Smart strategies for cross-border e-commerce, Ogone


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Smart strategies for cross-border e-commerce, Ogone

  1. 1. Smart strategies for cross-border e-commerce International Payment Processing Presented by: Julian Wallis Head of Sales – UK & Ireland Ogone Payment Services Mob: 07884 005565 23rd April 2013
  2. 2. Ogone’s Global presence Local expertise with global reach and access USA New York UK London Netherlands Mijdrecht UAE CPSP India EBS Staffing Europe: 175+ India: 200+ France Paris Belgium Brussels Headquarters Switzerland Zurich Germany Cologne Austria Vienna
  3. 3. Borders? What borders? I’m already selling online... I accept international credit cards... My site can be accessed from anywhere in the world... English is the international language... 24 hours a day... The whole world is my market place!
  4. 4. But... • Are you appealing to local markets overseas? • Are you thinking the way local people think? • Are you possibly excluding potential buyers?  Are you really maximising your online sales opportunities?
  5. 5. Cart Abandonment Vs Increasing Conversions Consider the marketing effort and costs to get people to your site...? Source: Chase Paymentech Infographic 2013 Not an after thought... All too often the payment process is completely overlooked…
  6. 6. Consider this... Visa & MasterCard represent over 100 million credit & debit cards in the UK alone American Express, Diners and JCB  Another 25 million. Since 2000, UK internet shoppers have spent well over £250bn online, rising from £0.8bn to an estimated £78 billion last year. £2.50 of every £10 in retail now spent online The UK accounts for the highest purchase volume in Europe with 14% growth in 2012 50% year on year growth rates…in the past Sources: IMRG / Nielson Reports
  7. 7. Some say... The UK market is maturing. However... Online sales set to continue to grow in western continental Europe (estimated 20-30% in 2013)
  8. 8. Want to take your business to the next level? Expand your e-commerce business across borders... The whole world can be your market place
  9. 9. Local payment methods ?? ?? ??
  10. 10. Only credit cards? In the UK... Source: Ogone Research 2011
  11. 11. Across the borders of the UK...d = less than 15% France >> Spain >> Italy >> Austria >> Netherlands >> Germany >> ? ? ? ? ? ? ...less than 76% ...less than 65% ...less than 59% ...less than 33% ...less than 15% ...less than 14% The use of debit and credit card is much lower in some countries Source: Ogone Research 2012
  12. 12. Fact is... 60% of all on-line cross-border transactions are not completed because the merchant trader does not provide adequate payment methods for international payments. Source: Study by European Commission on e-commerce for consumers
  13. 13. Think outside the credit card box Source: Ogone Research 2012
  14. 14. Acquiring network Payment methods by type Payment methods mapping Ogone serves national and international payment methods Credit Cards Debit Cards Online Banking Pre- Paid & e-Wallets Direct Debit Invoice Online Consumer Credit Purchasing Cards
  15. 15. Acquiring network BEL Mister Cash Payment methods by type NED GER iDEAL ELV Payment methods mapping DEN Dankort GBR VISA Electron FRA Carte Bleue SWI PostFinance AUT EPS ALL COUNTRIES
  16. 16. Ogone Collect - Payment Methods non-credit card online payment methods Belgium Netherlands Germany Austria France In development Ogone offers Ogone Collect through its subsidiary who delivers collecting services using its own acquiring service. collects funds on behalf of your business and pays out the funds according to the agreed term & conditions.
  17. 17. Secure open invoice & invoice processing ***Third party agents that provide guaranteed Open Invoice & Account payments*** Benefits 1.Increased sales - shown to increase sales by 30% 2.No risk–third party take the credit risk, so guarantee funds to merchant (note: acceptance of customer payment is dependant on credit score - circa 50% ) 3.Seamless – Fully integrated into Ogone’s platform 4.Acceptance – 65% of Germans state that pay by invoice / direct debit are their preferred payment methods 5.Consumer ease & convenience - just submit bank account details - no complex PIN or Post-Ident procedure
  18. 18. Local payment methods Local languages ?? ??
  19. 19. Multilingual / Localised Payment Pages
  20. 20. How many languages! Consider your payment pages... Who is your target market?  Chinese Mandarin  Danish  Dutch  English  Flemish  French  German  Italian  Japanese  Norwegian  Polish  Portuguese  Russian  Spanish  Swedish  Turkish  etc…
  21. 21. Multilingual payment pages UK Cardholder English text UK acquirer
  22. 22. Multilingual payment pages French cardholder French text French acquirer
  23. 23. Multilingual payment pages Dutch local payment method Airline industry payment method
  24. 24. Multilingual payment pages German local payment method German text
  25. 25. Multilingual payment pages French local payment method
  26. 26. International payment pages EU Domain Prompts for country specific sites Local and international payment methods
  27. 27. Local payment methods Local languages Local currencies ??
  28. 28. Multi-currency options... Local currencies for local markets... Dynamic Currency Conversion = extra revenue! Accepting Euros = big advantage Consider other currencies ... but balance with the practical realities
  29. 29. Dynamic currency conversion Multi-Currency DCC Automatically offer your customers the choice of paying in their own currency and benefit from an additional revenue stream Find a DCC partner Now seeing increasing trend in merchants offering on-line dynamic currency conversion
  30. 30. DCC – process flow Query to DCC provider Pay with CC Selection of goods Conversion to consumer currency by DCC provider $100 $ 100,- $ 100,- € €75 EU Customer EU Customer Customer opts for payment in € Credit card statement $100 (Merchant currency amount)  € 75 € 75 (DCC amount incl. margin) EU Customer Bank Account/ Acq. Statement $100 US Merchant Transaction processing Authorisation in €
  31. 31. DCC – cardholder has choice
  32. 32. Local payment methods Local languages Local currencies Acquiring options
  33. 33. Local vs international United Kingdom Other countries
  34. 34. Other considerations? Cost Savings Local Vs international suppliers Economies of scale Consolidation of suppliers Accelerated expansion Local Vs central reporting Greater market penetration Currency fluctuations Increased client base Pricing across borders Reduced cart abandonment Logistics / distribution Increased conversions Local taxes and VAT Increased revenues Management / staffing Grow your business... Julian Wallis | Head of Sales | | 07884 005565
  35. 35. Cross Border Ecommerce Summary Countries & Regions Consider which countries or regions you are looking to target? Payment Methods The landscape offers a huge range of payment methods with different benefits... Specialist Consultancy Choose a payment service provider (PSP) that can provide consultancy. Specialist knowledge on local and international payment methods is an essential ingredient for success Collecting Services Consider working with a PSP that offers collecting services on key alternative and local payment methods to make it easy for you via a single contract Localisation Consider your approach to local domains…local language…local acquirers and local currencies A Seamless Journey Don't create unnecessary barriers in your checkout process. Providing a seamless journey will make the customer far more comfortable and give you a better chance of success. Successful Results? Cross-border e-commerce will lead towards increased revenues for UK online retailers and is the best strategy for success for UK companies in 2013. Julian Wallis Head of Sales 07884 005565