Vienna • Zurich www.interxion.com
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