Improving Global Website Performance, Premier Farnell

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  • 1. Improving Global Website Performance Iain Jardine Global Head of Service Management Premier Farnell 23 April 2013
  • 2. Agenda     Introduction to Premier Farnell What value does Gomez add to the business? Future Projects Conclusion
  • 3. Who we are 3,500 Suppliers EDE Engineers The EDE market sector is where design engineers conceive, design and prototype electronic products at the beginning of the product lifecycle, before the product goes into mass production. Electronic Components e.g. MRO Engineers Software/Services e.g. The MRO market sector is where engineers are tasked with the operational servicing, maintenance and repair of electronic products that are near the end of the product lifecycle. 3rd Party Logistics 3
  • 4. We have a global footprint ... Newark/element14 -9 branches -2 warehouses -1 contact centre -195 sales staff -332 call centre staff Farnell/element14 -18 countries - 23 websites - 2 warehouses -1270 employees -110 field sales - 260 call centre staff Asia Pacific - Singapore HQ -3 warehouses -630 staff -11 websites incl. transactional mandarin 4
  • 5. ... with local resources and a global reach REACH 2 million customers in 156 industries 3,500 leading suppliers 465,000 stocked products 4 million products available on demand Operations in 35 countries 48 transactional websites, 33 in local languages • Global leader in environmental legislation • Transactional and Community websites, over 32.5m page views per month • • • • • • RESOURCES • 4,400 employees • Over 300 Field Sales • Over 900 Contact Centre Agents • Technical Support - Tier 1 centers in each region - Live Chat 24/5 - Over 200 Global Technical Support Engineers 5
  • 6. What value does Gomez add?
  • 7. The Business Challenge - How do we know what the customer experience is?  We monitor our sites internally, but there are a wide variety of issues that can affect our customers and the performance of our sites.  We load test our sites internally  The limitations of this are: • The performance is as experienced on a LAN, not that over the web • This does not sufficiently simulate the variance of customer usage
  • 8. What do we monitor?  We monitor and report to our business colleagues the performance of our sites • We monitor the performance of 6 key pages, from the homepage to detailed search pages • We report the performance weekly • We take action against poor performance Netherlands - 90 Percentile Trend 4.00 3.50 3.00 2.50 2.00 1.50 1.00 0.50 0.00 Home Page Product details 5 Searches Oct Sept Aug Jul Jun May Apr Mar Feb Jan Dec Nov Oct Target HomePage 100 95 90 85 80 75 70 65 60 55 50 2.5 Sec 5 Sec
  • 9. What do we monitor? • When we see performance issues we use the Gomez reporting to help the investigation • What nodes does this affect? • Are there any components of the page that are showing challenges?
  • 10. What do we monitor  Investigating performance concerns • Using the drill-down capability we review: • Any errors in page loads • Components that are taking a long time to load • The size of individual components on the site
  • 11. What do we monitor?  Daily automated reports keep us aware of any issues the previous day • These give us a visual view of any issues the previous day
  • 12. Alerting  We use Gomez to alert when there are potential significant performance issues with our sites in real time • We test our sites every 5 minutes • If the page load times exceed a pre-defined time then warnings and alerts are sent by both email and text 24x7
  • 13. What functionality Supports this?  The Gomez Script recorder • Removing 3rd Party links • Multiple pages  Maintenance Windows • Routine and one off   • • • Ability to download data for over a month API links into the Gomez data Drill down links to load times Real time alerting Daily automated reports
  • 14. Future Projects
  • 15. Future Projects  Expansion for Growth • As we expand the capability of our web platform how do we confirm no impact on customer experience  DynaTrace • To help understand the performance of the site before we implement into production  Last Mile Tests • What is the impact of last mile on customer experience  New APM Portal • Improved interface, easier to use, with readily available tests  Full Compuware suite across all systems • Driving performance reporting and Business Dashboard reporting
  • 16. Conclusion
  • 17. Conclusion ‘How do we communicate the performance of our website to our business units so that they can understand and trust the information’  This was our business challenge, we have managed to answer this while: • We have improved the speed in which we can identify challenges with the site – this needs to be before our customers report them • We have a tool that can help us to understand what is contributing to challenges with performance • There are further areas that will help drive this proactive reporting and monitoring forward