How to Engage with Social Media


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How to Engage with Social Media

  1. 1. Engaging Social MediaSocial Media World ConferenceSeptember 21st th- 22nd , 2010ADNEC, Abu Dhabi, UAEBy : Ayman Hamed- Marketing DirectorAl-Islami Foods
  2. 2. Quick Survey… • MySpace • Blogs?Do you have • Facebook? • Online Forum?an account • Flickr? Do you read… • Twitter? on… • LinkedIn? • RSS Feeds? • Digg? Do you or a Have you • Wikipedia client of yours submittedHave you ever • Yahoo? searched for do social content to a • Google? media socialanything on… • Ask? marketing network?
  3. 3. Agenda I- Finding our BearingIV- Taking it Global II- Tunning In III-Putting it Together
  4. 4. I- Finding Our Bearing
  5. 5. Cultural Fraudulent Diversity & In OpportuniS.East Asia stic (Moslems, Practices Buddhists, Hindus, In The Christians) Middle East How Did Halal Get Started?
  6. 6. The Opportunity• Global Halal Food Business Valued at US$580 Billion (Source: Euro monitor)• Current & Relevant Target Audience of Muslims of 1.8 Billion• Islam The Fastest Growing Religion In The World Value is Created, Now• Halal Food Products Who Will Capture The Estimated To Constitute Value? 20% of Total Food Value by 2025• Extended Middle Eastern Region Also Characterized By The Youngest Population
  7. 7. Composition of the $580 Billion HALAL Market Central & S. Asia Europe (Inc. Russia) $175 Bil $65 Billion China $ 5 Billion S. E. Asia N. America $ 95 Billion $15 Billion Africa $115 Billion Middle East $111 Billion S. America $1 Billion Australia & NZ $1.5 Billion Middle East = 19% Of World Value (*Source: Euromonitor)
  8. 8. Which Countries Are Benefiting The Most From This Growth?By in large the leading countries can be described as :Western, Non Muslim, Industrialized• Australia & NZ• USA• Canada• UK and EU• Brazil• India
  9. 9. What Other Countries Are Now Moving Into Position Countries that will succeed in penetrating the Global Halal Market will be those that pay attention to the details of, standards, branding and marketing & Collaborate with others.• Malaysia• Thailand• Brunei• Singapore• China• Philippine• Turkey• UAE
  10. 10. Which Companies Have Recognized the Opportunity! By in large those that have first mover advantage are Multinationals:• Nestle• McDonalds• KFC• TESCO• Aussie Beef• New Zealand Lamb
  11. 11. Who Is Al-Islami ? History : Dubai Coop society born in 1971 by Hajj Saeed Lootah. In 1981 launched brand Co-OP Islami to ensure genuine supply of Halal food. Starting with Frozen whole chicken, followed by processed products. Vision: To Become A Global Food Brand By Leading The Agenda On The Emergence of „Halal‟ As A Global Mega Trend And Capturing The Imagination of Food Lovers Around The World Mission: To Provide Authentic Halal Food With The Highest Standards Of Quality and Health, Thus Emerging As A Role Model For All Food Providers Around The World Aim: To be AED 1 Billion by 2013
  12. 12. Good to Remember……Halal for Al Islami Foods Is Not A Trend, Or a Variant, Or Part of Our Business IT IS OUR BUSINESS!!!
  13. 13. Why Al-Islami ? Global Sourcing Stringent Sharia’a’ & Regional Quality Manufacturi Compliance ng1st, truly MeetingRegional ConsumerHalal Brand Lifestyle Our Brands
  14. 14. II. Tuning in..
  15. 15. So what is Social Media?
  16. 16. “Social Media is anumbrella term thatdefines the variousactivities that integratetechnology, socialinteraction, and theconstruction of words,pictures, videos, andaudio.”– Wikipedia (
  17. 17. “Over 80% of Americans Use Social Media Monthly.” -Forrester, The Broad Reach of Social Technologies 2009
  18. 18. “2/3 of the global internet population visits social networks.” -Nielsen, Global Faces: Networked Places, 2009
  19. 19. Should I give a hoot?
