How to Enhance the Power of Internet Marketing
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How to Enhance the Power of Internet Marketing



For more information on this presentations visit The Internet Show ME 2011:

For more information on this presentations visit The Internet Show ME 2011:



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How to Enhance the Power of Internet Marketing How to Enhance the Power of Internet Marketing Presentation Transcript

  • The power of the internet marketing intoday’s business world Prepared by Hani Masgidi Head Of Customer Management Unit
  • What Exactly Is InternetMarketing?• Internet marketing is the practice of using all facets of internet advertising to generate a response from your audience.
  • Internet Marketing methods • Search engine marketing • Display advertising • e-mail marketing • Affiliate marketing • Interactive advertising • Social marketing
  • AIM of marketing in General 1. Find the right audience 2. Ask people what they want 3. Give it to them
  • 7 Facts : What IM Is Not 1. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme 2. It is not about who has the most capital or IT knowledge 3. It is not just about making money online 4. It is not just multi-level marketing done on the Internet 5. It is not a battle of seeing who can collect the most email addresses as possible 6. It is not simply grabbing an affiliate link 7. It is not a scam
  • 7 Facts : Why Choose IM?1. You can operate from virtually anywhere in the world2. You have the lowest startup and operating costs3. You can target any consumer market in the world4. You have the ability to do what you truly love5. Ability to do it part-time and yet earn a decent living and great results6. Ability to operate 24 hrs a day on autopilot mode7. Lastly, the ability to earn you passive income and even multiple streams of income
  • Internet Users Growth
  • Internet Users Growth M.E.
  • Internet Users Growth GCC GCC Population- 2010 Est Usage, in Dec 00 Internet Usage % Population User Growth 2000-2010Bahrain 738,004 40,000 649,300 88.00% 1523.30%Kuwait 2,789,132 150,000 1,100,000 39.40% 633.30%Oman 2,967,717 90,000 1,236,700 41.70% 1274.10%Qatar 840,926 30,000 436,000 51.80% 1353.30%Saudi Arabia 25,731,776 200,000 9,800,000 38.10% 4800.00%United Arab Emirates 4,975,593 735,000 3,777,900 75.90% 414.00%Total 38,043,148 1,245,000 16,999,900
  • Offline Marketing Vs. Online Marketing Offline Marketing Online MarketingHigh Cost Very Low CostLimited audience World Wide audienceMass Approach Targeted ApproachDifficult to measure effectiveness Measurable effectiveness and ROIand ROIShort term Impact Long term ImpactDifficult to modify Easy To Modify
  • Case Studies 1-Arabian Automobiles – Infiniti “ Made a revenue of Dhs. 2,145,000 Spending Dhs. 3312 Only!” 2- AW Rostamani – Logistics“Leased out 40 % of new 46,000 squaremetre facility using $300 budget in 45days”
  • AWRostamani Holdings Group Non- Automotive Other Co.s Other Co.s
  • 1-Arabian Automobiles – Infiniti• Average Auto. Market Cost Per Lead = Dhs 250• Using PPC targeted Campaign• Budget 30 $ / Day• Generating 11 – 17 Leads Per day• Cost Per Lead Dhs 6 – 10• Converted Leads = 11• Total Sales = 11 X Dhs. 195,000 = Dhs 2,145,000
  • infiniti Leads Daily Update No Car Model Name Email Mobile Action Taken Lead number Forwarded to1 Infiniti G Sedan Issa Fallouh 506409994 18765293 Nataly Akil2 Infiniti FX yahya alkoumaim yahyagara@hotmail.com3 Infiniti G Convertible ALAA MALIK 7807677331 18765298 Tony C. Joy4 Infiniti G Convertible ABDULLA AL ZOUBI abod_zoubi@hotmail.c om 566943037 18765297 Nataly Akil5 Infiniti FX Joe T homas joey81@gmail.c om 506595772 18765294 Tony C. Joy6 Infiniti G Sedan MOHAMMED ALTAYEB altayb4488@hotmail.c om 5017344407 Infiniti M45 Khamis Al Kayani 509899343 18765295 Ziad Gholmieh8 Infiniti M45 yusanputra yusan yusanputra@hotmail.com9 Infiniti FX Ramachandran Padmanabhan 502818192 18765296 Musaab A Ibrahim11 Infiniti FX Ahmed Rashwan 050 7587 335 18752297 Lilian Ali Ahmad12 Infiniti G Convertible Muhammad Faisal Zameer f_zameer@hotmail.com13 Infiniti FX asem abadla 507363648 18747299 Lilian Ali Ahmad14 Infiniti G Coupe asem abadla 507363648 18747299 Lilian Ali Ahmad15 Infiniti G Sedan Ahmad Al Mulla almulla87@gmail.com16 Infiniti G Convertible rasan mamkak rasan_mamkak@yahoo.com17 Infiniti FX rasan mamkak rasan_mamkak@yahoo.com18 Infiniti FX ali hassa alihassan132@gmail.com19 Infiniti FX Mahesh Malkani 504575438 18765299 