Is marketing automation just automated marketing? eMarsys


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Is marketing automation just automated marketing? eMarsys

  1. 1. Is Marketing Automation just automated marketing? John Fleming VP Marketing emarsys VIENNA • LONDON • MUNICH • ZURICH • BERLIN • PARIS • HONG KONG • MOSCOW • ISTANBUL • BEIJING • SINGAPORE
  2. 2. Is retail struggling?
  3. 3. Every department needs to trim it’s cost • Marketing Budgets not increasing • ‘More for less’ • Greater Efficiency • Increased ROI
  4. 4. Email Marketing was the answer • Recipients now more selective • Who they want to hear from • What channel they want to receive • Are becoming ‘self selecting’ in what the read
  5. 5. Is it now Marketing Automation? Lifecycle Marketing Automation
  6. 6. Background • B2B prospects research • Sales people are expensive resources • Technology was able to assist • ‘Warm leads’ passed to sales
  7. 7. B2B Marketing Automation Lifecycle Lead Lifecycle Known Responsive Lead Nurturing Unknown Prospect ‘Sales Ready Leads’ Identify Capture Engage Convert
  8. 8. The revolution in online B2C businesses • • • • Customer and prospects browse extensively Look for recommendations Short buying cycle Traditional B2B lead nurturing too expensive
  9. 9. The revolution in online B2C businesses • Customer still crave a ‘personal shopping experience’ • Loyalty schemes • ‘Opt-in’ Trademarks acknowledged
  10. 10. Understanding the B2C Customer Lifecycle Customer Lifecycle Repeat Purchaser Premium Customer Inactive Customer Customer Lifetime value First Time Customer Develop Mature Retain Reactivate
  11. 11. Automate your marketing • You could automate all of your customer interaction • From order processing to predictive behavioral triggers
  12. 12. Automate your marketing - example
  13. 13. Think big, start small Customer Lifecycle Customer Lifetime value First Time Customer Repeat Purchaser Premium Customer Inactive Customer Exclusive offers VIP customer previews Special Offers Free delivery Free delivery Up-sell /Cross-sell First Order Instant confirmation This would go with your last purchase Satisfaction survey Special Offers Delivery update Goods despatched 'We miss you' Abandon basket Thank You Develop Expand Retain Reactivate
  14. 14. From theory… Responded CRM Web2lead form @ Web2lead form Update CRM Wait 14 days Responded Follow up email @ Wait 7 days Not Responded Send reminder with introductory offer Not Responded Send offer Based on preferences @ Send Newsletter @ Wait 30 days
  15. 15. …to implementation Responded On submitting Preference form Add to CRM Responded Email response On submitting form With preference request Wait 14 days Send email offer based on preferences Finish Send Newsletter Finish Not Responded Not Responded Wait 7 days Send email reminder with offer Wait 30 days
  16. 16. The complete marketing lifecycle Lead Lifecycle Known Identify Capture Responsive Prospect First Time Customer Repeat Purchaser Premium Customer Inactive Customer Lead Nurturing Customer Lifetime value Unknown Customer Lifecycle Engage Convert Develop Mature Retain Reactivate
  17. 17. Take some lessons from B2B marketing automation Lead Lifecycle Unknown Known Responsive Prospect Offers Lead Nurturing Free Delivery Discover Initial discount Web behaviour Register Profile Blogs / Social Preferences Landing Pages Web2 Lead forms Category choices Identify Capture Email Responses Engage Convert
  18. 18. Its not just about sales • Marketing automation can assist: • Customer support • Customer loyalty • Data cleansing
  19. 19. Conclusions • Marketing automation for B2B is most effective along the lead lifecycle • Marketing Automation for B2C is most effective along the customer lifecycle • In both areas it: • Reduces costs • Increases effective communication • Targets customers and prospects with different messages
  20. 20. Conclusions • Before you start to look for suppliers: • Understand your requirements • What are your goals? • Think from your customers perspective • Don’t be put off by what you see in the marketplace • Start small but think big • Take easy tasks first • Then build more complex campaigns • Don’t use increased sales as your first objective • Short term pain delivers long term gain
  21. 21. First 25 people back to our stand E5045 Will receive a complimentary book.
  22. 22. Thank You John Fleming VP Marketing