  20. 20. “Social Media has overtakenadult entertainment and emailas the #1 activity on the web.” -socialnomics, Social Media Blog
  21. 21. Because Social Media is Changing the Media Landscape“Technology is shifting the power away from the editors, the publishers, the establishment, the media elite. Now it’s the people who are in control.” -Rupert Murdock, Media Mogul
  22. 22. “So…What are the trends?”@Techczar
  23. 23. Years it took amedium to reach 50 million users…
  24. 24. 38 Years
  25. 25. 13 Years
  26. 26. 4 Years
  27. 27. 3 Years
  28. 28. “100 Million users in less than 9 months.”
  29. 29. I-phoneApplications hit 1billion downloads in 9 months
  30. 30. 80% of Twitter usage is on mobile devices
  31. 31. Every minute- 13 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube.
  32. 32. It would take a person more than 412years to view every video on YouTube.
  33. 33. 1,200,000,000 The number of YouTube videos viewed per day.
  34. 34. 13,000,000The number of articles available on Wikipedia.
  35. 35. 4,000,000,000The number of photos archived on as of June 2009.
  36. 36. 1382% The monthly growth rate of twitter users from January to February 2009.
  37. 37. 27,300,000 The average # of “tweets” per day on Twitter.
  38. 38. 5,000,000,000The number of minutes spend on Facebook each day
  39. 39. “If Facebook were aCountry, it would be the 4th most populated in the world, ahead of Japan.” -Mark Zuckerberg
  40. 40. China’s Q-Zone is Larger!(Over 300 Million Users)
  41. 41. So what is it all about?
  42. 42. A means to an end. ENGAGEMENT FUNNEL
  44. 44. “Social Media is all about the Dialogue.”
  45. 45. “85% of Social Media users believe that a company should go further than just leaving a presence on social sites and should also interact with its customers.” -Cone, Business in Social Media Strategy, Sept. 2008
  46. 46. Which means it’s… It’s not… transparent controlled inclusive organized authentic exclusive vibrant product-drivenconsumer-driven “on-message”
  47. 47. The conversation is powered by• Social Networks• News & Bookmarking• Blogs• Microblogging• Video Sharing• Photo Sharing• Message boards• Wikis• Virtual Reality• Social Gaming• Related: – Podcasts – Real Simple Syndication (RSS)
  48. 48. III. How Islami is putting it together
  49. 49. But How to Capture Value ? Willingness To Pay Sales Value Me Too Products Differentiation Poor Market Activation Activation Substitutes Innovation Greys Engagement Retail Concentration Value Capture Trading Terms Distributor Gaps Overheads Wrong Business System Partnerships Legislation (Duties) Business System Inefficient Processes Managing Ecosystem Heavy Competition Supply Chain Costs Cost of Sales Managing Exit Effectively Willingness To Supply
  50. 50. Our Corporate Strategies 1 Build a powerful, local, regional & global “Halal” brand Invest heavily in ATL & BTL 2 Develop a brand led organization 3 Increase our total market sharethe Category SOV Dominate (Existing Geographies, Concepts, Categories & Channels) Expand New Concepts such as 4 Meat Shop, Cart & Farooj Aggressively expand geography (in every category) Re Launch in KSA &Europe 5 Drive expansion through innovation (In Formula, Packaging, Benefits, channels etc.) Better Consumer Based on Understanding Develop new Food solutions
  51. 51. 1 Build A Powerful, Local, Regional & Global “Halal” Brand Communication Evolution of Al- ISLAMI BrandFunctionality 3. Going beyond the trade-off of (HALAL) Functionality & Convenience to 1. Emphasis on Bonding (Universal Values) HALA as real Differentiator Interrupt- ion Intrusion Engagement 2. Emphasis on Functional Benefits “Healthier, Nutritious & Tastier Lifestyle/conven ience 1. Halal Interruption : Emphasizing What Is Real Halal (Functional) 2. Halal Intrusion : Emphasizing Tangible Benefits (Added Value) 3. Halal Engagement : Emphasizing Universal Values (Cutting across all segments)
  52. 52. 1 Build A Powerful, Local, Regional & Global “Halal” Brand• Functional  Benefits & Lifestyle
  53. 53. 1 Build A Powerful, Local, Regional & Global “Halal” Brand• Bonding
  54. 54. 2 Develop A Brand Led OrganizationExpected SOV for 2010 will be around 60% of the total Frozen meat category 40% 60% Islami Others
  55. 55. IV- How to Take it Across ?