Ziad Gholmieh20 Infiniti EX JUM AA SHEIBA m_jomha@yahoo.com21 Infiniti FX SAIF ALAZZAM 508023811 18727316 Tony C. Joy22 Infiniti FX husam ismaeel 506168432 18727317 Lilian Ali Ahmad23 Infiniti FX AWAD ALKAREEM YOUSUF 505201251 18727318 Ziad Gholmieh24 Infiniti M45 tiesto nasir tiesto2500@yahoo.com25 Infiniti FX YAHYA AL ZAROONI y.uae@hotmail.com26 Infiniti EX MOHAMMED SHAKER ALMOFLIH shaker70@hotmail.com27 Infiniti M45 IHAB IBRAHIM ELMET WALLI BAIH 509262105 18734254 Nataly Akil28 Infiniti FX shadi matrud 502960708 18765302 Musaab A Ibrahim29 Infiniti EX AHMED ASHOOR SABIR HASSAN ALMAT ARI 506767031 18765303 Musaab A Ibrahim31 Infiniti EX m rezaei sepantamino_vision@hotmail.com32 Infiniti FX BASHAR ABDULLAH bshar_abdalla@yaho.com33 Infiniti G Convertible nadiya djouad 502259669 18752293 Tony C. Joy34 Infiniti G Sedan M V V@GMAIL.C OM35 Infiniti G Sedan RIMA MOHAMMED rima.kd@dwtc.com36 Infiniti FX AHMED SHEHAT A 506266053 18752300 Ziad Gholmieh37 Infiniti G Convertible Bravo Initony asdewrd@gftre.asd.cms38 Infiniti FX AMAL MOHAMMED 504754116 18747306 Nataly Akil39 Infiniti M45 NADEEM ALANI 964234545 18765304 Musaab A Ibrahim40 Infiniti FX shadia alim 503301070 18747308 Lilian Ali Ahmad41 Infiniti FX rasan mamkak rasan_mamkak@yahoo.com42 Infiniti G Convertible WAJD EL SHOOF 507321051 18737271 Ziad Gholmieh43 Infiniti FX MOHAMMED NAJI 501380285 18765305 Musaab A Ibrahim44 Infiniti G Convertible Arpit Joshi arpit@eim.ae45 Infiniti G Convertible AMER ALSHOFI 501974652 18727351 Lilian Ali Ahmad46 Infiniti QX S G 123@123.com47 Infiniti FX JUM AA SHEIBA m_jomha@yahoo.com48 Infiniti QX JUM AA SHEIBA m_jomha@yahoo.com49 Infiniti FX Azmat Beyg tamzab@hotmail.com50 Infiniti FX Obaid Saleem 558888888 18765306 Musaab A Ibrahim51 Infiniti G Sedan Obaid Saleem 558888888 18765306 Musaab A Ibrahim52 Infiniti FX Pingkan Rampen 558867393 18765308 Tony C. Joy53 Infiniti G Coupe Gaven Jones 566833731 18765309 Tony C. Joy
  • AAC Email Report A u gu st M o nt hl y Repo r t August Type of inquires Emails By Branch Deira Daily % of Type of inquiry emails emails Ajman , 1% Sh.Zayed Test Drive RoadBrochure Request 331 32.1 Req uest Ras Bro ch ure AlKhaimah, 1% Sharjah 2.4% Req uest Individual Inquiries 979Quotation 675 65.5 32.1% Brochure Sh arjah , 12% Request Ajman Fleet Inquiries 52Test Drive Request 25 2.4 QuotationTotal 1031 Dhaid Sh .Zayed Ro ad , 24% Test Drive Fujairah Number of Sales Deira, 62% Request Inquiries by phone 1403 Quo tation Khorfakkan 65.5% Ras AlKhaimah Umm AlQuwain Bro chure Req uests b y ca r Quotation Requests by car 100 120 104 80 100 88 68 78 57 80 65 60 60 54 40 36 41 26 40 34 32 31 27 19 15 23 24 18 20 10 9 8 11 10 15 20 12 11 10 6 7 11 3 5 5 0 3 2 1 1 0 1 0 4 3 1 2 1 3 3 0 2 2 3 1 0 0 370Z Altima 2.51 Altima 3.5L 370Z Altima 2.5 1 Altima 3.5L Altima Coupe Inf initi FX35 Inf initi G35 Sedan Altima Coupe Inf initi FX35 Inf initi G35 Sedan Inf initi G37 Coupe Inf initi QX56 Murano Inf initi G37 Coupe Inf initi QX56 Murano Pathf inder Station Wagon Patrol Hard Top Patrol Saf ari Pathf inder Station Wagon Patrol Hard Top Patrol Saf ari Patrol Super Saf ari Qashqai Sunny Patrol Super Saf ari Qashqai Sunny Tiida HB Tiida Sedan Xterra Tiida HB Tiida Sedan Xterra Xtrail Navara Civilian Xtrail Navara Civilian Urvan Patrol Pickup Armada Urvan Patrol Pickup Armada Inf initi EX Inf initi M Maxima Inf initi EX Inf initi M MaximaTest Drive Summary:Altima 2.5 6Infiniti FX35 1Infiniti G35 Sedan 2Pathfinder Station 1WagonPatrol Super Safari 2Sunny 3Tiida HB 2Tiida Sedan 1Xterra 5Xtrail 1Armada 1
  • 2- AW Rostamani – Logistics
  • 2- AW Rostamani – Logistics• Established in 1997, the company is the primary logistics• The new 46,000 square metre facility started back in Feb 2010• It had 60% occupancy till Jun 2010• 40% Vacancy for more than 2 months
  • Actions• Started SEM & SEO Campaign to have a better internet positioning and branding.• In less than 45 days were able to improve the internet ranking on and
  • Results• Aug. 2010 , %100 occupancies and request expand the facility.
  • Conclusions & TipsConclusions TipsIM is must in today’s business Start Your online present NOWUnderstand your niche market ResearchesIdentify your audience IM researchesTarget the right audience Prospects SegmentationsApproach your prospects Use the right IM methodEvaluate results Measurements for all activitiesImprove results Split testingExpand your business Start the process again
  • DefineDeploy Design Thank You Hani Masgidi 00971-50-7918880