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Interviewstreet goals

  1. 1. InterviewstreetGoals and competitive analysis © 2013 Interviewstreet
  2. 2. #1: Screening programmers Helps companies screen programmers using coding challengesFeature-set:• Custom programming questions• New & original problem sets added to the pool bi-weekly• Approximate algorithm challenges• Database challenges• Machine learning problems• Plagiarism detection• Code snapshots at every instant to identify the thought process• Design related questions for Senior developers (eg: design a scalable storage system)• Enterprise analytics to predict the challenge’s effectiveness © 2013 Interviewstreet
  3. 3. #2: Real-time interviewing system Helps developers during phone interviews – collaborative coding with an in-built codechecker Feature-set: • Collaborative real-time code editor • Support to 15 languages • Auto-generates coding stubs • Integrated codechecker to check code correctness instantly • Integrates with the screening challenge the candidate attempted © 2013 Interviewstreet
  4. 4. #3: Applicant tracking system (ATS) A lot of companies are either moderately happy or code their own ATS. We’re working on a product, the prototype of which is being loved by a lot of technology companiesFeature-set:• Extremely lightweight• Sensible pricing based on volume of candidates used rather than job postings or number of people using the software• Everything is visual and tied to a job posting and helps you in clearly identifying the status of each candidate (screenshot) © 2013 Interviewstreet
  5. 5. Competitive analysis Screening software includes codility, mettl, codeeval, etc.Each of the above software is really well built and solve a much needed problem.However from the start, our focus has been on customers and not competitors. Eventhough we’ve every feature (& more) that each of the above software supports, thebiggest differentiators area. Customer supportb. Focus & roadmap © 2013 Interviewstreet
  6. 6. Competitive analysis Customer support• We’ve zero churn. No customer has EVER left us• Most of our enterprise customers are via referrals• Every testimonial on the site talks about our customer support above the product• Irony? We don’t have a customer support team. Everyone in our company does customer support. You talk directly to the developer to fix issues• Adobe specific • We built the sections in the test interface after a request from engineer • We built access-level-control after a request (e-mail conversation) • To ensure the campus process go smoothly, we canceled an investor meeting and accompanied Adobe.Customers are like royal guests to our house and we’ll do everything to makethem successful and happy! © 2013 Interviewstreet
  7. 7. Competitive analysis Focus & roadmap• Codility is a great tool to use predefined tests for simple algorithmic challenges• Mettl is a product that focuses on assessment in general including psychometric tests, etc.• Codeeval is a programming challenge site that’s acquired by HirevueOur focus:We’re working on making technical recruiting efficient.• Screening programmers i. Algorithmic challenges for 0-4 years of experience ii. Design challenges for senior developers iii. Machine learning & database challenges for specialists• Collaborative editor for technical phone interviews• A technical ATS to manage all the data We’ll be the only technical recruiting product you’ll ever need © 2013 Interviewstreet
  8. 8. GoalTo be the only technical recruiting suite you’ll ever need to filter & manageyour entire technical hiring for every single position (junior developers to seniorarchitects in your company)A single purchase order for the company, uniform interface across allfunctions of recruiting (engineers, recruiters, engineering managers, etc)and a common login to share across different products. © 2013 Interviewstreet
  9. 9. USPSingle technical recruiting suite +Unparalleled customer support = Interviewstreet © 2013 Interviewstreet
  10. 10. 70% of technology companies in Fortune 500 can’t be wrong. © 2013 Interviewstreet
  11. 11. Thank you dear customers. We value you the most& 900 more… Join us to make your hiring process insanely effective © 2013 Interviewstreet