  56. 56. Follow The Rules ! 1 Listen 2 Engage 3 Measure
  57. 57. Listen! Tweetter MSNYahoo Facebook
  58. 58. Maktoob• is the #1 consumer portal that provides multimedia services such asemail, videos music, movie reviews, chat rooms, women’s sections for cookery, healthand beauty, men’s sections for cars and computers and other information. Country Unique Visits Saudi Arabia 6,015,436 UAE 1,094,599 Bahrain 237,169 Kuwait 528,040 Oman 179,636 Levant 411,864 Qatar 250,209 Egypt 2,757,163
  59. 59. MSN Arabia• MSN Arabia is one of the top 5 consumer portals worldwide. It is consistently visited by young adults for interactive services:  MSN Messenger  Hotmail  Games  Music Video  Health and Fitness  All Other General News  Page views per month: 42.58 million (Page views are the number of times the website pages/sections have been viewed)  Unique users per month: 11.07 million (Unique users refer to the number of people who visit the website.)
  60. 60. Ikoo Network• The Ikoo Network consists of an assortment of websites, catering to different target audiences.• Their women network is a combination of sites targeting women across the GCC.  Sedty  Lakii  UAE Women  3roos  Mn66  Page views per month: 73.8 million (Page views are the number of times the website pages/sections have been viewed)  Unique users per month: 5.83 million (Unique users refer to the number of people who visit the website.)
  61. 61. AL AAB• One of the few websites allowed for online gaming.
  62. 62. Also Linking Our Page to Facebook
  63. 63. Engage!
  64. 64. Maktoob• Banner: Space Banner 220x550• Sections: Exclusively Female sections of portal
  65. 65. MSN Messenger• Banner: Expanding Half Banner 234x60 to 300x250• Sections: Exclusively Females, age 20 to 44.
  66. 66. Alaab• Banner: MPU Banner 300x250.• Sections: Main Section
  67. 67. Alaab• Banner: Wallapaper takeover• Sections: Main Section
  68. 68. Ikoo Network• Banner: Space Banner 220x550.• Sections: Female Channel. (Across top female portals)
  69. 69. Ikoo NetworkSnapshots
  70. 70. Run Competitions on Facebook
  71. 71. Measure!Audience EngagementLoyalty Influence
  72. 72. Maktoob• Campaign Performance: 1,008,434 impressions delivered. 2,742 clicks, 0.27% CTR Further 350,000 FREE impressionswere secured.
  73. 73. MSN Messenger • Impressions Booked:  505,288 impressions delivered.  1,515 clicks, 0.30% CTR.  Interactions: 833 users initiated expansion ; I.R: 55%  The I.R is the total # of user initiated actions; as this operation is an expandable banner, we monitor the % of users who opt to expand the banner and read more.  The CTR & I.R are outstanding, considering this is a targeted campaign exclusively on females aged 20 to 44.
  74. 74. Alaab• Impressions Booked: 700,203 impressions delivered 1,890 clicks, 0.28% CTR. CTR well above average,on an +80% Arab Female majority site.
  75. 75. Alaab• Impressions Booked: 100% Share of voice were secured All users who enter the page will see the Islami logo on both sides of the page.
  76. 76. Ikoo Network• Impressions Booked: 1,957,332 impressions delivered. 2,935 clicks, 0.15% CTRfurther FREE impressions secured from the Ikoo network.
  77. 77. Ikoo NetworkSnapshots
  78. 78. Keys to Success1. Experiment with social media2. Make a plan3. Listen4. Be transparent & honest5. Share your content6. Be personal and act like a person7. Contribute in a meaningful way8. See criticism as an opportunity9. Be proactive10. Accept you can’t do it all !
  79. 79. Thank you