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  • 1. Teaching Geology Catherine C. Abon National Institute of Geological Sciences UP-Diliman
  • 2. Responsibilities of a teacher
    • The best teacher is the one who suggests rather than dogmatizes, and inspires his listener with the wish to teach himself. 
    ~Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  • 3. Organizing a topic Regardless of the method , the topic should be properly organized. http://www.dynamicflight.com/avcfibook/methods/ 1. Introduction
  • 4.
    • The main part of the lesson
    • develops the subject matter in a manner that helps the students achieve the desired learning outcomes
    • E.g. simple to complex , known to unknown , past to present
    Organizing a topic 2. Development
  • 5. Organizing a topic
    • review and wrap-up of ideas reinforces student learning and improves the retention of what has been learned
    3. Conclusion
  • 6. Methods of Teaching
    • Lecture
    • Cooperative or Group Learning
    • Guided Discussion
    • Demonstration-Performance
    • Computer-based Training
  • 7. Geology as a course
    • Important in understanding Earth’s history and processes
    • Know what are the resources that can be obtained from the earth
  • 8.
    • the relevance of time
    • the issue of scale
    • the complexity of replicating natural systems and phenomena in the laboratory
  • 9. Some topics in Geology and how they are taught
    • Through lectures and discussion using powerpoint
    • E.g.
    • Basic concepts in the history of Geology
    • 1. Uniformitarianism
    • 2. Catastrophism
  • 10. Some topics in Geology and how they are taught E.g. Branches of Geology
    • Through guided discussion
    • Historical Geology
    • Paleontology
    • Stratigraphy
    • Geochronology
    • Physical Geology
    • Volcanology, Seismology
    • Environmental Geology, Engineering Geology
    • Mining Geology, Petroleum Geology
    • Mineralogy, Petrology
    • Geomorphology
    • Geophysics, Geochemistry, Planetary Geology
  • 11. Some topics in Geology and how they are taught
    • By using colorful pictures, actual samples and demonstrations
    • E.g. Minerals/Rocks
  • 13. Color caused by the absorption, or lack of absorption, of various wavelengths of light malachite fluorite
  • 14.  
  • 15. Streak - the color of a mineral in powdered form
  • 16. the shapes and aggregates that a certain mineral is likely to form fibrous acicular platy Crystal Habit
  • 17. the tendency of a mineral to break in particular directions due to zones of weakness in the crystal structure Fractures or irregular breakages occur when bond strengths in a crystal structure is equal in all directions. cleavage in 3 directions conchoidal fracture Cleavage
  • 18. the ability of minerals to reflect light metallic non-metallic glassy earthy Luster
  • 19. Some topics in Geology and how they are taught
    • Use of Illustrations and motion films
    • E.g. Plate Tectonics theory
    • - The unifying theory of geology
    • - All geological features and processes are
    • related
  • 20. PANGAEA Gondwanaland Laurasia See how it works !
  • 21. Evidence for Continental Drift Jigsaw puzzle fit Present-day continents South America Africa
  • 22. Evidence for Continental Drift Fossils Africa
  • 23. Evidence for Continental Drift
    • Paleoclimatic (ancient climate) evidence
    • coal forms under tropical climates
    Why do we have coal deposits in the Antarctica? Antarctica must have been situated closer to the equator, in a more temperate climate where lush, swampy vegetation could grow.
  • 24. Evidence for Continental Drift
    • Rock type and structural similarities
    • rocks found in one continent closely match (in age and type) those rocks found in the matching continent
  • 25. Continental Drift: Summary
    • Fit of continents
    • Fossil evidence
    • Rock type and structural similarities
    • Paleoclimatic evidence
  • 26. Some topics in Geology and how they are taught
    • Use of short films for topic introduction and mood setting
    • E.g. Groundwater
    Click here to be surprised!!
  • 27. Some topics in Geology and how they are taught
    • Use of real life examples and of personal experiences (these enhances the appreciation of the students add to the teacher’s credibility on the subject)
    • E.g. Mass wasting/ Deformations
  • 28.  
  • 29.  
  • 30. Who’s fault is it?
  • 31. Beaching around!
  • 32. Some other Methods
    • Field trips
    • Film showing
    • Reporting
  • 33. Field trip in Taal
  • 34. Fieldtrip in Rizal
  • 35. Some hints
    • Crack jokes
    • Tell real life situations
    • Show pictures of Philippine setting scenarios
    • Engage students to participate in discussion
    • Ask a LOT of questions
    • Recognize the students’ inputs
    • Film showings
    • Demonstrate concepts
    • Listen to the students’ ideas
    • Have Fun!!
  • 36.
    • Thank You!!!