How to Make Content Reach and Viewers Access Online Easier
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How to Make Content Reach and Viewers Access Online Easier



A guide to getting started online

A guide to getting started online

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How to Make Content Reach and Viewers Access Online Easier How to Make Content Reach and Viewers Access Online Easier Presentation Transcript

  • Content reach and viewer’s access,made easier and convenientYour guide to getting startedJamal Bnari | Etisalat21 Sep 2010
  • Table of Contents Media and the Internet User Behavior Network Impact Etisalat Framework The Platform The Screens The Success The Strategy The Goal
  • Media and the Internet Consumption Popularity Global Traffic DriversPopularity: Source: Vol 8., No.3, March 2010, OTT Video: Service Providers Face a Gathering Storm, Global Traffic: Source: Cisco VNI 2009, Consumption: Source: commScore Feb2009
  • User Behavior• Over-the-top (OTT) video is rapidly gaining popularity• Hundreds of millions of users viewing video online each day• No longer watching short, low quality clips of user generated content on YouTube• Now watching TV shows, films, and other professionally created, high quality video content
  • Network Impact• Video is responsible for the majority of the traffic on the internet and will grow 5xs over the next few years• Video quality and resolution is improving steadily, HD video is now being offered over the Internet• High quality video means high-bitrate streams• Impact on network is now worse than P2P traffic in the past
  • The Etisalat Framework components of technical framework Operation Sub Systems / Business Sub Systems  Ingest: Content Owners/Partners (CPs) upload the best possible quality for all Control (AAA, DRM) types of content and formats that it wants to make available for end-user consumption (e.g. audio, images, video, TV files) Screens  Manage: CPs add the associated Content metadata to uploaded/ingested content. Using an online tool kit, CPs determineContent Providers PC what content goes to what service, no Transcoding Metadata Screens matter the network or screen type Content Partners Internet  Prepare: The CPs need not worry about what format the content should be in Applications Kiosk when set to be delivered to users as part Screens of a service offering to an end-screen. The platform ensures that the content is in the right format no matter the network Advertising and target screen Mobile Screens  Deliver: Content is delivered to Etisalat subsidiary subscribers users via the appropriate network or anywhere in the world through the InternetIngest Manage Prepare Deliver Monetize  Monetize: CPs monetize their content because their content is consumed by users no matter the screen
  • The Platform services creation  ability to upload content in the best possible quality once, and then depending on the „screen‟ or destination device, content is automatically „transcoded‟ to the right format  ability to manage the delivery of content to any screen or devices that are integrated with the platform  full reporting of all views, ads, user uploads, membership, etc.. Is included in the back-office content management  content can be managed for delivery to any screen  Content can be syndicated to any other media player from the same platform seamlessly  full tracking and reporting of all content delivered to users including content that is syndicated
  • The Screens OTT-PC (Web Portal) OTT- OTT-PC Mobile (W7 (WAP) App) Etisalat eCMS Mobile Platform App (3G) OTT-TV (STB) IPTV
  • The Success – PC  the numbers were compelling  millions of media views (over 40million)  millions of pre-roll ads (over 27 million)  millions of post-roll ads (over 1.4 million)  very high click-thru rate (11.54%)  benefits of providing the platform  able to tell the story to possible advertising partners  additional business, including in-UAE broadcasters  leveraged our infrastructure  provided great content to users on a global basis  gained the confidence of content owners that we can handle their content and deliver an experience efficiently and cost effectively
  • The Success – Single platform,Multiple Implementations DMI Media Portal (API implementation) E-Junior (using standard media player) http://videos.ejunior.a e
  • The Success – PC + TV
  • The Success – Mobile  the mobile wap vod platform  offers users easy access using wap page on mobile to content  no data charges to browse available media  flexible business models: “all-you- can eat” subscription, pay per download, pay per download package, combination  Immediately reach 35m mobile users with edge devices or higher and 12m+ mobile users with 3G devices, in 7 etisalat territories  benefits to content owners of platform_preview.php?name=ejunior&ipho _preview.php?na  ability to create mobile vod me=mbctv&iphon offerings using same platform asne=1 e=1 for PC and TV http://waphost. no/  Upload high quality content into p?name=fcb&i the platform and seamlessly create phone=1 new service offerings (includes all transcoding and presentation)
  • Success - MonetizationLeader Board Banner: This banner Ad Video Banner and Moviewill appear each time that the user Banner: Ad videos can be placed asclicks on a specific Category. pre-rolls or post-rolls and an associated banner will appear overSet up of this banner is one time and the play-list area BEFORE the users‟change requests are done within one selected clip plays (if pre-roll) orbusiness day. Double Click DART before the next clip (if post-roll) canalso supported and the banner is be viewedclickable. This banner is clickable andThe banner size is 728x90. managed through the MMS. This banner not manageable viaVideo Window Banner: This banner Double Click (DART) at this time.can be sponsored and can beprogrammed to appear each time The banner size for this area isthat a user comes to the media 336x280.player from a link on any website.Set up of this banner is one time andchange requests are done within onebusiness day. Double Click DART isNOT supported and the banner is Movie Banner: A separate „movieNOT clickable. banner‟ can be sponsored, which will appear while the selected video isThe banner size is 546x412. playing. This banner is clickable and managed through the MMS.Interactive Area Banner: Thisbanner is a fixed, but clickable This banner not manageable viabanner, but mostly is used to deliver Double Click (DART) at this time.a message to the user. The banner size for this area isNot managed through MMS or DART this time.The banner size is 537x109.
  • The Strategy contentconnected integrate application  audio, video and gaming content as well as relatedcontent and platforms to what derivatives (e.g. ringtones, wallpapers, voting tools etc.) enable content  entertainment, information, commercepartner partners to reach  professional, semi-professional, user-generatedstrategy users networks  mobile broadband (higher than 2.5G) deliver digital media connected services via the broadband internet (ADSL, ADSL2+, FTTH)network  cable most appropriate access method how  satellitepartner through different  IPTV-networksstrategy types of networks  DTT screensconnected ensure exceptional  mobile devices (e.g. mobile phone, in-car entertainment, user experience by PMPs) wherehardware intuitive usability for  PC-screenpartner user interfaces and  TV-screenstrategy processes across screens  kiosk Systems (public interactive screen)
  • The Goal: Multi-screen, Multi-territoryDelivery Friendly & Trendy consuming media consuming interactively media in a Friendly & Trendy Friendly & Trendy highly content in the entertaining right format is delivered to TV content in the right format is delivered to accessing content in the mobiles media right format is interactively delivered to the PC eCMS content in the right format is delivered to kiosks in multi- platforms
  • thank you and q&a