Big Data - Beyond the Hype


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Big Data - Beyond the Hype

  1. 1. BIG DATA - BEYONDTHE HYPEA Study by InterxionMARCH, 2013
  2. 2. BIG DATA – BEYOND THE HYPE Big data is a term that has come to dominate current ITindustry debate Big data describes the challenge of extracting betterinsights from the information flowing in, out and throughcorporate and organisational networks While much has been made about the commercial potentialof big data, getting it right demands the effectiveorchestration of a broad set of variables At Interxion, we wanted to get a real understanding of thecurrent state of play in how businesses were tackling bigdata2 Big Data – Beyond the Hype
  3. 3. BIG DATA – BEYOND THE HYPEIn this presentation we explore:• The appetite and capability of business to capitalise on bigdata• The ability of IT departments to take the necessary long-term view to make big data a success• Restrictions on IT’s capacity to deliver• The robustness of the business case and expectedcommercial benefits3 Big Data – Beyond the Hype
  4. 4. THE BUSINESS CASE FOR BIG DATA4 Big Data – Beyond the HypeTHE INTERXION VIEWPOINTThe results indicate thatwe are still in the earlyphases of the adoptioncycle for big data. As wehear more and more aboutsuccessful applicationsthough, organisations willstart to learn from eachother and we can expectto see the volume of bigdata programmes – basedon robust commercialanalysis – really ramp up.• Only 25% of businesses have explored and made a successful business case for bigdata
  5. 5. THE STRUGGLE TO TAKE A STRATEGIC VIEW5 Big Data – Beyond the HypeTHE INTERXION VIEWPOINT“The results clearlydemonstrate that thoseforward-thinkingcompanies who areworking in sync with theirIT departments are morealert to the opportunitiespresented by theapplication of emergingtechnologies.• More than 9 in 10 organisations where the IT plan is closely tied to the business planhave already explored the business case for big data
  6. 6. A GROWING PRIORITY6 Big Data – Beyond the HypeTHE INTERXION VIEWPOINT“Although big data is still inthe hype cycle stage, it’sclear that the challengesposed by the volume,velocity and variety of datawill become increasinglyimportant over the next fewyears.If organisations alreadyknow that that’s the case,then they need to factor bigdata into their planning now.The decisions they makeabout systems, networksand applications will have abig impact on their ability todeliver big data programmesin the future.”• 62% convinced that it will become a priority within the next 3 years
  7. 7. WHERE CHALLENGE MEETS OPPORTUNITY7 Big Data – Beyond the Hype
  8. 8. WHERE CHALLENGE MEETS OPPORTUNITY8 Big Data – Beyond the HypeTHE INTERXION VIEWPOINT“It’s not surprising thatstorage and analytics areseen as crucial to bigdata, but the results alsohighlight that thecapabilities of theunderlying network shouldnot be overlooked.If the network can’taccess, process anddeliver information at thespeed required, then thedata-crunching power ofthe systems sitting aboveit are irrelevant.”• Network comes a close third, with almost half (48%) extremely concerned about thisissue as it relates to the speed of accessing, processing and delivering information
  9. 9. EXPECTED BENEFITS9 Big Data – Beyond the HypeTHE INTERXION VIEWPOINT“It seems that respondentsbelieve that big data couldhelp them to do better atwhatever is best for theirbusiness. Given thewidespreadacknowledgement of bigdata’s potential,businesses should createthe space for their ITteams to focus on how toovercome the challengesthat prevent them fromrealising this.”
  10. 10. REGIONAL DIFFERENCES ACROSS EUROPE10 Big Data – Beyond the HypeTHE INTERXION VIEWPOINT“The regional dataconfirms that big data is astrategic proposition.There is a clear dichotomybetween smaller marketswhere organisations areless likely to have astrategic plan, and largermarkets where a long-term plan correspondswith big data being a moreimmediate priority forbusinesses.”• It is the larger Spanish (83%), French (80% and German (78%) markets where morebusinesses are ready to prioritise big data within the next three years
  11. 11. BIG DATA – BEYOND THE HYPECommissioned by Interxion, Vanson Bourne surveyed750 senior IT decision makers at companies with more than500 employees in November and December 2012.There were 150 respondents from the UK and Ireland, and100 each from Germany, France and Spain, and 50 each fromAustria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark andSweden.11 Big Data – Beyond the Hype
  13. 13. Amsterdam • Brussels • Copenhagen • Dublin • Düsseldorf • Frankfurt • Hilversum • London • Madrid • Paris • Stockholm • Vienna • Zurichwww.interxion.comTHANKYOUFollow us on Twitter @interxion
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